More on the Trump Win/Clinton Loss

Yesterday I posted my first piece on the historic election victory of Donald Trump. In it I said that this election was all about who was disliked the most. People were not so much voting for someone as against someone else. Both candidates had record low approval ratings. Yet one had to give way to the other. See that piece here:

As the dust continues to settle, there is still much more to be said about this election result. One obvious feature is the expected hysteria from the progressive left. They are absolutely in meltdown at the moment and are experiencing the full range of apoplectic convulsions.

It of course did not take long at all for the tolerant lefties to throw major hissy fits, complete with rioting in the streets. As one news report stated:

Crowds of angry protesters have taken to the streets across the United States chanting “Not Our President” while setting fires and smashing windows. Hundreds of people descended on California minutes after it was announced that Donald Trump had won the election. Hillary Clinton supporters were filmed setting fire to the US flag while marching through the streets of Portland, Oregon, shouting “F*** Donald Trump”.

clinton-hil-5Ah yes, leftist acceptance, diversity and tolerance in action. Watching Australia’s ABC or reading the Melbourne Age has been oh so entertaining. They have been entirely predictable in their enraged responses. For example, within hours of the winner being announced the Age website featured an article making the Hitler comparison.

Well, that didn’t take long – although I see they have now changed the headline and dropped the “H” word from it. All over the West the lefties are going troppo, telling us it is the end of the world as we know it. They are simply going ballistic right now. And well they should.

This election was not so much a vote FOR Trump as a vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton in particular, and the entire progressive leftist agenda in general. People are fed up, and they are not going to take it anymore. Indeed, the lunar left is shaking in its boots because this is now the second major slap in the face they have received.

First we had the remarkable Brexit vote that shocked so many, and now this. This is just too much for the radical left to handle. What will be next? A conservative revolution in Australia, or Europe, or elsewhere? Many commentators have already noted how massive a rejection of the left this was. Let me offer some quotes from a few of these commentators.

Peter Hitchens said this:

Today, for the second time in five months, a left-wing elite paid the price of ignoring, for many years, the warnings of civilised and tolerant conservatives. I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been, when trying to debate politics with readers of the Guardian and the New York Times.
To suggest to them that mass immigration is risky and destabilising; to urge that the married family needs to be supported, not dissolved; to say that education needs more rigour, discipline and selection; to advocate the deterrent punishment of crime rather than its indulgence; to suggest that pornography and swearing may damage civility; to object to attempts to abolish national borders and sovereignty; to say that violent liberal intervention in foreign countries is dangerous and wrong… any or all of these things has earned me a patronising sneer, a lofty glance, a dismissal as if I am some sort of troglodyte who has got into the room by mistake.

Or as Gerald Warner commented:

Brexit 2: Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course a United States presidential election is obviously an American event, but this one is much more. It is part of an anti-liberal, anti-elitist global counter-revolution.
Any liberal, internationalist, politically correct, climate alarmist progressive who thought Brexit was a bizarre fluke that would never be repeated and could be suppressed by the establishment should waken up to the reality of being, in the ludicrous phrase coined by the lame duck president now vacating the Oval Office, on the wrong side of history.
President Elect Trump promised to build a wall, but he began by smashing one down: the so-called Blue Wall of Democrat states in America’s north-east that was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s electoral firewall. The rural states of the US will be hard pressed to furnish enough eggs to cover the faces of all the pollsters, commentators, electoral strategists and assorted charlatans who got everything wrong that they conceivably could. They represented the invincible Democrat election machine as the equivalent of the Wehrmacht in 1940; by the end of the night it resembled the Wehrmacht in 1945.

