It Is Time To Get Real: Islam Begets Terrorism

Which is worse: Muslims who take their faith seriously, or Western media dunces who keep making excuses for their devout faith? Every day we hear about more terror attacks committed by Muslims acting in the name of their Islamic faith, and every day we find clueless wonders in the West trying to make excuses for their actions.

In my books, those doing the killing and terror, and those seeking to defend the killing and terror, are both morally culpable. The Western dhimmis who work overtime to make excuses for Muslim terrorists are as much to be condemned as those doing the actual attacks.

Boumeddiene, HayatWhether wilfully or out of sheer ignorance, the Western media just refuses to get it. They keep shrilling for Islam, keep making excuses for the terrorists, and keep pretending that Muslims are somehow the victims in all this. Consider this header in the online version of today’s Herald Sun:

WANTED: The young women who sign up to life of terror
WHY would this young girl go from a bikini snapshot with her boyfriend to a niqab and crossbow? It’s the question many Islamic parents are asking – how did my child turn into a terrorist?

The article is of course discussing Hayat Boumeddiene, the Paris jihadist who is now on the run, probably in Syria. She is the one who seems to have supplied the weapons used to kill 17 people the other week, and was the girlfriend of one of the killed terrorists, Amedy Coulibaly.

The media dummies can’t seem to figure out how one minute she was in a bikini on a Dominican Republic beach with Coulibaly, and the next minute wearing a niqab and brandishing weapons of terror. Umm, are they really so clueless as to why she went off into bloody jihad? Are they really so clueless about the nature of Islam?

One simply has to read the core Islamic religious documents to answer these sorts of questions. I grabbed my three copies of the Koran and started going through the texts which explain these things. What I offer here are just some of the texts found in the Koran which might have something to do with encouraging people like Hayat to do what she did:

‘Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.’ 2:191
‘Let not believers take the infidels as friends.’ 3:28
‘Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.’ 3:85
‘Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam.’ 5:33
‘Believers, do not take Jews and Christians as your friends.’ 5:51
‘I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: strike off their heads and strike all their finger-tips off.’ 8:12
‘Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.’ 8:60
‘The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.’ 8:65
‘When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them.’ 9:5
‘Make war on the infidel.’ 9:14
‘The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque.’ 9:28
‘The Jews and the Christians are perverse infidels; fight them.’ 9:29-30
‘Believers, make war on the infidels living in your midst.’ 9:123
‘Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.’ 22:19
‘Do not make peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.’ 47:4

These are only some of the Koranic injunctions to violence, bloodshed and terror. And I have not offered anything from the hadith or the sira. If Muslims go around killing and terrorising in the name of Allah, they have plenty of warrant to do so from their own holy texts.

Now just imagine for a moment if the Christian New Testament contained these sorts of commands to kill and attack non-believers. And imagine if Christians were involved in 25,000 Christian terror attacks since 9/11 alone. Do you really think the mainstream media would write articles like this, asking why a Christian bikini babe would turn into a murderous Christian terrorist?

Umm, I don’t think so. Even the mentally challenged folks in the MSM would very easily be able to connect the dots: the holy book of Christians is saturated with orders to attack and kill non-Christians; Christianity has been doing so for 2000 years now; thus we are not surprised that a young Christian girl goes off and gets involved in such horrific terrorism.

It all makes perfect sense. Yet when it comes to Muslims doing this exact thing, the num nums in the MSM scratch their heads and appear to be utterly dumbfounded as to why this might occur. The great majority of those in the MSM simply hate the West and hate Christianity, and are more than happy to bend over backwards in defence of Islam.

Dennis Prager recently wrote about this very thing, and is worth quoting here. He begins his article this way:

Since 9/11, the Western world’s academic, media, political elites have done their best to portray Islam in a favorable light, treating it very differently from all other religions. Criticism of every doctrine, religious or secular, is permitted, often encouraged. But not of Islam. Only positive depictions are allowed.
We’ll start with an example of pro-Islamic bias that is so ubiquitous that no one seems to notice it. Why do Western media – overwhelmingly composed of irreligious people, one might add – always deferentially refer to Muhammad as “the Prophet Muhammad” in news articles and opinion pieces?
When Jesus is mentioned, the media never refer to him as “Christ, the Lord” or as “the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Just “Jesus.” In fact, “A.D.” (“anno Domini” – “year of our Lord”) has been completely dropped by the very academics and media who always write “The Prophet Muhammad.”
When the media discuss Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Church), they don’t refer to him as “the Prophet Joseph Smith.” Why not? Is there a single difference between his title and roles in Mormonism and Muhammad’s in Islam? And Jews refer to Moses as “Moshe Rabbeinu,” Moses our Teacher. Why don’t the media?
This was not the case in the past. When I studied Islam and Arabic in college, professors referred to the founder of Islam as “Muhammad.” And virtually none of the great biographies of Muhammad – even among those recommended on Muslim websites – have the words “the Prophet Muhammad” in their title. There is only one possible reason and that is Political Correctness – Western elites bending over backwards on behalf of Muslims and Islam in ways they never would for another religion.
Another ubiquitous example: Before 9/11, the phrase “Allahu Akbar” was translated as “Allah is great” [or “the greatest”). Since 9/11, it has been translated as “God is great.” This was deliberate.

