Trump Wins

With a record turnout, and with even the New York Times now calling it, it is clear that Donald Trump has got enough disaffected voters to rise up and say no to the Democrats, to Hillary and to Obama. He is our 45th President of the United States.

For this we should all be eternally grateful. I am certainly glad Hillary did not make it in. Indeed, this is a tremendous relief, and simply watching the dour and sour faces of Clinton fans makes it all the more worthwhile. That and all the leftist media elites who are also looking so miserable at the moment. That is one of the big highlights of the day.

And quite amazingly, Clinton has refused to appear publically tonight to make a concession speech and to congratulate the winner (although she did do it in a private phone call). The sour grapes and refusal to accept the election results is already beginning. Plenty of enraged leftists on the social media are talking about not accepting the results, urging public protest, and so on.

trump-124Well, I for one am certainly glad she lost. Of course that does not mean I am overjoyed with the Trump win – not by any means. I have shared plenty of times already why he was never someone I could endorse and support. He is and was not a conservative and he was only recently aligned with the Republican Party.

But there was never any question about just how bad Clinton would be. She is part of the problem, and can never be part of the solution – unless she has a radical, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. To that end we all must keep praying.

But there was always the very legitimate question as to just how bad Trump might be. Now I guess we will find out. His economic policies (protectionism) and international relations policies (neo-isolationism) are actually to the left of Clinton’s! Whether he keeps his word on some of the moral and cultural conservatism issues is something we have to wait on.

So how he will do as our next president certainly remains to be seen, and anything is possible with this erratic, flighty, undisciplined, arrogant and flip-flopping businessman. I was not impressed with Donald Trump the candidate, so we will have to see if Donald Trump the POTUS does better. We need to keep him in our prayers.

That Clinton managed to lose an election that should have been hers against someone like Trump tells us just how bad she was. Of course the October Surprise by the FBI did not help, nor did the various Wikileaks revelations just prior to the election. Both told us what an evil crook she really is.

One of the most damning (out of many) was the revelation about Hillary’s (and Bill’s) possible involvement in “Orgy Island”. See more on this here:

So it is a tremendous relief to know that for now at least she will not be occupying the White House. Hopefully she will spend many years occupying another place: a prison cell.

The days ahead

While millions of us are thankful that Clinton cannot do more harm to the country, I have little faith in what this longstanding liberal, Democrat supporter and Clinton buddy will achieve. If his own party can manage to somehow keep him in check, and if he would actually take some wise counsel and godly advice, maybe some good can come of this.

But the only reason millions of Americans voted for Trump was not because they liked him, but they hated Hillary even more. This was one of the most bizarre presidential elections we have ever had, with the majority of voters disliking both main candidates. So it really has been about voting against someone more than voting for someone.

And given that Trump is a lifelong liberal, Democrat supporter and buddy of the Clintons, we will have to wait and see if anything good comes out of a Trump presidency. And with so many Trump supporters only being able to sing the praises – not of Trump – but of his VP Pence, that is most telling. As I have said all along, if the chief reason you can come up with in running with a guy is if you hope he dies so his VP can get the top job, that tells us all we need about how bad that candidate is.

That Trump got in of course has a lot to do with how fed up the electorate is with the status quo. They are fed up with the system, and looked to this maverick populist to somehow turn things around. Of course it is one thing to run with rhetoric about how bad things are. Anyone can do that. But to actually be able to fix things and correct things is another matter altogether.

It is hoped that some of the better people he is surrounded with will be able to have some influence on Trump, and that he will actually listen to the counsel of others, and not seek to govern as a megalomaniac and dictator. Again time will tell.

If he does listen to the advice of others, hopefully he will do some good for the nation. To that end we must all work and pray. As Scripture commands us, we must pray for our leaders and seek God and his blessings for the benefit of the nation.