David French put it this way:

This is a direct rebuke to progressive hubris. It turns out that the progressive elite’s preoccupations with identity politics, social shaming, and radical sexual change don’t motivate their “coalition of the ascendant.” In the past eight years, the progressive movement has doubled down its attacks on churches and in recent years directly confronted American law enforcement. It has attacked free speech, the free exercise of religion, and gun rights — secure in the belief that history was, as they put it, on their “side.” The result was clear: The Democratic party lost ground with America’s poorest voters. Citizens making less than $50,000 per year propelled Obama to victory over Romney. Exit polling shows that Trump improved the GOP showing by 16 points with voters making less than $30,000 per year and by six points with voters making between $30,000 and $50,000, which more than offset Democrat gains with the middle class.

And here down under Andrew Bolt said more of the same:

Donald Trump’s win is the biggest “f— you” to all his enemies — the media, the politicians and Wall Street.  The whole world now — and our own political class — has been given a shock and a warning. Stop bullying and patronising the silent majority or they will rise in terrible revolt. The British vote to leave Europe showed the public would no longer be chained. Trump’s victory confirms it.
Even I could not see Trump winning. I could not believe so many voters were so cowed by the violence and the abuse of the Left that the polls, misled by their silence, had Hillary Clinton winning by an average of 46.8 per cent to Trump’s 43.6.
But in the ballot box those voters cut loose and chose as their next president a man with zero political experience and vilified in the media as a sexist, racist, neo-Nazi hothead likely to drop the nuclear bomb. Maybe he is some of that, but how much did voters loathe the Washington crowd that they’d still rather have Trump, who on the day before the election led crowds in another chant of “Drain the swamp”?

Coalition backbencher Cory Bernardi said this:

The movement against the establishment political parties, who have consistently and willfully ignored the mainstream majority in favour of their own power and self-interest, is moving across the globe. I think it is going to have implications globally and I support some of those changes.
There’s a global disconnect between what are known as the cultural elites, or sections of the media, people like politicians who basically talk to themselves in an echo chamber and they don’t seem to engage or don’t want to understand the concerns that are voiced by the silent majority.
Being in America, the cheerleaders – and that’s the only word you can use to describe them – in the media, and amongst the elites and the intellectuals, for business as usual demonstrated there was such a massive disconnect from the millions and millions of people who are really struggling in this country and right around the world to have a voice.

As can be seen, much of my article is about how bad Clinton and the left have been and why folks are fed up with it all. I have not said too much about Trump. But I have penned dozens of articles over the past year declaring my very real concerns about the guy.

Such concerns need not be rehashed here. Suffice it to say that it is absolutely sensational news that the corrupt Clinton machine has been stopped dead in its tracks, and the diabolical Obama agenda will not be allowed to continue, at least through the White House for a while.

How Trump does remains to be seen however. I am not at all naïve here. He could follow through on some of his conservative policy promises, or he might not. Time will tell. He could be a real handful and cause more harm than good. Or, he may surprise many of us and turn out to be halfway decent. Again, we will have to wait and see.

But it is enough for now to see Hillary thoroughly trounced, and the radical left’s agenda given a major setback. That has certainly made my day. Let me use a sporting analogy here: If a sporting championship or final features two players or teams with neither one being your favourite, you sometimes cheer for the defeat of the one you detest the most.

That is how I am with the US election. A Trump win does not thrill me, but a Clinton defeat most certainly does. So I will enjoy a few more days savouring all this, engaging in some shameless schadenfreude along the way.

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  1. Your second paragraph refers to the “progressive left.” Bill, let’s make a pact to refer to them as the “regressive left,” the “degenerate left” or at best “self-proclaimed progressive left”

  2. America is divided. Really divided. Even if Clinton had won, there were 276 militia groups ready to defend Trump and try to overturn the election. There may be civil unrest happening now, and for how long we don’t know. Let us pray that both Obama and Trump will have the wisdom to deal with this civil unrest.

    The problem is 46.7% of the eligible voting Americans did not bother to come out to vote in this election. Would it have made a difference? Probably not. America is broken and needs to turn back to God for healing their divided land.

  3. Great article Bill. I agree that by far the best thing about the US election was that Clinton lost.

  4. Election aftermath exactly as the predictors had predicted.
    Trump wins, cities will begin to burn.
    Ah, such illuminating examples of “taking the high road”.
    Right, I see, don’t get what you want, burn a city down. Ok, I hear ya…… NOT.

