The Death of the Liberal Party: Why Conservatism and Homosexualism Do Not Mix

All things homosexual are not the stuff of conservative values, and political parties claiming to be conservative should not be pushing such things. That case has been made on these pages often enough. But let me just briefly look at that case once again, then discuss some recent developments within the Australian Liberal party.

Conservatives seek to conserve that which is good and of value. The institutions of marriage and family are among those essential social goods that should never be abandoned, tampered with, or undermined. Pushing things like homosexual marriage is a direct assault on those two long-standing institutions.

turnbull 12And as some of us have warned for decades now, the push for all things homosexual will naturally and inevitably lead to the push for all things transgender, including the all-out war on gender and biology. And the push for homosexual marriage leads invariably to things like group marriage, incest and the like, of which we see indications everywhere.

Thus no genuine conservative in his right mind should be in bed with the homosexual militants. But sadly our federal conservative party, the Liberal Party, has thrown out its commitment to some of these core conservative values as it seeks to do everything to placate the homosexualists.

It is happy to bring in homosexuals who are pushing decidedly anti-conservative values. Sure, some may be pushing radical libertarian values, but that has far more to do with anarchism on the left than conservatism on the right. And we see all this coming to a head with homosexual Liberals pushing the homosexual marriage agenda – yet again.

Four federal Liberal Party politicians have now come out and said they will defy their own party and push for a vote in parliament next month on this issue. They have said they will introduce a homosexual marriage bill, break ranks with the Party, and cross the floor to see this come about.

They are traitors who should be booted from the Liberal Party. I refer to Warren Entsch (far north Queensland), Trevor Evans (Brisbane), Tim Wilson (Melbourne) and Trent Zimmerman (North Sydney). The last three are out and proud homosexuals, while Entsch might as well be for all his pro-homosexual activism.

So now these four renegades have decided to tell the Liberal Party to go to hell, and they will break ranks, telling the electorate just what they think of the pre-election promise to hold a plebiscite on this matter. They are willing to side with Labor and the Greens on this, and snub their nose at their own party.

All of the media is abuzz with this right now. One report puts it this way:

On Monday, the federal Liberal MP for Brisbane, Trevor Evans, said he supported a free vote. His comments are being interpreted by supporters of gay marriage as a coded signal that he would be willing to cross the floor to help bring on a vote and force the issue to be dealt with by Parliament.
Mr Evans – who is openly gay – told News Corp the Coalition should dump its policy to hold a plebiscite on the issue given it has been rejected by Labor and the Greens in the Senate. “I think the quickest and most likely course now is to allow politicians to have a free vote … and I support that,” he said. “I am talking with colleagues, quite a number of colleagues, about different options that sit in front of us at the moment.”
Liberal senator Dean Smith, who is also openly gay, is drafting a bill to legalise same-sex marriage. Writing for the Australian Financial Review, he urged his colleagues to vote in Parliament by Christmas.
“The government should not feel obligated to commit political suicide by handing its opponents a massive political cudgel by allowing the question of marriage equality to remain unresolved and fester over the next two years,” he wrote. “Far too much time and energy has already been consumed by this debate. It is time to resolve the matter, in Parliament, as our constitution provides.

And now we have a pretty clear commitment from the four rebels that all this will transpire within the next few weeks. This is a terrific way to destroy the federal Liberal Party. Of course many might argue that the party is dead already, with the back-stabbing of Tony Abbott just one of many clear indications of this.

The Labor-lite leader Malcolm Turnbull does not seem to have a conservative bone in his body. All in all the federal Libs are in free fall, and what transpires over the next month may well see the end of this once great party. If these four traitors get their way, then anyone who still adheres to conservative values and principles should call it quits and find a real conservative political party.

And as Victorian Liberal politician Bernie Finn just said, this is one big fat early Christmas present for Cory Bernardi. Quite so. He and his new Australian Conservatives party will be the big winner in all this. How many conservatives finally wake up, realise enough is enough, and pull out of the sinking Liberal ship remains to be seen.

