Islam and Sexual Perversion

What gives Muslims the right to have so many wives and even child brides? The answer is easy: their prophet did all this, and since he is regarded as the perfect example for humanity, it is incumbent upon all good Muslims to fully follow his example.

So if he had plenty of wives, so can they. If he married children, then so can they. Thus what we find all over the Muslim world today is in complete accord with the life and teachings of Muhammad. Because he did it, they can do it. There is your justification.

But what if these practices and beliefs of Muhammad are fundamentally at odds with the wellbeing of women and children? Well, tough beans – they will simply submit and suffer in silence as Muslim males do their thing. And if you thought these appalling practices and customs were relegated to the past, think again.

All around the world we see these beliefs and activities still taking place wherever we have Muslim men around. Indeed, let me offer here four recent examples, from countries as diverse as India, Yemen, Britain and Sweden. They all have one common denominator: rampant and fully justified (at least in their eyes) sexual perversion.

So let’s begin in India. Here is one new frightening example of Muhammad’s lust being passed on to all his followers: “Kerala’s nine prominent Muslim organisations led by the Muslim League have decided to approach the Supreme Court to exclude Muslim women from the law prescribing minimum marital age. According to them, the present Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 which prescribes 18 as women’s legal marital age and 21 for men, violates Muslims’ fundamental right to practise their religion….

“According to those who want the age to be brought down, Muslim Personal law does not fix any age for marriage. Though League representatives led the move, most Muslim League ministers have subsequently refrained from making any comment on the issue. The present United Democratic Front government in which League is the second largest party had earlier sought to legitimise pre-age marriages of Muslim women through a circular issued by the Social Welfare department which asked the local bodies to register them.”

Kottumala Bappu Musaliar, Chairman of state Haj Committee and leader of the clerical body of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyuthul Ulema said: “The present Prohibition of Child Marriage Act which fixes the marital age, violates the Muslims’ fundamental right to follow its religion and the Muslim Personal law.”

Hey, what’s wrong with lowering the age limits, some foolish objectors might ask. The answer is clear when we look at places where it is already taking place. Consider this horrific news item from Yemen: “A backwards society, shoddy economy and Islamist terror – many difficult problems flood the country of Yemen, one of the worst is the phenomenon of young girls forced into marriage. Just last month an eight year old, identified as Rawan, died of internal bleeding, apparently the result of being forced to have sex with her 40-year-old husband on her wedding night.

“Dr. Arwa Rabi’i, a gynecologist from the capital city of Sana’a, talked to the i24news channel and called for raising the marriage age to 18. ‘When a woman marries before the age of 18, before the uterus and hips are fully developed, there are going to be many gynecological complications such as multiple miscarriages and life-threatening infections,’ she said. ‘We see it every day, not every month or week, every day! A lot of them, 10 or 20 sick girls’.”

Imagine that: children bleeding to death on their “honeymoon” so that male Muslim perverts can get their cheap thrills. But don’t think this is just happening in backwards nations. Try looking at what is happening in the UK. Muslims there also are fully supportive of sex with children.

Consider this shocking report: “More than a dozen Muslim clerics have been caught agreeing to marry off girls as young as 14. Four imams are now under investigation, after they offered to arrange the illegal ceremonies. Undercover reporters, posing as the mother and brother of a 14-year-old, contacted 56 mosques across the country and asked clerics to perform an Islamic marriage ceremony, known as a nika.

“Imams at 18 mosques agreed – including one who has advised the police. The preacher was prepared to arrange the nika despite being told that the ‘bride’ was being forced to move in with a man against her wishes. The revelations will raise questions about how prevalent underage marriage is in Britain. Campaigners claim thousands of girls are forced into the illegal ceremonies every year, in a boom fuelled by the ‘moral blindness of cultural sensitivity’.”

This is what happens when we allow foreign guests into Western nations without the slightest expectation that they conform to our laws, values and customs, but allow them instead to form their own ghettoes, and bring their barbaric 6th Century practices with them.

