Roz Ward’s Ongoing War on Children, Families, Sexuality and Reality

I had a bittersweet moment this morning as I happened upon an online newspaper article dealing with one of our resident Marxists and sexual radicals. It contained some good news, but also some more worrying news. The piece was about the woefully misnamed ‘Safe Schools’ program, and its ideological architect, Roz Ward.

ssc ward andrewI have of course often written about him/her during the past few years, and the war being waged against our children by this perverted program. The hard-core secular left will use any means to target our children, destroy our families, and remake society into their own sordid image.

The article in today’s Australian was, as I say, a mix of good and bad news. The really good news is found in the headline: “Ward departs La Trobe following program’s scrapping”. That is a good start. The Victorian government took over the program in March, and is still running with it, albeit with a different name. But basically the same toxic content is still being pushed.

Of course this is by no means the last we will be hearing from her. Indeed, just a few weeks ago another tax-payer funded university proudly featured her, Victoria University. Just prior to the event their website readily featured her appearance. The piece began:

As part of Pride week (15-19 May), the VU Postgraduate Association (VUPA) presents this seminar on rainbow families. Are we paving the road for rainbow families? Join us on the eve of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) to listen to keynote speaker, the renowned Roz Ward, co-founder and manager of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria.

There will be no shortage of her being run with not only around the state but around the nation, and most appearances will be footed by us taxpayers. But let me get back to the Australian article and what we also find there. This is a real shocker, but not unexpected: the piece informs us that Ward is now claiming half of all kids are homosexual!

Yes you read that right. And this comes from the talk she just gave at Victoria University. As the article states:

Speaking at a Victoria University event organised for Pride Week last month, Ms Ward took aim at conservative politicians, academics and the Murdoch press (which includes The Australian), blaming them for the controversy over sexual and gender diversity program. She addressed her own “coming out” as a 16-year-old before talking about how the Safe Schools program aimed to challenge “heteronormativity”.
According to Ms Ward, the often-cited claim that 10 per cent of people were likely to be attracted to their own sex — a figure Safe School’s materials also relied upon — was a “joke”. “It’s more like 40-50 per cent of young people who are not exclusively attracted to the opposite sex,” she said. “That’s how fluid sexuality is headed.”

Wow, get a load of that. Let me remind you that militant activists rely on ‘lies, damned lies, and [dodgy] statistics’ to make their case. Bending the truth for the cause has always been the MO of activist groups. They do not care in the least about truth, facts, and evidence.

All they care about is pushing their nefarious agenda items by any means necessary. Fifty per cent! Ha! Why doesn’t she just go the whole hog and claim 100 per cent are? If you are going to shamelessly lie for your cause, why not go all the way?

And bear in mind that even the original 10 per cent figure was all a lie as well. As I carefully document in my book Strained Relations, homosexuals never did make up 10 per cent of the population. The figures have always been around 1 to 2 per cent. Let me quote a bit from my book:

Now do these numbers seem a bit high? They should. An issue of Newsweek admitted that the 10 per cent figure which sexologist Alfred Kinsey used was highly inflated: “Activists seized on the double digits to strengthen their political message. . . . Policymakers and the press adopted the estimate – despite protests from skeptical conservatives – citing it time and time again. But new evidence suggests that ideology, not sound science, has perpetuated a 1-in-ten myth.”

Homosexual activists have confirmed this to be a case of deliberate deception: “Based on their personal experience, most straights probably would put the gay population at 1% or 2% of the general population. Yet . . . when straights are asked by pollsters for a formal estimate, the figure played back most often is the ’10% gay’ statistic which our propagandists have been drilling into their heads for years.”

If the homosexual lobby is willing to use faulty statistics to support its cause, just how reliable is it in other areas? As one homosexual warned: “If you say a number that you can’t prove, there’s always the chance that by disproving one part of your argument, your opponents weaken you overall. I think that’s dangerous.” While it is understandable that a movement would want to overestimate its importance and influence, it is reprehensible that such large portions of the media parrot these figures, without doing their homework first.

It was Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels who once said, “If you tell any lie long enough, often enough, and loud enough, people will come to believe it.” The militant homosexual activists have clearly mastered this and turned it into a fine art form.

And it is not just Ward and her buddies who are bad news here, but of course the Andrews’ Labour government in Victoria which has promoted and pampered her for so long. Ward & Co would not have gotten so far were it not for Dan Andrews, the most radical socialist premier in all of Australia.