But I suspect many will. And the natural place for them to migrate to will be Cory’s party. I do not say all this lightly. For decades now I have sought to defend the Libs and urged folks to stay there. The easy answer always was: well, at least they are not as bad as Labor.

Well, that no longer is really the case anymore. Increasingly the Libs look just like Labor. The political spectrum is shifting leftwards, and instead of remaining the conservative anchor that they should be, most of the Libs have just capitulated and happily boarded the leftwards moving ship.

Some great Liberal MPs remain of course, but to be honest, it may well be time for them to have a good long look at their party and what it has become. Is it any longer redeemable? Can it pull itself out of the leftist morass it is now in? Can it dump sham leaders like Turnbull and get some real conservative leadership?

These are all moot points, but we keep seeing a steady trickle of real deal conservatives leaving their old parties and joining up with Cory. That may be the only sensible course of action left for these folks. So things will be very interesting indeed in the near future.

But if a handful of homosexuals and faux-conservatives can manage to almost singlehandedly bring down an entire political party, well, that party must have been resting on some rather rotten foundations of late. It may be time to declare, “Adios Liberal Party”.

And some might add, “Good riddance.”

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34 Replies to “The Death of the Liberal Party: Why Conservatism and Homosexualism Do Not Mix”

  1. Tony Abbott is attempting to salvage from the inside but he needs to now challenge the leadership and lance this boil!
    I believe NOW is the time – He will find favour with God and with man if he can step up in faith.
    The spiritual climate is right for such move and there are those waiting to support such a leader. People are waiting to hear a frequency to which they will respond to but it must be clear. So rise up Tony – this is your kairos time.

  2. Hi Bill
    Just sent this to Trevor

    Dear Hon Trevor Evans,
    Member for Brisbane

    It is about time gay politicians like yourself stopped pursuing their personal agenda forcing gay marriage through the Parliament. Time to wake up and think about the people you and other Liberal pro gay members are supposedly representing.

    If a private bill is forced through the Parliament and the Plebiscite” promise” is ignored I believe the Liberal Party will be in a wasteland by next election because the Liberal heartland base will lose significant trust in the party and will cast their votes elsewhere .

    If gay marriage is approved my wife and I will not be voting liberal even though we reside in a safe liberal seat. But for Liberals sitting in marginal seats many members will be wiped out.

    So Mr Trevor Evans I think you should think very carefully before you put your personal gay agenda first. Your claim that this action ” is a way forward” on ABC Lateline, is a false claim. When the rights of a child to a mother and father are considered negligible it’s a sad day.

    If gay marriage is put through by a liberal Government I fully expect One Nation and Cory Bernardi’s party will gain additional seats at the expense of the Liberals and the Liberal party will be in the political wilderness for possibly two terms. Of course PM Turnbull will walk out of politics leaving behind a shattered party and be remembered as one of the worst PM’s in recent history.

    Sadly, the Liberal Party has already lost it’s way moving away from conservative values. I believe a vote for Gay Marriage will be the final nail in the liberal coffin.

    Philip B

    Sadly there is very little difference now between Labor and “LaborLite “Liberals

  3. The question is what can be done about it? Turnbull only gained ascendancy on the assurance that he would support Liberal Party policy. Now it appears he is reneging on that promise (via the back door). Will this result in a no confidence motion within the Liberal Party? Will Party discipline be brought to bear on the renegade party members, including Turnbull? Will it result in a split in the Party? I want to know what proportion of Liberal Party members still support truth over what they see as political expediency? Of course the evidence from overseas is that those parties that prove their dishonesty by choosing what the polls tell them is expedient instead of the truth, do suffer, as of course they should and polls have been very wrong.

