Political Correctness is Fuelling Islamic Terrorism

Various Western leaders, elites and media commentators are enabling and encouraging Islamic terrorism in our lands by refusing to think honestly and realistically about Islam. They are allowing political correctness to blind them to the reality that their enemies are staring them in the face – with guns loaded.

Indeed, when those who hate the West, Christianity and freedom openly tell us that they intend to kill us and enslave us, then we had better stand up and take notice. But these dhimmi dupes are so overdosed on political correctness that they will bend over backwards defending all things Islamic, while attacking anyone who dares to state the obvious.

A leading US expert who knows all about this has just been interviewed, and his words of warning are desperately needed today:

One of the men who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad told Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Wednesday that political correctness “started that chain” that led to Monday night’s truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market.
“[It] was political correctness and their unwillingness to get this person out of their country who had no business being there because he didn’t have the right paperwork to prove who he was,” said Dr. James Mitchell, referring to Anis Amri. German authorities Wednesday named Amri as the suspect in the attack, which killed 12 people and injured 48 others, touching off a continent-wide manhunt.
Mitchell said that he and Mohammed, commonly known as KSM, had discussed the damaging potential of smaller, “lone-wolf”-style attacks more than a decade ago. Mitchell noted that Mohammed had been particularly struck by the terror caused by the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks.
“For him, what surprised him was how much paralysis it caused given how few deaths were involved, few from his perspective,” Mitchell told host Sandra Smith. “And what he said to me was our civil liberties and our openness and our willingness to be responsive to other peoples’ cultures … were weaknesses and flaws that his God, Allah, had put into the American culture so that we could be defeated.”
Mitchell added that Mohammed believed that the easiest way to win what he called “the long battle to take over the world with Sharia law” was through “through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims.”
“He said that like-minded jihadi brothers would immigrate to Western democracies and to the United States, they would wrap themselves in our civil liberties for protection,” Mitchell said, “they would support themselves in our welfare systems while they spread their jihadi message, and then, when the time was right, they would rise up and attack.”

melbourne-terrorWe see this happening on a daily basis. In fact, his words could not be more relevant. Just today we had a perfect example of this PC dhimmitude, with clueless (or worse) leaders denying what is staring them in the face. In Melbourne seven people who had planned to attack key sites in the city on Christmas Day were arrested in morning raids.

They were accused of plotting an “explosive act” which could kill or injure a “substantial” number of people in areas like Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and St Paul’s Cathedral. The terrorists were said to be radicalised by IS propaganda and this was clearly to be an act of Islamic terrorism.

Yet incredibly – but not unexpectedly – we had the Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, saying this plot was an “evil act” and “not an act of faith”! He said: “Not acts of religious observance, not acts of faith … they’re anything but that.” Wow, talk about mind-boggling stupidity, blindness, political correctness and a traitorous defence of the bloody political ideology of Islam.

With such idiocy he is putting all Victorians at risk. Thankfully our normally PC Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was not so hesitant about stating the obvious. He said:

This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots that has been disrupted over the last several years. I want to thank the men and women of the police in Victoria, the Australian Federal Police and ASIO and other agencies, for their work in thwarting this terrorist activity which was an Islamist terrorist plot inspired, as the Victorian Police Commissioner just observed a moment ago, by Daesh or ISIL. It has been a very complex investigation and it speaks volumes for the competence and professionalism of our police and security agencies which are the best in the world.

At least he mentioned the “I” word this time. But Australia is not alone in all this. We had similar things happening in the UK as well with Prince Charles once again saying some incredibly foolish and dangerous things about Islam. Amazingly, he tried to make a moral equivalence between Jesus Christ and Muhammad, claiming both were refugees seeking freedom. He said this in a radio address:

Normally at Christmas we think of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder though if this year we might remember how the story of the nativity unfolds, with the fleeing of the holy family to escape violent persecution. And we might also remember that when the prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina he was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.
Whichever religious path we follow, the destination is the same – to value and respect the other person, accepting their right to live out their peaceful response to the love of God.

