Get Your Hands Off Our Children

Hot on the heels of the annual parade of sleaze and perversion in Sydney tonight, attended for the first time ever by our Prime Minister, as well as Opposition Leader, and with police and other groups in attendance, we have even more sexual evil polluting our land.

And when this sexual perversion specifically targets our children, even toddlers, then you know that diabolical evil is now running amok in this country. As a parent it makes my blood boil to hear about this moral madness and sexual insanity.

children 1Consider this article about what the sexperts and social revolutionaries at the Early Childhood Australia are up to as they target our children:

Toddlers will be taught about sex, sexuality and cross-dressing in a controversial national program being rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens next month.
Educators will be encouraged to use dress-ups to explain cross-dressing to kids and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as part of the Start Early initiative.
Teachers will use material provided by Early Childhood Australia, and books such as the book Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude, by Pam Linke.
Suggestions in the book include teaching about sexuality in a positive way as a healthy part of life, ensuring children aren’t forced to kiss anyone they don’t want to and letting children know that “all parts of their body are good”.
Early Childhood Australia spokeswoman Clare McHugh said the program would reduce domestic violence because “rigid views on gender” were associated with violence and domestic violence.
“Children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect,” she said.
It comes after the federal government ordered a review of a Safe Schools program for secondary students including lessons on how to bind breasts and tuck in male genitalia.
Ms McHugh said the program was designed to “use everyday moments and interactions” to teach respect, ability and making choices.
“The underlying message is to value difference and be open to difference,” she said.
Dr Anne Kennedy, chairperson of Community Childcare Victoria, said there would be a “wide take-up” in Victoria.
She said the material would be handled sensitively and parents would be consulted.
“Educators deal with these issues all the time and the resources help them do better in the way they respond — in a developmentally and culturally responsible way,” she said.

If even half of this is true it is utterly reprehensible. I have news for these despicable social activists: keep your grubby hands off our children. Children aged 1 to 3 are not sexual dynamos who walk, talk and breathe sexuality. They don’t even know what the lousy word means, and have no need to be sexualised and robbed of their childhood and innocence.

As one expert, Dr. Robert McDonald, a retired psychotherapist and medical doctor, said about a similar program in Canada: “Any action which sexualizes a child before he or she is ready is sexual abuse. Therefore so-called sex-ed for children before puberty is an act of sexual abuse.”

Talk about targeting our most vulnerable and defenceless members of society: these sexual engineers should be locked up for deliberate child abuse. There is no other way to describe this sick perversion. It is bad enough when they seek to corrupt adults, but when they target toddlers then that is certainly enough.

The only good news here about this disturbing story is the comments which are flowing fast and furiously under this article. And boy are they ever ticked off – and rightly so. Here are just a few of them:

-Madness. Utter madness. Stop using our schools as platforms for social engineering.

-Absolutely disgraceful and from the pits of hell. Demonically inspired, with one purpose, to destroy the innocence of young children. Pathetic AND it must be stopped.

-More leftist social engineering from a spineless union controlled, government.

-I have re-read the article and I am gobsmacked. It is disgraceful and goes against EVERY single thing to help raise a happy and well-adjusted child, who will then grow up to be a good and contributing member of society. Look at the key words, respect, value difference, culturally responsible, rigid views on gender and sexuality. Four year olds. Who are these women trying to kid?

-Utterly, utterly ridiculous. This is simply a lawsuit waiting to happen. Leave our kids alone.

-Did this lunatic really say “children are sexual beings!!” Sorry Ms (of course she is a “Ms”) McHugh, it’s not “rigid views” which is causing a rise in domestic violence. It’s a generation of boys being raised by people like her, with no strong male models (Ms McHugh enemies), having their minds poisoned with evil nonsense like this. This is madness. No way will my little girls be exposed to this sort of indoctrination, and woe behold any educational institution that will try it!

-A new more subtle form of child abuse. This time parents should shout out we are as mad as hell and not going to put up with it any more .Leave our children alone. No more tolerating so called experts experimenting and trying to socially engineer our children.

-This is outrageous. Any child under The age of 15 does not need this rubbish forced down their throats. If my local child care centre tries to teach my child this, I’ll make sure he’s away on those days.

-PC is dead, There will be a backlash. A minority cannot simply keep on imposing their stupid ideas and expect the majority will just roll over and accept this garbage.

-A predictable outcome from a society that rejects God and embraces humanism. The moral weakening of a society will be its downfall as has been demonstrated time and again throughout history. Nevertheless truth and justice will prevail in the end.

