Stop Pretending You Are a Christian

Here is my in-your-face thesis: When folks vote against things God so very highly regards such as the sanctity of life and heterosexual marriage and family, they forfeit the right to call themselves Christians, and they very likely are not Christians.

Yes, I know, some qualifications need to be offered here, and I will do that in a moment. But I do not want death by a thousand qualifications to rob the prophetic edge to this statement. When you claim to be something, but act in a completely opposite way, one can rightly question your claims.

What I especially have in mind here of course is a vote just being held on the issue of abortion in Ireland. It seems that the majority of Irish voters may have chosen to overturn a prolife amendment there. Bear in mind that this is a nation that is still considered to be predominantly Roman Catholic.

It is worth noting that the Preamble to the Irish Constitution begins with these words: “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred”.

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Act, 1983 “Acknowledged the right to life of the unborn, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother”. It seems this Amendment is now being voted down by Catholic Ireland. Yes I know, we need to wait a bit longer for the final results, but many are now saying this will be the likely outcome.

As one news report states:

Polls by The Irish Times and RTE suggest about 69% voted to repeal a part of the constitution that effectively bans terminations. Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar, who supported the reforms, said it looked as if the country was about to “make history”. Official counting of votes will begin at 09:00 local time.
Those taking part in Friday’s referendum were asked whether they wanted to repeal or retain a part of the constitution known as the Eighth Amendment, which says an unborn child has the same right to life as a pregnant woman.
Broadcaster RTE’s exit poll suggested 69.4% in favour of the Yes side and 30.6% for No. In Dublin, 79% of people voted for repeal, according to the RTE poll. An exit poll released by The Irish Times points to 68% Yes to 32% for No.

Miracles can happen, and exit polling is not always foolproof. But if these predictions are even remotely accurate, it seems that Ireland will join other Western nations in voting for the officially sanctioned killing of unborn babies. Everywhere we see the ugly culture of death sweeping over the West.

Of course this is the same ‘Catholic’ Ireland that voted to legalise fake homosexual marriage in May, 2015. Hmm, last time I checked, Catholics were supposed to be prolife and pro-marriage – at least biblical marriage. So it seems we have plenty of nominal Catholics in Ireland who really don’t take their faith seriously at all.

And the examples of this are legion. I just spotted this headline in an online English newspaper: “Why I, as an Irish Catholic woman, would vote ‘Yes’ to repeal the Eighth”. It is penned by Judith Woods, whoever she is. It seems she is a columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

But the headline tells me all I need to know about her: chances are very good that you are not a Catholic at all if you can run with this pro-death advocacy. And it is not just Catholics of course who are showing where they are really at. Plenty of Protestants are doing exactly the same thing. One very public case in point is U2’s Bono.

The Irish rocker, who claims to be a Christian, said a few weeks ago that he and the band fully support the law change. As one news item reported:

U2 angered fans last week after the rock band tweeted support for legalizing abortion in Ireland. The band tweeted a graphic with the words “Repeal the 8th,” referring to the upcoming Irish referendum on abortion. Voters in Ireland will head to the polls on May 25 to possibly repeal Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution, which gives unborn fetuses the same right to life as the mother.
Though some supported U2’s stance on the issue, many pro-life fans said they were “disappointed” with the band. “This breaks my heart. I have loved and followed you for 20 years. I still love you but I can’t follow you down this road. My tickets to upcoming shows will go unused,” one fan wrote.

Band member Dave “Edge” Evans gave a pitch for repealing the Eighth, and said “The important thing is to vote.” But as Bristol Palin responded,

No, the important thing is NOT voting. There are more important things… like protecting valuable and innocent babies… like defending the defenseless. Like not killing other people. Like standing up for life. . . . I get it that this is a controversial issue. But I just hate it when Christian people refuse to stand up for the most vulnerable people on the planet.

The band, said Mark Hemingway,

seems to be taking its place in a long line of pop culture figures who have followed the path of least resistance: to support what is culturally and politically convenient rather than speak the unchangeable truth. Killing a child in its mother’s womb is a horrifying practice, and that the state would sanction it should in no way assuage our consciences. As much as Christian forgiveness is freely given, there are still higher laws and divine authority that must be respected. If Bono and the rest of everyone’s favorite Christian rock band possess enough hubris to support the legalization of abortion in Ireland, maybe they really do think they can play God.

Yes, one need not just pick on Bono and U2 here of course. I have written plenty of articles over the years discussing other big cheese artists and celebs who claim to be Christians but who support things like homosexual marriage and baby killing. Their actions betray their words, and one has every right to question their Christian bona fides.