    The Liberals will gain no friends if they choose the path of treachery and dishonesty. The majority of party supporters definitely do not want marriage redefined and it will be these people the Liberal Party will lose. Everywhere this change has happened there have been economic downturns and political problems, not to mention, of course, the social problems. They think they are dealing with a problem but are in fact opening a Pandora’s box. That is what happens when you deliberately choose the path of falseness. We are now desperately in need of a hero to restore integrity.

  4. Forget the Liberal Party, this will destroy Australia. How is it possible that people think you can completely change the definition of the central social institution without disastrous long term effects? The blindness astounds me. The whole subject grieves me deeply; I really don’t understand how people can support such evil and think they are doing good.

  5. “…It is the custom in passing romance and journalism to talk of men suffering under old tyrannies. But, as a fact, men have almost always suffered under new tyrannies; under tyrannies that had been public liberties hardly twenty years before. …” – G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, Chapter VII, “The Eternal Revolution”

    To alter the constitution of marriage and the family is to alter the de facto constitution of the nation. For millennia, clever people have thought to improve on Paradise, only to nudge the human race inexorably towards a Dystopia to end all dystopias and the ensuing Armageddon.

  6. I’m not an Australian, but it is clear that similar political disruptions are happening in the UK too. Not via gay marriage, but the Brexit issue. Our left-leaning Conservative party is betraying the process and we doubt if it will be much longer before large cracks appear. A lot of grass-roots members are deeply unhappy. In some quarters there is talk of a resurgence for the UK Independence Party which was key to bringing the EU membership referendum into being. Both Brexit and gay marriage (not to mention Islam as well) are highly divisive tools that I believe The Lord is going to use on full power. Politics will be split asunder when He is ready.

  7. Thanks Chris. Yes, throughout the West folks are getting increasingly fed up with the two-party system in which both parties differ little from each other, and each one seems intent on just staying in power.

  8. Hi Bill, Malcom Turnbull and Captain Edward John Smith do have one thing in common. Captain Smith went down with the Titanic on April 15th 1912. Allowing for some unseen catastrophic circumstances, “Captain” Turnbill will be going down the gurgler at the next Federal Election. Cory Bernadi is building his support base, and is to be commended for all the effort he and his supporters have put in. Frankly, (even with Andrew Bolt’s support), I don’t think he has enough time or momentum to become a serious third major party option before the next Federal Election. Being a realist, I have to accept that the gay marriage bill is a foregone conclusion unless there is major Divine Intervention. As always Bill, “KEEP STIRRING THE POT”. Blessings, Kel.

  9. Thank you Bill for your early news story. This confirms my position. I had pretty well made up my mind when Truncoat back stabbed Tony Abbot. My political party membership has already been taken up with the
    Australian Conservatives. No doubt millions of Australians will be utterly outraged if this, what is now predicted and forewarned, will actually happen. To deny the right of a plebiscite is no doubt the greatest deception of our nation’s political existence. It will be a terrible indictment on the people of Australia. The Liberals deserve to die completely on this act of treachery.
    Bill Heggers

  10. I am so grateful that my local member is dead set on voting against homosexual marriage and may I say it not gay anything because they are far from gay.

    What I would like to see is the National Party exercise some backbone and conviction and tell Malcolm that if the Coalition votes for homosexual marriage that they will withdraw from the coalition and let the Liberals go it alone which of course means another election at which the Liberals will be thrown out and the devilish Labor will be elected to govern and finish off the destruction of Australia.

  11. Couldn’t agree more Mark Rabich. Ignorance and apathy on this issue is unfathomable. The so called sexual rights and gender identity movement(s) unrestrained will have a crippling effect on families and our country. As goes the family so goes the nation…

  12. Roger Marks, the National Party will do no such thing as it is just as compromised as the Liberal Party when it comes to homosexual activism. At least two National MHR’s have publicly supported SSM and there is one NSW state National MP who is always to be found at the forefront of this type of activism in the NSW parliament.

