Cultural Marxism in Schools: Let the Children Speak

The ‘long march through the institutions’ as Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci put it is working out real well. Instead of taking over a nation with tanks and bullets, why not just subvert it from within? Take over the main institutions of power and influence, such as the media, schools, churches, courts and so on, and you can capture a culture.

This is what we call cultural Marxism and we see it especially being played out with the so-called Safe Schools Coalition. I have written often about this pro-homosexual indoctrination program disguised as an anti-bullying program. Others have as well. A terrific piece by Paul Kelly in the Australian the other day is worth quoting from here:

This is much more than an anti-bullying program. Most people know an anti-bullying program when they see it. But this is something else — a pervasive and radical ideological agenda. Indeed, it does not even pretend to be anything less.
Senior ALP figures Bill Shorten, Penny Wong and Kate Ellis and other politicians stridently defending the program and attacking its critics are misleading at best and deceptive at worst. The materials, literature, instructions and recommended class activities are pervasive in their ideological content and often extraordinary in the activities they recommend for years 7 and 8 students. This story is a case study in hijack: how a program of social and sexual engineering was inducted into the school system by a lobby that won huge institutional support. The program is legitimised by a need whose validity is beyond question: preventing the bullying of LGBTI students.
In many ways the program is the purist example of the disruptive cultural and power changes sweeping through Australia. Its content would have been inconceivable 10 years ago. It reflects a transformation in thinking about sex and gender, the collapse of traditional and religious norms, the confidence of the progressive class that its moment has come, and the ability of a minority lobby to seize the ascendancy and command a majority position.

He concludes:

homo 96Shorten branded Bernardi a “homophobe” for criticising the program. Opposition education spokeswoman Ellis attacked Turnbull for pandering to “views of extremists”. ALP Senate leader Wong said: “This is a Labor program, we funded it in government, it’s a program designed to address the terrifying statistics of self-harm, of abuse, of discrimination and of bullying of same-sex attracted and transgender kids.”
Amid defenders of the program it is hard to discern any concession whatsoever that there are problems with this program. There is no serious sign of respect for parents who have reservations. Just the reverse — they are patronised and insulted by indirect linkage as extremists and homophobes. It is hard to find another example where the political class has been so arrogant in its imposition of a new and far-reaching agenda. Let’s confront the truth: there is a process of intimidation at work. It reminds of the mother on the ABC television’s Q&A program a few weeks ago, upset her son was encouraged to cross-dress, reduced to saying, “but it was a science class”.
There is no doubt the cultural norms are changing. This program constitutes dramatic evidence. But the progressives have overreached — their arrogance and intolerance and on vivid display. Turnbull, however, will find this a difficult issue to manage. And any politician asserting this is just another anti-bullying program is naive or engaging in a gross deception.

Let the children speak

But as good as such critiques are, the best thing we can do is let the children speak. They are the ones feeling the full force of this cultural Marxism, with everything homosexual being rammed down their throats. Let me offer the stories of two young people, sent to me by a distraught mother.

These children are attending public schools in Victoria and are experiencing on a daily basis anti-Christian bigotry and homosexual bullying. The first story comes from a 15-year-old:

Impacts of “Safe Schools”
-Spoken about in almost every subject, especially health subjects. It claims it is an opt-in program but when you are forced to do a health subject where it is integrated into all of them you can’t get out of it.
-Becomes a higher priority than other more important world issues. One day the wall was filled with students’ posters about health issues in other countries and morbidity and mortality rates but then the next day the posters were gone and replaced with LGBTI posters.
-The posters are plastered all over the school. If you walk down the hallway you find posters. Entering the coordinators you find about 15 stuck in various locations. The posters are everywhere you go and it is impossible to not go by one every day. This means the content is taught as the truth to everyone even if they don’t really want to know about it. It is subconsciously being taught to everyone all day without them even noticing.
-It makes students who aren’t LGBTI or who don’t agree with it feel inferior and those who do feel superior to others. No one speaks about heterosexual relationships anymore as it is how conception occurs and no one really wants to get pregnant while still being in school. Those who are LGBTI comment about how cruel those who disagree with them are and talk bad about them, but never actually get into trouble as it is “just their opinion” but if someone mentions they disagree they get excluded from the other peers, making them feel unwanted and as though their opinion isn’t as important.
-It dramatically sexualises relationships from a young age. If teachers don’t want us to get pregnant then why are they approving posters about who would like to sleep with who? Many students believe that the only purpose of life is to have sex. These posters around the school make students think of this a whole lot more than they should. LGBTI relationships are the only ones that seem to be supported, as they don’t result in an unintentional pregnancy. This also adds to how those who are heterosexual feel less important than those who are.

