The Sexual Anarchists Targeting Our Children

Two days ago I wrote a piece about a shocking assault on toddlers by the folks at Early Childhood Australia. I alerted people to the nefarious agenda these guys have, which in the eyes of many basically amounts to little less than child abuse. That article has already been shared over 1000 times. See here:

Ordinary Australians were rightly outraged, and many have spoken up, so much so that the ECA has already been forced to put out a lame press release trying to downplay all this. They are obviously feeling the heat, back-tracking, and in major damage control. But they can’t get off the hook that easily.

None of the quotes from the original Herald Sun article were repudiated or denied for example. How could they when the folks at ECA in fact said those things? And one simply has to check out their website to see that they have been running with this stuff for years. There is nothing we find in the HS article that goes against anything they have been pushing for decades now.

TearsIn addition to finding all this on their website, have a look at their journal: Australasian Journal of Early Childhood which has been going for 40 years now. Simply examine one issue from this radical activist journal. Six years ago we had this doozey:

AJEC Vol. 35 No. 1 March 2010
In this issue:
-Tomboys and sissy girls: Exploring girls’ power, agency and female relationships in childhood through the memories of women
-Kiss and tell: Gendered narratives and childhood sexuality
-The tug of war: When queer and early childhood meet
-Gay mothers and early childhood education: Standing tall
-A review of gay and lesbian themed early childhood children’s literature
-(Re)marking heteronormativity: Resisting practices in early childhood education contexts

Let me simply offer some juicy quotes from this issue. It is utterly shocking stuff. Consider this from the opening editorial:

This special edition of AJEC is one small opening to troubling normalised practices in early childhood, enabling often-silenced conversations located on the borders to enter the mainstream. We hope that, through engaging with the articles, early childhood education moves one step closer to becoming a site of inclusion, hope and possibility for all.

For those not in the know, all this is code word for rejecting traditional morality, biologically-based male and female differences, and heterosexual marriage as both a norm and an ideal. The folks at ECA seem to hate all this, and are pushing the hyper radical agendas of the homosexual lobby, the gender benders, the radical feminists, and the sexual revolutionaries.

Consider the rest of the articles. The ‘tomboy’ article is all about another activist code word: “diversity”. It concludes:

Early childhood educators can play a critical role in providing young children with a supportive environment in which they can express and explore different performances of gender, including those that sit outside heteronormative socio-cultural norms. Supportive adults and an inclusive learning environment are highly significant to the health and wellbeing of young children who choose to take up non-normative performances of gender. Such a flexible and supportive environment is also important for all children, including those who conform to gender norms. This sends a strong message to children about appreciating diversity and difference rather than fearing it, and validates children’s choices to do gender differently if they so wish.

And check this out from the ‘kiss and tell’ article. It says that gender is not “biologically fixed, coherent and stable” but instead is a “social and relational construction,” and then concludes:

If children are in the process of creating their own theories about sexuality, and if these theories maintain normative understandings of sexual relationships, then should adults find ways to engage with young children in order to challenge this heteronormativity? If so, then we have a responsibility to engage with children differently about their sexual knowledge. Opening up, rather than always closing down, spaces in the curriculum for children’s gender and sexual knowledge to be heard, valued and considered is one definite way to begin this work. Until the early years begins to take young children’s views about gender and sexuality seriously, such work will continue to be regarded with suspicion.

Yeah, I am suspicious alright – suspicious of adults with radical agendas trying to make innocent children into their own sleazy image. The ‘tug of war’ article is all about the need to push the homosexual agenda from as early as possible in schools, and support those who are teaching it. It concludes:

The story of Jeannie highlights the continued need for more equitable teaching spaces in both early childhood and teacher education. To achieve this, it is the responsibility of teacher educators to break down the isolation that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender preservice teachers face. In some cases this means developing networks and resources to link other queer preservice teachers, especially those studying in regional locations.

The ‘gay mothers’ article is all about the evil of “heteronormativity” once again – the belief that heterosexuality is normal. This must be fought and resisted all the way the author insists:

Seventeen gay women from 12 lesbian-parented families were asked about their own and their children’s experiences in a variety of early childhood education settings. The findings, which are discussed in terms of a theory of heteronormativity, describe the steps the women reported they needed to take to prepare their children to cope in a heteronormative world. I conclude that, despite seemingly supportive legislation, this group of gay mothers felt it necessary to protect their children from heteronormativity and to prepare them for coping with discrimination.