Oh good grief. He is clueless about Islam – and Christianity – and is offering more politically correct dhimmitude, thus further enabling the terrorists. Robert Spencer was quick to demolish the foolish claims of the Prince of Wales:

According to Islamic tradition, when Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, he wasn’t just “seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.” He became at that point for the first time a political and military leader as well as a religious one. He began for the first time to get Qur’anic “revelations” exhorting Muslims to wage war against unbelievers.
Just as Charles is ignoring the historical context and circumstances of Muhammad’s hijrah, so now he is also ignoring the manifest fact that all too many Muslim migrants are not “seeking the freedom…to worship,” but are coming to Europe to conquer and Islamize the land, emigrating, after Muhammad’s pattern, “for the sake of Allah” (cf. Qur’an 4:100).
Charles also says: “We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive towards those who adhere to a minority faith.” This is the familiar “Muslims are the new Jews” theme. This is a common Leftist talking point. Many, many others have made this claim before Charles, including Noam Chomsky; Bernie Sanders; the notorious non-Muslim Islamic apologist Karen Armstrong…

Once again political correctness and an appalling ignorance of what Islam is really all about is feeding and fuelling the rise in Islamist terror in the West. We keep making excuses for the jihadists, and keep refusing to name the enemy. That is a recipe for national suicide, and that is exactly what we are seeing all over the West.

As Mark Steyn put it concerning the Berlin terror attack, twelve Germans were killed due to reckless Western leaders. He derides our clueless commentariat and leadership, neither of whom “so much as raised the question of why people who want to murder you for attending a Christmas market are in your country in the first place — even as the familiar rituals of this latest vehicular misfortune emerged.”

He continued:

But relax. Malcolm Turnbull assured us an atrocity or 10 back that it is “a very, very small percentage” of the Muslim community who are “violent extremists”. Like other similarly soothing Western leaders, he never actually tells us what percentage it is — 1 per cent, 0.1, 0.0001 — but I’m sure he knows, or he wouldn’t say it so breezily, would he?
And at least our leaders are agreed it is a percentage. A percentage is a simple concept: If 0.001 per cent of the Muslim community are “violent extremists” and you have 100,000 Muslims, then, yes, it’s “a very, very small percentage” — and a small number. If you admit another 100,000 Muslims, you’ve doubled the number of “violent extremists”.
And, whether you keep on doing that year in year out or just cut to the chase and import (as Angela Merkel did) 1.5 million in one fell swoop, then, regardless of whether the percentage is stable, you are importing more and more people who want to kill your own citizens. Why? What’s the benefit? And why do people like that Birmingham tourist think the answer to more and more Muslims is more and more bollards?

Yep, just forget about the real causes of the problem, and keep spinning out cheap PC excuses. Our leaders might feel real good about this, but how many more people will have to be slaughtered on our own streets before we finally wake up?


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  1. This is not the first time an Islamic terror plot was foiled in Aussie territory. The leaders and media recite their predictable PC ignorance, meanwhile the police seem to know who the real enemy is.
    So we do have a bit of a two-tiered narrative going on. There’s the public narrative coming from a PC fairyland where Islam is the religion of peace, and then there’s the hidden work done by people with the real job of keeping Australians safe – police detective work. It is these real people on the job that seem to know the first place to check is the local mosque and blokes called Mohammad.
    I wonder if the public narrative is fooling the Islamists into complacency and that’s why we keep catching them with our not-quite-so-PC-stupified police service.
    Well, either that, or God is mercifully sparing this country over and over again, which we hardly deserve.

  2. Exactly Bill. I am reading at present “Catastrophic Failure – Blinding America in the Face of Jihad”, by Stephen Coughlin. The Author might well be at least one of the best if not the best informed person about the strategies and tactics of the Islamic Movement under the leadership of the “The Muslim Brotherhood” in America. In this book one can read in great detail what motivates the Islamists, how they propose to destroy Western culture and replace it with Islamic culture under strict and full Sharia Law, initially by stealth and then by force, after having weakened or completely destroyed the Western will to resist. Very scary how precisely everything is planned and how far and how easily they have succeeded in infiltrating every Government Department of the American Administration and public life and tamed it so that The Whitehouse now takes orders from the Muslim Brotherhood.

