Alfie Evans, Infanticide, and our Damnable Indifference

This is now my third piece on little Alfie Evans. That is how important this case really is. And to be honest, if you still have no idea who Alfie is, shame on you. Yes we are all quite busy and we all have issues we are dealing with. But when things like state-sponsored infanticide come along and it means nothing to us, then we are quickly dying as a culture.

Thankfully many folks are very concerned about this tragic case, and many have been speaking out. Let me quote from six quite different people on this: a parent who has gone through the same thing, a pro-life expert, a medical doctor, an English politician, a Christian apologist, and a noted American writer. Although they are quite diverse in what they do, they speak as one about this shocking case.

Let me begin with someone who has been there and done that. Connie Yates, the mother of little Charlie Gard, who died in similar circumstances last year, said this:

For those who have not been in a situation like this, it is impossible to understand the pain Tom and Kate are going through. When we were fighting for our son, Charlie Gard, to be given a chance to try a treatment that could have improved his quality of life, we realized that cases like these would keep happening until the law was changed. Tragically, this has proven to be true.

Next, let me go to Rome and offer the words of Virginia Coda Nunziante, President of Associazione Famiglia Domani:

We are living in these past few days the case of little Alfie: We must be well aware that if we do not react now, infanticide will become the norm. The demon is no longer satisfied with the blood of millions of victims in the womb of their mothers [by abortion]: now things have passed to the next step, the killing of infants. It is the new holocaust that the devil demands to be offered to him by modern man.

Third, the words of a German doctor should shake us all to the core. Professor Nikolaus Haas, head of the Child Cardiology and Pediatric Intensive Medicine Unit at Munich University Hospital said this about the case:

We have learned in Germany because of our history, that there are things that you do not do with severely disabled patients. Our ethical understanding in Germany is different, I mean – thank God. The [hospital’s] logic that it is better for the child to die than that someone else looks at it, and even to sue [for that] in court, this is an unimaginable behavior for me.

Wow, those words alone should shock us out of our apathy and lethargy. My fourth quote is from an English politician who sees clearly where all this is heading. Nigel Farage writes:

Any parent in the world who’s got a child that’s sick would move heaven and earth if somebody else could offer them a different treatment. And yet what happens here is, our state-run medical system decides there is nothing else that can be done, and backed up by the state courts, they make a decision that those parents are not fit to move their child somewhere else. So this gets to the absolute heart of how much freedom does the individual have, how much decision-making process do the parents have. Or are our children now owned by the state?

Next, I offer the words of commentator Douglas Wilson who reminds us that Sarah Palin had warned about death panels in the Obamacare bill. He discusses this and then writes:

In our time, the whole society has lost its mind. And the proposals before us suggest that we the insane ought to set up and tolerate these all-encompassing bureaucracies, regulating and determining every little aspect of life. The bureaucracy will still be formed, and will still have its perverse internal incentives, but they are being established by a majority vote by all the lunatics in the asylum. There is no going home to dinner afterward. To take an image from Lewis, all they are serving is bricks and centipedes.

What is required is a revolt of the normals. We have to learn how to kick. Not only that, we have to learn how to kick early. When they are refusing to allow treatment for a toddler like Alfie, we have to realize that we, all of us, enabled that system to take shape in the first place, and that we didn’t say no to the first encroachments of the wickedness of socialism.

My final quote comes from author Rod Dreher:

In what sense is the UK government not euthanizing Alfie Evans? It is terrifying to me as a parent to think that the state could decide on its own that my sick child should die, even though he is not in pain, and even though his mother and I had made arrangements to have him cared for in another country, at no expense to the state. Is this what it means to live in a post-Christian nation? I think this is what it means to live in a post-Christian nation. It is becoming a post-humane nation.

Yes it is certainly a post-humane culture we are now living in. When most folks are completely indifferent to a shocking case like this, then we have certainly moved over the edge. We no longer have the right to call ourselves civilised.

Let me remind you of this basic truth: one day we will all stand before our maker and give an account. One of the big-ticket items we will have to face up to is our damnable apathy, indifference, silence, and cowardice. And the Alfie episode is just one case in point of this sadly.

Indeed, there are so many vitally important things that have taken place all around us, yet we said and did nothing about them either because we did not give a rip, or we were too afraid to make a stand. Whatever the reason for our silence, we WILL be held to account for this. As Bonhoeffer so powerfully put it:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

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  1. All I’m saying is, if anyone intends to visit the UK on business or a holiday, they must ensure that their travel insurer contracts with them, that in the event of an accident, to airlift them out of the UK to a non-NHS hospital (Ireland is close), or at least, ensure that the Uk government and courts are aware that their jurisdiction doesn’t apply to you as a non-citizen and you are not contracting with them.
    You’d have a better chance of survival at the old Bailey than in these disgusting gaols they euphemistically call “hospitals”.

  2. My prayer is that more babies with this illness can be treated privately! Charitable giving will hopefully allow this! This will enable parents to make the decision to move the child for further treatment!

  3. Has anyone asked Teresa May about this tragic case? If so, what has been her response?
    May God have mercy on Australia and the UK.

  4. Dreadful! This could happen to anyone’s child. Unbelievable how much control the hospital backed by the courts had in this. I’m shattered by such callousness.