It concludes:

Heteronormativity permeates every aspect of our lives. The gay mothers in this study were very aware that they did not fit the ‘norm’ and they worked carefully to preempt difficulties that could arise for their children. Most of the mothers were open about their family composition from the outset of the relationships with the teachers. The mothers felt they had to present a consistently positive face to the early childhood centre and to the world to prepare their children for the discrimination they were likely to face.

The ‘review’ article is all about how great it is that ‘diversity’ is on the rise and ‘heteronormativity’ is in decline:

Much has occurred in the area of early childhood children’s literature in the past two decades. The early books were mostly published by alternative presses and sold in alternative gay, lesbian and feminist bookstores. Word of them spread from person to person….
The most recent decade of early childhood children’s literature is growing from these seminal works. With the increased visibility of gays and lesbians in society, books have become more nuanced in their storylines. Same-sex parents have now gone from main characters to supporting characters as our children take the leading role. Mainstream publishers are increasingly taking on stories that involve same-sex couples and queer themes, particularly in the area of gender variance. Books with gay and lesbian people are becoming more diverse, showing people with disabilities, multiracial families, and girls and people of colour in the role of main character.

The final article is yet another attack on the sin of heteronormativity. It concludes this way:

Glenda MacNaughton writes, ‘… children cannot develop if they are living in a society where they and their families face oppression, inequality and injustice. It touches and constrains the children as deeply as it touches and constrains their families’ (2001, p. 72). Building from here, we argue that the injustices and inequities of the (hetero)norm constrain teachers too, encouraging and rewarding us when we construct and promote (knowingly or not) versions of the world that seek to marginalise and obscure knowledge, concepts and understandings of alternative options to heterosexual sexuality. In early childhood education, as this paper has shown, we see this occurring in everyday events and interactions shaped by dominant discourses of the nuclear family, of risk and danger, and of innocence and developmentalism. Silencing understandings of diverse forms of sexualities through over-reliance on these dominant discourses leads to continued investments in heternormativity. ‘Risktaking’ will be required for investments of a different kind. As Robinson (2005a) states, risk-taking ‘should be a thoughtful process involving individual agency and community responsibility in the pursuit of a different but positive future for ourselves, children, their families and future generations’ (p. 186). It is hoped that this paper’s (re)marks on heteronormativity assist such processes.

Um, are you starting to get the message here? On and on it goes. Read it for yourself. The simple truth is, the ECA is fully following the dangerous radicalism of the anti-family sexperts and activists. Indeed, they seem to fully run with the harmful claims of people like Alfred Kinsey. They even regurgitate his oft-repeated line that “Children are sexual beings from birth,” as they say here:

Kinsey was a monster and child abuser and should have been locked up for his sex crimes. Yet the ECA seems to be fully in step with folks like him and their agendas. See my discussion of Kinsey here:

And other resources pushed by the ECA are all in the same vein. FamilyVoice Australia has just put out a press release on all this:

FamilyVoice national director Dr David Phillips is concerned about material from Early Childhood Australia (ECA), which claims children are sexual beings from birth. A training presentation obtained yesterday from the ECA website supports claims in journalist Susie O’Brien’s article that ECA advocates sex education for toddlers. “Entitled ‘Children’s Sexual Development’, the presentation claims that babies and toddlers masturbate for pleasure,” Dr Phillips said. “It claims that children masturbate and look at nude pictures in their early school years. The presentation also discusses gender identity and cross dressing, encouraging teachers to provide attractive dress up clothes for boys as well as girls.” Dr Phillips said most parents would be horrified by the content of ECA’s presentation. “Helping preschool children to learn about themselves and their body should be the sole responsibility of parents. I call on state education ministers to review all material produced by Early Childhood Australia.”

Absolutely. It is time we expose these radicals for who they really are. This is a war on children, on families, on morality, on decency, on biology, and society. It is time to get real with such harmful activist groups.

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17 Replies to “The Sexual Anarchists Targeting Our Children”

  1. The devil is doing his best to disturb, upset and confuse impressionable children right where they can be accessed while parents are away and unable to vet what is being taught.

  2. I am going to be a father for the first time, next month (God willing). I have my work cut out for me already as it is, without safe schools and now this…

    They should be locked up for child abuse!! Shame on them!

