It’s the Jolly Poly Perversion Parade

“Nothing will change” they told us. “Everything will remain the same” they insisted. “Legalising homosexual marriage will impact none of us” they promised. Baloney. It changes everything, just as I and others predicted. Indeed, we knew this was all part of a massive slippery slope that has no end.

Anything goes with the militant sexual tsunami engulfing the West. And now the push is on big time for polyamory – group love and group marriage. They want to both legalise it and fully normalise it. They already have all their key slogans:

“Love is love is love”
“Love has no limits”
“Love shared is love multiplied”
“Glamorous and polyamorous”
“Poly as hell and feelin’ swell”
“Too magnificent to be monogamous”
“Monogamy does not have a monopoly on love”

And of course we now even have a polyamory pride flag. Hmm, where have we seen all this before? Sound familiar? And leave it to groups like the APA to lead the way here in pushing all this. Check out this shocking report:

The American Psychological Association has established a task force on “consensual non-monogamy,” an effort they say is necessary in order to reduce “stigma” on persons who practice polyamory. “Finding love and/or sexual intimacy is a central part of most people’s life experience. However, the ability to engage in desired intimacy without social and medical stigmatization is not a liberty for all. This task force seeks to address the needs of people who practice consensual non-monogamy, including their intersecting marginalized identities,” the website for the task force of the APA’s Division 44 explains. The work of the task force, which is led by psychology Ph.D.’s who are based in California universities, promotes “awareness and inclusivity about consensual non-monogamy and diverse expressions of intimate relationships.”

Or as Cathy Ruse has put it, “Adulterers: The New Protected Sexual Minority”. She writes:

Just when you thought the American Psychological Association couldn’t get any more psychologically unbalanced, along comes their next task force. It’s for what they call “consensual non-monogamy.” The “Consensual Non-Monogamy Task Force” promotes the rights of people who engage in “diverse expressions of intimate relationships.” Like open relationships, swinging and “relationship anarchy.” Relationship anarchy is not defined. It sounds like a Moral Majority pejorative, circa 1981. But it is the APA’s phrase, and they like it. “Swinging” used to mean swapping spouses for the night. No one under 30 will remember that. Presumably these sex practices are psychologically healthy. The task force has deemed them to be “ethical.”

Hmm, didn’t some folks try to alert us to these developments long ago? Did no one see this coming? Actually, there were some folks seeking to spell out for us just what was coming. I and others have been warning about this for many years now. Fifteen years ago for example I was sounding the alarm about the promotion of poly perversion:

The very same arguments used for legalising same-sex marriage could be used to argue for any number of other sexual combinations. If marriage is no longer one man and one woman for life, then any number of alternatives seem to be possible. If homosexuals can argue that a loving committed relationship should qualify one for the institution of marriage, then other equally binding and loving unions should be recognised. What about a bisexual who really does love both a man and a woman, simultaneously? Can this threesome qualify? … The truth is, all boundaries are smashed when we redefine marriage.

And this is what I wrote about the matter eight years ago in my book Strained Relations:

In fact, polyamory (group marriage) has become a new cause, championed by both grassroots groups and academic supporters. A quick search of the Web will reveal just how popular the idea of polyamory is becoming. Family law reformers for example are increasingly promoting this new sexual cause.

And it is remarkable how the polyamory and polygamy advocates are simply latching on to and extending the very arguments made by advocates of same-sex marriage. They are rightly saying that if same-sex marriage is legalised, then certainly group marriage must be legalised as well.

They appeal to the very same arguments, logic, and past court decisions used by the homosexual activists. A brief look at their websites makes this quite clear. As just one example of many, a website called Pro-Polygamy has these words flashed across its home page: “Freely-consenting, adult, non-abusive, marriage-committed POLYGAMY is the next civil rights battle”.

In fact, as one commentator has noted, the “case for polygamy is in some ways stronger than the case for same-sex marriage”. She explains: “In contrast to same-sex marriage, there is historical and cultural precedent for it. Unlike same-sex marriage, polygamy provides a father and a mother (and then some) for children.”

Consider for example the “Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness”. The President of this group, Jasmine Walston, made this connection quite clear in 2004: “We’re where the gay rights movement was 30 years ago.” She sees the struggle for polyamory rights to be the logical extension of the homosexual rights struggle.

And the case for polyamory is being argued for all over the place, with plenty of academics, organisations and universities rushing to champion the cause. Indeed, you know it is becoming something of substance when a mainstream magazine like Newsweek devotes a major story to it.

Consider how one Australian university academic makes the case for polyamory in an article entitled, “Poly is the new gay”. She makes it clear that just as society has welcomed homosexuality and same-sex marriage, it is now time to welcome polyamory. This is how she puts it: “The more aware and accepting of diversity in relationships the more healthy our society is. . . . I look forward to a society where any loving family, irrespective of how many people it includes or what sex they are, feels safe to be open about who they are.”

