Some Home Truths on America, Trump and the White House

Hey, it’s a free country, so I can say what I like! While some will go ballistic over this, that is fine – they can set up their own website and write whatever they want. But here are some random thoughts on the US elections, and the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Much of it is based on countless discussions and debates with hard-core Trumpites:

-I fully understand that Christians and conservatives are getting real disillusioned with both main parties, with the Washington establishment, and are looking for someone different. They think Trump might be the man to turn things around. I used to feel the same way, but regrettably the more I learn about Trump, the less likely it seems I can support him. Especially when there still are other good candidates out there.

-“I’d rather be ruled by a wise Turk than by a foolish Christian.” This is a saying attributed to Martin Luther (but not tracked down). I agree – I do not insist that we have a Christian running for POTUS. I would willingly vote for a principled, constitutional conservative who is not a believer over a lefty, unprincipled believer, if need be.

trump 9-Trump is not a Christian, but he is also not a conservative. Not even close. These two facts alone should deter Christians and conservatives from voting for him.

-Christian Trumpites get mad at me when I refer to them as Trumpbots. But when they jettison all the clear biblical teachings about righteousness exalting a nation, the need for godly leadership, warnings against arrogant rulers, and the like, and replace it all with a delusional faith in a pagan messiah, then yes, they are robots – and worse. I expect this from pagans, but not from those who profess to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

-Perhaps the real story of the rise of Trump is not the great dissatisfaction in the electorate, the sad state of the two main parties, etc, but this: the willingness of so-called Christians to sell their souls for a pagan would-be messiah. They abandon all biblical principles on the issues of leadership, righteousness and godly rulers, and trade it all in for the porridge of an arrogant, immoral celebrity.

-Nine times out of ten when I ask Trump supporters why we should support him, all they can offer is his claims on immigration, building a wall, etc. But given that Trump is a lifelong liberal and Democrat supporter who is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and thinks little of the Constitution, what good is a wall? If he will destroy the country from within, a wall won’t mean beans.

-Trump changes his views more often than he changes his shirts (or wives), so why should we believe him on anything he says? He is all over the place, and tells people what they want to hear.

-The surest way of getting Hillary elected is to have Trump running against her. All the polling shows Clinton beating Trump, but losing to Cruz.

-It is the GOP establishment which is primarily responsible for the rise of Trump. It is their fault by pushing RINOs and moderates for so long, frustrating the wishes of real conservatives and real Republicans.

-If it gets to Trump vs either Hillary or Bernie then maybe and very reluctantly I would vote for Trump. Maybe. I hope it does not get to that place however. And as each day goes by, and we learn more and more about Trump, I am less likely to vote for him.

-If it does get down to Trump vs either Hillary or Bernie, then I really do feel that God has given America over, and it is judgment time.

-Let me get this straight: millions of conservatives and Christians are saying that in order to prevent two evil, immoral, pagan, liberal Democrats from becoming President, we should put forward an evil, immoral, pagan, liberal “Republican”. Right, Got that.

-Trump is the ultimate politician: he tells people exactly what they want to hear. He does not have a single principle to run with – except himself. Money, sex and power seem to be his main gods.

-Sure, plenty of folks are fed up, sick of PC crap, sick of the system, sick of the establishment, sick of both parties, sick of being ignored, sick of being voiceless, etc. I get all that. Tell us something we don’t know! But mere discontent will solve nothing, nor will a mere protest vote.

-One Trumpite admitted: ‘I think a lot of folks know he isn’t a conservative but are still voting for him’. That is the problem. I expect both conservatives and Christians to care that he is not. Anybody can be ticked off, lash out, and go for someone who spouts a lot of anti-establishment rhetoric. Sanders is spouting that too for heaven’s sake! But that has never been enough.

-Now more than ever we need a leader who is a principled, constitutional conservative, a person of character, integrity, humility, principle and conviction, and someone who cares not just about the nation, but the one who establishes the nations. Trump of course is none of that. He cares only about one thing: himself.

-At the end of the day, a Trump imperial presidency may be just as bad as anything Hillary or Bernie can do to the nation. That is why I am urging people to run with someone we need now, like a Cruz, before it is too late.

-All this talk by Trumpites about what a heroic outsider he is is a lot of baloney. He is the biggest insider around, hobnobbing with the Clintons, with Democrats, with snooty celebs, with leftist Hollyweirdians, with aloof elitists, with rich and famous lefties, etc. He has nothing whatsoever to do with the common man. He is the biggest Establishment player around.

