Life vs Death; Good vs Evil

Well it does not get much clearer and much starker than this. The scenes in the Texas state capitol building concerning abortion legislation so very nicely illustrate what this war we are in is really all about. And it was all spoken about millennia ago.

In Proverbs 8:36 we read these words: “all who hate me [God] love death”. And Jesus said similar things: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Our God is a God of life, while our enemy, Satan, is all about death. That is the bottom line and the final breakdown. Many of the controversial cultural, social, political and legal battles of our time can be traced back to this key division and distinction.

So we saw this perfectly illustrated today when we had pro-life Christians in Texas singing the hymn Amazing Grace while screaming pro-deathers shouting “Hail Satan”. Yep, that about sums it all up. And that was not all to be found here.

The pro-abortion activists even had children holding up profane posters with slogans like this: “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would f*** a senator.” What a lovely and gracious bunch. And all this hatred, screaming and diabolical fury is coming from those who want to murder their own babies. This spirit is not coming from God, that’s for sure. Here is how one news item opens about this story:

“The abortion battle in Texas was still raging Tuesday as both abortion supporters and pro-life activists flooded the State Capitol to make their voices heard. The Texas House and Senate reconvened briefly for a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry. One of the more bizarre tactics used by pro-abortion activists involved chanting ‘Hail Satan!’ to harass a pro-life crowd as they sang ‘Amazing Grace’.”

Another report says this: “Catholic League President Bill Donohue said it would be unfair to say that all pro-abortion supporters would support giving glory to Satan. ‘Among hard-core activists, though, there are no doubt more than just a few who feel comfortable invoking Satan’s name in behalf of their cause,’ he said.

“Donohue said when someone in the pro-life community acts in an offensive way, the individual is quickly condemned. He wondered why the adoration to Satan wasn’t rebuked by pro-choice forces. ‘There are pro-abortion fanatics who draw their inspiration from Satanic forces,’ he said. ‘Worse, many of those in the pro-abortion community are quite content to stay silent about such offenses. Perhaps the time has come for a mass exorcism’.”

This episode tells us quite clearly that behind the culture wars are spirit wars. The very demons of hell are being unleashed to spread their hatred and terror at anyone who loves God and loves life. It is spiritual warfare in its most raw form.

That is why anyone who thinks they can get involved in the culture wars without adequate spiritual protection is fooling himself. To go out into these battles without a prayer team or prayer cover will simply mean you will end up as toast.

This is ultimately a battle taking place in the heavenlies, and those who stand for what is true, for what is right, and for what is good, must walk in the full armour of God. So make sure you are prayed up, and that you have committed prayer warriors doing spiritual battle on your behalf.

This is not a game, and this is not kid’s stuff. It is a battle with Satan and his hordes. And those spiritual forces are very ugly indeed.

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  1. Just learned today that Saul Alinsky’s treatise Rules for Radicals is apparently dedicated to Lucifer. The author has many devotees from the Lifestyle Left.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  2. Hi Bill,

    I have been reading your site for around 24 months now.

    I have to admit at the start, I was quite a fence sitter on abortion – my attitude was simply – what women want to do with their bodies is entirely their choice.

    But to say I have had a personal transformation is an understatement.

    A friend of mine, a Catholic guy, pointed me toward the film ‘Silent Scream’. That was confronting enough. But the more I read, the more I realised what was at stake here.

    I offer my journey as a simple endorsement of what you are doing here on your website. Keep the articles coming please. The more people understand about the brutality of the pro-choice movement, the more people will realise the sinister nature of its advocates. Individual choice is important and should be respected, but realise that souls are at stake here – nothing less.

    Thank you for your scholarship and making the effort to keep us lay people informed of the world we live in.

    God bless you and your readers Bill.

    Thank you.

    Matthew Kemp

  3. what women want to do with their bodies is entirely their choice.

    The baby is not part of its mother’s body. It is a separate human being with unique genetic code. This is basic science.

    Michael Watts

  4. While public discourse has a real place in encouraging our leaders to do the will of God on earth as it is done in Heaven, talk and direct action must be supported by prayer… human politics is really shadow-boxing … the real battle is behind the scenes between Heaven and Hell.

    John Wigg

  5. Thank you for reminding everybody. Beginning, middle and end…PRAYER.

    Anna von Marburg

  6. Mr Watts

    ‘what women want to do with their bodies is entirely their choice.’

    Of course the range of that choice is limited: for example the developing child in the womb initiates changs to the woman’s body.

    The child is also joined to its mother’s body by the umbilical cord: nutrition.

    The child once born is dependent on its mother for nutrition and nurture.

    Given that each child has a unique genetic code – never to be replicated – then each genetic code is uniquely valuable -and its destruction is not a matter for cheap sloganeering.

    Dee Singh

  7. We all know the argument on both sides of the abortion problem. If you read Gods word, He said thou shalt not murder. At the beginning of life, life beats death. These little ones need a chance at life. When you have had a life span of over 60 years, death beats life! When you know where you will (your eternal soul) go after giving a well deserved rest to this dusty mortal place I ran around in, Heaven will be glorious! Wonder what the atheists think of what I think? Oh yea they wont be in Heaven. They don’t believe in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. By the way He is the only way to get a ticket to Heaven. God bless you Bill. Thanks for the forum. Maybe some lost person will read this and want to know more about Jesus saving grace. He sure has made life easy for this old sinner. As Jackie Gleason used to say How Sweet It Is!

    John Elliott

  8. To Matthew Kemp,

    I’m extremely pleased to hear of your change of heart.

    God bless you.

    Mario Del Giudice

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