And of course it was not just the POTUS we voted for. There were congressional and gubernatorial elections (for state governors) also held November 8. It seems pretty clear at this point that both houses of Congress will retain Republican majorities.

In sum, it is fantastic that Hillary did not win. Whether Trump will prove to be an effective, principled and wise leader however remains to be seen. But in the meantime, we do have this as a very real plus: all these lefty celebs, Hollyweird types and lefty politicians who promised to leave the country if Trump wins. I trust you are now packing your bags Lena Dunham, Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Barbara Streisand, and Amy Schumer, among others.

Final important truths

Having just reread about the death and resurrection of Jesus today, I am reminded of a crucial election held 2000 years ago. The crowds overwhelmingly went with Barabbas and rejected Jesus. But Jesus is the one who rose from the dead and is victorious forevermore.

Politics cannot save us. No human can make a nation great again – only God can. Paul Washer was quite right to remind us that “The judgment of God against this nation will not be turned by a more conservative President, but by the repentance of its people”. Or as Michael Brown recently put it:

The bottom line is that the solution to our many problems will not be found in the White House and we must turn the passion and focus and attention we have put on the elections back to where it belongs: on the Lord and on our responsibilities as God’s people. After all, Jesus never said that the president or the Congress or the Supreme Court were the salt of the earth or the light of the world. Instead, He said that to us, His followers (Matthew 5:13-16), and if there is to be a positive, nationwide, moral and cultural revolution in America, it must begin with us.

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36 Replies to “Trump Wins”

  1. Thanks for this well balanced article, Bill. Not being a very good student of American politics, I don’t think I realized all that about Hillary Clinton. So now we watch and keep praying! And keep up your good work. It is such a help to have input such as yours to counteract everything else we read.

  2. If righteousness exalts a Nation, America was in trouble with either result. However we hope that Trump has more righteous people around him that will maintain some semblance of godliness and hopefully correct much of the ungodly decisions that have been made over recent years. We pray also for Trumps salvation, and hope that he does listen to those around him and especially to godly counsel. But a leopard does not change his spots (mostly, and without Jesus at work) but we do pray he does change. Interesting times ahead for the US and the world. Maranatha!

  3. The election was a vote between freedom and coercion, as that is what socialism is.

    It’s fair enough that Americans vote for their own country’s welfare – as the us election is not a vote for Australian, European or Chinese welfare – that responsibility rests on their own governments shoulders.
    Trump will trade – but naturally under terms that are good for America. I don’t blame any of them – their country is almost beyond repair – what are they expected to do – ignore their own welfare.

    God Bless Bill and thank you for all your good work. It’s a shame that Ted Cruz didn’t get up as he is most appropriate for the job, and I’ve followed him for years from Australia, but I think that Trump will be ok for the most part. Hillary would have seen me committed for 8yrs.

  4. I admit to being mildly surprised this morning when I switched on my computer and picked up news of the result. Like many people, I felt both main candidates were diabolical, but in my deep gut I knew that Clinton was a true bad egg. It’s a bit like the Brexit result…glum, tearful faces among the MSM seen on TV, insulting comments being tweeted by the lefties and then the inevitable calls for protests against the result. Brexit, now TrumpIt, two resounding defeats for the Establishment, but it’s not all over yet by a long way.

  5. I agree with the above comment, “It’s a shame that Ted Cruz didn’t get up as he is most appropriate for the job…”. Well written Bill. Thanks for your thoughts. May God bring good out of this situation, despite Trumps flaws and lets hope he does defund Planned Parenthood.

  6. Well I am one of those who less than a month ago would, were I a Christian American, never in million years have voted for either Trump and certainly not crooked Hillary.

    However when I spoke to other Christians, whose judgement I respect and found to my amazement that they thought it a no brainer to vote for Trump, I began to think more in terms of what God’s plans were the World. For Clinton to gain the White House would probably herald the Rapture and the seven years of tribulatin. For Trump to win would indicate God’s mercy and grace, giving the World more time to repent and worship Him alone. As King Cyrus was God’s instrument for enabling the Jews to return to Israel, so Trump will be used in like manner.