Yep, let’s all just give Islam the full tick of approval, while being suspicious of and hostile to anything and everything Christian. Makes perfect sense. The MSM will make every excuse in the world for bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists, while condemning the slightest actions of Christians.

Such is the world that we now live in – at least in the West. No wonder we are losing. No wonder Islam is on the ascendency. No wonder we keep experiencing jihad on our streets. And it will only continue to get worse until we finally wake up to the real nature of Islam. But I won’t be holding my breath on that happening any time soon.

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  1. Interesting & eye opening book (you can download it for free): Story of Muhammed, Islam unveiled by Harris Richardson. Been reading that just yesterday… it explains Islam for everyone to understand… It’s scary… but it’s all prophesied…

  2. Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham, the great evangelist) worked hard to have Duke University in N. Carolina, rescind their recent decision to allow Muslims who attend that school to broadcast their call to prayer from the sacred bell tower at the university. Duke backed down in the face of alumnae and other Christians who protested this move.
    Dontcha know that the students there at Duke protested this the next day after the call to prayer decision was rescinded.
    Fools! Their minds numbed into submission by political correctness and chatter about honoring religious diversity, they forget the horrible beheadings, forget 9/11, the terrorist strikes at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France. They forget what Sharia law dictates about women, they forget practices of genital mutilation. God help us all!

  3. I have a few friends / acquaintances who are hard core atheists and are fiercely critical of Christianity on social media yet have rushed to defend islam following the latest terrorist attack – I can’t explain it, how blind they are to the truth. It’s as if a great delusion has come over them.

  4. Robin. “It’s as if a great delusion has come over them”

    Indeed, but of course the ultimate in delusions is Islam itself as this link explains:
    An astonishing and very powerful explanation as to why Islam continues it’s momentum world-wide today.
    A must read

  5. Jesus is the founder of Christianity and he lives now in the lives of believers but where did Islam get its start? Its momentum seems beyond human to me.

  6. Thanks Bill. We are witnessing a perfect storm due to an onslaught of powerful forces – moral and cultural relativism and political correctness – strategies used by the msm, academia and political institutions to maximum effectiveness for the destruction of family and societal values, which countless have fought hard for. Sadly, too many of us, including churches are sleepwalking through this post modernistic tsunami. Keep up the good fight. Prayer is much needed.

  7. My first reaction to seeing the photo was a measure of sympathy for a young woman overreacting to the salt’s loss of savor in her own Christian heritage. The need for boundaries and absolutes is immutable. I am thankful that I had a strong body of Christian believers to support me after my return to God and the desire for a chaste life after years of sinful self-indulgence. I suppose there’s plenty of blame to spread around that would explain her descent into the living hell that is Islam, but I do grieve the apostasy within the modern Christian church that left such a vacuum as well.

  8. When I was doing my readings on Islam 35 years ago, there was one thing I noticed which neither Muslim nor non-Muslim commentators mentioned: Islam has no doctrine of atonement. Although it claims to be the “seal” of the other two monotheistic religions, it has no method by which a sinner can be sure of getting back into God’s good books. One can hope for His mercy, but it is not guaranteed. However, one thing that might work is to do a lot of extra good deeds to balance the sins you’ve already committed.
    This makes sense of certain phenomena. Osama bin Laden had been a playboy. The young lady under discussion was similar. Now that they decided to take their religion seriously, they realised they had better do something more than the average Muslim to save their souls – in this case, throw themselves whole-heartedly into a holy war.

  9. Take heart, Bill…

    I was reading The Australian newspaper yesterday dated 29/12/2014, a newspaper I’ve generally not had much chance to read and found a definite anti islamic tone in many of the articles. Even in a travel section the writer was saying that the Maldives are not what they seem and have increasingly muslim issues outside of the resorts. Many other articles were openly warning of muslims who appeared to be mainstream but were fighting for IS and of schools were children as young as eight were being taught how to do beheadings properly.