  3. Hi Bill, you’ve certainly raised some interesting points in this article. One of the experts that you referred to was a Dr James Mitchell. One of the points that Dr Mitchell raised, and I quote; “they would support themselves in our welfare systems” unquote. I have read in our press over the last few years, that a large number of these radicals who have been picked up by our authorities were supporting themselves on Tax Payer Funded “Invalid” or “Disability” pensions. Bill, how on earth, do obviously fit & healthy young Middle Eastern origin young men qualify for a Centre Link Pension. Do our Federal Authorities need to be scrutinising Centre Link’s vetting processes. Bill if you have already commented on this point, could you refer us to the relevant article? Many thanks, Kel.

  4. I want to add to my previous comment that the PC language as it relates to anything Islam or Muslim is actually by Muslim Brotherhood’s directives already given to the President Bush Administration.

  5. I understand that the Islamic calendar starts when Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina with his band of 200 ‘religious refugees’ who then ceased being a religion of peace and took over Medina and the whole of Arabia by deceit and sword.

  6. A maelstrom of unintended and intended consequences seem to be brewing for the future. Are we witnessing a great die-back of the human race in the West, with the breakdown of marriage, gender fluidity and the biologically disinherited, insecure children of successive generations? Colliding with this weakness from the politically correct “useful idiots” is the onslaught of the threat from ISIS terrorists to out-breed and make Western culture submit to Islam.

  7. Somewhere in the Melbourne news conference yesterday morning relating to the averted terror threat to Melbourne, I heard Malcolm Turnbull say something to the effect – I cannot remember his exact words – that there are 500,000 Muslims living in Australia. He basically said that 95 percent of these do not pose any problem, that they would not in any way support terrorist actions in Australia. Hey, that still leaves around 25,000 who, supposedly at least may have some sympathies with the likes of ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups. Scary stuff, methinks!

  8. ‘…it is “a very, very small percentage” of the Muslim community who are “violent extremists”.’ Of course this is true. The vast majority just sit back and offer moral and often financial support because it does not take a very large percentage to do a huge amount of damage. It is not dissimilar to normal guerilla warfare and underground techniques used whenever groups are in a less powerful position.

    We must overcome this idea that all religions must be treated the same under the overarching religious belief of secular humanism. That is the belief in many people’s minds these days that is wrong but is still perpetrated by governments, law courts and the media. As soon as you do that you overcome the original intent of secularism which was for people to see the impact of all belief systems and democratically choose the ideas that work and are effective. It is perfectly correct for people in a democracy to make moral determinations but the atheist, humanist, relativist religious belief, that is now in control, tells people they are not allowed nor entitled to do this. Unfortunately with humanist ideas in firm control of the media etc. only anti-Christian propaganda and stupid justification of the unjustifiable is allowed, almost exclusively, because to do otherwise undermines and illustrates the fault in that humanist belief system. What the media should be doing is simply reporting the facts for people to make their own assessment but what you invariably find in the media, especially the public funded media, is editorializing and opinions and techniques and presentation methods designed specifically to influence and control public opinion.

  9. I want to see Muslim leaders openly condemning terrorism. I want to see Muslims marching to reject barbaric acts. I want to see more forthright politicians (and porcine aviators too). But I’m not holding my breath.

  10. Hello Bill,

    What are your thoughts on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334? I enjoy reading articles by Dr. Michael L. Brown and I listen to his Line of Fire broadcast regularly. I see that you occasionally refer to his articles (https://billmuehlenberg.com/2016/11/09/trump-wins/). Dr. Brown has written an article on United Nations Security Council resolution number 2334: (https://stream.org/president-obama-throws-israel-under-the-bus-the-day-before-hannukah-and-christmas-eve/).


    Colin Lok

  11. Among the eternal unchanging words of Allah are at least 109 verses in the Koran that call Muslims to war with unbelievers for the sake of Islam none of which are restrained by historical context. The following are three of them : ‘ Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.’ (Koran 2:216); ‘Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hand and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of the believing people.’ (Koran 9:14) and ‘O you who believe ! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.’ (Koran 9:123) Unlike members of the blinkered governing liberal elite and their supporters in Britain and Europe as well as elsewhere, I see no inexactnesses of meaning in the words of the verses quoted by me above. Reason, which is anathema to any Muslim, leads me to conclude that Islam is a Christianophobic cult of blood and gore.

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