Not every Labor politician likes what he is doing. Consider NSW Labor politician Greg Donnelly. He recently wrote a piece on all this that is worth quoting from:

Let me now give some advice to my Labor colleagues in Victoria. The Safe Schools program that the Victorian Government is imposing on public schools in that state is political poison. While it may be just starting to show up in focus groups and other polling activities undertaken by the Labor Party, do not underestimate its malignancy. When it fully manifests, it will be like a fully laden freight train that you will not be able to stop.
The problem for the Premier and the Minister for Education is that the Safe Schools program from the get-go was never about anti-bullying. It was about inculcating into school children hard edged sexuality and gender ideologies. The same ideologies that are examined and debated when undertaking Gender Studies units at university. The same units that such students elect to do by choice; no compulsion or requirement. Not only are these ideologies being presented to school children as a matter of fact i.e. sexuality and gender are not to be understood in any other way, but parents are being kept completely in the dark about what is being presented to their children and by who.
The statement that it was never about anti-bullying but sexuality and gender ideology is not mine. They are the words of one of the original architects of the program, Roz Ward. You can see her boastfully making this claim on a short 2014 YouTube clip that many have seen.
Premier Andrews and Education Minister Merlino have been both doctrinaire and obstinate about the Safe Schools program. As a case in point, in March last year following a review of the resource material located on the Safe Schools Coalition Australia website it was recommended by the reviewer, Professor William Louden, that certain content was not fit for purpose. It was subsequently removed from the Safe Schools Coalition Australia website. In Victoria though the material that was removed from the website was immediately uploaded onto the state’s Department of Education and Training website, presumable under instruction from the Premier and/or Minister for Education. That material still sits on the Department’s website and is being actively promoted. In other words instead of taking into account what were rather modest recommendations by Professor Louden, the Victorian Premier and Education Minister got all hairy chested and gave the whole review exercise the middle finger.
Fast forward to mid-December last year, the Education Minister announces that the Andrews Government is cutting ties with La Trobe University and their now very well known, and controversial employee, Roz Ward. The spin put on the announcement by the Minister was that it was not about throwing the now badly damaged Roz Ward under a bus. The line given was that it “…was appropriate to bring it [the Safe Schools program] into the Department.” Even Blind Freddy could see through that one.
Why the Victorian Government cosied up to Roz Ward and stuck with her for as long as they did remains a mystery. Anybody without blinkers on could see that she was serious lead in the saddle-bag. If the truth be known, notwithstanding the Minister’s spin to the media, the decision to send her on gardening leave, never to return underscores that in the minds of the punters the Safe Schools program has progressed from being a bit wiffy to becoming seriously on the nose.

Now that is an utterly honest, deeply moral, and fully commendable Labor politician. I wish they were all like that. Well done Greg. But as I said, this pro-homosexual indoctrination program will continue in Victoria, simply under a different title.

As Donnelly reminds us: “Apparently the program is being currently delivered in 60% of public high schools in Victoria. The stated goal of the Premier and Minister for Education is to have it being delivered in every public high school by 2018. They have said time and again that it is a “universal anti-bullying program”. What that is code for is that they want it in every public primary school and once this is achieved, press for its delivery in independent and Catholic schools.”

Yes exactly right. This is not just about targeting only public schools, but getting every single school – including independent and religious schools – to toe the line. And home schoolers will also be targeted of course. So we must remain vigilant and alert here.

While Ward may be out of La Trobe, he/she is certainly not out of action. And as long as we have hard core cultural Marxists like Dan Andrews around, things will continue to deteriorate. Enough is enough. Share articles like this far and wide, and make sure you know what your children are being exposed to.

For the sake of our kids we dare not let down our guard. The other side sure isn’t, so neither should we.

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17 Replies to “Roz Ward’s Ongoing War on Children, Families, Sexuality and Reality”

  1. Well written again Bill. Will the Victorian public ever wake up to the “mad” Daniel Andrews and send him packing? I’m praying for serious power failures in summer. Then maybe they will realise the loony tune who is Premier.

  2. Why refer to Roz Ward as she? If any part of his anatomy, even his blood or hair, were tested forensically, it would test conclusively as genetically XY male. Period. And has he ever had a menstrual period? Of course not, he’s a he, not a he/she, not even an it.

  3. Thanks again Bill for laying it out so clearly. I found the really worrying part of the quote from Ward, “That’s how fluid sexuality is headed,” in the word “headed.” If these people continue to have their way then there will be an increase in homosexuality and transgenderism as learned behaviours. As you know there has already been a sharp increase in the number of children presenting as transgender.

  4. Thankyou Bill. I call him The Child Abuse Premier. Not only is he causing terrible damage to young children and their families. He will load the tax-payers with an enormous bill from all the “paper gendered” and so massively damaged adults in the decades to come in this State. As the people of God, we all need to read and take to heart for Victoria especially Hosea 4: 1 – 6 “they break all bounds” “My people are being destroyed for lack of the knowledge of God.” Just what this premier wants in his lust for power. Lord have mercy upon this land. God bless to all readers, the word of this destruction and cause an almighty revival of prevailing prayer. We must follow our Intervener, Jesus Christ. Isaiah 59:16.