-America is basically lost because American Christianity is basically lost. When you have millions of so-called evangelical Christians supporting the most arrogant, egotistical, immoral, pagan, foul-mouthed, narcissistic, ruthless, megalomaniac demagogue candidate going – especially when we still have real conservatives and Christians running – then you know the gig is up and America is toast.

-Why do I feel that we are back in Germany in the ‘30s again, with millions of hysterical Christians hyperventilating about ‘making the country great’? We have heard all that before. It seems we learn nothing from history.

-The idiotic claim that it does not matter what your policies are as long as you “strengthen” America would fit perfectly well with a demagogue like Hitler: ‘Just blindly trust me, just elect me – I won’t give you any policy specifics, or any clues as to what I will do, but you know I will “make the nation great again”.’ That is the stuff of dictatorship, not freedom and principled conservatism.

-Hitler came in on a wave of populism, national discontent, and making grandiose promises. Trump seems to be following in similar style. Philosopher and law professor Robert George recently said that this is a very precarious place to be in: “The danger to republics is that they will fall to demagogues. The vulnerability is greatest when a republic is in a state of moral decay.”

-National security, securing the borders and the like are all quite important, but they are not the only issues facing America. To say we can just ignore or minimise all the other weaknesses and downsides of Trump reminds me of similar sentiments uttered 75 years ago. When Hitler met with the Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller and other clergy, he shouted at them: “I will protect the German people. You take care of the church. You pastors should worry about getting people to heaven and leave this world to me.” That was diabolical advice then, and it is today as well.

-It is ludicrous in the extreme to suggest that immigration is the only problem facing America, and if that gets fixed, then everything else will just be rosy. Not only are there many other major problems – most of which Trump will never touch, or will make worse – but we already have principled conservatives and Christians who are running who will deal with these problems, including immigration.

-When you have known RINOs and moderates like Christie supporting Trump, what does that tell you about Trump? It tells you everything we need to know.

-I am asked if someone like Cruz can be guaranteed to lead America the way we want him to. One could ask that about anyone: there is never a foolproof guarantee for anyone or anything in a fallen world. All we can do here is carefully assess a candidate, his record, his history, his career, his voting record, his words, and so on, and make a judgment based on that. I see nothing whatsoever in all this about Cruz that has me worried at the moment. Does that mean he is perfect? No, there are no perfect candidates. Does that mean he will never disappoint in the days ahead? No. But of the remaining Republicans, he comes closest to what I want as both a Christian and a conservative.

Much more can and will be said about the election, Trump, Cruz and related issues in the coming days. So stay tuned.

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  1. Bill I truly love what you have to say but I am still taken back by the fact that you are not stating the facts about Ted Cruz nor even willing to comment on the facts. Ted Cruz is not a Christian. He takes money from Goldman Sachs & his wife is employed by them….

  2. Thanks Tony – but sorry, I gotta cut you short here when you spout such baloney. The idea that the only real test of whether a person is a genuine follower of Jesus Christ is what sort for relationship his wife might have with a financial institution is just plain idiotic – and needless to say completely unbiblical. Of course Cruz is a Christian, so please stop bearing false witness about him – that is in fact a sin.

    And even on a purely political level, your charges are utterly ridiculous. Almost all the candidates have some dealing with GS – does that make them all candidates for the antichrist? And Trump is owned by all the Wall Street banks. See for example:

    So if you spent as much time going after Trump – an utterly and clearly pagan non-Christian – as you do after Cruz, I might give you some credit. So I cannot run with your comments here I am afraid.

  3. I will vote for Cruz, however if he is not the final winner and it comes down to voting for Hillary or voting for Trump, I will vote for Trump. Either way, whoever is the winner, I don’t hold out much hope for my country. I think it just may be that we have “stepped over the line” so to speak. Whoever wins, I will pray for them that they will be give wisdom from above to lead this country and one thing for sure, they will need of of the wisdom that God will give them. He will have the hardest job that any president of the US has ever had.

  4. Truly spoken. Better to have an imperfect Christian (aren’t we all?) who will seek God’s guidance, and the wise counsel of others whom God has placed within that leadership, as he tries honestly to steer a nation in the best interests of its citizens, and in the best interests of our community of nations. That said, he will also have a clearer idea of what “best interests” means, not just “God bless America”. Cruz may not have the international experience and kudos of Hilary Clinton, but he would earn respect for his values. If Cruz were to become president, perhaps that would be a sign that God has not yet “given up” on America (Romans 1:24). Wonderful things can be accomplished a nation’s leader “seeks first the kingdom of God”.