And this is happening all over Europe and other places where Muslims have been allowed to pour into nations with almost no requirement that they respect the laws and principles of the host nation, setting up their own parallel cultures.

Take as our last example Sweden, which is having real problems with its growing Muslim minority. All sorts of places there are now no-go zones, even for police and fire-fighters, and many Muslim communities have become a law unto themselves.

Consider this brief but horrific report coming out of that nation: “In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.”

Those figures should shock every single one of us. Of course not all Muslims want to rape, have child brides, and seek a harem of wives. But those that do – and there are plenty of them – find full support and justification for doing so in their own Koran, hadith, and the life and example of Muhammad.

As I keep saying: are there good and moderate Muslims? Of course. But is Islam itself good and moderate? The clear answer to that question is no, it is not. This is a religion founded by a sexual pervert which encourages its followers (at least its privileged male followers) to be sexual perverts as well.,7340,L-4438717,00.html

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6 Replies to “Islam and Sexual Perversion”

  1. Islam, or anything else not from God will lead to perversion of all sorts. It is important not to policise moral issues as many moral issues are in the modern world. That’s why Christians should continue to reach out to these people who are lost, rather than judge and compare them with others.
    Janice Tooh

  2. Thanks Janice

    Um no. We most certainly must judge and withstand evil in all its forms. I most certainly will judge rape, paedophilia and the like. And of course these are already politicised issues, so of course we must fight them on the political level, the social level, the legal level, and so on. Of course we must resist pure evil like this. Of course we must speak out against it, warn against it, and fight it with all our being. Not to do so makes us complicit in this evil.

    Sure, we reach out to, pray for, these folks, but that is not the end of the matter. You might as well suggest that we only should have prayed for the Nazis, and done nothing to resist them. Sorry, to love your neighbour also means working for what is right and resisting that which is evil. So I most certainly will compare these rapists and child abusers with what civilised society expects of all people.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. The terrible incidence of obstetric fistulas are due in part to Muslim child bride practices.
    Early marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) are cruel and oppressive.
    Jo Deller

  4. Found this article on ivillage today- A child bride forced to marry an older Muslim man in suburban Australia has escaped the violent relationship.
    While Ms Elia is just one of many girls living in Australia who have been forced into marriage – last September, for example – the Family Court banned a 14-year-old would-be bride from leaving Australia – hundreds of teenage girls have been brought here to get married under a government visa program.

    Figures released in 2011 showed that more than 200 17-year-old girls were granted prospective spouse visas over the past five years – a figure child safety campaigners have branded as shocking.

    One 17-year-old from Thailand was brought out by a 57-year-old man, and a 17-year-old Iraqi girl was sponsored by a 50-year-old.

    Jo Deller

  5. Just outlaw these barbaric practices, stuff culturally sensitivity, rape is wrong, child brides are wrong, FGM is wrong, Islam is no religion it’s a plain and simple cult, that follows a deranged crazy man who has a problem with being fair to women and children, is overly focused on sex in a dysfunctional way and thinks it’s ok to kill those who think differently to him. Ban this cult it has no part in a free just society. Inequality, child marriage, rape, torture, sharia law are draconian ideals that belong in the 7th century.

  6. It appears that Muslims/Islamists are free to go anywhere in Europe and inflict their evils of inferiority into society in many ways.
    If they don’t get what they want they “play up” using minority status to claim they are being treated unfairly when they are simply behaving just like undisciplined children looking for excuses to play up.
    They may claim that society is prejudicial against them – it is their barbaric practices which decent individuals would find unacceptable. They force the perversions they follow from a perverted leader to abuse humanity in many ways.
    They have all been brainwashed into behaving like perverts and don’t realise how evil their leader is preaching as a pervert. They are being dragged down an imaginary path by this pervert pretending to be some form of God.

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