The second story comes from a 13-year-old:

Bullied Because I’m Christian
When you’re a Christian people don’t like you. They try to do everything they can to put you down. I am only thirteen years old and I have been physically and verbally bullied because of my beliefs. Last year I moved to high school and at first I thought it was great but as I get settled I find that if I tell people that I am a Christian people will treat me like crap.
The first time it happened was when I was telling one of my friends the good news about God. And the next week or so I get pulled out of class by my teacher and she told me that my friend’s parents complained because I was bible bashing their son. I told my teacher that I am not a closet Christian and I wasn’t telling the boy that he has to believe, I was only telling him the miracles that God has done. Later that boy approached me and started calling me names that are better left unsaid. His father called me one name that was very rude. Eventually the boy moved schools at the end of the year.
There have been a few incidents that have only happened within the last month. My friend mentioned that I was a Christian and some people in my class heard her say it and then they looked at me and said, “I hate Christians.” This made me very upset and on the same day someone who I thought was my friend said that she doesn’t believe in God and that whoever believes is stupid. Then she started saying God’s name in vane and laughing about it.

To protect this family, I of course have had to use anonymity, but I can fully vouch for these stories. And tragically, there would be plenty more such stories. We sure do need to hear these stories. All that the mainstream media wants to do is run with stories of homosexuals, but never of those adversely impacted by these pro-homosexual programs.

Since the MSM refuses to do its job, I certainly will do it for them. If other readers have similar stories to tell, please send them to me and I will happily run with them. The truth must get out into the public arena. And please pray for this family, especially the two students. They are going through hell.

And pray for all the other families who are on the receiving end of this homosexual indoctrination campaign.

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  1. Thanks for a great post again, Bill,

    I challenge all Australians to seek the Lord closely on how to vote at the next election.

    I guarantee if a Green/Labor Govt forms, same sex marriage will become a reality. Education will be severely warped to support this perversion of God’s design for marriage.

    I will certainly not be voting Labor or Green.

    God bless,

  2. I guess in the interest of real equity, there will be a pro-Christian campaign in the schools promoted alongside the LGBT agenda, after all, Christians are being bullied too.

  3. Yes, Let the children speak.
    The stories that have and will come out, sound like criminal activity in the making.

    Grooming a child for sex is a criminal act l believe.
    These stories will be about grooming children for the homosexual lobby to exploit, both ideologically and physically.

    Sexual abuse of a child is also a criminal act I believe.
    These stories will reveal children being taken to places in their thoughts where they do not wish to go, they see things they do not wish to see, and experience things they do not wish to participate in. This is sexual abuse

    Sexual abuse of children can happen even when the child is a willing participant, since they may not know or understand what is happening to them. These stories will be about children who are full of sexual opinions, attitudes, and actions arising from the same, who have no discernment about what it is they believe or what they do. This is sexual abuse.

    The safe schools program apparently, is about bullying. These stories will be about children being bullied because they belong to a minority. They will be bullied by the christianphobes. They will be bullied by much more than just words and comments. These stories will be about actual disadvantage, and maybe about actual physical harm. These stories will be about the mental and social anguish of a minority who are not being listened to or understood. This to is bullying that needs to stop.

    The Safe schools program’s “cure” is worse than the disease that is seeks to heal.

    What can we say except that there is a demonic zeal in it all. It will end in self destruction, but how much else will it destroy as it goes down?

  4. We see similar things happening in the UK and especially in Canada and don’t forget this does not stop in schools. Look at the UK family court judge who was removed from his job for expressing the view that there is not enough evidence to support the idea that children are as well off in homosexual families as in more natural, heterosexual ones. This was despite him subjecting himself to their re-education program and still finding their ideas wanting.