    You might want to listen to Wayne Edwards of Heritage Baptist Church, Virginia USA talking about this:
    . ( starts at 37 minutes)
    Bur what Jacob Prasch had to say about past Presidents I believe is also true.

    David Skinner UK

  7. I’ve noticed comments by the liberal losers that they now have to fight against Trump. I wonder if Christians would have had the same attitude if Clinton had won or would have just hid their heads in the sand as usual hoping Jesus will come rapture them before life gets to uncomfortable for them?

  8. Thank you Bill for expressing you strong views of the Clinton loss.
    It’s a huge relief that they will not reenter the White House. I could not have beared even the thought of Bill Clinton being back in the White House
    As First Gentleman. Could your just imagine that alone. Irrespective of the fact that Hillary Clinton is a criminal in fantastic disguise.
    Now just let’s trust that Donald will stand by his words as he spoke them this afternoon.
    Bill Heggers Bridgetown W.A.

  9. I remember how horrified when Obama was elected. I felt that it truly was a statement of how God viewed the U.S. – and his “reign” has proven to be even worse than I had feared. In his reign he has pushed funding for abortion to the highest levels, extended the time up to which abortions can be arranged, been complicit in assisting ISIL / Muslim Brotherhood, and been heralded by most gov’ts that were previously enemies of the US, while removing support for Israel. He has been the most divisive of all presidents, dividing the nation black and white, left and right and appeasing and apologising for the very terrorists he was supposedly defending the country from. His imperial reign increased the US cash debt to $30 trillion, much of that achieved while spending more time on the golf course than any other president, even though in his first speech he promised to ensure that “our children would not be saddled with debt” (maybe he was just talking about his own kids?) and the overall liabilities of the gov’t through his horrendous socialist healthcare experiment designed to bankrupt the private healthcare system.

    So if the (believable) prophecies given about Trump are true, then it seems that God has heard the cries of the people, and woke up middle America, and placed a blunt instrument in the Whitehouse to wreak havoc with some of the evil plans that have abounded and those laid. Trump has shown that he will say and do whatever will get him elected and if he stays true to his ideology (himself) then hopefully he believes that to please the populace and get re-elected is to carry out his policies.

    Only time will tell.

  10. Thanks Bill & other commentators for the way you are helping us reflect on the consequences of Hillary Clinton’s loss & Donald Trump’s win, not just for America, but for us Aussie believers IN CHRIST in particular. While secure in Him, we are not removed from our own struggles against sin, personal & societal (eg gender fluidity). And our struggles are not against fellow Australians whose ideas are set against Christ Jesus & His Church. Our struggle is against the ideas themselves, the vain philosophies engendered in human hearts by the principalities & powers. As you rightly urge us, our energy is to be expended in prayer (loving the sinner sincerely – ourselves included), while demolishing the ideas, as we bring them up against the truth of His Word.

  11. When I went into the carrel to place my vote, I felt like I’d been given a choice between Caligula and Nero. I chose neither (I voted for someone else on the ballot). Honestly, if Trump nominates a horse he owns to the Senate, I won’t be surprised (chuckle); however, I find myself agreeing with you that we probably got the better deal.

    But I look at the quality and caliber of both candidates and I can’t shake the feeling that the character of our elected officials no longer matters to so many Americans.

  12. I agree with Geoff Dryer’s belief that America would have been in trouble regardless of which candidate won. I just hope and pray Mr. Trump will be a one-term President at the most and that his tenure in the White House will give sufficient time for wholesome and better qualified and experienced people to run for the office of President the next time. I believe it was a shame the news media gave Mr. Trump so much free publicity from the get-go and that this unfair advantage kept the public from finding out more about the better candidates, such as Governors Christie and Huckabee and Senators Rubio of Florida and Cruz of Texas. I do hope and pray these men will use the intervening years to prepare for their potential candidacy for the 2020 election, Lord willing.

