Homosexual Sues God

I know: been there, done that. Back in 2001 an Australian comedy starring Billy Connolly was released: The Man Who Sued God. So the idea is not exactly new. But we live in a time when all the elements are present to make such a situation move from film to reality.

Man-who-sued-godIn the West we live in an increasingly litigious society, and an increasingly secular one as well. Add to this a growing inversion of morality, a flatlining of truth, and a rise of all sorts of bizarre sexualities, and you have the ideal recipe for this sort of madness.

And that is just what we find. An American guy is not quite suing God, but the next best thing: he is suing God’s Word. Yep a homosexual is suing the Bible. And it is not hard to imagine why. Here is how one article on this begins:

A homosexual man is suing a third national Bible publisher for “mental anguish” after he says the company published Bibles with a negative connotation toward homosexuals. Bradley LaShawn Fowler of Canton, Mich., alleges Tyndale House Publishers manipulated Scripture when it published Tyndale’s New Living Translation Holy Bible and the New Life Application Study Bible by using the term “homosexuals” in a New Testament passage, 1 Corinthians 6:9….
As WND reported, Fowler, who had a blog on Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign website last year, filed his initial complaint against Christian publishers Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishing. Fowler, who represented himself in both lawsuits, said in his complaint against Zondervan that the publisher intended to design a religious, sacred document to reflect an individual opinion or a group’s conclusion to cause “me or anyone who is a homosexual to endure verbal abuse, discrimination, episodes of hate, and physical violence … including murder.” He told the Grand Rapids’ WOOD-TV in 2008 that he wants to “compensate for the past 20 years of emotional duress and mental instability.”

Well, he got the ‘mental instability’ part right at least. This guy is a real nut job. This is just one big sick joke. Unfortunately however the mindset behind this is becoming more common and more serious. For years now the militant homosexual activists have been claiming that the Bible is a book full of “hate speech”.

All over the West diabolical hate crime laws are being passed, with Christians who take their God and their Scriptures seriously the primary target. The militants have convinced many of our elites that homosexuality should be a politically protected lifestyle, immune from any criticism or critique.

Homosexuals are the new untouchables. They cannot be questioned, challenged or crossed. Any attempt to do so will be treated as a hate crime and punished accordingly. Not only can the other 98.5% of society not utter a contrary word about this lifestyle, but the militants can wage war against us with gay abandon.

Don’t like what the Bible says? No probs, just sue the publishers. Silence all opposition and stamp under foot any contrary points of view. And of course all this homofascism and pink tyranny is being done in the name of tolerance, diversity and acceptance.

Yep, these folks are so tolerant, diverse and accepting that only those who rubber stamp their lifestyle and worship at their altars will be allowed free rein. All others will be dragged to the courts. Indeed, if some of these militants had their way, I am sure they would quickly become champions of the death penalty, and demand capital punishment for all recalcitrants.

Well I got news for these rebels: God is not mocked. The only one who is going to do any real judging is God Almighty. And one day all these sexual anarchists will stand before their creator and face the music. Then their mouths will be stopped and their heads hung low.

But the good news is, in the meantime God extends his hands of mercy, offering forgiveness for those who repent of their sins and let God have his rightful place of Lord of their lives. And many homosexuals have done exactly this, experiencing the wonderful liberating work of Christ,

They have been transformed, and now these ex-homosexuals have new life in Christ. Many have gone on to heterosexual marriage and family. I know many of these dear people. They stopped believing a lie, and surrendered to Jesus. And they have not looked back.

So these folks who think they can sue God had better think again. They can shake their fists at God all they like now, but that will be a very short-lived condition. God will stand when the last rebel lays down his arms – willingly or otherwise.

“In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.” (Acts 17:30)


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10 Replies to “Homosexual Sues God”

  1. As a society, we should seek remedy from the homosexual lobby for the millions of dollars in medical costs burdened on society for the so called “gay health crisis”.
    Given that we spend so much money and resources on a chosen lifestyle that has proven dangerous throughout the generations, I believe that the time has come for us to take stock and treat homosexuality, at the very least, like those who chose to smoke cigarettes and then seek medical assistance for lung cancer etc.
    After all, we have every right to protect not only our health but our resources also!
    If those who engage in homosexuality claim the right to do so the we should claim the right to say to any active homosexual – CURE THYSELF.
    John Abbott

  2. His action is possibly a publicity stunt. but if he’s serious then he could have psychiatric problems. Keep an eye out for self-handicapping behaviour amongst homosexuals.They complain about being disliked but his sort of behaviour is bound to cause dislike and ridicule. Likewise their defensive, abusive reactions to criticisms are self-defeating. If homosexuality has a negative stereotype then homosexuals themselves are partly the authors.

    As for the Bible causing distress and violence to homosexuals there have no doubt been mean-spirited Christian individuals but in the main Christianity prefers to be caring and charitable to those it sees as sinners. According to US research, the main perpetrators of violence towards homosexuals are other homosexuals anyway.

  3. He/she/it or whatever it wants to classify itself as these days, (you never know, gotta cover all bases you know), will have a hard time with this one, maybe in I would say about 8 yearsish this will be a common scene in countries across the board.

    But on the other hand, Christians will be getting dragged past the muslim hung homofascists, to court to be told that we are nasty homofasicst hating criminals, oh and we are racist and islamaphobic to for pointing out that muslims actually do murder gays and lesbians.

    This thing can cry me a river. Until it does the same to muslims, he has not a leg to stand on.

    Note: the terms I have used are to try to be gender neutral, as you do not want to offend them by getting their gender choice wrong, now do you.

  4. This person clearly has mental issues which are driving his militant agenda. Is he going to use the same basis for his argument to sue Bible publishers to also commence proceedings against the publishers of the Koran? He wouldn’t live very long if he tried too.

  5. This is the last stage of the demented farce of homo-mania in what used to be a free society. We must defend our freedom of speech, our freedom of belief, and our freedom to bring up and educate our children in civilised values without state interference.
    This man is not just a nutcase, he is a the product of a movement that has hi-jacked the notions of human rights and civil rights and deflected than far from their true original meaning, He is also led on by the compensation culture and refuses to take any responsibility for the harm he does. People like this will always blame society. It’s high time we sued them for starting AIDS. It’s killed 24 million people.

  6. It is worth noting that these cases are between five and six years old, and both the suit against Nelson and Zondervan and the one against Tyndale have been dismissed. As the Court’s opinion states in one of them, “The Court finds that Plaintiff’s complaint is, on its face, totally implausible, frivolous, and devoid of merit.” Our courts are accepting and making unfortunate rulings in a number of cases, but these are not among them. In this pair of ridiculous lawsuits the District Court in Michigan got it right.

  7. Thanks Virgil. Yes the cases are old, frivolous and have been rejected. But they are not unrepresentative, which is why I raised the issue. These sorts of cases are on the rise all over the West, and we can expect even worse in days to come.

  8. Just remember that these cases as well as all others will ultimately be decided in the real Supreme Court.

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