As I said above, some qualifications are needed here. Yes, at the end of the day, only God fully knows the human heart, and only he knows who are truly his, and who are not. But of course Christians are given all sorts of doctrinal and behaviour tests to use in assessing others.

We are to ‘know them by their fruit,’ as Jesus said, and we are to critically test and assess their teachings, as Paul so often said. So we have no need to remain silent here. We are to test all things, and we are to call out those who say they are right with God but live like the devil.

Sure, many of these believers may just be really ignorant, or clueless, or uneducated, or deceived. Many would be woefully biblically illiterate. And many are just cowardly or worldly or carnal, and are just happy to be trendy and politically correct, and don’t want to rock the boat.

But as Jesus so clearly warned in Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.” Those are strong and stern words – words that every single one of us must take with the utmost seriousness.

So let me say it again: When folks vote against things God so very highly regards such as the sanctity of life and heterosexual marriage and family, they forfeit the right to call themselves Christians, and they very likely are not Christians.

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24 Replies to “Stop Pretending You Are a Christian”

  1. So true Bill, no true Christian, Catholic or Protestant would vote for abortion or so called same sex marriage!

  2. 2 Timothy 3:5 comes to mind. So many people professing to be Christian are eager to live like the world in the world. Not changing their views, actions or attitudes towards sin. God hates sin and unless you follow suite you will not enter the Kingdom of God. Everlasting hell awaits for those who reject Jesus. Time to wake up from your slumber!

  3. Thanks Bill,

    I’ve worked in the Catholic Education system for almost 10 years, and I can still count on one hand the number of genuine, faithful, God fearing Catholics that I have interacted with. I initially thought it was to do with the liberal nature of the teaching profession, but it seems that most Catholics aren’t listening, and don’t care about God’s way, truth, and purpose, only their own.

  4. Jesus said said: “The meek shall inherit the Earth”. He did not say that the weak shall inherit the Earth.
    The so called Christians who are weak in spirit as well and in body cannot inherit the Earth and it is only a question of time before the true Christians rise and take back the Earth.
    John Abbott

  5. Good article Bill. So very sad as people who are searching would certainly not be helped by this so called Christianity.
    Jesus does tell us in the end times ‘will I find faith on earth?’

  6. U2 sang- “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. Says it all really.

  7. Anyone who sanctions the bloody decapitation and massacre of unborn babies and still wishes to call themselves a Christian, will certainly have a hell of explaining to do to God.

  8. Thanks for alerting me about U2. Goodnees gracious. And those professing Christ in our most current SSM vote. Very annoying. These are all good warnings for never being a hypocrite and living in line with God’s will. Thanks for the article Bill.

  9. As an unplanned pregnancy and a celibate man, I find the cavalier and cold way that people talk about the responsiblity that exists with sex deeply disquieting. I can’t get my head around the common thinking that sexual desire justifies just about anything, including murder.

    But especially infuriating is it when some people play the game of identity politics on this topic, namely “you can’t speak on the topic because you’re not a woman” or something similar. Actually, yes I can and will.

    If they really wanted to push that game, I would point out that – when considering my own situation – the only demographic I will personally defer to are: people born out of rape – like Rebecca Kiessling, and those who survived abortion, like Melissa Ohden, Claire Culwell or Gianna Jessen. It’s no surprise to me that all of those people I have known in those categories are outspokenly pro-life!

    A few links:

    I have no idea how people who push abortion can ever speak about any aspect of human rights without dissolving into a pool of hypocrisy, because when it counts, they support a dehumanisation of people that demonstrably eclipses the crimes of the Nazis. Every year, globally 50 million people are callously murdered in the most gruesome ways. btw, I happen to be born of German parents who grew up during that era, so it aggravates me when people say the comparison has no validity; it absolutely does. I’ve visited a number of the camp memorials such as Dachau, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, and even been to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. The Nazis declared the Jews ‘untermenschen’ in order to convince themselves what they were doing wasn’t actually murder, and abortion proponents use euphemisms and deflections to secondary considerations (eg. ‘women’s rights’) to do the same thing to the unborn. But no matter how you spin it, it remains objectively murder. If anything, killing defenceless children is much worse a crime. The unborn can never remotely threaten anything like a Warsaw Ghetto uprising and materially assist resistance, they are utterly defenceless.

    Countries who allow this are only destroying their own future, as other countries who see this as a great wrong will eventually overtake them. How can there be any other outcome? Ireland is signing its own death warrant. How can people not see this? Is it really true that about 2 out of 3 people don’t care about the generations to come?

