This is Why the Church Is Losing

Yes, I know: the church wins, at least in the end. The real church of Jesus Christ will ultimately triumph, because Jesus has risen from the grave, and he promises us a final victory. But as Augustine rightly said, the church in this world is always a mixed body (corpus permixtum).

There are true believers and professing believers. The former he referred to as the church invisible, and the latter, the church visible. As Jesus taught in the parable of the tares (Matthew 13:24-30), the wheat and the tares will grow up together, so there will always be an admixture of the true and the false, the real Christians and the ones in name only.

wolf 3So of course I refer to the church visible here. The church in the world is in a terrible shape, and often the real problem lies not with our many external enemies and threats, but internal ones. I refer to utterly clueless and biblically illiterate Christians who keep siding with our enemies, and stand against their own faith.

They will come out attacking Christians, while defending every anti-Christian agenda going around. Thus they will side with the homosexual lobby, or with Islam, or with secular humanists, and actually attack Christians who are seeking to take a stand in these areas.

Thus the church becomes its own worst enemy – or at least big parts of it are. And I encounter this on a regular basis because of the work that I do. So let me remind you once again: if you want to live a quiet and peaceful life, don’t do what I do – don’t defend the faith and promote truth in the public arena. It will just make lots of enemies – including those calling themselves Christians.

Let me offer another example of this. Yesterday I wrote a piece on a dhimmi Cathedral in Washington DC which actually invited Muslims in to hold a worship service there. Thankfully one aware and bold Christian woman knew this was just not on, so she got up and proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord.

For that she was thrown out of the church! I said she was a hero and we need more Holy Ghost-filled believers like her. Has this church not heard of the First Commandment for heaven’s sake? Does it not realise that a Christian worship service will never be held in a mosque? These ‘Christian’ leaders are blind guides leading the blind.

My write-up on this is here:

But for daring to post this article in various places, all hell broke loose. Christians got real angry and upset. At the dhimmis and apostates in this church? No, at me. They went ballistic, siding with the Muslims and accusing me of all the usual nonsense: you are judgmental, bigoted, a hater, etc.

Let me offer just a few of their charges. One guy took me to task, saying the Muslims were invited there, and this woman “was out of line” to do this at the service! She was out of line? To proclaim Jesus Christ at a Christian house of worship was out of line, while worshipping a pagan god was not? Puh-leeese, spare me.

I replied, “So Jesus was out of line to clean God’s house? The prophets were out of line to demand purity in the temple? The disciples were wrong to object to foreign gods?” I am utterly shocked at so many mentally and spiritually impoverished people who claim to be Christians.

Then other num nums chimed in, defending the church and the Muslims, while condemning the woman! I said to them that they were being completely clueless here. Islam is totally opposed to everything Christianity believes in, and they are massacring millions of Christians around the world. They would never allow Christian worship services in a mosque, and we should not stand for this anti-Christ religion being allowed to do its thing in the church of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately these chaps were either not very bright or not very willing to actually stay with the debate, since they kept throwing up some red herrings and non-sequiturs. One was this: “So Jesus didn’t die for their sins?” Um, what does that have to do with anything?

We are talking about creeping sharia and the Islamic invasion of our Christian churches, and this guy throws out this completely irrelevant howler. Of course he died for everyone. So what? He died for drug dealers for example, but that does not mean anyone in their right mind would be happy with having a shooting gallery set up right next to their home.

He died for paedophiles, but should we then allow them to freely hang around schools and other places with young children because Jesus died for everyone? With such sloppy and careless thinking, no wonder the church is in a mess. But he had more lulus to offer, such as: “None are righteous, no, not one.”

Umm, duh, you might as well tell me the sun rises in the east. Once again, what does this have to do with the discussion at hand? Of course no one is righteous – that goes without saying. But in the mind of this terribly confused Christian, he wants to offer a phony moral equivalence here: yeah, Muslims might do bad things, but so does everyone.

That is as helpful as saying that since the Allies were not fully righteous in God’s eyes, they had no right to take on Hitler and the Nazis and seek to prevent them taking over the whole world. Duh. Let my people think is the cry of the hour. I sure wish they would start soon.