    With the Australian Labor Party excluding all Christians other than very obvious hypocrites, this rampaging wickedness is certain to continue for some time.

  5. The lack of an “opt in” choice for school students and their parents is problematic and suggests to me that it’s being done by stealth for obvious reasons. It takes courage to stand against a wave of anti Christian sentiment and I can verify that one of my children observed the placing of LGBT stickers and posters all over her school on a regular basis.

  6. We need to call the bluff of the anti – homophobia subversives and useful idiots in schools

    Sir Ian McKellen, founder of Stonewall gay lobby has been cruising around the schools in the UK peddling anti- homopobia indoctrination. He visited the Severn Vale School in Gloucester [1], where he proceeded to ask a boy in front of potentially millions of views whether it had crossed the student’s mind whether he might be gay? The Headteacher, an obliging useful idiot who invited this manky, dirty, old wolf into his school, claimed that if according to Stonewall’s calculation that 6% of the population are gay, then he must have 72 pupils who needed special care and affirmation. I telephoned the Head Teacher and asked him whether,he had identified them. He answered “No” [2]. So how was he going to exercise due care and attention to 72 pupils he doesn’t even know?

    The pupils who will be identified and put on a register will not be gays but those pupils who resists gay indoctrination.

    Every School has someone whose role it is to identify pupils with special educational needs. I believe they are called SEN advisers.
    Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can affect a child or young person’s ability to learn. They can affect their behaviour or ability to socialise, eg they struggle to make friends; their ability to read and write, eg because they have dyslexia; their ability to understand things; concentration levels, eg because they have ADHD and their physical ability. It is the duty of a SEN coordination officer to identify such pupils, put in plans to ameliorate their condition and monitor their progress.

    The Head teacher’s failure to include queer identities as student indicators makes LGBTs officially invisible, non-entities, non-people. This by some would be considered a conscious moral choice by him to devalue gays. Historically, in the UK, if you are important, you get counted, if you’re not important, well, you’re invisible, voiceless–you literally don’t exist. This lack of recognition means that the Severn Vale School can claim “we don’t have any” gay students (much like Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he had no gays in Iran). In turn, educational researchers are denied critical information like the actual number of self-identified gay students and their experiences within the education system. Without such data, it makes it extremely hard to make informed policy judgements from the department of education to the Universities and local public schools.

    But supposing a pupil, were to identify him or herself express a genuine discomfort and distress with having same sex desires, due not necessarily to any religious belief, pressure from parents , or any other societal influence, but simply because they did not want such desires. Would the head teacher or Ian McKellen give the pupil nurture and support? Or would they send them for psychiatric treatment to reduce their internalised homophobia or simply tell them to shut up, stop complaining and get lost?

    The truth is that neither McKellen or the Head teacher are remotely concerned with helping pupils suffering from the homosexual syndrome but simply with identifying any pupils who will oppose queer indoctrination. It is these pupils who will be identified and carefully monitored.



    David Skinner UK

  7. I recently email the queensland Life Education unit which was looking for fund raising to combat the ICE epidemic in schools. I expressed concern that I could not in good conscience contribute financially to an organisation which promotes and legitimises risky and immoral homosexual and trans-gender programs in our schools.

    Here is the reply:

    Dear Lennard,

    Thank you for expressing your concerns about the material taught in the Sexual Health education lessons by Life Education. Our subject matter is broad and covers identity, diversity, reproductive health and relationships.

    As an educational organisation we are responsible for presenting all concepts that align with the Australian curriculum. Gender diversity and sexual attraction are recognised as such concepts and are presented in an informative manner to students of high school age. The responsibility of conveying such information is not taken lightly.

    Our role is to provide this information and does not promote any behaviours or have any agenda in this regard. Students are best served by being provided the correct information and learning to be respectful of each other. 1.7% of the population are currently identified as outside the male/female gender binary, and these people have the right to be acknowledged and accepted by all members of society. With the current educational focus on respectful relationships, Life Education is inclusive in its educational practices.

  8. Couldn’t agree more with Philip Browne when he says, “I guarantee if a Green/Labor Govt forms, same sex marriage will become a reality.” But would also add, if Liberals get in, we will likewise have homosexual marriage. Why? For they too are only a short breath and hand away from voting for it. If not tomorrow, the next day.