  3. When the Laws of the land don’t line up/align with Gods law we are in trouble.
    Forty years ago we made legal something God clearly CLEARLY says is against his law, (command, guideline for life, moral laws).
    Somehow (a miracle) this same sex ideology has to be pushed back because look at the results – we should have known.
    The thought that came whilst reading your article today was and on top of the Safe Schools founder being arrested, the sames sex LGBTQ should NOT be let near any children. They do not qualify as parents, not biologically or morally. They don’t seem to want to recognise male and female. They self label as LGBTQ …XYZ Therefore they don’t qualify.
    This stuff is so in our faces it is morally wrong, wrong wrong. We are now suffering of the consequence of disobeying God 40 years ago.
    I wish I had known what I know now. My parents should have been the ones to protest but they were working their bits off as immigrants to this country. My Grandparents were in Britain. Where were the grandparents forty years ago??
    Ah I was wondering about the two Wars (1 and 2) and the generational break in culture??? Who knows?
    The politicians and church leaders have precisely the role to protect their citizen. That’s why they have such honoured status. Well …I can’t finish this …however I will persevere with the Lords help. Pray for my grandchildren and children as they are going to need prayer.

  4. God in His Word has given us principles and methods with which to bring up our children. If the department (which ever that be) you send your children to each day does not use God’s methods, do you think God will be happy with you for sending your child there?
    If that department is not using God’s methods, the methods they do use must belong to the Adversary. Live your life to please your Lord.

  5. All of this started with Hugh Heffner he made depravity ”less nasty” and now look at where we are at. God destroyed these people once and he will do it again.

  6. I work in a school and and after an outside “expert” gave a talk to the kids about the joys of mutual masturbation, I put up a sign on the Quote of the Week section of the school’s public notice board: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Isiah 5:20. I wonder if anyone will read it? How long will this quote stay up? I suspect it will seem like some long, lost language like linear B to most kids and their parents.

  7. Congratulations Matthew M. I hope everything goes well for you and your wife.

  8. It seems the current “dialectic enemies” in the present wave of the Sexual Revolution are “hetorosexism” and “hetero-normativity”!

    Denial of the divine Creator and Lawgiver ultimately leads to the pursuit of human idols – “tin gods and goddesses” in a world where social ethics are a football relentlessly punted around a playing field where the boundaries and the goalposts are constantly moving… Even the boundaries between human and sub- or super- human will soon become “a social/cultural construct subject to fluidity and change”!

    As Nebuchadnezzar found, building our own “Babylon” tends to reduce us from humanity to the level of mere animals… Herd morality will eventually make our unhappy race behave like the Gadarene swine of old when the unclean spirits entered them.

  9. I asked a friend trained in psychology about this ‘children are sexual beings from birth’. Her answer was interesting. As far as I understood it she said that, physically, yes, children are sexual from birth, in as much as nerves and physical context. She said that baby boys, when having nappies changed would get erections simply because of the cold air hitting them when nappies are removed.

    She also said that if they are fondled at this time by their caregivers then their minds are marked with the knowledge of abuse and wrongness. She said, a normal cleaning up of a baby when changing the nappy does not produce these memories of wrongness.

    The fact that the physical bodies of babies and children have physical reactions to stimuli isn’t the issue. The issue is that if anything, this makes the responsibilities of the caregivers greater. It shows that the bodies and minds of humans grow at different rates and the minds must be protected. Just because something can be done physically doesn’t mean that the mental state is also ready.

    This is what is being deliberately twisted here. They have taken a physical truth and proclaimed that therefore children and babies respond mentally and emotionally as adults do. This goes in direct contradiction to what has been proven through many other studies.

    Perhaps this seems obvious to some but it was explained to me in a way that helped make things clearer for my mind to understand.

  10. Bill,

    The two videos on YouTube other commentators on the earlier post ( said people need to watch are Kinsey’s Pedophiles that AIRED on SBS’S the Cutting Edge in the 90’s (I have a good memory) and the really hard core one exposing Kinsey is the Kinsey Syndrome. He said children are sexually active from birth because he somehow was manage to time infants and children being raped by homosexual paedophiles until orgasm. He defined an orgasm as a child shaking in pain. He included a table in his “A-Bomb” book Sexual History of the American male showing child’s age, and time until orgasm.The model penal code was created with his input, and sex education comes from Kinsey’s claim that children sexually are active from birth, because that’s self evident right when children shake in pain when they are being raped, i.e. a orgasm according to Kinsey.

    Garry Burns is on his blog saying Christine Sindt in Victoria is doing hate speech against Kinsey – when it wasn’t her it was my comment on her Facebook it was mine. Kinsey said 10% of the population was gay but his sample was mostly from the Prisons. doesn’t agree with the Australian Bureau of statistics that 1.7% percent of the population is homosexual and male 2.4% homosexual. even out do Kinsey and say Australia is 11% gay. Tim Wilson the Human Rights Commissioner broke NSW Surrogacy Act 2010 / 10C NSW Crimes Act (not enforced – 2 years jail) to buy a Baby from Thailand with his gay male partner, i.e. a crime involving children, and that is a fact!