-Rational atheists finds this sort of social engineering to be absurd, too. Research with both young primates and very young children (even new born babies), consistently shows strong correlations between males favouring toys with spatial stimulus (cars, blocks, gadgets, etc), while females favour dolls. Gender differences is not because of social constructs, as regressive leftist try to portray, but due to biology!

These men and women are thoroughly outraged. And I am so glad they are. There is hope yet for this nation when concerned parents and others speak out loud and clear about this horrific abuse of our children. I am absolutely sick and tired of it. I hope all who read this are too.

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  1. Bill, is home schooling legal in Australia? If so, people should get their kids out of public school asap.

  2. Bill here is the website link direct to the Start Early resources

    Even the introduction talks about “respectful relationships, gender and the father’s impact in children’s early learning” and there is a link to the Linke title too.

    I hope the parents you quote are actually able to do something about this. Their dilemma will be that
    a) parents will NOT be told when it is happening and
    b) they will be unable to take time off work to care for them when the volcano erupts.

    You (or the Herald-Sun) quoted:

    Dr Anne Kennedy, chairperson of Community Childcare Victoria, said there would be a “wide take-up” in Victoria.
    She said the material would be handled sensitively and parents would be consulted.
    “Educators deal with these issues all the time and the resources help them do better in the way they respond — in a developmentally and culturally responsible way,” she said.

    I recall seeing those same comments made about all the earlier sex-education materials which have been introduced in past times, too.

    And the consultation (IF it occurs) never actually changes the agenda. All the materials are introduced despite the objections of parents.

  3. Parents need to take the responsibility in educating their children in sexual matters and respectful behaviour rather than leaving it up to the social engineers and schools. ( would imagine that a lot of teachers would have problems teaching this material (or the safe schools material) even if it is mandated.)

    With parents not taking this responsibility and rushing back to work almost as soon as the child is born, the state has rushed in to fill the vacuum, promoting its own PC values.

    Therefore I believe that it is important for at least one parent to be at home to bring up their young children even if it means sacrificing career, money and the latest consumer goods rather that depending on childcare centres to do the raising of children. I am sure that the sacrifice is worth it.

    With parents not taking this responsibility and rushing back to work almost as soon as the child is born, the rushed in to fill the vacuum.

  4. What a bombshell. I guess home schooling will take on an explosive nature soon. I doubt that this program will be abandoned, not with our leaders attending the Sydney Mardi Gras. They have no scruples on this issue, as they are enjoying the immorality publicly.
    Bill Heggers. Bridgetown W.A.

  5. But, hey. it’s child care.
    If the parents are willing to hand their 3 year old over to some unknown person day after long day, what would they care?
    It’s a child factory after all.

    Of course, one could also argue that government is hard at work to keep house prices rising, lest the whole house of cards come tumbling down. People are unable to live on a normal single income. It’s a million dollars for median Sydney house. That’s unpayable for most of the population unless both parent work. One great big manipulated trap for the suburban sheeple.

  6. G’day Bill,

    Let everyone know that homeschooling is certainly well and legal and alive and wonderful. 15 of my 23 grandchildren are being homeschooled. I thought it a bit odd at first, but I am increasingly delighted at both the results and the concept. Okay, so (typical criticism) they arent so well ‘socialised.’ But what Christian parent wants this kind of socialisation! No doubt it will soon be a battleground, for the social engineers fear homeschooling. And, yes, there are unique pressures, and the family has to get by with one income; but is possible. God bless homeschooling parents!

    Andrew Campbell

  7. You are right on, Tim.
    The whole double income norm has forced prices up and trapped everyone. Now is the time to be counter-cultural.

  8. As an owner of a Perth childcare business in which I educate young children between the ages of 2-5 years, this so-called program has obviously been created by people who have too much time on their hands. As a Christian owner I can choose what programs I consider appropriate; this is not one of them. I believe it is no accident that I am in this business. More Christians should be buying centre’s as an evangelistic venture to protect our children. Not all childcare centres are the same, and some, believe it or not, can be a well of love, joy, challenge and support for children and parents. This is currently counter-cultural. If you’re ever in Perth Tim or Gary, I’d love you to visit us. You’re welcome to Bill:)

  9. Bill what can we do to stem the tidal wave of moral filth and deception. ….It is really a statement not a question….. I know we must pray but it is evident to us that know the Truth, the tidal wave will not be stopped.
    I am selfishly grateful my children are older now but of course now, I worry for them with their own children.
    It is frightening now, the walls of depravity are increasing their height around us.
    To the person who commented on homeschooling, yes it is legal, I did it for 3 years,( but pray it will remain legal).
    God bless you Bill. We don’t always write comments but love reading your thoughts; love the courage you display in standing firm & speaking out & pray the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ to keep you safe xo

  10. Hi BIll

    Thanks for the update. This bizarre Early Childhood Australia program was also detailed on the Seven Network after 800am.