  9. Dear Bill,
    If all that I hear and read about this Safe School Coalition Course it seems to me to be child abuse of an order far out weighing all that is at present being unearthed re the institutional child abuse in the Catholic Church and other institutions, and that with approval, encouragement and subsidies of Governments. The hypocrisy of the media and others in their expressions of abhorrence is gross in this regards. What happened in the churches and other institutions effected some hundreds of children. This looks like the sexual psychological destruction of a generation.

  10. An even greater scandal perhaps is that Christian parents continue to send their children to government schools. While I admit that Christian schools are far from perfect, surely they are a far better option than government schools and especially those where the Safe Schools Coalition program has been implemented. And of course parents should consider home schooling also as an alternative to education by the state.

  11. Hi Graeme, the Christian schools around here cost at least $20,000 to $30,000 a year not including uniforms and excursions times 13 years and for multiple children it works out at over $1 million. Home Schooling is not an option for us.

  12. I just (this hr) emailed the following piece to my State member and a similar one to my Federal member, before i had even read this Blog post.

    Dear ________
    I write in this time of Lent.

    I know you are busy in Government, but these are my thoughts from the Community.
    Yes most of what I have written below and talked to you about before are all connected for me a voter.
    You would be tempted to say “church and state matters don’t mix” however i am trying to explain that they do.
    Please consider my points below.

    As a Christian I have the desire to see everything flourish. I am not fearful as i trust that God will provide what we needed.
    However i also know that He is ultimately interested in our hearts. I can’t see how we try to do all that we do in a community without our hearts aligned with God.
    God himself …as opposed to Religion.

    *Refresh the state of our Government and Education Systems with more of a view on Gods Laws, as has been done in the semi distant past..
    *Align both with the Word of God again.

    *The hearts of our Nation, to be following Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings. (Even though not all will follow, our Government could be more proactive about “Flying the Flag” for our Christian cultural heritage (included in all nations). To Flourish rather than bully, commit suicide, be violent hateful and full of pride-ego.

    *Our Laws to remain aligned with God’s word in the areas of.
    Abortion – respect life
    Marriage fully taught as God’s plan
    Euthanasia – respect life
    Discipline and Respect in Families and Schools respect one another
    If God’s word isn’t the STANDARD to guide/follow then we end up with “Flavour of the month/decade/century type laws.
    Gods Law remains the same. Its never changes. Love is always love, hope is always hope,

    *Love God First enables Individuals to Love one another.

    * Teach our children to Love the Lord too.
    * Have the Lord’s Prayer spoken in all schools in the state/nation.
    * Teach our children about our Christian roots in the UK – as represented on out Flag by the Godly Saint’s crosses and the Cross of Jesus in the Southern Cross stars.
    *Understand about Forgiveness, Love, Peace and Joy. – ONLY fully understood in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

    *Be more aware of/respect for the power of Gods wrath.- Not fearful but respectful.

    Consider again Psalm 127.
    Psalm 127:1 is in stained glass windows in the Entrance to the Queensland Parliament House.
    Verse 1 Unless the Lord builds the house, They labour in vain who build it……….

    Building our families, education system, nation – Psalm 127 explains it all. We need to broadcast this scripture and others like it to the state/nation.
    Churches do, so it would be great if the Governments would complement the churches not inadvertently oppose them.
    We have a responsibility to our children

    As far as our children, families and relationships are concerned, perhaps we need to be putting Psalm 127 in Hansard print in speeches to the House.
    Our Christian heritage is built on the word of God (Scripture).
    We need to prayerfully bring this Psalm, about the Lord building the house, (hearts), they (educators-parents) Labour in vain without the Lord.

    Have a Blessed Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday,

  13. If every voting person who reads this prayerfully wrote to their State and Federal member acknowledging God, His power and His promises. They may be influenced.

    Consider many politicians have been to Christian schools.
    (I would love to know the data on how many have had Christian school input to their education – can anyone find out?)

    We can pray but we have to act too. We are in Lent. Nationally there has been a 40 Day Prayer and Fasting Campaign – Interestingly today is day 39 and the Senate sat all night deciding 2 huge issues. Check out Canberra Declaration website.

    Study of the Word. Prayer and Action.

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