  5. I enjoy reading your commentaries every day because your faith in God is obviously the basis of them. You do not pander to anyone and that is a quality too many ignore today. I respect and admire that trait because I want to read facts that enrich my heart and mind with God’s truths. Thank you for a wonderful commentary that does speak the truth every day.

  6. Many thanks Sandra. I of course am fallible and get many things wrong. But if I can point people to the one who is infallible and never gets things wrong, then I have done a bit of good.

  7. The appetite of American “conservative Christians” for godless leaders only seems to have increased. Lord willing, that will soon change, but until it does we will continue to share hard truths in love and in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, hoping and praying that the Lord will see fit to open eyes, turn hearts and inspire repentance in America…while there is yet time.

    …what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God…

    ~ 2 Corinthians 6:14-16

    If they, the American people, jettison all the clear biblical teachings about righteousness exalting a nation, the need for godly leadership, warnings against arrogant rulers, and the like, and replace it all with a delusional faith in a pagan messiah, then yes, the people of America clearly are not disciples of LORD Jesus Christ.

    “If you love ME you WILL keep my commandments.” Repent accordingly.

  8. I too see problems with Trump but I also see the other side to this debate. There are a number of issues that Trump is clear speaking out on. There is a reason that he is being attack by the political establishment, the mainstream media and many of the financial elite. He is attacking the power base of those elite.

    There is a number of important ground breaking move to push for global government. The people involved are trying to deliberately destroy America. The laws and regulation being pushed are deliberately designed to shut down manufacturing in the US and Donald Trump says we make bad deals.

    If you look at the root of the anti Christian movements they are based in the power elite. The sexual revolution for example was founded upon the research of Alfred Kinsey who was heavily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. I am basing this on dr Judith Reisman’s work “KINSEY: CRIMES & CONSEQUENCES”, Chapter 9.

    I can understand why you support Ted Cruz. He has done allot of good in recent years and he seems to be a good candidate. He does have bad connections. He missed an important vote to audit the Federal Reserve. Thankfully the money is mostly supporting his rivals Marco Rubio and possibly Mitt Romney.

    One of the major crimes that God brought against the nation of Israel was the concept of Usury. It is a major sin condemned by God, yet even in Australia our national economy is based on Usury.

    Yes we do need Godly Leadership, but the key to changing thing’s is not always found in politics. Politicians lag behind the social dialogue and the media dialogue. Most people have a libertarian outlook where they don’t care for what you do as long as long as your not hurting someone.

    If you look carefully at how the homosexual movement originally sold themselves, it was from a libertarian perspective. As They no longer are libertarian there is the chance to defeat the movement. That is true for many issues we face today.

    I wont vote anyway because I’m Australian. There is allot I don’t like about Trump but to me he seems like a Regan or even a Churchill. Other people who have attempted to do what he did have been killed. This is also why he is being heavily attacked from people on both sides. Lets hope and pray that he isn’t killed.

  9. Thanks John. So you want to uphold righteousness, morality and Christianity by running with an unrighteous, immoral and non-Christian Trump!? My mind boggles. And no, Trump is not another Reagan or Churchill. The latter two were men of principle, value, conviction and integrity. None of that is true of Trump.

    Oh, and Trump is pro-homosexual as well.

  10. Well,Bill,I see very few options at this point.we need to.look at every race we can vote on..Congress matters too! And we have to vote in the presidential race to do that.One possible solution is to use the write in option the other is to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils.

    The absolute worst thing believers can do is stay home

    It isn’t really possible for Cruz or Rubio to.overtake Trump at this point.though if voters are peeved by the rino Romney sour grapes speech..its a brokered convention. But the GOP if their own.I doubt it would be Cruz. the.midst.if such.moral.dilemmas.besides praying.what would you have us do?

  11. Bill, I understand where you are coming from he’s not the perfect candidate. Neither Churchill or Regan were perfect either. Both of these Leaders had their own faults and made some mistakes, but I won’t get into that now. I get the feeling that you take purity seriously. I understand why.

    I don’t agree with you on every issue and this is one where I think Trump is currently the best candidate out there.

    I don’t know if Trump is a Christian or not, but he’s a libertarian. I can accept true libertarians and I believe that their position can be argued using scripture.

    There is a takeover of government happening at the moment by mega corporations who want to transfer power away from government and put it in the hands of an unaccountable group of unelected bureaucrats.

    Examples include the European Union, Transpacific partnership Agreement and Climate change agreements.