  13. I’ve made my choice – It’s Cory for me. At least he has a backbone, and is trustworthy. It’s an old but true saying, that if we stand for nothing, we’ll fall for anything. We all need a strong and clear set of guidelines to live our lives by – guidelines that are not negotiable, guidelines that form a framework for us to live by. Jesus provides exactly that, and His stuff ACTUALLY WORKS!

  14. Dear readers,
    Happy for you to use any content you wish from my letter to Trevor Evans

    Regards Phil

  15. Thanks again Phil. However, bear in mind that as always with writing letters to MPs, it is best to put things in your own words, otherwise they suspect a form letter campaign and will be more likely to dismiss such letters. Thanks again for a great letter.

  16. I gave the Liberal Party my first vote at age 18 and have voted almost always Coalition for the past 44 years. I wrote to Senator Bridget Mckenzie asking that the Nationals make it clear that they will not work with traitors. However I hold little hope and will vote for Bernardi’s party next election. Turnbull will go down as the second worst Liberal PM in Australia with Billy McMahon taking first prize.

  17. President Trump has given the order to the Generals and Admirals that US military personnel are no longer allowed to infect allied civilian populations with diseases and infections when they visit places like the City of Sydney while on active leave. Well that’s my take on the matter.

    God Bless Bill.

  18. I think it’s time I hunt up my local MP’s response to my last letter. I’ve written a couple of letters over the past while, at least one of which pertained to the threat of homosexual marriage and had responses to both. Since the government is unable or unwilling to deal with the subject, and media pressure seems to be mounting, I probably ought to write again to reiterate that this is a make or break issue for the party. If the government permits the imposition of homosexual marriage on this country I believe neither I, nor my wider family, would be able to vote Liberal in good conscience. Given the numbers there’s a good chance that any block will need to occur in the senate so I’d probably better look up how to contact my local senators too. The more folk speak out, and pray, the more hope there is we can get past this crisis.

    And on a side note – and please critique the idea if it’s entirely unacceptable from a theological perspective, would the government proposing equality for homosexuals be legitimate? I believe they already have equality so any such law would be redundant, but it would take the wind out of the marriage equality claim since it makes clear that this is not a battle over equality, or the right to have a relationship the government recognises, but who controls and dictates the meaning of marriage. Either we keep the definition that has existed since the dawn of creation, or the government decides marriage is whatever it dictates it to be, which could mean 3 men and a kid – either human or goat. And since the activists are already issuing death threats, committing violence, and expressing hated of those opposed to changes, it is not in the interests of this country to encourage them in their unjustifiable extremism.

  19. All this evil comes in the name of love, and this kind of love will allow anything!

  20. Dear Bill
    I am most interested in the comments following this blog. I attended the inaugural Members Meeting of the Australian Conservatives held in Sydney on Friday 28th July. Some 500 paid up Members attended and the atmosphere was inspiring. The meeting was ordered, well run and frankly a sense of excitement was palpable. Senator Bernardi answered numerous questions from the floor with humility, purpose, articulation and from a decidedly conservative platform and nothing was off limits. I appreciated his honesty, candour, good humour and thoughtfulness. I appreciated the principled position that Australian Conservatives is taking…principle driven politics was the order of the night. The interest in the Australian Conservatives across the country is overwhelming and like many others, I left the meeting with a sense that something new is emerging – a people movement consisting of conservative and intelligent Australians who are frankly not only fed up by the recent litany of political expediency evidenced in the major political parties, but angered by the hypocrisy. The curtain is certainly being drawn on the Liberals. When so called “conservatives” meddle with leftish politics and leftist ethics, the signposts marking the road to political demise is clear. The line is being crossed and it appears as though the P.M. and others have backed themselves into a corner. That is the political price one pays for meddling in those things that ought not to be meddled in.
    One of your readers and commentators, Chris Dark made reference to the situation in the U.K. I recently received a letter from a friend in the U.K. who quoted from an eminent English academic. “The Conservatives are currently using a slogan “A Country that Works for All”. I suggest we counter this with a slogan of “A Morality That Works for All”. The current situation is doing harm to all”.
    Precisely. No government which meddles with the time honoured Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage and attempts to re-define it will get away with it. Bad ideas have bad consequences.

