On Hashtags and Jihad

Hey, I have a question: I am vilified, bullied, abused, mocked, slandered, denounced and hated on every day. So when do I get my own hashtag? Why do I not qualify for one? Why do only certain persons or groups seem to qualify – including Muslims who are not being hated on here anywhere near as much as some Muslims are hating on us infidels?

hashtag 1It seems there are plenty of worthy groups for a hashtag campaign such as this. For example, as Chris Kenny writes: “And it is worth noting that Jewish children whose schools are guarded by armed security, and who suffered violent abuse on a bus earlier this year, never triggered a hashtag. The political class may think it can choose its victims and its fears, but in the end, if they have the opportunity, terrorists will make those choices for us.”

The current #illridewithyou campaign was generated by Rachael Jacobs, a Greens candidate for the seat of Brisbane in 2013. She popularised this one, but did not create it. As she says in a recent article:

But most importantly, my role in this movement was minuscule and unworthy of the attention received. The #illridewithyou hashtag, started by Twitter user @sirtessa and embraced by thousands, is the real story of inspiration. The movement has inspired thousands to publicly and loudly stand up for a decent and humane world. It’s a pre-emptive strike against racism and bigotry. We know what fear can do to a society, and rather than fall victim, thousands have pledged to be part of the force that fights for tolerance and compassion.

OK, so who is this Tessa? It appears to be Melbourne writer Tessa Kum, who tweeted her opposition to this supposed backlash – a backlash which has never materialised. So just who is this Tessa Kum? She seems to be a real nutter, a self-loathing whitey who feels horribly guilty for being who she is, and she wants all of us to feel guilty for who we are as well. Consider just this one brief ugly rant of hers:

I’m learning about hate because I am coming to hate you, white person. You have all the control, all the power, all the privilege, and there is nothing holding you accountable. I hate the double standards and hypocrisy you display, the rank dishonesty of your conduct. I hate that you can harm us, when we cannot harm you. I hate that you have actually impacted on careers, multiple and not even directly, with your hypocrisy. I hate that you’re so dominant in the publishing industry there’s very few venues I’d consider safe to even submit to now. I hate what you have done to PoC I don’t know. I hate what you have done to PoC I do know. I hate what you have done to me, and I was not involved.

Hmmm. She seems to have some real issues. But back to our Greens candidate who made it such a big deal. Miranda Devine rightly puts all this into perspective:

The idea was that Muslims could not ride safely on public transport in Sydney during the siege because bigots would attack them, so good-hearted strangers had to “ride” with them, metaphorically, anyway. It was a frivolous diversion from the real victims inside the Lindt cafe. The irony is the silly fad was started 1000km away, in Brisbane, by a Greens candidate who fantasised the whole thing. Rachael Jacobs was on a train in Brisbane on Monday reading about the unfolding siege on her phone when she noticed a woman fiddling with her headscarf at the other end of the carriage.
“Tears sprang to my eyes and I was struck by feelings of anger, sadness and bitterness,” she wrote in Fairfax media yesterday. But Jacobs’ tears were for the “victims of the siege who were not in the cafe,” she wrote. “Victims” like the woman at the other end of the carriage who had taken off her scarf — for what reason Jacobs never bothered to find out.
She was too busy turning her imagined brush with ­Islamophobia into a narrative which soon was trending in tens of thousands of tweets around the world. “She might not even be Muslim or she could have just been warm” Jacobs later admitted. “Our near silent encounter was over in a moment.”
The meaningless, narcissistic, one-sided nature of this “near silent encounter” perfectly symbolises the leftist ­approach to Islamist terrorism. Denial, deflection, projection. They see themselves as morally superior to the rest of Australia, which they imagine as a sea of ignorant rednecks. In their eyes the threat is not terrorism but Islamophobia.

Yep – completely ignore the ominous threat staring you right in the face, and make up a new imaginary threat instead. The Islamists would be laughing all the way to the bank. We have made their job so very easy. Plenty of other jihad attacks will be coming, since we keep handing them everything they want on a silver platter.

Chris Kenny is also worth citing again:

The brutal nihilism of Islamist terrorism is a difficult concept for most of us to understand, but comprehend it we must. This is an evil that can shoot a teenage girl because she dares to go to school. When Malala ­Yousafzai survived and was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize her Islamist extremist ­enemies were not chastened; ­rather, they have marched into a Pakistani school and slaughtered more than 100 children.
This ideology will strap bombs to teenagers and have them walk into shops or on to buses to explode carnage among innocents. As we know, they have flown planes into buildings and driven cars into bus shelters. In Nigeria, extremists kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls to be traded as slaves. And in case you were wondering, that ­celebrity-laden Twitter hashtag campaign has not saved the girls.

It seems our celebs, media elites, and clueless wonder politicians are happy to jump on board a feel-good, but completely vacuous, campaign like this. It beats dealing with reality, and it makes basically do-nothing Australians believe they are actually somehow contributing to world peace and the salvation of the universe.

And all the while the jihadists keep advancing and winning.


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15 Replies to “On Hashtags and Jihad”

  1. Maybe the woman was fiddling with her headscarf in nervousness, because she was on her way to a dental appointment or something. Given that there was no dialogue between Jacob and the woman, could Jacob be accused of the left wing crime of “stereotyping” the woman? There are all sorts of angles to this ‘encounter’ with imagined racism.

    I wonder how many people would be willing to “ride with” and support those using public transport, who perhaps are on their way to pray 100m from an abortion outlet in Tasmania? How real is this perceived desire to protect the public from us terrible racist Aussies?