  13. Respected veteran CBS commentator, Bob Schieffer, states: “It is as if the nation is enduring some kind of curse. What should we expect next – that it will rain frogs? I wouldn’t bet against it.”

  14. Thank God that He listened to our prayers and denied Hillary access to the White House. She created the mess in the Middle East and the flood of Islamists in Europe. The nightmare we would have had with her selling America to the highest bidder and starting wars was unimaginable.
    She is pure evil. She and her puppet master George Soros has been slapped down by God. She has a trail of dead bodies in her past, not counting the death and misery caused by her destabilizing actions as Secretary of State. Now she can flee justice to Quatar where she has a palace and $1.8 billion of stolen money waiting. Good riddance.
    Her witchcraft and pedeophilia will not be tolerated there.
    But her bad health cannot prolong her days there.
    May God guide Donald Trump and give him good advisers. Plus, may Trump find the Lord Jesus Christ.

  15. Bill, what do you think of the suggestions that Trump may be another “Cyrus”?

    Just curious, but I am hopeful that this will be the kick in the pants that American Christians need to remind them that in addition to praying we need to be out – in force – taking back America for God by “overcoming evil with good” and actually confronting evil head on, “boots on the ground” as it were.

    This armchair moaning and groaning to our like minded friends and family instead of confronting the enemies of the cross is one reason why God had to raise up a Cyrus (I hope – time will tell).

    We’ll see. Thanks Bill, for all you do.

  16. Even in defeat, the pro baby-killer espoused her radical leftist and anti-Christian views. In her defeat speech (if that’s what you call it), she referred to the USA as a constitutional democracy with, amongst other things, “freedom of worship”. She could not bring herself to say freedom of religion.

    Good riddance to her and Obama forever and ever

  17. I prayed for God’s will for the elections. I thought if Hilary Clinton got in it might herald in God’s judgement on America. I don’t have the same attitude about Trump as some of you. I come from Nothern Ireland and saw how Rev Ian Paisley was portrayed by the press, commentators and others. I believed them and agreed with them. When I came to Australia I saw how Fred Nile was portrayed by the same types and I believed them and I agreed with them. Then I was born again. Later I met Fred Nile and his wife Hazel several times I saw that the man was very different from the caricature. I thought at the time that maybe I was wrong about Ian Paisley. Later I realised I was wrong.
    I think now that we underestimate how powerful the left wing, liberal, satanic brainwashing is on all of us even if we know that happens. The Donald Trump presented to us was a caricature. Now I believe we may start to know who the real man is. I was brought up in a Christian family and community. Although I didn’t really know about or understand being born again and was repelled by those who did because of how they presented or were presented. I became an atheist, a radical feminist, was a member of and and supporter of labour parties and then became a Marxist and even joined the communist party for a short time. I mixed with radical people. God has changed me radically to a person I would have once despised and disliked! I cannot even bear to here the labor party speaking and hate their agenda. I am optimistic about Donald Trump as President and no longer believe the rhetoric. Jesus said that the world will hate you as it hated me. If it likes us we are in trouble. I respectfully remind everyone that Trump won the election not Pence, who I think will make a great Vice President, or Rubio or Ryan. A lot of people, including republicans, have egg on their faces today. Trump won against all the odds. He persevered when many would have given up especially when his own party turned against him. He took a lot of flack from both sides and his wife and family had to endure that. He and his family were even booed when he went to vote yesterday. I personally think he showed great character and courage and I will be praying for him everyday to be a great President. I have heard him say that he once was an insider and then he became an outsider! We should not keep throwing up his past and what he said years ago. Remember we once were one of these. I certainly was. Lol
    P.S. I think the polls were wrong because a lot of people wouldn’t have told anyone who they voted for because his supporters were so vilified and still are being described as “white, uneducated males”. They are not. But seriously do we really think people need a college education to vote wisely? My father and mother left school age 14yrs and my father, who was real labour, was one of the wisest people I ever knew. Then i got an education that no one in the family had had. That was where I think a lot of the brainwashing occurred but I can’t emphasise enough I didn’t think I was being brainwashed! God is still re washing my brain!

