Moral Madness in the Mad City

I can fully understand any couples today who are seriously questioning whether they should have children. Not for some of the poorer reasons (the world is overpopulated; we just want to live for ourselves and not be encumbered with the burden of kids; etc) but because they are so alarmed at the spiritual and moral meltdown of the West.

Things are degenerating at an alarming rate, and it is our children especially who bear the brunt of this social and cultural cataclysm. Concerned parents really do fear – and justifiably so – that this world is lurching toward oblivion, and why should they inflict all this on any children they might have.

I am not saying all parents who worry about this should not have kids. I am simply saying I fully understand their thinking here. And there are some places in the world that are worse than others when it comes to the war on faith, family and freedom, and other values so many people hold near and dear.

Just a week ago I was in one of them. Don’t get me wrong – it is a beautiful city, built on four lakes, and it has many fine people. But it has long been known as a hotbed of radical leftism. I refer to the college town, Madison, Wisconsin.

During the radical 60s the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus was right up there with all the student rioting and Marxist revolution, along with places like the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University in New York.

I would often hitchhike there from my smaller conservative hometown during the days of my wild, non-Christian youth to be a part of the action. Of course since then I have had a conversion to Christianity and a move away from leftist radicalism.

But Madison is still much the same today. Now it is filled with a lot of ageing hippies and still tends to vote for leftist candidates and political parties. As my wife and I walked along the pretty streets of Madison just recently we noticed many homes had various signs proudly displayed in their front yards. One of them said this:


Hmm, that in itself is worth an entire article! Plenty of rather vacuous leftist rhetoric and clichés there, along with all the usual identity politics and hot-button causes of the left. But I write all this to provide some background to something I just received in an email.

It provides the perfect illustration of what I have been talking about, and would confirm the fears of every concerned parent in America in general, and Madison in particular. It has to do with an elementary school teacher who has decided he is no longer a he.

As Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of the Liberty Counsel explains:

If you want to see where HR 5, the so-called “Equality Act,” will take America, let me show you. What I’m about to share reveals why it’s so crucial that you and I oppose HR 5. In Madison County, Wisconsin, an elementary school teacher formerly known as Mark “Vince” Busenbark made a startling “transgender coming out” video that was shown to K-5th grade children at his school two weeks ago.

Busenbark, an authority figure, told these young, innocent and highly impressionable grade schoolers he is now neither male nor female but “transgender” and/or “non-binary.” And he made a “request.” He asked that students now call him “Mix” or “Mx. Steel” instead of “Mr. B.” or “Mr. Busenbark” (or even “Mr. Steel”). He did so in order to have the children endorse his claim that he is neither wholly male, nor wholly female, but a “mix” or “non-binary.”

Busenbark is effectively asking young children to endorse his sexual confusion (at best) or his sexual fetish (at worst). And Busenbark’s manipulation has already had an effect, based on a single video showing. One teacher emailed him that a kindergartner said, “I feel the same way at times” as “Mx. Steel.” Another teacher said that as a result of the video, other children “just accepted” a girl’s claim that “she is a boy now.”

Not only that, but Busenbark prejudiced these youngsters against people who respectfully disagree with him on transgenderism. Busenbark informed the grade schoolers that such people are motivated by “fear” and “hate.” This is outrageous! Busenbark has no legal authority to force students to call him “Mx.,” nor to manipulate them with the idea that they must obey him or be seen as “disrespectful” or “hateful” or “not loving.”

Liberty Counsel is pursuing this situation. Last Friday, we sent a detailed public records request to the Madison school district. But here’s the thing. Busenbark will have the legal wind at his back if HR 5, the dangerous “Equality Act” becomes law.

That’s because this radical law directs K-12 schools and daycare centers to force children to obey adults who show up at work one day as a man and the next day as a woman. These children are at a highly impressionable age. When kindergarteners have seen such events in the past, many have gone home shaking and crying, worried that they could wake up with a different gender!

One more thing. There is no religious exemption to this bill. Busenbark–or someone like him–could do the exact same thing at any religious school under HR 5. That’s how extreme and revolutionary this law is. It will unleash unconstitutional chaos in America.

Let me make two quick qualifying remarks. There is no Madison County, only the city of Madison city in Dane County. And HR 5, or the “Equality Act,” most certainly is a terribly bad piece of legislation. I have written earlier about how very dangerous it is:

But everything that Mat has shared is shocking indeed. Pity the poor school children at this school, and others around the West who are being deliberately targeted by the radical trans revolutionaries. I have already written 177 articles on how bad this is, especially for our vulnerable and innocent children.