  5. Obama has made Planned Parenthood into law with a signing of his pen. What does this mean to average American Bill? Will it affect part of Incoming President Trump’s new beginning for America? My other comment is how sad some of the extreme comments are towards Trump without him having even started. Seems strange that Obama still has power over America as President until January.

  6. What strikes me as very strange is that while all the criticism and hatred is being aimed at Donald Trump, it doesn’t seemed to have occurred to the militant left that well over half of their fellow citizens, their own neighbours, were against Clinton too!!! Perhaps they should lower their voices a little.

  7. Graeme Cumming is absolutely correct. We have to stop using the wrong terms when “progressive” means reverting to the immorality, barbarism and lack of direction of the past it needs to be identified for what it is. “Politically correct” is in no way “correct” in reality and the term needs to be revealed for what it truly means and that is to be compliant to tyranny. We need to stop degrading the civilization we have received and start appreciating what we have and what we should have been able to achieve and should still be able to achieve if we act correctly based on truth and evidence and morality and not relativist stupidity.

    The big question is what do we do about these “echo chambers” these feedback loops that exist in education, the media, government departments, politics, the law and especially within cities or where people are subject to a large degree of social pressure, where they become too afraid to stand out. Our children and those now adult have been indoctrinated in education systems that have been teaching complete falsehood and because they are not brought to account they get away with it. What results is a feeding frenzy of misinformation and as usual the only way we have out of this spiraling decay is by trusting God and taking His direction. These closed systems need to be broken into and the only way that is going to happen is by people becoming more brave and willing to stand and fight for the truth. Many people have gone through the education system and have, unfortunately, accepted much of the misinformation they have been fed without question. Without realizing the political motivation and lack of understanding and evidence behind much of it. People have succumbed to the huge complexity of human invention and device and to the cult of the expert, whom they wrongly attribute their educators. Fortunately many have started to wake up but very few of the young are yet in that category. This is what we need to correct. We need to gain that critical mass so that we cannot in future be written off and have our rights taken away simply because we are Christian. The humanist, atheist, relativist, dysfunctional blindness needs to be revealed for what it truly is. That is the only way forward. History will reveal the lies that have been promulgated in this confused and immoral generation but only our action will prevent that confusion having the huge detrimental effect it would otherwise have.

  8. What stands out to me is the Left’s utter dumbfoundedness, their total lack of understanding of why this has happened. Virginia Trioli’s questioning of the IQ of Trump voters slip of the tongue on ABC 24 yesterday underscores their blinkered, bunkered fantasy worldview.

  9. I don’t often post here. I too am at a loss to understand the bewildering lack of understanding for the average person. As I was watching the results unfold the media (Essentially pro left) failed to see what was going on in areas and lives of the people not in their network. Trying to hold on to their story even when Donald Trump had finished his acceptance speech. CNN still refused to acknowledge Trump had won. Their inability to listen to real people in areas they don’t live such as the rust belt told the story they didn’t care and we will tell you what you want. Listening to NPR one woman who was college educated, white and struggling to find work explained the Democrats never listened to me. She was shut down.

    Another interesting thing was that the average voter was also afraid to publicly state their voting preference due to the fact they would be labelled as bigots, narrow minded and uneducated. This also mirrors in Australia the view that marriage should remain between a man and a woman (I am a supporter of this) and eventually the silent majority have enough and take a stand. It reminds me of the hypocrisy of the left that says we want people to believe what they want … Unless it is different to us then your a Bigot

    The left need to realise that telling people what to think is not going to work anymore and take time to listen to what people want.

    I must admit I have been enjoying the meltdown and the search for reasons that include everything other than they were culpable for such anger towards a Joke of a candidate, joke of a campaign to now president elect.

  10. Interesting difference between the behaviour of Democrat supporters when they lose compared with the civilised behaviour of the republican supporters after the last election!!!