    As expected nonsense remarks from Andrew O’Keefe. The guy is a complete air head.


  11. Thanks Toby. No mistake – you may need to be a bit more discerning here and guard against gullibility. They are feeling the heat, back-tracking, and in damage control of course. Notice how none of the quotes from the HS article were repudiated or denied for example. And did you bother to check out their website? They are running with this stuff big time. Just see one page:

    Read the pdf of this Toby – it is an absolute shocker, and fully in line with their wretched assault on children as presented in the HS article.


    My report on what I saw in the Mardi Grass, and the deeper meaning of what’s really going on.

    I’m editing a video to show the segment where @iclc’s (Inner City Legal Centre) was praised in the #MardiGras @JOY949 live feed for helping get court orders to turn young children into transsexuals.

    That is same organization Bernard Gaynor mentioned in this blog post I helped him research:

  13. It’s time to get to the coalface of this issue.
    I will be asking all my Family Day Care clients about this and also at least some of the teachers.
    I will also be making a personal file of source docs. and web sites.
    This has gone beyond hearsay, and getting upset.

    BTW I have prepared a flyer in opposition to SSM, and am looking for the right time to letterbox drop it in my area. CDP have shown more than a passing interest in it as a publication for their purposes as well.

  14. Bill, this is great stuff, and I intend to share this with my Facebook friends to let them know this is going on in Australia.

    But people need to be made aware of the efforts of the LGBTQW crowd to sexualize children and bring them into their disgusting fold here in the USA.

  15. I was heartbroken to read this, but not surprised. Jesus loves our kids and Satan wants them destroyed. We sent our kids to a private Christian school, because it was our churches big ministry, we knew everyone, and without police checks and Lord knows what else, I could just go up every day and help in the class room with reading etc. I couldn’t have home schooled as I couldn’t teach maths. It was hard financially but the school was very good to us and for the most part did a great job with our kids. But that was many years ago now. I don’t know what pressures have been placed on Christian Schools. Home schooling seems like the best idea now.
    If the people who are creating this evil school sex ed are the minority, why are Christians not being very loud in our disgust and objection to it all. Of course prayer first, but, peaceful demonstrations outside the state parliaments, flooding the social media with protests, starting petitions like, doing TV interviews etc. yes we’ll be hated for it, but not buy Jesus or our kids and that’s what matters!!

  16. All this stems from Kinsey, that pervert. There is a documentary that can be found of youtube, because most networks won’t be bothered to show it and it was even banned in the US, because it was too disturbing, or something like that. Yet if the Catholic Church were to be doing this there would be massive outrage over it. Reeks of double standards to me.

  17. Dear Tina,

    I totally support your comments on what Christians should be doing.

    Regrettably the vast majority of Christians within Australia are apathetic and want quiet lives.

    Those who have the backbone such as Bill Muehlenberg, Salt Shakers, Warwick Marsh, Australian Prayer Network, Fred Nile, Paul Green, Lyle Shelton (ACL) and others are at times even criticised by some Christians.

    For an example you may wish to read the link attached.

    Written by a female Christian lawyer she attempts to marginalise ACL over their concerns about the safe schools program and LGBTI issues, by arguing that ACL is not representative of Australian Christians.

    Given the voice of Christians who stand up are in many cases ignored or attacked by the MSM I was gobsmacked to the read this exceedingly sad article. The fact that ACL does not represent her views does not mean it is out of step with Christ’s “Salt of the earth” teaching or many Christians in Australia who are deeply concerned.

    It is her perception only and the inputs to her study may be very biased. Her reliance on the Grace issue and the “whole worldly truth” arguments are flimsy. Satan must be laughing when he sees Christians like her using worldly wisdom to undermine those who make a stand for righteousness.

    I assess Stephanie Judd as either blissfully ignorant of the slippery slope we are now on and the wholesale attack now underway on righteous and Godly education standards in Australia OR at worst case maybe she’s a “useful tool” used by the ABC and the gay lobby to attack those who see the tragic erosion of Judeo Christian societal standards and have the courage to say and do something. I expect she has been paid to write this piece.

    Opportunities for Christians to debate critical National education issues are slim. Shooting down the messenger who in most cases only gets a tiny window to speak or be quoted accurately by the MSM, I view as appalling behaviour by a Christian.

    I am equally concerned with Simon Birmingham’s (Liberal Education Minister) inability to exercise proper control over the Safe School program and the driver behind it, Roz Ward.