No wonder parents are having second thoughts about bringing children into this kind of world. Far too many adult activists have declared war on our children, and we are living in some of the darkest times of modern history. Lord have mercy on our children.

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  1. Thanks Bill, I just opened this email and saw the photo that said “Please Help”. My heart sank when I saw this little girl. Any Christian who stays silent on this evil is promoting evil. 4 months ago I started praying with a group called, “Strike Force of Prayer,” and it’s very encouraging as your articles are also because 3 times a week we gather over the phone and pray powerful prayers for our schools and government and pray against these disturbing public school indoctrination’s. We pray about the important things that church’s refuse to pray about because everyone’s intimidated and silent because of PC. Blessings 2 you & yours.

  2. This needs to be sent to NSW SENATOR Mark LATHAM as he was speaking about overhauling the NSW Curriculum in many areas. I don’t know if or how he can but I’m sure he’ll try.
    Yes I know this is bigger then NSW and AUSTRALIA.
    Are church leaders talking about the sad state of things?

    But it’s precisely why we all need the message of a Saviour. ????

  3. for louise: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  4. Maybe the parents should instruct their children to call him Mix-ed Up.

  5. This is what I pray against politicians, the judiciary, all levels of teachers and pastors, shepherds who should know better. It is from world network of prayer. We pray for victory over satans kingdom break yokes of bondages that have people bound reveal your self in a mighty way to those of other religions and practices and political persuasions, let the power’s of darkness be overcome by your light. My addition to this is to remind God to put millstones of his choosing around the necks of all those who would cause a child, (children) to stumble. He did so for Bill shorten, now every prayer effort on the Victorian dictator. Man can give U a 4 yr mandate but God’s millstones can end that earlier. Pray Pray Pray. Blessings.

  6. In such times it isn’t the case you should consider not having children, but having more.

    Children are the future they can be your future or the lefts useful fools which they will be is in your hands.

    If a teacher transitioned overnight then I, if I had children, would withdraw my child from that school since a member of the teaching staff was unstable as far as my child was concerned.

    Fathers, you should be bringing up your daughters to homeschool their children one day. It isn’t the case Christian society shouldn’t be having children; it’s the case the children are our responsibility. We do not replace a child with no child; we replace the school with mothers.

    I do understand no one here is saying people should stop having children, but people are, and we need to tell them that if they give their children to monsters, then it may be wise not to have children. As for Christians, well Christian families have mothers and wives who have been freed from the responsibilities of a man’s role for a good reason, and that reason is to ensure the children receive flourishing. So mums, get the children in the home classroom and preferably one in the womb and prepare to send out into the world, strong boys and servant-hearted girls as the world is in desperate need of them, alternatively, get a job in the HR department and let the monsters bring up your children.

  7. I don’t claim to be an expert on America but two more things I’ve learned about Wisconsin;

    First, way back in 1890, in what is known as the Edgerton Bible case, the Wisconsin Supreme Court outlawed Bible reading in public schools. This was a landmark case that went on to influence the US Supreme Court’s 1963 decision to outlaw prayer in American public schools.

    Secondly, Wisconsin is the home state of the atheistic/anti-religious activist/secularist group Freedom From Religion Foundation. Their headquarters is in fact said to be located in Madison itself.

  8. And what will happen if “Mx. Steel” decides that gender fluidity means “he” returns to Mr Busenbark, or “she” becomes Mrs Busenbark some day?

  9. Homeschooling is not an option for many parents. There are single parents, those on low incomes and those who are limited in their ability to teach. Moreover governments are already moving in on home schoolers and religious schools to make sure they comply with identity politics and political correctness. Soon there will be no where to run – not even by fleeing oversees. The Gaystapo will hunt us down wherever we are.

    The only solution is to stand and fight as free men and women. This battle is a zero sum game, in which the winner leaves with everything and the looser leaves with nothing. The Pink peril has to be comprehensively put back in the box and the lid needs to be screwed down tight. it really is either them or us. They will destroy themselves and us along with them.

  10. Miss Clark, you’re presupposing that you have the right to withdraw your children from a school teaching them anti-rational, anti-Christian etc concepts. In Australia roughly a third of students study outside the state system, however the Left want to pass legislation curtailing the freedom of those schools to employ and teach according to their ethos. Furthermore the Far Left government in Victoria has, if I recall correctly, already made it very very difficult for people to pursue home schooling as an alternative – an option many Christian families in America choose, and could pass further legislation. What happens when Christian parents are forced to decide whether to break the law and teach their children about reality, or permit their children be abused?