  18. Thanks Katherine. Trump is certainly no Fred Nile, nor even an Ian Paisley for that matter. And I for one have no egg on my face! It is good to hear that you abandoned your radical secular left past however!

  19. I am very excited about a Trump presidency. Respected evangelical commentator James Dobson put the choice like this – Donald Trump has promised that he will respect religious liberty and the dignity of the unborn child. Hillary Clinton has promised that she will not.

  20. Thanks Scott. As I have said here and elsewhere, the real question is whether Trump will keep his word on some of these promises. He has been a master flipflopper, so it remains to be seen just what he will do. We can pray that he does govern as a real conservative, and becomes a real Christian.

  21. Well said Bill; pretty much my thoughts. I often experience feelings of sympathy for the vanquished in these types of contests if they have fought fairly, even if I disagree with them and their side. Not so for hillary clinton (lower case deliberate). She is evil personified, a monstrosity, an abomination on the face of the earth, to borrow an Old Testament sentiment.
    The icing on the cake for me would be to have it revealed that Michelle Obama was actually Michael Obama.

    Can I say this? Feel free to censor my comment if need be.

  22. Thanks Bill.
    I too share your views on the outcome of the US election. I am relieved that Trump won and that Hillary lost, and it has been a delight to see the noses of media pundits, smug journalists and TV anchors, and pollsters, collectively rubbed in the mud. My, how they have howled and spat the sour grapes! How they sniggered and guffawed when Trump said that if he lost he would not accept the result! Now they refuse to accept the result themselves, now that Hillary has lost.

    One thing can be said definitely as an election outcome: Hillary in public life is finished! Her goose is cooked. She can go home now and look after the chickens. It’s all over for her, and I am glad to see the back of her. The Democrats will now see her as damaged goods and drop her like the proverbial hot stone.

    As for Trump, we can pray for him, and pray in particular that Mike Pence, his VP—who is apparently a converted and committed Christian—will be a good influence on him, and have an influence in his own right.

    However, Biblically I am much influenced in recent study by the prophet Isaiah, who inter alia inveighed against trust in foreign alliances instead of trusting in the LORD, their covenant God. For far too long the church has been guilty of this: trusting in politicians (a politician-led recovery!?), trusting in secular and worldly expedients to advance our cause, and trust in, currying favour with, people and agencies who are in reality hostile to us. I leave it to the reader to make the appropriate identifications.

  23. Thanks Murray. Yes I agree with all that you say. And I have long been warning about putting our trust in princes and politicians, making alliances with pagan rulers, etc, etc.

  24. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for your honest and balanced opinion. I agree with it entirely. DW also had a very good overview of Donald Trump’s life up to now this morning and it wasn’t very impressive. Germans should know all about bad leaders shouldn’t they? As you say let us hope and pray that there are enough good people around him to guide and restrain him and that he will listen to them.

  25. Imagine the landslide if one of the moral GOP candidates had gained nomination. Perhaps the people of the U.S. are correct and a brash bulldozer is what is needed to break through the nonsense and corruption. Maybe Ted Cruz or someone like him will be the next President.

    What we do know is that the U.S. still teeters on a precipice. There will still be the liberal media and the constant, captious complaints of the left wing just as there is in Australia, all straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel. There is still the huge problem of the control of education systems by the left wing ideologues, just like in Australia. The Obama administration has not seen the reversal of the race relation problems in the U.S. nor stemmed the ongoing destruction of the middle classes. We still have the huge problem of vast amounts of money in the hands of immoral business people who are more than willing to use that leverage for their own immoral purposes and within the political sphere.