    The complete blindness, harsh atttitudes and selfishness by people on the topic grieve me deeply, but worst of all is when people who claim to be Christians fail to speak up about it. I have friends who don’t realise that in doing this, they have effectively declared they would be OK with me dead. (same goes for U2) Some have actually gone a step further from that and even berated me for gently challenging them! The topic cuts deep into me; thankfully there are some people who have not imbibed the zeitgeist (link below). I can only mourn for Ireland, the West seems to be hell-bent on throwing itself off a cliff. If the human race survives another 100 years without the return of Jesus, I have no doubt that many history books will consider our current so-called ‘leaders’ as prime examples of cowards and oppressors. I yearn for the day this nightmare is over and my Lord arrives to kick Satan out. May it be very soon.

  10. Mark Rabich noted that countries that allow abortion are destroying their own future. It is perhaps appropriate that Bill’s previous post was on the Islamisation of Sweden. Europe’s solution to its self imposed childlessness is to encourage its own invasion by a hostile culture that unabashedly states its agenda to seize power and remake what was once known as Christendom into a new Caliphate. Europe is making the rod for its own back.

  11. Yes Bill. The most sacred place in the world is the mother’s womb. Always has been and always will. In our inter-connected world where corporations just use countries for their material gain- the concept of the “country” is being diluted. So many (evil) forces at work promoting Satan’s agenda in the “Irish” referendum. I console myself with remembering “……there were no atheists in the trenches.”

  12. Thank you Mark. Yes, the West is ‘hell-bent on throwing itself off a cliff’. The cultural marxist agenda, strongly pushed in almost all Western universities, is thriving in its implementation. And, Andrew, your post about Europe so obviously applies equally to our country, Australia. God bless you Bill for your faithful commentaries and endeavour to rally Christendom.

  13. It is a very sad, Bill is right to say that those who vote for the murder of the unborn should not call themselves Christians as they clearly do not follow Christ closely enough to know how he feels about this. People can only vote like this if they are complacent in their faith and with sin. So we are not only left to morn the babies and the state of the nation, but the believers as well.

    Reflecting on my own life and that of my church, I wonder if we am not are falling our Lord in some obvious way. This is a good reminder that we need to be vigelent and turn to God and ask him to make our sin known to us and at the same time take steps to kill our sin in our lives.

  14. Too many people want to conscript the Lord Jesus as a supporter for their particular cause. He is Lord of all, and will not be conscripted for the ends of each and every popular cause.

    Long ago infanticide was resorted to in a futile attempt to ensure that Herod retained his title as the sole “King of the Jews”…

    Where are the old protest songs of the ’50s and early ’60s? Does only political correctness sell music albums and concert tickets?

  15. After a number of previous Irish referenda that supported the unborn we see it just takes one to undo things but I don’t believe the battle for life in Ireland is over. Whatever abortion laws the Irish instigate I doubt they are likely to come anywhere near the draconian laws we see in places like Victoria where a fully viable, near full term baby can be murdered with no questions asked. All part of the labor Party’s evil push to promote the murder of innocents in any and all forms they can get away with.

    Worth noting that, again, we have seen a hugely funded and false propaganda program where cases like the woman who died from infection when her baby was not aborted when under the current laws an abortion was available, demonstrate how these propaganda merchants never let the truth get in the way of an effective story. We also saw another demonic bait-and-switch where, like Obama’s and the Australian Liberal’s support for marriage prior to the election which not only evaporated but turned into strong support for the opposite view, we saw the the Irish, homosexual Prime Minister’s support for a pro-life position prior to the election almost immediately turn to full support for the opposing position straight after his election.

    One of the very sad things in all this is just how naive and impressionable young people are. They are being brain washed and fed falsehood and are completely unable to see it. Unfortunately musicians and actors also often fall into the category of people who are easily influenced and so can also be used effectively in this propaganda process.

    Dan_12:7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, who was on the waters of the river, when he held up his right and his left hand to Heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever that it shall be for a time, times, and a half. And when they have made an end of scattering the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

  16. St. Isaac the Syrian: On the finality of hell and the ineffectiveness of repentance after death.

    Homily 6

    “Besides that state which is completely on high and the state that is absolutely below, in the future separation there will be no middle realm between them. A man will either belong entirely to those [who dwell] on high, or entirely to those below…

    To escape Gehenna means precisely to enter the Kingdom, even as to fall way from the Kingdom is to enter Gehenna…

    He (God) definitely separated the distinctions of their dwelling-places.”

  17. I am not suprised sadly, that famous ‘christistians’ like Bono won’t stand up for truth on issues like abortion and homosexuality.
    They love the money and good ‘name’ they get in the world more by going with the flow.
    Imagine the hate a famous christian rock star or group would get if they really did make a stand for truth on subjects like this! The case of Israel Folou is an example of what hate they would get.
    Am so tired of famous ‘christians’ like Bono etc never making a stand for absolutes. It’s so predictable!!