  5. Wow Bill, another powerful challenge – thank you!
    Would you please re-direct us all to what you have written previously about how we ought to be engaging?
    Sincere thanks.

  6. This has happened here in Western Australia just last year……a little boy that the parents no longer wanted him to have chemo because of the trauma it caused him were refused to make this choice. If my memory serves me correctly they would have liked to have sought alternative treatment as well. This beautiful little man has since passed away but it absolute infuriated me that his parents were not allowed to decide what was best for him……HOW DARE the medical system and courts decide in these situations where there is absolutely no child neglect

  7. Dear Bill,
    With a number of British relatives and the grateful memory of Britain’s recent history of defeating Nazi Germany it concerns me greatly to watch the present moral slide into the abyss of British civilisation. This is the second occasion of Government orchestrated infanticide we hear about.
    Another sign of the moral collapse of British civilisation and on a very much greater scale is the cover-up of the so-called Muslim grooming scandal in which at least 100000 school-girls from 10 to 16 years old have been fed into the child-prostitution industry after having been drugged and gang-raped. Some estimate that it may even be as many as one million girls. This has been happening during the last 3 decades with full knowledge, or ability to know, of just about every relative Government Department. One might even say aided and abetted by the relative Government Departments. All are guided by, or too intimidated by, political correctness and fear that the Muslim community might riot if the truth of these crimes is made public. All this can now be read in the very well researched and referenced book “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal” by Peter McLoughlin

  8. In one article about the Alfie Evans case, I read that doctors at the same hospital had been caught euthanizing children without their parents’ consent so that the doctors could harvest and sell the children’s organs for transplants. This is truly horrific and must be stopped. I applaud the person who asked what Prime Minister May has to say about this case and others like it. The British government wanted to blame the doctors for the situation, but it was the British government that refused to give the Evans parents visas so that they could take their child to Italy. So much for the “innocence” and “neutrality” of the government!

  9. The very fact that the hospital has the authority to do what this hospital has done, demonstrates that in the UK the State controls even the decisions parents can make about the health of their own child. This takes UK thinking into that of Nazi Germany under Hitler. Where are the Christians in the UK? Not to be seen or heard!
    Australia needs to separate itself from the UK now that this has occurred. We need a civilisation where parents decide about their children, not hospitals or the courts, unless the parents are so unable or unwilling to carry out their God given responsibilities that in the interest of the children – and no one else, the child needs to be removed from parental care.
    This case is of huge concern and goes to the fundamental rule of law that allows institutions to decide what is in the best interests of the child, including the bizarre view expressed by someone who apparently claims to be a doctor that a decision to starve a young child to death can be described as a reallocation of care rather than what it is a decision to starve a child to death. The doctor should be struck off. Let us call a spade a spade and not be deluded by irresponsible people for whom we should pray.

  10. Do know what the medical traditions are in similiar cases? What would have happened 20 or 50 years ago? Thanks for your article Bill.

  11. Thanks for your time and effort in reporting and researching these things. All I can do is just skim the articles and pray in my heart while doing so.

    And to be honest, if you still have no idea who Alfie is, shame on you.

    Not everyone has a fast or reliable internet connection. Not everyone has the luxury and privilege of sitting in a comfortable study with 24/7 online access, nor the time to fully utilise such facilities, afforded by a devoted wife, family and support team, to do all the “boring” stuff of life.

    Why should I be ashamed if only today I heard of Alfie? For every soldier on the front line, there are at least 20 others in supply, ordinance, logistics, etc.

    King David said, “the share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle” (1 Samuel 30:24). And to be honest, I’m not ashamed of that.

  12. Thanks Kit. I did not mean to imply that I expect everyone to be a 24/7 lobbyist, or always be online, etc. I just made the point that all of us in the West live in an information-saturated age, and so it is sorta difficult to not have seen something on Alfie with all the coverage it was getting in all sorts of the media over the past week or two. But I guess my point was mainly that every Christian is called to be salt and light, which would require at least some awareness of what is happening in the world around us if possible.

    I actually do not sit around in an easy chair with my feet up surfing the Web 24/7 as some might imagine! I am just as busy as anyone else with family responsibilities and all sorts of other commitments and activities taking large parts of my time. Bless you and keep up the good work.

  13. Peace be with you Bill our much-admired cultural warrior and God’s faithful servant.

    I can show full understanding that you did not mean to expect everyone to be a 24/7 lobbyist and I’m pretty sure that you do not sit around in an easy chair surfing the internet 24/7. I don’t have the luxury and privilege of doing so either. Despite that, I have to confess my tardiness in responding to the tragic case and mishap of Alfie Evans.

    Certainly I do not belong to that group of nonchalant ‘Christians’ who are “far too busy watching favourite TV shows” or “spend hours telling buddies about new cars, big houses, ….. but remain completely silent when gross evil raises its ugly head all around us”.

    I just want you to know that your great piece ‘Alfie Evans: apathy kills’ has sent me down a long path of retrospection and goaded me into profound repentance for being occasionally negligent towards other people’s sufferings.

    Please be assured once again of my all-out support (through my prayers and partaking in alarming people of the danger of LGBTI sexual radicalism and state-sanctioned murder) for your ministry. May our Lord’s blessings and protection be upon you always.

    Paul Au from across the ditch

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