    Perhaps we have seen some level of awakening despite the huge level of media propaganda so there is still hope for Australia but while we are still voting for the Greens, Labor and the other minor parties that push the same disproved and discredited ideas that inevitably lead to poverty and social destruction and the continued white-anting of the Liberals, it seems obvious that we have a long way to go.

  26. Having Christian TV, I have heard many Christian leaders telling their people, not who to vote for, but to look at biblical principles as they pray for a leader who they believe will follow those principles, and to GO AND VOTE! I believe the prayers of God’s people put Trump in the White House. One thing I was pleased with, is that he mentioned Dr. Ben Carson in his speech and thanked him for his help. Dr. Carson was my choice for President and hopefully he will be used to help balance Trump in making the right vital decisions during the next four years.

  27. Months ago I thought that Trump was unelectable, and that Hillary was a shoo-in. I’m not a Trump fan by any means. I don’t trust him. Having said that, I’m glad Hillary lost. It grated with me when she name dropped God, and quoted Galatians 6:9 in her concession speech.

  28. I agree entirely with Katherine. and I am also very thankful that HC was not elected. Evangelicals came out in force for Trump. The argument that Trump was in some sense the lesser of two evils is somewhat fallacious. People voted for Trump because of his policies. especially securing the border with Mexico and abolishing Obama care. Also his support for Veterans, the military and police. Its also time other countries including some of the wealthier ones paid their share of the bill for their security and for the UN. Its crazy that America virtually underwrites the UN budget when most of what it stands for is against American and our values. We may have to wait and see what Trump does about fixing the trade and budget deficits. It seems that won’t have much effect on Australia. Finally its great that Trump has people like Pence and Ben Carson around him.

  29. O dear, haven’t you read that Canada doesn’t want the actors and actresses who want to emigrate to Canada, especially Miley. I hope Australia keeps her doors closed as well.

  30. Dear Mr Muehlenberg,

    I came across your blog by chance while searching for something else and bookmarked your webpage because of the sensible things you wrote about.

    Looking at this US election and the outcome, without taking away that all of these are human affairs, I can’t but seeing God at work here. Just a simple situation of Donald Trump winning the presidency has so many world affairs turn on its head. One very significant aspect is the potential global nuclear war between US and Russia has been averted. And the TPPA is no longer an agenda with many people in my country, Malaysia, felt relief. And the US stock market rallied instead of being down.

    How Donald Trump’s presidency will be is unknown but I felt very relief when the possible global nuclear war is no more by this result.

    Thank you and a good day to you.

  31. Hi Bill,

    Yes, we all have heaved a sigh of great relief to have seen this pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality evil crook got thumbs turned down on her. Hopefully, the detriments the U.S.A. and the world would be experiencing could considerably be lessened with the discard of this Killary’s presidency. There’s not much left for me to say as your esteemed readers have all stated their profound and farsighted views. I can only say that it is COMEUPPANCE for this true bad egg and diabolic politician.

    We New Zealanders can still rejoice with you despite us now being put through a time of difficulty in the aftermath of the recent devastating (7.8-magnitude) earthquake. Provided that time is available to you, I would like to see you pen a piece on this calamity in the light of what the Bible teaches us regarding God’s wrath, the end time and the impending Judgment.

    The fiendish look (fully illustrated in the picture featured in your article ‘More on the Trump win/Clinton loss’) of this wicked vixen will be out of sight, out of mind. Good riddance to Clinton and Obama!!

    Paul Au

  32. Here is an interesting thought about Trump, as he is a businessman, some people feel he will usher in a new financial system, While that is not evil, and we can expect at least some time to keep preaching and studying and worshiping, Hallelujah! it could be that Europe will adopt the system which will lead to, yeah you guessed it, one world monetary system. An interesting theory, giving us grace but setting up the times of the end, An astonishing thing.

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