    That to me is the biggest threat. We are losing not only our freedom but our voice. The push for a New World Order is being done at our expense. The action’s of politicians seem stupid unless you realise that their real enemy is you and I.

    The Arab Spring for example was heavily supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and western leaders. The overthrow of Libya flooded Italy with Muslim refugees. Syrian refugees are flooding Europe.

    Some were genuine but others were just economic refugees and still others were al Qaeda infiltrators. When Terror attacks occurred in France they took away the right to protest.

    Trump is a wildcard, a gamble but he is better than what America has Got now.

    I want to be someone who is willing and able to go toe to toe on Q&A with three people one judge and a crowd against me and win. I don’t feel I’m ready yet.

  12. Thanks John. But you may not be reading me very carefully. Where have I ever said we must have a perfect candidate? I have said exactly the opposite dozens of times – there are no perfect candidates. All we have are somewhat good to somewhat bad candidates. And in this case folks like Trump fall into the latter category, by every measure.

    And of course Trump is not a Christian, nor a conservative. And he is not even a libertarian. He is a crony capitalist who is more in bed with the bankers and financialists than anyone else, yet people say we need Trump to take on the bankers and financialists?! Sorry, I get more confused and dismayed by the day when I hear Trump supporters make their case.

    And your last line tells me everything that is wrong with the mass Trump delusion: “Trump is a wildcard, a gamble but he is better than what America has Got now.” Of course he is a wild card and a gamble – so you are going to bet the house (America and the West) on him, having no clue how things will pan out (and they likely will pan out for the worst)?? That is how demagogues operate – they get their loyal followers to suspend all rationality and reason, and just go along with whatever vague promise are thrown out there. This scares me no end. And we have seen it all before, especially in Germany in the 1930s.

    (And in a future article I will demonstrate how an imperial Trump presidency will take away our freedoms, not protect them.)

  13. (1) The most basic problem is that the West is no longer a moral society. Aristotle suggested that without a moral order, no other order—whether social, economic or political—was possible. And all of the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution knew that their creation would only work if the people were virtuous.

    (2) People are increasingly frustrated that the way they vote makes no difference to the way they are governed or how public services are run. So people are disaffected with the political system as a whole. Political parties themselves have colluded to diminish voter choice thus turning politics into a sort of cartel.

    (3) The courts are corrupt. “Progressive” judges invent new “rights” thus defeating the power of the people in a democracy. Think “Roe-v-Wade” and the invented of a “right of privacy”, or the Australian High Court “discovering” an implied right to freedom of political communication.

    However neither (2) nor (3) will ever be rectified without (1).

    The choice between Trump and Clinton is a woeful one. If the Democrats win they may have a chance to put in three or four new judges to the Supreme Court thus fixing it as a “progressive” Court for the next 30 years. God help America then, but, as Tennyson wrote: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

  14. What do you mean by Trump being “pro-homosexual”? Is Cruz not “pro-homosexual”?

  15. Bill, do you have any links to recent polling to back up this point?

    “-The surest way of getting Hillary elected is to have Trump running against her. All the polling shows Clinton beating Trump, but losing to Cruz.”

  16. If an argument’s core isn’t God as the author of humanity, we must reject it no matter how good it sounds. It’s not enough to vote, we need to be concerned with what our leader will be replacing the present incumbent with. “Conservative humanism” is not better than “liberal humanism” because they both begin from the same place, the pagan left or the pagan right it makes no difference. They both end in the same place – tyranny! This is why liberty is impossible without the Personal Triune God. Man is made in his image. If God is not personal, neither are we.

  17. Thanks Naomi. Yes back in 1981 in A Christian Manifesto Francis Schaeffer warned about both liberals and conservatives operating on a humanistic base.

  18. Does anyone see the similarity between the US political situation and its Australian counterpart?
    We will be faced with similar choices at an election in 2016.

  19. Yes quite so Dunstan. In so many Western nations the choice between ruler and challenger is getting to be less and less of a choice, as the main parties all move leftward.

  20. Pagan political values, casino magnate ethics, pompous vulgarities, vice promoting businesses, wife and children betraying practices, adultery promoting attitudes, sexual perversion supporting, lust encouraging strip and porn club partnerships, partial birth abortion defender, great character qualities in your nominated leader !

