We Have Forgotten

“Lest we forget” was meant to remind us not to forget. But it seems that we have done exactly that – and in very quick fashion. The horrors we witnessed last century at the hands of the Nazis in Europe are now being replicated again in Europe and elsewhere, this time by Muslims.

Sure, in the West at least, we are in the early stages of this, but all we have to do is look at Muslim majority countries to see how Jews and other non-Muslims are treated. But if we simply consider what has happened in Europe in the past few weeks, we all should be shocked at how history seems to be repeating itself.

hitler 20Anti-Semitism is on the rise across Europe, England, and elsewhere. And anyone familiar with how Jews fared in the early days of the Hitler regime should be very concerned here indeed. It looks like we are well on the way to repeating what we vowed to never again tolerate.

We have the same persecuted group – just a different persecutor. Let me just highlight a number of examples of the rising anti-Semitism we find, as taken from the links below:

-Travelling by tram through Paris, a boy heads back from school with his sister when a group of teenagers spots that he is wearing a Star of David pendant. They surround the pair and start shouting: ‘Dirty Jews — you have too much money, too much power, you should get out of France.’ Terrified and shaken, by the time Eden, 16, and his sister Elie, 12, get back home they are still in tears.

-A Dutch watchdog group said it was observing record levels of anti-Semitic hatred online. Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet, or MDI, said the current volume of reports on punishable hate speech against Jews is unparalleled during the organization’s 17 years in existence, the AT5 television channel reported Monday. “Usually, we get three to five reports [of incidents] per week, but now we have received 73 reports,” MDI cofounder

-In the Parisian suburb of Sarcelles – nicknamed “Little Jerusalem” for its large community of Sephardic Jews, dozens of youths, some of them masked, raided shops, wrecking a funeral home and destroying its front window as several protesters shouted: “F**** Israel!” Others raided a drugstore that caught fire. Young girls looted baby formula inside.

-Such has been the concern about anti-Semitism in France that last year the number of French Jews relocating to Israel exceeded those from America, despite the fact that America’s Jewish population is ten times larger than France’s. This year, thousands more have already made the journey — and they are not just heading to Israel.

-In Germany, meanwhile, Israeli ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman has protested after one of his countrymen was abused by anti-Semitic thugs. He said: ‘They pursue the Jews in the streets of Berlin as if we were in 1938.’ In Essen, 14 people were arrested on suspicion of planning an attack on the historic Old Synagogue — the largest surviving example of pre-war Jewish culture in Germany — and the imam of a Berlin mosque allegedly called on Muslims to murder ‘Zionist Jews’.

-Anti-Semitic graffiti is increasingly common. In March, the words ‘Hitler burned six million Jews and forgot half’ were removed from a building in Toulouse. According to Professor Wistrich, the rise in anti-Jewish incidents can be traced to the beginning of this century, with a sharp increase in the past two years. Coming from the Left, he says, is the ‘relentless demonisation’ of Israel that spills over in attitudes towards Jews — ‘you can’t separate the two’.

-Today, it is estimated that there are 600,000 Jews living in France, making it the third-largest Jewish community in the world after the U.S. and Israel. But despite making up less than one per cent of the total population, during 2013 they were the victims of one-third of all racist crimes reported in the country. Among the assaults, one involved the attempted stabbing of a Jewish schoolboy in Paris. In another attack in the capital, two young Jewish brothers were set upon by men armed with knuckle-dusters as they left a synagogue.

This is just a tiny sampling of anti-Jewish hatred and violence occurring throughout Europe. And it is no coincidence that the places with the most anti-Semitic activity are also the places with some of the biggest Muslim populations. Andrew Bolt offers a nice summary of this:

A putrid Jew-hatred has returned to the West, fed by mass immigration and stoked by the Left. Do not mistake this anti-Semitism for mere anger at Israel over the war in Gaza. That war is just the calculated pretext for a month of menace that has terrified many Jews — as well as those of us who prize civilisation over barbaric tribalism.
France now has more than six million Muslims and two weeks ago Arab protesters — some chanting “death to Jews” — attacked synagogues, torched cars and burned Jewish shops in Sarcelles, a suburb of Paris dubbed “Little Jerusalem”.
Germany now has four million Muslims. Arab and Turkish protesters were this month filmed shouting “Gas the Jews” and other Jew-hating slogans and a Berlin imam, Sheik Abu Bilal Ismail, was filmed at his mosque preaching: “Oh Allah, destroy the Zionist Jews … Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them.”
The Netherlands has almost one million Muslims and protesters in The Hague this month chanted “Death to the Jews” in Arabic, while some waved the black flags of the Islamic State terrorist group. The home of Holland’s chief rabbi was pelted with rocks.
Belgium has 700,000 Muslims and in Liège this month a Turkish shop showed a sign that read: “Dogs are allowed in this establishment, but Jews are not under any circumstances.” Two months ago four Jews were shot dead at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, allegedly by a French Muslim.
Austria has 500,000 Muslims, and this month Arab protesters invaded a soccer game involving an Israeli team, kicking players and waving Palestinian flags.