  11. >>Mr Mason.
    I think you have to decide who owns the child. If you seek advice or follow instructions from the government, then you are by your actions Giving control to the government. I would not be in the position of withdrawing my child from a school since I would not send my children to a state school to start with; my husband will instruct me to home educate our children to a very high standard.

    I live in the UK, and the state can’t even look after the vulnerable children in their care. They are only too happy if you wanted to home school your child as long as your child are taught the base subjects, the government then do not get involved. That may change of course but I won’t.

    I think, perhaps, what you are experiencing is, reaping what you sow, since governments have to be voted in. I’m wondering if you got a far left government that you didn’t vote for, that brought in what you are describing but at the next election you vote say conservative and get that government, but they do not repeal what the left brought in. You guys need to only vote for those who hold your values or not at all. There is no merit in voting for someone who doesn’t have your values, and if you do, the cost is to your children.

    I was homeschooled until I was nearly 12. I now attend a state school. I do not accept any teaching that goes against my dad’s values, hence in SRE class, I am either, removed or I bring chaos to that class. Your children should have values, (from you and your wife) that they are to defend, since if they have nothing to protect of value, what have you been teaching them (no insult intended). I can give a robust defence of the best contraceptive is purity or a vigorous defence of heterosexual marriage or any value system my dad expects me to hold.

    It isn’t the case teachers are always overriding parents values, as often children don’t have any, so the school gives them theirs. If you have values that are important to you at 13 up, you will vigorously defend them. If you have strong values under 13, you will think those who differ from you are immoral. If a child doesn’t have any values that need defending, they have failing parents; it’s that simple.

    My dad expects me to hold my values without causing problems for the teachers. If a teacher has low moral values, then they are not fit to be teachers so fall outside of my need not to cause problems.

    I think it comes down too at what point do you stop being pushed around. I believe that time is when it affects your children. Its the point where the brick wall appears. If a woman has the right to execute her baby, then another has the right, her child will be brought up with her values. Remember, the very people who want control over your children are the same people who would tell your wife it’s ok to murder her unborn child, such people will have a challenging time educating me in their ways, and I assure you I will empower my children to do likewise.

    So, in answer to your question, yes, you ignore any law that teaches your child to ignore your values. However, your child has a part to play. They have to show they chose your values over the educators. If you are unable to convince your child to adopt your values, then, as you said in your previous post, it may be wise to ask yourself some tough questions. It is best to have values that are anchored into Christianity or even Islam since you are then demanding religious freedom, which invokes the wider community. I wouldn’t think twice about saying to the head or a teacher that they are discriminating against me on the grounds I am a Christian since if they are subjecting me to secular atheism, they are.

  12. Mr Skinner,

    “The only solution is to stand and fight as free men and women”.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. All that you have to do is instruct your child to walk out of classes that are not purely academic and support them in that action. Therefore, when the SRE teacher enters the classroom, your child leaves it. Which is what happens with me except I get removed, well I don’t get as far as the classroom now.

  13. forgive a yank but what is SRE class? we probably call it something else here.

  14. SRR Sex and Relationships Education
    Christian SRE Special Religious Education

  15. Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) it takes place from age 11 upwards, and must have regard to the Government’s (UK) SRE guidance.

    My understanding from talking with Sarah is that she disagrees with SRE classes on principle. The principle problem being the government may override the values of the parents so causing friction in the family.

    We will all be commenting on your latest post later Mr Muehlenberg, so you may want to make plenty of space for a very long post since the unnamed blond is likely to be controlling the keyboard much to the frustration of Alice who wants to tell you about her book collection and progression in the Christian faith. Alice and Sarah are the most unlikely pairing imaginable. I love both of them. They will have us in stitches later as neither will give way to the other. Sarah can’t get away with using her logic and reason on Alice, as Alice has no idea what it means and Alice’s give me the keyboard as it’s my turn and if you don’t I will slap you doesn’t work on Sarah.

  16. thanks. we yanks just call it sex ed and stick it in health class. you learn about being healthy, eating right, exercise and every form of sex known to man (because if you know how to do then either you won’t or if you do you will do so safely. Healthy debauchery an oxymoron if I ever heard one) (what they never tell these KIDS is sex with a condom will ALWAYS lead to sex without. Of course there’s an app for that called planned “parenthood” aka murder inc. Moloch be their god) I think the only reason sex ed or SRE exists is to drum up abortion business and spread STD’s to keep big Pharma in $$$$

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