On another page things got even worse, with obvious trolls coming out in force. One guy who has been a serial pest at one site, attacking me every time I opened my mouth, was at it again. And amazingly, his remarks were a classic example of the very thing I spoke about in my article: the flood of girlie men in the pews who never speak out about anything, except those who try to raise the alarm.

As just one example, consider this incredible load of PC moonbattery: “This is an exceptionally controversial article that seeks to promote intolerance, conflict and judgement. I would recommend it be removed from this group unless we start becoming a platform for hate groups and fear mongering.”

Wow, he was demanding the admins pull my piece, because it is hateful and full of fear mongering! This is the exact sort of thing I get from atheists, secular humanists, homosexuals, etc., all the time. Instead of debating the issues, they launch into ad hominem attacks.

I fully expect pagans to come up with these sorts of brainless and patently false charges. But when people who claim to be Christians cough up this silliness, then you know something is amiss. Oh, and what did the admins do? Did they take this troll and troublemaker to task?

Um, no. They deleted my post and banned me from their site! Yes you heard me right. This is supposed to be a Christian site, yet each time I sought to speak a bit of biblical truth there, they pulled my posts. And then they censored me for good by banning me.

Hmm, that is a great Christian website. That is a great example of WWJD. And by the way, the troll is still there I am told. So he remains, but I am viewed as the enemy, and punished accordingly. Go figure. Gotta love how some Christians think and operate.

As I say, no wonder the church is losing. Who cares about all those external threats and attacks on the church. We are doing just a peachy job ourselves of destroying the church from within. Wow, with friends like these, who needs enemies.

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  1. I think that some so called christian sites are run by frustrated leaders. They can’t make it in the church so they exercise their authority online with people who cannot defend themselves if the moderator says they are a naughty boy.

    I had one site reprimand me because I used too many paragraphs (known as good English). One banned me because I had ONE doctrine that was espoused by a group who had a lot of queer doctrines. Another one banned me because I spent too much time explaining scripture.

    And yet these christian blogs seem to give the ungodly carte blanche to say whatever they want to say. However, there was one who made it quite clear that the bible did not endorse homosexuality and posts that did would be removed. Good for them.

  2. Hello Bill. Thanks for your Prophetic Words and informed comments. We are in the days declared through Amos: “the days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD,” when I will send a famine through the land – not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the WORDS of the LORD…” (Amos 8:11)
    “Mesmerised by the problems of rational criticism, we can no longer hear the Bible as the WORD of GOD. Liberal theology, in its pride, has long insisted that we are wiser than our fathers about the Bible, and must not read it as they did, but base our approach to it on the ‘assured results’ of criticism, making due allowance for the human imperfections & errors of its authors. The insistence has threefold effect. # It produces a new papalism – the infallibility of the scholars, from whom we learn what the ‘assured results’ are. # It raises a doubt about every single Bible passage, as to whether it truly embodies revelation or not. # And it destroys the reverent, receptive, self-trusting attitude of approach to the Bible, without which it cannot be known to be ‘GOD’S WORD written’. THE RESULT? The Spiritual famine of which AMOS spoke. GOD judges our pride by leaving us to the barrenness, hunger, and discontent which flow from our inability to hear HIS WORD!” Prof. J. I. Packer.
    Bible illiteracy is the issue.

  3. Straight and narrow is the path to eternal life and few are they who find it.

    Keep speaking up Bill, all we are asked by the Lord to do is invite, invite, invite, then follow him ourselves, hopefully being a good example of a disciple of Christ Jesus.

    But the good thing is from reading this, Heaven is going to have a lot of spare real estate available. Not that stops us from inviting.

  4. Christians, men & women everywhere have to become passionate for Jesus Christ and His gospel of The Kingdom of God.
    Rather than become bogged down by the affairs and cares of this world we are to be unemcumbered; free to pursue the affairs of God and be His lights in this world of darkness. We need to be like the Bereans, a noble people who tested what they heard with the filter of the Word of God.
    The tares will always be around pushing their agenda, junk that opposes God’s word. Hallelujah to God’s people when they stand up for righeousness !