    This link provided below to an excellent article on Ms Ward and provides some background to my comments above. Thanks Saltshakers for the link.

    Very sad that a small minority of Christians see the danger, while 95% remain unmoved by what is happening. If Gay Marriage is approved in Australia expect more toxicity in the education system. Thanks again Bill or your incredible persistence and endurance
    regards, Phil

  18. The sad truth is that females also molest children. It annoys me when policies are brought in that warp humanity. Male and female are here to reproduce. Teaching children that sex is for everyone with anyone, how can this benefit our society? She should be removed from her position. Leave the innocents alone.

  19. We can be confident in our ability to stand firm as we unite to continue the age old war against evil. The Lord is nigh, Satan’s time is limited and he knows it. He seeks that all might be miserable like unto himself and desperation knows no bounds. Hence this current situation.
    A loving Heavenly Father has provided us, His children, with every resource needed to stay the course and win this battle.
    Know that there are more with us than against us.
    We are truly grateful for your well informed site and together we WILL make a difference.
    Social media, petitions, submissions, advertisements, letterbox drops, radio, peaceful meetings and gatherings.
    We will start immediately

  20. I’m sorry to hear that the education system in Australia is going through the same drift into depravity as the education system here in Britain. We’ve had schools closed down for things like not teaching children what lesbians do in bed.
    We have a growing situation where employers complain that school-leavers can’t read, write, or do arithmetic properly, but they probably know the 50 “genders” invented by facebook. It is truly hypocritical of our authorities to talk about stamping child abuse while inflicting societies muddled ideas of sexuality onto the most vulnerable members of society. it’s too sickening for words.

  21. Margi Vas,

    Here are reports of many women abusing children in the USA cataloged on the blog post above, with the latest case only published this week of lesbian socialist queer teacher abusing children (see the comments). However in NSW Australia, if a gay or lesbian teacher such as in those stories above had sex with a student who was >16 years old it would be totally legal.We are not hearing about all those cases in Australia because what the USA calls pedophilia we call lawful sexual intercourse in Australia.

    In Queensland the age of consequential sodomy with for gay police and gay teachers to have sex with students is 18, but even that is not good enough for the gay lobby. (they have been trying for years to change it)

    If you say the gay lobby is normalizing pedophilia it’s “hate speech”, but when there reforms do exactly that according to the perspective of other nations in the first world, it makes you wonder.

  22. Thanks guys. The ECA is simply fully following the failed radicalism of sex pervert Kinsey with claims such as this: “Children are sexual beings from birth”.

    As Ros Phillips of FamilyVoice says:

    A training presentation obtained yesterday from the ECA website supports claims in journalist Susie O’Brien’s article that ECA advocates sex education for toddlers. “Entitled ‘Children’s Sexual Development’, the presentation claims that babies and toddlers masturbate for pleasure,” Dr Phillips said. “It claims that children masturbate and look at nude pictures in their early school years. The presentation also discusses gender identity and cross dressing, encouraging teachers to provide attractive dress up clothes for boys as well as girls.”

  23. Gee I just read one of the links Australasian Journal of Early Childhood article on sexuality and I was absolutely shocked. Words fail me. Its disgusting. My daughter has played with little girls whose parents were lesbians, its not as if I have a problem with a child who has two mummies, but this crap about early childhood sexuality is appalling. The early childhood setting should not be used to inculcate complex ideologies about anything, certainly not about “sexuality” and talking about what it means to be “sexy”. Good on you Bill.

  24. These reprobate minds can’t think of anything else to do the devil makes work for idle hands and minds. If this is not grooming for paedophiles I don’t know what is. I feel sick to the stomach with what these groups are doing to the innocence of childhood where life should be about fun and games and not worries due to adult perversions. This subject needs all Christian folk to pray fervently daily so things will change. God bless.

  25. Very disturbing read. However, I believe there is a solution and that is to homeschool. I am grateful that there are Christian school and day-care run by Christians but I still think that Christian parents should homeschool their children as it brings tremendous benefits to the children, to the parents, the the family’s relationships and a strong witness to society. The way our three children are developing is thrilling, even while at the same time I can see the old nature in them, we are best positioned to train them up on the way of the Lord.

    There are lots of resources online, so if you’re a parents of school aged or preschool aged children, please consider reading widely and deeply on this subject….and way of life.

    I also understand that costs of living are another important issue that can preempt homeschooling being considered and on that I do want to highlight the fact that the cost of living in many cities in Australia is due to high house prices. Bill, I hope you find some time to write about the causes and solutions of that one day, as it is an issue hurting many families.

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