  5. Thanks Bill,
    “[dodgy] statistics”.
    Yes; it all depends on the questions you ask.
    The stats for these questions would be vastly different but I’m hardy guessing which questions Ros would prefer.

    e.g, Questions (NOT) to be asked of primary and high school students;
    1. Are you homosexual or transgender .. etc?
    2. Have you ever thought you might be homosexual or transgender …etc?
    3. Have you ever thought you might have been born the wrong sex?
    4. Have you ever thought sexually about a person the same sex as you?
    5. Have you ever thought it might be nice to be a person of the opposite sex for a while?
    6. Do you ever think that those of the opposite sex have an advantage in life?
    7. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be person of the other sex?

    I would reckon (wild guess) that probably more than 50% of kids would say yes to no.7.
    Similarly Qs 5 and 6 could (I guess) have “yes” stats for high school students in the range that Ros Ward would like to quote, –and —these kids are obviously LGBTI+!!!!

    I’m sure many of you could come up with even better questions to illustrate this point.

  6. The authoritarian technique doesn’t alter: Dehumanize opposition, create your own meanings to common, acceptable words,& tell big lies loudly & frequently- sooner or later such will increasingly be believed. It is natural, part of maturing, for ten year old males to prefer male company. Such no more makes them homosexual than it does ‘pink cheese’.

  7. The healthcare costs will skyrocket as gays have around 70% infection rates, and some need recurring treatment for diseases and other ailments due to their poor behaviour. You simply get infected because you are irresponsible with your sexual health.

    The Liberals should change sexual healthcare funding to a ‘pay as you go’ model like dentistry currently is, when you need it, you use it, and you pay for it, and in that way gays will restrain their poor behaviour. And why shouldn’t they be expected to pay for their ‘loose behaviour’ smokers and drinkers have to.

    And besides, it’s the only model that assures better health for gays, as the current socialised sexual healthcare system sees gays returning time and time again for ‘free’ sexual treatment and other ‘services’, well that’s not a deterrence for poor personal behaviour but a rewards system that ‘enables’ poor health outcomes.

    Labor and the Greens don’t really care about gays – neither does the health profession. But we all knew that.

    God Bless Bill.

  8. Might I suggest another reading of Roz Wards words – specifically the “that’s how fluid sexuality is headed” section. Given sufficient time peddling their homosexual, and gender fluid indoctrination campaign to K-12 children, many will be hopelessly confused by the time they reach adulthood. They may or may not embrace a homosexual or gender fluid lifestyle, but they definitely won’t know how to embrace a healthy marriage, assuming that institution still exists, and the concept of a celibate lifestyle will be considered an unnatural abomination.

  9. “that’s how fluid sexuality is headed” – this statement shows that the ”progressives” (regressives) are not going to stop in their push to towards total anarchy – they won’t stop at ‘gay marriage’ or ‘transgender’ normalcy. If they get gay marriage legalized than the aggressiveness will step up viciously towards any of us who oppose it. They are already aggressive and it hasn’t even been legalized.

  10. “Why doesn’t she just go the whole hog and claim 100 per cent are?” I remember as a young guy growing up in the 70s and 80s hearing gay people declare that all men were just closet gays. That’s 100% of men…

  11. This whole subject of transgenderism and gay lifestyle indoctrination is now taking another evil turn. In an apparent attempt to normalize these unhealthy, anti-christian practices medical people are coming out with new ways to make happen something God never wanted to happen. They propose giving gays and transsexuals womb transplants, if you can believe what you read here! Womb Transplants for Gay, Transgender and Straight Men Who Want to Carry a Child? I don’t know if this is fake news, but it sounds very convincing. It is just unbelievable. The article starts off: “Fertility doctors in the U.K. are reportedly working on womb transplant procedures that would allow transgender people born as males, and also other men, to have babies.” How far down into the pit of hell do these people want to go?

  12. Roz Ward he/she/it should be shut down by the Federal Government, if it had the guts, for undermining the Australian culture wit the poisonous stuff he/she/it vomits forth to infect young minds. Unfortunately the Fed Government is too concerned with the Fed Government to worry about the Australian people. I believe Turnbull is a Cultural Marxist /Globalist in disguise.

  13. Bill is doing the watchdog job for the Australian people that a responsible Federal Government should do. Seems to me that there are more people concerned for the good of the Nation outside of Government than there are in it.

  14. Thanks for a great article Bill. Is there a small way I can be involved in getting the message across about the dangers of Roz Ward and his ilk? Thanks again.

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