  21. Conservatuves have been worthless at conserving anything. The label cuckservative will never be more appropriately applied if they cuck on this. The Alt-Right is inevitable, Deus Vult!

  22. Events taking place in America are remarkably similar, with a split developing in the Conservative Republican Party, with some more liberal members allying themselves on major issues with the liberal Democratic Party. The Republican Party seems to be destroying itself and many are calling for it to be replaced by a new party, the Constitutional Conservatives

  23. Well documented John Miller.
    Yes as Bill Muehlenberg has documented many times now one partner gay marriage is a minority status. Monogamy does not suit a perverse lifestyle that seeks repeated sexual gratification with multiple males.
    Gay marriage with one and only partner should reduce AIDS transmission across society but the reverse is happening. The reason is obvious.

  24. I got an email from Gary Spence, President of the LNP, In part, he writes:

    ‘Let me say at the outset, the LNP’s position on changing the definition of marriage under the Marriage Act 1961 is perfectly clear – the LNP believes there should be no change to the definition. This is the view of the overwhelming majority of our Party members, and is supported by a resolution carried at the 2014 LNP Convention: That this Convention of the LNP calls on the Commonwealth Government to reaffirm the Coalition’s standing commitment to not amend the definition of “marriage” under the Marriage Act 1961, so that it remains as “…the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. If there were contrary opinions, our members had the opportunity to test them on the floor of our 2017 Convention held just two weeks ago.’

    Cori Bernardi writes:

    ‘All the media chatter is about redefining marriage. It’s been led by a group of self-interested MPs and Senators who have been supported in their backroom plans by some senior government ministers… In effect, these ministers have been plotting to undermine their own government and deny the Australian people a say on the matter. However, the intriguing issue is how some members of the executive government have been collaborating to undermine their own policy position. How far have we fallen into the abyss of relativism when a government cannot even trust themselves? How can any of us have faith in our decision makers under such circumstances?’

    These homosexual activist are so committed to ramming their depraved agenda down our throats that they are prepared to bring down the government and destroy their own political party.

  25. Bill, here’s what t I have sent to Trevor Evans:

    Dear Trevor

    Please, please, please do not proceed with the plan to cross the floor to achieve your objective of legalising same sex marriage. I may be a political neophyte, but what you will do if you are successful is to put Bill Shorten and his party into government. Many conservative voters like me will desert the Coalition in droves because we cannot rely upon promises.
    I see you believe you can put safeguards into the legislation to protect those like me who believe in the biblical and God given definition of marriage; do you trust Shorten and Mark Dreyfuss not to amend your legislation to enact legislation which incorporates legal sanctions against free speech? Dreyfuss has already indicated that he will enact this legislation.
    Trevor, generations have fought to defend the Judeo-Christian way of life in our country. For all its faults arising from human failures, the Ten Commandments have served us well; are you willing to be the instrument which relegates them to history and ushers in a new morality which is clearly bankrupt as observed by Paul Kelly?

  26. Dear Senator,

    This week Essential Research released a poll showing that 61% of Australians want to have a national vote on marriage.
    Rather than leaving it to politicians, Australians want to have their say about whether or not we change the Marriage Act.
    Despite overwhelming public support for a people’s vote, the Senate is standing in the way of the legislation needed to hold a plebiscite.
    Please accede to the wishes of the people of Australia.
    Yours sincerely,

    This is my letter to the Greens.

  27. I agree with Corey Bernadi & Andy Thomas. If gay marriage gets into Australia, we as a nation are doomed. So called Progressives are undermining a once great nation. Real Christians will have to stand up for our beliefs based on Biblical doctrine. Carole Billerwell.

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