  5. I’m glad Bill that you are continuing your work according to the advice that Churchill gave to a boys’ school many years ago, when his entire speech was apparently, “Boys, never give in. Never give in. Never give in.”

  6. Dear Bill

    You were quite correct to criticise what happened in the cathedral. It is symptomatic of what has gone wrong with the Anglican / Episcopal church in the last three or four decades. The lady should be commended.

    Fr David Smith

  7. When “Christians’ act and behave just like secular humanists, I don’t consider them Christian any more.

  8. “So Jesus didn’t die for their sins?;;;” Well you have to believe that to receive it and this guy obviously doesn’t know that Muslims do not believe that Jesus actually died on the cross. According to them, God substituted someone else apparently without anyone seeing/realizing….. But on a more serious note, keep up the good work Bill. We appreciate what you do,

  9. So Bill, what’s the name of this so-called Christian site? Maybe some of us need to pay it a visit if your voice is no longer welcome.

  10. I guess they’re a bit like all of those Democratic Republics that are anything but democratic.

  11. Maybe they need to read the comments by somebody in the know:
    Joel Richardson, a Christian filmmaker and author of “The Islamic Antichrist,” said the hypocrisy of the Muslim world is “beyond words” when it comes to interfaith programs like the one held Friday at the National Cathedral. The Christians who host such events have made “tolerance” a god, he said.
    “We as a Christian nation are called to love Muslims in our midst but that does not mean we allow ourselves to be subjugated in their presence,” he said.
    Not only would such a prayer service by Christians not be allowed in a mosque in Islam’s home country, Saudi Arabia, he said, but Christians would not even be allowed to build a church there.
    “Why don’t they allow churches in Saudi Arabia? Because that’s a sign of subjugation,” Richardson said.
    The message being sent from Washington to Muslim countries around the world is not one of tolerance but one of subjugation, Richardson said.
    “To them, they are sending a sign that they have defeated us, that they’re conquering us. There’s conquest and occupation,” he said.

    Or this one
    Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult. He has been disowned by his family.
    While America’s interfaith community may be well-intentioned, they are more often than not used by radical Islamists as a method of appearing “mainstream,” he said. The Islamists gain legitimacy while the Christians are left holding a watered down gospel message.

  12. Mate, well done for standing up. It absolutely beggars belief that the leadership would allow what happened in the DC cathedral to occur. It is another notch on the belt already containing a litany of heretical ideals, and its growing by the day. The more I read of things like this occurring in protestant religions, the more I’m glad I’m apart of the one holy, catholic and apostolic church. It’s never to late to come over mate, I often wonder why you have not already.

    With prayers,

    Tristan Ross.

  13. Thanks Tristan. Prayers and compliments are of course always welcome! But two things if I may. As any regular reader here knows, I keep sectarian debates for other websites. There are zillions of pro-Prot and pro-Cath sites out there making their cases, so I don’t engage in that here.

    And respectfully, of all the Christian groups I am aware of, the one that is the most uninformed and unhelpful when it comes to the very real threat of Islam and creeping sharia is Catholicism. This is not to pick a fight but to state the facts. Far too many Catholics are little more than shrills for Islam, and what these idiot Prots did in Washington is certainly not limited to Protestantism by any means. However, thankfully, there are many aware and informed Catholics on Islam who I respect greatly, be they Robert Spencer, William Kilpatrick, George Pell, Pope Benedict XVI, etc. And Catholic journals like Crisis Magazine are quite good here as well. See for example this excellent piece:

    And see my review of Kilpatrick’s superb volume here:

    And one more if I may be so bold:

    Thanks for writing in.

  14. Poor Bill, bashed up by the homos, atheists, left wing, abortionists, secularists, politically correct, dhimmis, trolls and now some of the brethren!
    Bill you have to realise you are a cyber “cage fighter” [and a very good one]. Keep up the “grounding and pounding”, especially of those brain dead, dishonest [brethren?].

  15. I know a lot of “Christian” churches are losing the plot, but the Bible has predicted all these things, so hang on for a few rough years ahead. Bill, I do love reading your posts and applaud you for your great efforts. I don’t think I would keep going as you do. Let the dead bury the dead I say. There seems to be no cure for stupid people.

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