    Over the last decade, every 4 years the number of homosexuals with children doubles. Does this sound like a natural organic trend to you? See the ABS studies on it. (Medical Study using Surrogacy Australia / Gay Dads Australia. Rodney Croome President of Gay Dads Australia had this to say about Mark Newton and Peter Truong: “A wonderful story from Far North Queensland. Two proud Dads, one beautiful son and an incredible story. Read about it and download the MP3 below.”

  11. The move is towards making heterosexuality a minority which will in fact disappear altogether, along with every other differentiated sexual orientation. We will all become part of a heterogenous, kinky soup of sexual plurality, moving in and out, back and forth from one form of depravity to another.
    Allow Dominic Davies of Pink Therapy based in Soho London who is a Senior Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), a Senior Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP), a Professional Member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) an Organisational Member of the National Counselling Society (NCS), World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) and International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), to explain the future for our children.

    Children will be sent, if they are not already, to therapists like this to harden their disordered souls. Meanwhile therapists and counselors who would help children to return to the default position will be banned.

    However it is the weird and wacky intellectuals being cultivated in our rarefied university environments who are at the very cutting edge of getting rid of all boundaries and categories. Take for example the Rev, Bishop (and Saint of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence), Elizabeth Stuart ,the Vice Chancellor of Winchester.

    Another delicate weirdo, nurtered in Winchester University is Yvon Bonenfant who is leading children into the subconscious of a decidedly demonic and sexual world, with something called Ullazuzulia.

    “Marginalized bodies produce marginalized sounds to communicate things that escape language. The queer body is the site of sounds that engage pleasure, repression, rage, isolation, always somehow outside of dominant language…. So where do sound and affect meet in queer bodies? How do marginalized peoples use sound and the body to express liberation, objectification, joy, and struggle?”

    This is truly a doorway into the Satanic world of bonfenfant .

    The other depraved individual who has found refuge in Winchester University, is Dr, Professor Eric Anderson who claimed that the only problem encountered by straight young sportsmen being able to enjoy gender fluidity came from the adults who were overly concerned by health and safety issues.

    After attending this lecture I checked to see if straight men were really copying some of those alternative ways expressing their sexuality and found this to be true.

    David Skinner UK

  12. Really, it should only be in extenuating circumstances, that a child is put into day care or child care. Have we as Christians forgotten about the importance of a child spending years bonding with their parents? Do we now believe that the ‘norm’ is to separate children from their parents at an early age…and that some how, by doing so, our children will still remain healthy and psychologically sound? Parents are given the responsibility by God to raise their own children. Not strangers. A child will bond to whomever they spend the most time with. Why are we (our churches) advocating this should be godless strangers? Where are the pastors calling on the people to repent and raise their own children? When we keep our children in our own homes, this evil can not touch them.

  13. In more recent times the co-author of the Canadian sex education syllabus was jailed for pedophilia.

    Far from redefining marriage not affecting anyone else people should re-read articles like

    What should be most concerning to people is, not only how the change allows immoral people to legally enforce their immorality onto other people including their children but the fact that the Canadian federal law was changed so that everywhere “natural parent” was written in law was changed to “legal parent.’ In other words completely undermining any legal standing for the natural family and biological parents and ceding authority over children to the government.

    The effect of this is also seen in the UK with their “Named Person” scheme and the harassing of schools which is also designed to undermine parental authority and give the government more authority over children and of course, their parents, not to mention the public service, businesses and legal authorities etc. etc. It certainly is a most insidious lie and misrepresentation to say that redefining marriage does not affect other people.

  14. Hi Bill, I’ve done some more research on the disturbing ‘Start Early’; program at my blog here:

    The course content even tries to rationalise female genital mutilation (yes, really). It’s really important that we all work together to inform as many parents as possible about this. I’m worried that many parents won’t even know what their child’s kindergarten teacher will be saying to their child.

  15. This is contrary to the welfare of our children and has deeply disturbing content. Absolutely inappropriate material for children. There needs to be transparency in what is being taught in our schools since this has come in under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’, which is what we want addressed in our schools (there are programs already in place that do address this issue)but it contains content which is against the wishes of what parents want for their children to be taught. Anyone opposing it, i.e. having a different moral standing is not been heard nor listened to but is called names. That is bullying so the program that proposes to be against bullying, is a bully! If this is the trend of ss people, what would it be like if ssm was legalised?? The number of lgbt’s with AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases is so high so to be advocating this lifestyle to our children is subjecting them to AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases plus unwanted sex, unwanted pregnancies – the number of abortions proves that ‘safe’ sex programs are not working – plus a host of other worrying aspects.

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