  11. Could this be a case of the post-modern chickens finally coming home to roost? All through the last 3-4 decades the Liberal Left kept proclaiming that there is no truth or there are no facts just interpretation or truth is how you see it, etc and now they actually have a candidate who used their logic against them! Trump just denied things he said the very next day… or events that had been recorded earlier were completely spun around…and it was funny to see the Liberal Left go wild when people just ignored the issues as they saw them. Suddenly, they have a new found a desire for truth and facts. I guess you don’t like truth being swept aside when it is a truth that affects you.

  12. Graeme Cumming#

    Biggest winner – Bibi Netanyahu.

    Biggest loser – Malcolm Turnball.

    Turnball and NZ’s Key are two who constantly and only use the terms “Australian economy” and “NZ economy” — neither seem to want to address any other internal matters what so ever — from degenerate education to socialised sexual healthcare.

    Conservatives need a select few words and terms for these people – degenerate left leaders is a very good start.

  13. I agree with Michael Weeks. We have several generations starting back in 1920’s where education became saturated with philosophies of John Dewey, and Jean Jacques Rousseau and where nearly a hundred years later we have a generation who are completely incapable of thinking or rubbing two consistent or compatible brain cells together, having been spiritually and intellectually castrated.

    George Soros is funding the movement. One of their lunaries is Alicia Keys

    Another is Lilly Allen

    In essence their manifesto is summed up with the #nofilter app.

    ‘From now on no filter will stand for something more.
    It’s no longer just a hashtag. It’s a philosophy.
    It’s time to stop being who someone else thinks you should be.
    Stop living by someone else’s code.
    Stop trying to fit someone else’s mould.
    It’s time to be confident, passionate, creative, honest, true and free.
    It’s time to say “No!” to self doubt.
    “No” to self- censorship.
    “No” to self- sacrifice.
    It’s to be the person you are in private , out in public.
    The World needs us .
    For we are the game-changers.
    The boundary pushers.
    We challenge.
    Pave the way.
    Smash the norm.
    Because if we don’t have game- changers, how can we have progress?
    June 25th is Pride In London.
    Share your no filter moments.
    And live everyday like it was Pride in London.
    Love has no filter.
    Life has no filter.
    Family has no filter.
    Identity has no filter.
    Self – esteem has no filter.
    Friendship has no filter.
    Pride has no filter.’

    David Skinner UK

  14. “All over the West the lefties are going troppo, telling us it is the end of the world as we know it”
    Lets hope they’re right- an end to political favour, an end to crony capitalism, an end to pay for play, an end to the feigned morality of the left and an end to the type of sheer hypocrisy we saw from the Obamas. The type of hypocrisy that saw the first lady, in mock outrage on TV (her finest hour according to the lame stream media) when she criticised Trump’s alleged ‘hurtful, hateful language about women’ . This is the same Obama who had guests in the people’s White House such as rapper Rick Ross who’s songs, such as “UOENO” contains descriptions of literally raping women after getting them drunk.
    Lets hope its that sort of world as they know it will come to an end. Lets hope and pray for a new “Renaissance” in the US after the dark years of the recent socialist experiment.

  15. The New Civic Religion by Patrick Sookhdeo is now available for $15 from the Barnabas Fund. This simplified but comprehensive study book for Christians, written in basic English for all global readers gives people (like me who never had a clue, and so have been “faint, but pursuing” like Davids’ men – as I read such good stuff as you and many put out) – what has developed in the world by the historic growth to the modern form of Humanism, to produce this “progressive” etc. assault on humanity, understanding. How I rejoiced, Bill, reading this article – your quotes sandwiched by my two favourites! Peter Hitchens and Andrew Bolt. Glory! (And the Pentecostals who prophesied, but I did not read, were right too!) The deep, damaging division is ours to heal by humbling ourselves, listening to the gospel and BEING what we are ONE IN CHRIST! troops arise and pray and proclaim as one, as never before – who knows? God may yet have mercy on THIS adulterous (idolatrous) and sinful nation, Australia. Yes, they are the crazies, but brothers and sisters let us remember it is God, in His holiness who has given them over to such a base and iniquitous mind to lead the gullible. Mercy, mercy, mercy for Australia, O my God in grace, give us Godly political leadership!