  18. Man’s will is taking precedence over God’s will as the culture of human rights takes hold more & more & the fruit of it is absorbed & internalized by society.
    Human rights becomes the means of man to elevate himself to godlike status, which he can never be, but still believes the lie of Eden’s time.
    Since then man is fallen, caught in darkness of the soul, but selfdeclaring it to be the light to be pursued.
    Selfdecision is selfworship:
    The needs & feelings of the Self is superior to all else.
    God is not consulted neither honored.
    Self is elevated.
    It is far apart from the Cross & the life it brings through dying to self & sin & separation from the love of the world.
    The church that carries as its members the selfworshippers is a useless institution populated by motivational speakers that encourage its members on the road of perdition, making them feel well & comfortable in the process.
    They are in reality taught to flee the cross of Jesus & His call for daily crucifixion of self.
    It in fact becomes the anti-church, although it carries the name of church.
    The church should be the conscience of the people, the voice of Christ calling people from their sinlife of darkness into the light of the Gospel of Jesus.
    When the vast majority of its members vote for death of new life in the sacred chamber of the womb & the womb that should be a place of life & safety for the living being God has entrusted there becomes death row before a vicious & violent procedure of ripping apart of the living body & the blood is spilt in vanity of clinical procedure without emotion, then the wrath of God must be coming ever nearer.
    When one man’s blood was spilt (Abel) God said it “called to Me from the earth”.
    How much more the multi-millions of abortion?
    Ireland! Ireland!
    You are asking for a time of great sorrow, when Christ’s wrath will be unleashed on you.

  19. In my country there is a Lutheran church called” the Swedish Church” and about 60% of the Swedes are members of that specific church, most of them adore Sweden (or the maybe I shall call it “”the Swedish spirit of time”) as their god. But some others of them (maybe a third) are Christians.

    If USA had been a Christian country, neither Trump nor Hillary had stand a chance to become precident. Trump was bought forth by false prophets, and Hillary, well she was going to church since a long time ago, but some church that do (or soon will) accept abortion and same sex church marriage. So what can we do?

    “In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him.” (Proverbs 21:1)

    We could pray for all those in authority and the bible tells us to do so. But we have failed to do so! (At least I have)

    “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

    In Israel the King and some of the people sacrificed some of their children and God let the people being captured and brought off by the Babylonian. An abortion (at least in any rich country) is: a sacrifice or offering, to Mamon or some other heathen god.

  20. THANK YOU for all your thoughtful heartfelt caring comments. How THE LORD must grieve for all HIS little ones…cut off before a breathe is taken.

    I spoke with a very active pro-life woman last week.. her goal and the goal several active groups is to reduce the number of abortions in Australia, by focussing on the health and human rights of the mothers. It seems there are no truly impartial viable counselling services that exist for pregnant women considering abortion. So its important to lobby for impartial counselling that doesn’t favour abortion. A woman who received an abortion stated she was asked at the abortion clinic why she wanted a termination… (she actually didn’t want one, and wanted a way out) and replied she hadn’t known the father long. So she was then asked for the money and the process began. That was the only “counselling” she received. There is a great need to offer real impartial counselling.

    Many of the girls who get abortions are coerced by partners or family or desperately feel that they have no options. They are often alone and afraid. The gift that “side walk counsellors” give the women heading towards an abortion clinic is a true option to keep their baby, through their offering of practical help…. such gifts of accommodation, real help and emotional support are given. I spoke with another lady who housed a girl and her baby in her own home for over a year. One group flew the mother of a pregnant young woman to Australia from Nepal to assist the pregnant mum keep her baby, as well as supplied access to a pro-life doctor and baby furniture etc.

    I am so grateful to these wonderful people, “side-walk counsellors” and others doing so much to help desperate pregnant women to keep their babies. I plan to hold a fund raiser…please let me know if you’re interested. Thank you.

  21. For those of us who have Irish heritage this vote is devastating but not unexpected when you consider their vote on SSM and the millions of dollars poured into both by George Soros and the Irish American philanthropist. The youth have been consumed by the leftest thinkers.
    One only has to look at the latest census taken in Ireland to see where it is headed and it is not up. The yes voters have ignored the words of Jesus “suffer little children to come unto me for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven”. They have also ignored the ‘Millstone” around their necks.
    Those who fought for the freedom of the Republic must be turning in their graves. The Emerald Isle will fast disappear as the Blood Red Isle takes over. Satan rules, God has been sacked.
    Thank you Bill for expressing so well what was needed to be said.

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