  21. Naomi, it appears that what the results of these current voting processes reveals is what Americans really want, which is not godliness, but the right and the financial basis to do what they jolly well like. And that is the only difference I can see between the 2 sides of politics, fiscal conservatism. There is no difference in the moral stand any more. I guess fiscal conservatism buys them a little bit more time to do what they like in where as the fiscal operative of the left would lead to the collapse of the economy a little bit earlier, so maybe it is better to vote for Hillary to “get the “misery over and done with sooner rather than later”.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  22. Bill, or anyone whom wishes to reply, what are your views on this “Christian Dominionism” that Ted and his father practice? Teds father has said that his son has been anointed to be King, who will take over all sectors of society.

  23. Thanks Greg. There has been a lot of hype and foolishness spread about this. A few things must be kept in mind:
    1. Ted is running for POTUS, not his father.
    2. This label is thrown around far too freely. For example, I think the lordship of Christ should extend to every area of life. That is just plain biblical, and does not make me a dominionist. Theonomists for example would also speak about the dominion of God on earth, but take a rather different view than some of these folks, etc.
    3. Even if Ted was into this hard core – which I doubt – he cannot and will not implement anything like it as POTUS. He can’t, as he is bound to the Constitution, and he is the most fierce constitutionalist running.
    4. So ignore this baloney from the anti-Cruz camp.

  24. Thanks Greg. Plenty of lefties are trying to smear Cruz with this, including religious lefties. Robert Gagnon does a terrific job of demolishing one such dopey piece:

    Meet the political leftwing version of the Red Scare (except that there really was something to fear during the Stalinist regime). What a shame that a professor of American history at Messiah College, presumably an institution that values the Christian faith, should construct such a badly argued and slanderous piece against Ted Cruz.
    I found the most telling comments to be Fea’s charges that Cruz is a dominionist because “Cruz wants to defund Planned Parenthood because it threatens the traditional Christian understanding of the family” and “When Cruz talks about the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, he almost always discusses it in the context of persecution against Christians” (did you catch the “almost always”?) and “Cruz’s constant complaints about the liberal media also reflect this dominionist battle.”
    What conservative voter doesn’t want Planned Parenthood defunded, doesn’t believe religious liberty ought to be safeguarded against assaults from the Left (including for socially conservative Christians who are most under assault), and doesn’t think the mainstream left-wing media is incredibly biased in its reporting? Cruz himself has been victimized by the media repeatedly, even at FOX (as has already been acknowledged), to say nothing of PBS (their only “Republican” commentator, David Brooks, despises Cruz), NBC, and ABC.
    Cruz was a brilliant student at Princeton University and Harvard Law School who is the most knowledgeable candidate about the Constitution by far. He believes in a democratic/republican government of checks and balances. He strongly rejects treating the Constitution as little more than a cipher into which one can impute personal ideology at will. The claim that he is a dominionist is absurd (and neither Fea’s reference to Cruz’s father nor his mention of David Barton proves otherwise).
    The nadir of the article, if it were possible to single out just a single lowest point, comes toward the end: “He does not use the terms ‘dominionism’ or ‘seven mountains’ when he is campaigning. But it is also worth noting that he has never publicly rejected these beliefs.” That could be said about the entire Republican field.
    The fact that Cruz wants Christian values to shape this country (historically, it is irrefutable that Christian values did shape this country, and that for the good) does not make him a “dominionist.” It simply makes him a political leader who takes his Christian faith seriously; someone who recognizes that there are Christian values that are beneficial for the whole body politic, not just for Christians, and that snuffing out Christian values will be detrimental to the whole. Being opposed to funding Planned Parenthood, for example, benefits developing humanity regardless of what religious heritage they grow up to embrace.
    That’s not dominionism. That’s life and well-being for all.

  25. I used to vote for the “lesser of 2 evils”.

    Now I REFUSE to vote for evil, so if that means I vote for a write-in candidate, then my conscience will be clear.’

    Honestly, though…anyone that doesn’t already realize that they have rigged the electronic voting system is just hiding their head in the sand. Truly.

    A quick youtube search will reveal programmers testifying in a court of law to the fact that the machines can be manipulated to switch votes if necessary.

    So…by all means sheeple…vote.

    I agree with you Bill…judgement has come to America, otherwise known as Sodom 2.0.

    Like Sodom, however, God will protect those who seek His face, so stay close to Him Christians. Seek His face each and every moment.

  26. Great article. Very sound and informative. I have watched Ted Cruz for years, and could not understand why people who call themselves Christian are so angry and put off with him. I believe we are living in a time when being a real Christian is problematic to many people. I am asking God for revival, we need help her in America. Thank you for the information. Cruz baby Cruz.

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