He continues:

This is not really about Gaza, where Israel is fighting Hamas terrorists who have fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians in the past two months — and keep firing even during ceasefires. Yes, these pictures of dead Palestinian children are horrifying. They are meant to be, which is why Hamas shoots from among its civilians and orders them to ignore Israeli warnings to move clear of targets.
That is also why the United Nations has found missiles hidden in at least three schools it runs in Gaza and why Hamas so pointlessly launches them at Israeli cities — to provoke Israel into exactly this self-defence against an enemy whose stated aim is to destroy it.
Then when Israel does shoot back, cue protests and riots around the world to exhaust the West’s willingness to defend not just Israel but Jews generally. Don’t tell me these protests are about Israel’s “blockade” of Gaza, which actually has a border with Egypt porous enough to let Hamas smuggle in thousands of rockets.
Don’t tell me they’re about Israel’s “occupation” when Israel does not occupy an inch of Gaza. And especially don’t tell me these protests are about Israel’s “war crimes” or “murders”. No, if these protests are really against killing Muslims — and not against Jews — then where are the protests over the 2000 Syrians killed by other Muslims in the past two weeks?

Ezra Levant helps to put things into perspective:

Serious question: If Hamas terrorists in Gaza were to build Auschwitz-style ovens to burn Jews like the Nazis did, would the world still demand that Israel stop attacking them? Of course. The official goals of Hamas are the same as the Nazis: to kill every Jew. The Hamas Charter says so 12 times. And yet the world demands Israel’s army stand down.
This month Hamas confirmed yet again that every Jew in Israel – man or woman, adult or child – is a target for their terrorism. The Hamas chant “from the river to the sea” is shorthand for eliminating every single Jew from all of Israel – as in from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Not just from the disputed West Bank, but from everywhere in Israel. Just as Hamas does not distinguish between civilians and soldiers, it does not distinguish between different proposed peace maps. They want all the Jews dead. And yet the world demands Israel cease fire.

hitler19The demonic hatred of all things Jewish in the Middle East is of course now found all around the West, especially because of Islamic immigration. Jew-haters want to turn the streets of Europe into the streets of Gaza. As the hatred and violence intensifies, we are reminded of what occurred last century.

We were not supposed to forget why we went to war. We were not supposed to forget what transpired in November of 1938 when a series of coordinated attacks against Jews in Germany and Austria took place. What we now know as Kristallnacht involved the German authorities standing by as European Jews were diabolically targeted.

Over 90 Jews were killed and some 30,000 arrested and sent to concentration camps. There were over 1,000 synagogues and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged during this period. It was in many ways the real precursor to the Holocaust.

Why do recent events in Europe seem so eerily similar to the atmosphere found in the months leading up to Kristallnacht? And why are so many people forgetting what took place back in the 1930s? Is history going to repeat itself once again? Have we learned nothing from recent history?


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  1. It is very good to hear this, as it is simply not covered by our MSM.
    Seems a bit weird that this wouldn’t qualify for our MSM as news….

  2. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

    Tragically true.

  3. One of the most absurd claims made by Islam is that it is the religion of peace. Almost as absurd is the use by many western commentators of the word “Islamophobic” to describe people who can actually see the evil things that are done in the name of Islam.

  4. The hypocrisy is staggering once again. So many Austrlaians are up in arms about Israel “murdering children” but where are all the protesters on Australia’s legalised murder of children through abortion? We kill up to 100,000 children every year!!! If people want to criticise Israel for killing children, let’s start with their abortion laws.

    It’s no different with the Thai surrogacy case and the couple who left the child with Down Syndrome. In Australaia we murder most of our Down Synrome kids before they are born – is anyone protesting? Oh, I guess not. Murder is fine under the correct leftist dictated circumstances!

    Most Christians don’t even want to talk about abortion because it’s uncomfortable. They will happily attack Israel though and they love to discuss all manner of Marxist ideals about environmentalism, poverty, “social justice” and anti-capitalist notions as though these were all the gospel itself.

    And that sums it up really – the UN these days is filled with Marxists and Muslims and each hate Israel and freedom with a blood thirsty passion. Muslims happily offer up children to the god of war that they worship, just as the ancient Philistines did to Baal, while Marxists have murdered well over a billion children in less than a century by pushing their frequently racist infanticide agenda to the masses through government subsided programs.

    Where are the protests about these things?

    The world is blind and so this is exactly what we should expect of them (of course we should speak truth to them even if they don’t receive it) but what excuse do all these Christians who hate Israel have?

    All the time I hear Christians claiming it’s mostly if not entirely Israel’s fault. When I explained the Hamas charter with its inherent racist genocidal goals against Jews to a Christian, he tried o tell me that Israel wants to wipe out Palestinians in the same way – seriously!!!

    This is what we are up against.

  5. In Ephesians we are told about “Spiritual wickedness in high places.” This verse aptly describes what we are up against in this, since from what I have been reading about the conflict and the uprising against Jews is extremely disturbing and saddening. Actually it can be very depressing to learn about the collusion between those who have the power to make this situation be favourable to Jews and yet do their very best to incite hate against the Jews.