    Then another article in the same paper by Eric Metaxas “Science turns to God as universe appears to be ultimate miracle” said that “we may have to accept that our existence cannot be explained by random forces”

    I couldn’t believe my eyes…

  10. When I studied history as a young child, there was no such thing as “Islam”- the faith was called “Mohammedanism”. When did it switch to Islam? Was it because Islam, in a simplistic interpretation, means “peace”. And, because Muhammed is known as a warlord, reference in the name of this alleged religion, was muted?

  11. It was ridiculous trying to box in Christianity with Islam in terms of violence stating that terrorism in the name of Islam is just the same as a Christian attempting to bomb an abortion clinic.

    My simple questions there are:
    1. What were the motives? To destroy life or to protect life; and
    2. How many terrorist attacks in the name of Islam have occurred since the last attempt by a “Christian” on an abortion clinic?

    I don’t think there is any comparison whatsoever.

  12. Hey Philip,

    Have to correct you a bit mate:
    Islam means submission,
    Muslim means, one who submits to allah.

    Another thing I find surprising is this:
    Muslims are the only religion in the history of the world who’s god has no personal name. allah is Arabic for god.
    Yes this allah has some attributes attached to it, but it has no name, IE: allah the merciful. is a title plus a descriptor.

    You cannot worship something if it has no name.

  13. Talk about appeasement:

    I can’t recall Bill the MSM, world leaders, and the left in general, ever suggesting to Muslims offended by cartoons etc to:

    “Show restraint.”

    Israel was told that for more than a decade – when missiles were hurled at them weekly.

    Keep up the good work Bill. God Bless.

  14. @Robin Smith
    “I have a few friends / acquaintances who are hard core atheists and are fiercely critical of Christianity on social media yet have rushed to defend islam following the latest terrorist attack – I can’t explain it, how blind they are to the truth. It’s as if a great delusion has come over them.”

    For some reason indeed, there’s something about Islam that makes the atheists very submissive.
    The French recently released a report into the matter of white/French converts to jihadists. It discovered 80% of them originally came from atheist families. An unsettling trend in more ways than one.

  15. Bill, in the book you recently recommended by Os Guiness, “Renaissance:The Power of the Gospel,” he writes, “And in the process of their abortive bid to replace the Jewish and Christian ideals of the West, the post-Christian liberals have often shown themselves to be highly illiberal. Drinking deep of postcolonial guilt and espousing the philosophy of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend,” they have cozied up to Islam in [an] attempt to rout the vestiges of Judaism and the Christian faith that still stand in their way. And in the process they are fast abandoning as “illusions” Jewish and Christian ideals such as human dignity, freedom and personal responsibility that were once considered essential to liberalism and progress.” I have often wondered if this were the case.

  16. Bill, I really appreciate you for speaking out and enlightening us about the truth about Islam. Hope everyone reads your articles and browses through the Books such as
    1. Militant Islam Reaches America – Daniel Pipes
    2. Why I Am Not A Muslim – Ibn Warraq
    3. Islam Unveiled – David Pryce –Jones
    4. Unveiling Islam – Ergun Mehmet
    5. Answering Islam – Norman L. Geisler/Abdul Saleeb
    6. Islam and Terrorism – Mark A. Gabriel
    7. Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions – Phil Parshall
    8. Unholy War – Randall Price
    9. Stars, Sand and Dust – Don Richardson
    10. Secrets of the Koran – Don Richardson

    We have to read all these books to understand their acts. Thank God, we have a New Testament, or we would have treaded the same path as they do.

  17. You may (or may not) be interested to know that next Sunday our Catholic diocese will feature at the House of Prayer a guest speaker – one Phil Worrad – with a talk entitled “Understanding Islam – a cause for hope during times of extremism.” The blurb says that “Hizmet” is a global movement born from the inspiration of Fethullah Gulen a contemporary Turkish Imam living in America. We were told this morning at Mass that the intention behind having this speaker (a teacher of Islam to HSC students) is to balance the negative information coming out of the MSM with some positive comments.

  18. I was hoping for some informed comment on this to take to the talk but perhaps that is not appropriate. At least you now know dear reader that if you do comment you may well be quoted.

  19. Your essay: “Needed – A Healthy Dose of Reality” meets my needs as stated above. Thank you Bill.

  20. The Second Vatican Council at Lumen Gentium 16 and Nostra Aetate 3 comments on Moslems. The founder of Islam might be somewhat pleasantly bemused by these comments by the Council Fathers from a political point of view at least. Part of LG 16 reads: “But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledges the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Moslems, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind.” This seems to suggest that Moslems and Christians adore the same God and that faith in Christ is not necessary for salvation. St John the Apostle of the God of love might have a view on that.

  21. Those texts from the Koran you mention must have been overlooked by the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council. As a Catholic I find it impossible to understand how these texts can be reconciled with the comments of the Council Fathers that I stated above.

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