And I was not alone in seeking to wake up a sleeping culture and a sleeping church. But clearly most of our warnings fell on deaf ears. We were mocked and vilified and laughed at – not only by the sexual revolutionaries, but even by many in the church. “You are just fear-mongering.” “This will never happen.” “You are just so negative and alarmist.”

Well, one does not want to always keep saying, “We told you so,” but, um, we told you so. We pleaded for years, hoping folks would wake up to the bottomless pit of the radical sexual revolution. Most folks ignored us, condemned us, or got angry at us.

Now it may be too late to turn things around. But hey, love is love!

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  1. Never was it to stop at just gay marriage Bill. And now with the religious freedom Bill being put before parliament in both houses a move is on to not get polygamous marriages looped in yet also child brides as well as other questionable practices in certain religions. This law is meant to be about not losing your job if you speak out from the bible, ensuring the bible doesn’t get banned here in Australia. I have a nasty, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that there’s more of an agenda going on here which will further reduce Christian freedoms then install in our laws.

  2. If It’s Evil Just Make It Legal

    That’s the thought that kept coming into my mind as I was reading your column tonight.

    As naive as it sounds I still believe a remnant of people like you Bill and a few others and myself can bring our nations back to God. Our faith can move a mountain.

    Thank you for another timely and informative article.

  3. Polyamory is a serious issue. One of the reasons why we have monogamy is to stop the spread of STDs or STIs. If someone has more than one sexual partner they are at a higher risk of receiving an STD. Once one person of a group has an STD the other members are highly likely to contract it. This is very foolish behaviour! Once this happens STDs can even spread to straight, monogamous people. There is even super gonorrhoea. This is very difficult to treat. Antibiotics are becoming resistant to gonorrhoea. Scientists and the general public have known about antibiotic resistance for a long time now. Antibiotics are becoming resistant to many types of germs. Polyamory will increase the levels of STDs throughout society. There may be some infections that take a while to clear up. How will a polyamorist be able to wait for their infection to clear up? I doubt that they could wait for anything at all. Children and teenagers will be drawn into polyamory. If adults are doing this how can you tell children not to? It is like Mum and Dad smoking cigarettes and telling their children not to smoke. It will not work. If the media says polyamory is normal, natural, OK and cool then children and teenagers will practice this. Will there be free pregnancy and STD tests for 10 year-olds? The UN will say that is their human rights. Of course taxpayers will fund something that they never agreed to. What about paternity issues? Suppose a woman is having relationships with 2 men. If she gets pregnant she will not know who the father is. Will the government pay for free DNA tests? The experts will tell everyone that taxpayers must pay for this. It is condescending and arrogant. Straight normal people will pay for all the services that polyamorists require. What about parental responsibilities? Who will be the official mother and father of a child? Who will pay for the child’s food? Will this be a collective responsibility? If someone leaves the group do they still have responsibility for children? If someone leaves the group can the others sue them for child support? What about school fees? Who will pay for a child’s school fees? I suppose these people will not want children to be born. I suppose they will want abortion on demand. Then they will say it is their human right to have free abortion on demand. Taxes will have to go up for free STD, pregnancy and paternity tests and free abortion on demand. You better get a second job for all the new taxes.

  4. In May 1996 the organisers of the Sydney G&L Mardi Gras banned bisexuals from participating in their parade. They reasoned at that time that bisexuality undermined their gay / lesbian narrative. Now 23 years on, ‘B’ are accommodated within the ever expanding alphabet.

    With so many options, and genders now available within the rainbow spectrum, all of this defies explanation. For a possible rationale for LGBTIQA+ etal, suggest lust, rebelion and sin are what they are all about.

    I note there are now many Australian ‘hook-up’ apps and websites for bisexuals and Poly groups. I am sure it won’t be long before the ‘Ps’ demand they be added to the lexicon. (Wait for the other ‘P’)

    PS. Also, be aware that no Australian SSM legislation contains the term ‘same-sex marriage’. Every Australian legislative instrument is framed around, “the marriage of two people” because of intense pressure from the transgender and intersex lobbies. If “two” why not “three” ?

  5. All this new legislation to enable self-centred promiscuous behaviour, as humanity lurches from one failed relationship to several others ignores the needs of the human spirit. Why do people who reject the blueprint for sexual relationships care so much about what society thinks, as if they aim to be respectable? Aldous Huxley’s nihilistic vision, Brave New World, is coming atcha, from 1932 when published. Watch out for psychotic hate filled children and the death of civilisation, unless a supernatural hand from some place intervenes.

  6. “Polyamory” as a word appears to be a quaint dangerous liason of a Latin word with a Greek prefix… Plainly it is something even more “diverse and inclusive” than “polygamy” or “bigamy” – both terms which have historically carried with them automatic stigmatisation in Western culture. “Polyphilia” would certainly have a more unethical, more pathological sound to it as a word.