  16. I love Benjamin Franklin’s quote
    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
    His thesis is expanded upon social commentator and journalist Oz Guinness in his book “A Free People’s Suicide-Sustainable Freedom and the American Future” where he refers back to the founders of American democracy and their vision of the republic. He likens America’s founders’ focus on freedom, virtue and faith to the interdependent sides of a triangle, indispensable to America’s sustainability. “Freedom requires virtue, which in turn requires faith of some sort, which in turn requires freedom. Only so can a free people remain ‘free always.’”Drawing from history he makes reference to the death of the Roman republic“Americans must never forget: All who aspire to be like Rome in their beginnings must avoid being like Rome at their ending. Rome and its republic fell, and so too will the American republic.”
    The reason he sees democracy failing, among many things, is it’s citizen’s “loss of faith” whites required for self-control and, in turn, virtue.He says
    “the integrity and credibility  of the faiths and ethics,” the values that influenced the founders’ construction of its Constitution. 
    “If the power of the Jewish and Christian faiths is discarded and the power of the Enlightenment is pronounced dead,” he writes, “what would be the authority that authorizes freedom, human dignity, rights, democracy and, finally, meaning itself?”
    He further solidifies his points by writing, 
    “Integrity and order in the spirit of the citizens are as vital as they are in the structures of the commonwealth.” 
    The founders fought valiantly to win freedom. They debated and collaborated wisely to order freedom. In the long run, however, the hardest challenge of all — sustaining that freedom — is in the hands of each successive generation of citizens.
    Lack of faith-lack of virtue, lack or freedom all mounted on the foundation of these four words.
    “In God we trust”

  17. I believe we are in trouble Houston. What you have indicated to me, Philip, at least and no doubt many others is that Donald Trump is a Freemason. If that is the case the end is closer than we think.
    Can someone dispel me of this fancy?
    David Skinner

  18. I read that the Canadian immigration website crashed with 9 million hits from US citizens wanting to migrate to Canada after the election results became clear. Poor Canada, knowing the type of US citizens that cannot accept the result!

  19. The U.S. doesn’t have compulsory voting, and holds elections on a weekday. How silly! They then strut about the world telling other countries what to do, while presenting themselves as the greatest democracy ever.

  20. It’s like an “Arab spring” in the West, through more restrained processes, and hopefully with better outcomes…

  21. Yes, but the Arab Spring would never succeed. Because democracy is based on the concept of the “one and the many” (i.e. the Trinity). The balance between individual rights and the cohesion of the many.

    Christianity has at its foundations the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The total unity but also individuality of the Godhead. (Rousas Rushdoony’s book The One and the Many explains this concept in detail.

    This finds its way into a functioning democratic society.

    Islam does not have this “one and the many” concept and therefore the Arab Spring was doomed from the beginning. Democracy is unable to operate under Islam. It was always going to fail – and this is where the media got it all wrong with the Arab Spring (and also the progressive left or is that degenerate left).

  22. Scott: Yes, the Arab spring was always a misnomer and always doomed to fail. But having faith in a meglo-money-sex-maniac is only a couple of notches above a President Killary. We have our prayers cut out for us even still.

  23. Bill,
    You may be underestimating the positive support for Trump. He was well known for many years before the election campaign as the host of The Apprentice, where in each episode he made tough choices and decisions without regard for the sentimental opinions of the audience. When he chose the contestant to dismiss at the end of each episode he would tell them: “You’re fired!” Overall probably over a hundred million Americans watched him doing this at some time. It established him in their minds as a tough, decisive person who would do what needed to be done regardless of how it made people feel about him. In these times it is hard to imagine a better way to prepare the electorate for your run at the White House, except perhaps for conspicuous military command.

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