  6. Westerners seem to have conveniently forgotten the close relationship between The Nazi Third Reich and Middle Eastern Pan-Arab Nationalism. The Arab peoples were even granted a “special Aryan status” by the Third Reich!

    The ultimate goal of Rommel’s Afrika Korps offensive was not merely the “rescue” of Mussolini’s North African empire – The conquest of Palestine was the next “natural necessity” in Hitler’s pursuit of a “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” in the Middle East.

  7. The MSM is totally failing to report this properly. As I understand it, they prefer stories with clearly identifiable villains for the audience to hate, an underdog to cheer on, as well as something to fire up the emotions (something emotive, we used to say.) Facts, history seem to be secondary to these. So we got the Big Bad Israel, Little Red Riding Gaza and a nightly tally of dead Palestinian kids. This is poor, poor stuff. I suppose it rates better than proper news.

  8. Meanwhile anyone who raises their voice above a whisper in protest against the homosexual propaganda is immediately shouted down and/ or threatened with losing their job and in some cases imprisonment. So the world conveniently forgets what happened to the Jews in World War 2 and the ignorant or uninformed simply jump on the bandwagon driven each night by the MSM extolling the mayhem in Gaza and painting Israel in the blackest light possible. It is all very trobubling indeed and I have no doubt in today’s emotive driven atmosphere by social media that history could well repeat itself and perhaps be worse than anything the Nazis achieved.

  9. Thanks Bill,
    Some wise words for us to remember.
    What also is ridiculous is the media’s moral that Israel react “proportionally”. Since when is war proportionate?
    Ok. I hit you once and then you can only hit me once, and no harder than I hit you.
    Really? Are people that foolish? Madness.

  10. Jeremy Peet, I’m with you 🙂

    The whole notion that Israel, attacked by Hamas, must act “in proportion” in their response is amazing! I think Hamas would like that very much, as they can recruit more to their cause than there are Jews in Israel. 1-for-1 means Israel is destroyed.

    Likewise, if there was a violent mad drunk threatening to kill me at my door, when I call the Police, I’d be shocked if they asked me “would you like us to respond proportionally and send out 1 officer or would you like 4+ to subdue this offender?” You stop the offender in his tracks, surely?

    It is not Israel’s fault that they have (had to!) build an anti-missile system that knocks out rockets from Hamas, and thereby reduce the amount of deaths they would suffer. Also that they build bunkers and pay attention to warning sirens to also reduce casualties. Should Israel not do these things to give more value-for-money for Hamas rockets?! o_O

    I am not saying Israel is innocent of killing civilians, and I am not pro-Palestinian death, but really, why is the West so surprised at their response to a TERRORIST group whose stated aim is to wipe Israel off the map?!

  11. In Australia

    George Brandis slams Fairfax newspaper over ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon http://www.theaustralian.com.au/media/print/george-brandis-slams-fairfax-newspaper-over-antisemitic-cartoon/story-fn9ymmvo-1227012199046

    Philistine philistine (Arabic for Palestine),
    Allah hedik Israel (God destroy you Israel)
    Palestine is Muslim land
    With the Umma we will stand
    Palestine is Muslim land
    The solution is Jihad
    Palestine is Muslim land
    Your oppression will not stand
    You can never stop Islam
    From Australia to al Sham (Syria)
    One umma hand in hand
    From Lakemba to Gaza




  12. This word “Islamophobia”.
    It is common to see signs on the front of banks here in Canberra, with a full-face motorcycle helmet, with a big red diagonal stripe through it, and the message that you must remove your helmet to enter their bank.
    Are our banks “motorcyclist-phobic”?
    What nonsense!

  13. While we were driving through England in June, I heard of an initiative on the radio where they were asking for people to write letters to the unknown soldier, can’t remember the exact name of the web site now. But I thought of writing, which I haven’t done so far apologizing to the unknown soldier and all the others who gave their lives for our freedom for forgetting what they died for. They died for a free Christian west with its Christian values where marriage and all other good and godly ordinances were respected and upheld, never dreaming that it would be our own internal agitators and not an external enemy that would gradually destroy the values for which they died and which they surely hoped would continue to bless and further a future prosperous society in which their own kin would be nurtured and permitted to live in peace and freedom. Every Anzac day I wonder, if they could know, what we have done with the legacy they left us how disappointed and angry they would rightfully be. Our attitude to the Jews is of course an important, but just one of the things we have forgotten or maybe more accurately we have forgotten that the fight for these things must go on and that we have to put in our contribution to “hate evil and cling to what is good”.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  14. If you watch the news very closely, you will see that the children in most cases who are being carried from a damaged building in Gaza are not in fact injured.

    One case in question was a girl being carried out from a demolished building was in fact very clean; had no damage to her clothing; was not disheveled and carried no marks of injury.

    It was all stage managed for the camera as is the case regularly to make use of anti Israel media.

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