    Early in Chapter 2 of his Eugenics and other Evils (Cassell & Co., 1922, p12f) [Online at: ], G.K. Chesterton offers a brilliant exposé of the pseudo-scientific euphemisms frequently used by advocates of allegedly progressive causes: He shows how the advocacy of the practice of murdering and eating one’s mother can be made to sound very scientific and learned by the use of a skilful combination of multi-syllabic words and oblique phraseology!

    Plain, explicit English is not a “dear friend” of the Sexual Revolution…

  7. My wife and I are on holidays a long way from Australia. However I felt I must write this.

    You will remember, in the November 2017 marriage survey with all its rainbow SSM propaganda, we were asked.
    “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” Yes or No.

    Remember, we were never shown any proposed legislation and because of the lobbying of the trans and intersex groups we finally got:

    The Australian Marriage Act now states that, “marriage is the union of two people to the exclusion of all others”

    Then, why not, and at the stroke of a pen.
    “marriage is the union of three people to the exclusion of all others”

    I believe, (1) this is all Demonic / Satanic (irrespectve of Rugby Australia’s views) and (2) we should never use the term SSM but rather 2PM or 2P’M’.

  8. … and, of course, it is the doctrine of perversion that the ABC and SBS continually preach, which is largely why we are in this mess in the first place.

    What I find astounding is how smug the ABC is with all this “freedom of the press” claptrap left winger are going on with. They believe in freedom of the press as long as they can shut down anyone who does not agree with them. Public media in Australia is about as much about freedom of the press as the party controlled media in communist China is. If they really were about allowing freedom of the press then there would be a diversity of political opinion coming from the public media but, of course, there is nothing like a balance nor diversity of opinion nor anything like a valid discussion about anything that contradict their personal agenda. The homogeneous nature of all the opinion coming out of the ABC is absolute proof that what they are about is absolute control and nothing like freedom of the press.

    As far as the ABC is concerned freedom of the press means they can get away with as tight control as possible of what gets aired and they can manipulate public opinion as much as they like and shut down opposing opinions as much as they like and they should be allowed to get away with it. Of course this is the absolute opposite of true freedom of the press.

    It is absolute and complete lying hypocrisy!

  9. We do not have to wonder what then the next step will be. It’s outlined in FULL SURROGACY NOW by Sophie Lewis who advocates abolition of the biological family and fostering a world of gestational communism, retiring the notion that parents have a special emotional bond to their biological offspring and moving toward a collective society which takes collective responsibility for children. (Brave New World revived but not pondered). In places her writing evidences the deep hatred for self and humanity in the “poly perversions’ of progressivism, and seems unaware of the experience of Russia in its early pursuit of the classless society when it tried to abolish the family. The Book is reviewed in the current issue of FIRST THINGS
    Clive Skewes

  10. This puts a new spin on Gen 11.6 “Nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them”.

    But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. ?6? And the Lord said, “?Indeed ??the people are one and they all have ?g?one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they ??propose to do will be withheld from them. ?7? Come, ??let Us go down and there j?confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.?”
    The New King James Version. 1996,

    Previously I had always linked this to technology, eg city building etc, but now I can see that there is a moral (immoral) dimension to it.

    Trigger warning! Sodomy, Bestiality
    I came upon a reference to Iotollah Khomeini’s book that is now banned in Iran I believe. In it are clear references about what is halal and not, about animals that had been sodomised. There was no mention at all about the act, only what to do with the victim animal.

    Nothing they propose shall be withheld.
    We need to be part of the restraining force. 2 Thes 2.6-7
    It seems clear that the fullness of iniquity needs to come.

  11. People are completely deluded if they think this sort of stuff will lead to happiness and fulfillment. Next step will be paedophilia. Very, very sad.

  12. Sad thing is so much more is coming: incest, child molestation, many children marrying 1 adult, bestiality, etc. soon if you are NOT a person who is into some ungodly sex option you will be the weirdo. maybe non-poly heterosexuality will be illegal. every sexual act under the sun will be celebrated EXCEPT heterosexual ones inside a one man + one woman marriage. and every marriage will be legal except one man + one woman.Good WILL be evil and evil WILL be good. and man will dare God to do something about it (where is your wrath?? where is your judgment??). NEW SODOM HERE WE COME! Worst of all much of the church still sleeps or is collaborating. maybe instead of the western world we should call it the ICABOD world!

  13. Russian President Putin is against terrorism, Islam, & what the Western countries are into homosexuality & pedophiles. If I remember history right; I think Russia allowed this in the early 1900s; but found it wrecked society; so banned it. The family is the pillar of society, wreck that & you wreck the country! So, with Gods’ help; I hope society goes back to normal behaviour! It is upsetting when so called Christian Churches & Ministers say certain behaviours are ok that God says in the Bible is not ok!

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