  2. Good write up Bill. How about “I`ll ride with You” for the school children of Jewish schools in Sydney that now have their own security guards on buses and school gates because of abuse from ….

  3. OH poor Bill, you silly fellow, don’t you get it, the only ones who get hashtags are fellow death cultists.
    Lefties=death cultists
    communists=death cultists
    mohumadians=death cultists.

    It has absolutely nothing, nothing to do with deserving, real danger, real acted upon threats. See none of these are part of the death cult, so they will never get a hashtag.

    Now if you made sure you did a post that declared “behead anyone who insults Jesus” you would immediately get a hashtag. See that’s a death cult statement right there, and vola, you get your very own hashtag.

    Shillary (I married an adulterer) Clinton said, we must empathise with those who hate us, so when isis beheads someone, we must #ridewiththem# and give the poor little didims their very own hashtag.

  4. I was a flight attendant for Ansett for 12 years during the late 70/80s and during our yearly revalidation the safety of flying would be raised around the world as well within Australia. Back then Australia due to it’s position and UK/European population background was so removed from world events that we were considered that safe even though not all liked
    living there! Fast forward 25 years and I can’t believe how things have changed. It started as I left Australia back in ’88 with the huge shift in immigration focus.

    I no longer recognise the Aussie from my 15 years in Aus and the stuff and nonsense I read about. I found the Aussies to be a straight talking, helpful and friendly bunch who took no nonsense. PC/humanist madness reigns supreme now that it hinders everything and everyone and sadly we are seeing the results, what a mess.

    Oh well, things should get better now that the EU has removed Hamas from their terrorist list and voted to acknowledge Palestine as an unofficial state! See it escalate.

    Am I the only one who feels muslim and all things sexual deviancy overload?

  5. We have to look at how even came here in the first place. There is some talk out of Iran that he fled the place after he was arrested on frud charges for defrauding people of thousands of dollars. Yet he was allowed to claim asylum and live on the dole.

  6. The Sheik from Slaughter Creek was just emulating his idol, Mad Mo.
    Mohammed was considered mad by many of his closest friends and relatives. He was a false religious cult leader. He was a bigamist. He was willing to deceive others for financial gain. He deceived others to have political and religious power over them. He was a bigamist. He murdered. He enslaved. He considered himself outside of the law, even above the law. He cared nothing for those who stood in his way. He carried the sword and used it against all who he disagreed with.
    These are all the same attributes or characteristics of Man Haron Monis.
    Monis is now described almost universally as a lone wolf, a mad man, not a real Muslim, violent, weird, etc. by Muslims seeking to distance him from themselves.
    Yet I don’t hear or read of Muslims identifying Mohammed as evil, to be distant from him, to be reviled by him or his actions.Yet Monis emulated his idol Mohammed even to die doing Mad Mo’s will.

  7. Considering this woman made a “pre-emptive strike” against any backlash against Mulims, shouldn’t we be allowed to make a pre-emptive strike against would be terrorists?

  8. “our celebs, media elites, and clueless wonder politicians,”
    “They see themselves as morally superior to the rest of Australia””our celebs, media elites, and clueless wonder politicians,”

    Yes our clueless wonders on the left go all morally superior, whilst engaging in moral equivalence.

    But this kind of thing doesn’t have any inherent logic, does it?

  9. The Lindt Café tragedy is not the only thing that comes to mind when the words “Martin Place” are mentioned: In his poem An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow, Les Murray imagines the Lord Jesus comes to Martin Place and weeps… “There’s a fellow crying in Martin Place. They can’t stop him.”… Arthur Stace, “Mr Eternity” also left the word “eternity” chalked inside one of the bells at the old Sydney Post Office on Martin Place.

    The true Hajj is not to any earthly city, but to the New Jerusalem, whose Builder and Maker is God Himself.


    #illridewithyou hashtag story fake, she made the whole thing up.

    The only parts that were true were:
    both on a train in Brisbane
    she was wearing some sort of head covering

    parts that were not true:
    sitting next to each other
    she told her she would protect her

    parts that are unsure:
    woman was a muslim (she does not even know as she never spoke to her)

    What matters:
    the left has proved aussies are racists.

  11. Four quick thoughts
    1. The Martin Place assailant wanted to be associated with ISIS as evidenced by him asking for their flag.
    Yet some say ‘nothing to do with islam’
    2. ISIS are marauding across the country side taking property, raping and killing all who don’t have their muslim beliefs. And we say or are taught to say ‘nothing to do with islam’
    3. Around 700AD mohammad started marauding across the country side taking property, raping and killing all who didn’t have his muslim beliefs. And we say…?
    4. Mohammad is lauded as the example for muslims to follow….

    Has the world just dropped its IQ?

  12. As PHOBIA really means “fear of”, Islamophobia” actually means “fear of Muslims”, which quite a few people in the world experience, every day … I think dubbing people like us “Islamophobiacs” is a weapon that will sometime soon break in their hands.
    “Homophobia” = “fear of likeness”, of course.

  13. John Wilk:

    “Has the world just dropped its IQ?”

    Not just now, but the West has been on the declining IQ scale for a long time.

    The dumbing down of our education system from K through to Tertiary is evident everywhere.

  14. I wish people would do some background checks before jumping onto the hashtag bandwagon !! The person who started the hashtag seems so full of hatred against white people. Maybe they need their own hashtag…..?

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