Ghana, Christianity, Culture Wars and the West

Such a contrast: while the West is dying, God is mightily at work in places like Ghana:

The longer I stay in Ghana – and it has only been three days so far – the more ashamed I am to call myself a Western Christian. So much of the faith of these African believers stands in such marked contrast to what we find in Australia and the West.

They care greatly about their God and their faith. And they care about the things that matter, not all the fluff and superficiality that we believers tend to run with in the West. I have already met quite a few Christians here in Accra, and I am certainly impressed.

To tell the truth, they put most Western believers to shame. They seem sold out for the Lord and his word, and not to the world. Indeed, they are not enamoured with all things worldly, as so many Western Christians seem to be. Their allegiance is to the one true God.

The great majority of the country is Christian (around 77 per cent) and they seem to be on fire, dedicated to the Lord, and willing to stand up against the agenda items that have wreaked havoc in the West. Like most Africans, they really are dead-set against the anti-family agendas found throughout the West.

They do NOT accept that homosexuality is somehow a good thing or a natural thing, or a desirable thing. As we find in a Wikipedia article: “Homosexual acts are prohibited by law in Ghana. According to 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center, 96% of Ghanaians believe that homosexuality should not be accepted by society.”

As I said to one gathering of Ghanaian and African movers and shakers, the law can do one of three things: prevent, permit, or promote. I told my audience that many folks thought that if the West moves from prohibition to permission concerning homosexuality, everything would be just fine, nothing would change, and it would be a sign of progress.

But as I will share more fully on Friday morning at an even larger pro-family conference, permission never lasts long. It invariably – and rather quickly – moves to promotion. What was once objectionable and illegal now becomes compulsory. Governments and other coercive bodies quickly start to force this lifestyle down the throats of everyone.

Now we find this throughout the West. The ‘good’ guys are all the militants and activists, while the ‘bad’ guys are all those who refuse to bow the knee to the radical homosexual and trans agendas. We are ‘haters’ who must be punished for not going along with this tidal wave of depravity and immorality.

I encouraged my audience, urging them to continue to stand strong and reject the avalanche of evil that the West has allowed to take over. And I apologised for what the West has done in its war on family, faith and freedom. Thankfully the folks here are firmly against these things, and they are seeking to mobilise against the activists who are already in Africa pushing these agendas – often from the UN and other international bodies.

And today was a very special day at the national parliament. A prayer breakfast was held and the truths of the gospel were soundly championed and declared. All up maybe 150 folks attended this prayer breakfast function at Parliament House – a first there I believe.

Present were a number of politicians, VIPs, church leaders and various important stakeholders. After it finished around a dozen of us met with the Speaker of the Parliament who is a very keen Christian and fully against allowing Ghana to be taken over by the militant homosexual agenda.

I was able to give him my two books on homosexuality, and we prayed for him and thanked him for standing strong. Once again, the entire experience so very much contrasted with things back in Australia. I have attended a number of national prayer breakfasts at Parliament House in Canberra, and they are so weak and anaemic when compared to what I witnessed today.

Here politicians and Christian leaders alike fully stood up for God and his word, and fully announced their opposition to the radical sexual agendas. Power prayers and speeches were given, and the place was clearly filled with the presence of God.

Not so the Australian counterpart. It has been going downhill for years now, with compromise and carnality and little of gospel truth. It is all about tolerance and being nice and not offending anyone. African Christians will have none of that nonsense.

They intend to stand up for truth and morality, and will not allow perverse Western social, cultural, and political agendas to come into their country. And in many ways Ghana is leading the way here. As they stand so very strong, they will be a real light to the rest of Africa.

The next two days the World Congress of Families regional conference will take place. I will speak at the conference, along with a number of others who are pro-family champions from Ghana, other parts of Africa, and a few from further beyond.

Sharon Slater of Family Watch International and Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage will join various local and regional family experts and lobbyists. The two days will be the first African regional conference. Details are found here:

Tomorrow morning I will have to leave the conference for a bit as I get driven to the main Ghana national tv station to get interviewed – one other speaker may also be interviewed as well. This may be a live interview, nation-wide, so I covet your prayers for that.

It feels like old times. I used to get regular media attention in Australia to talk on family issues. Often I had daily media engagements. But most of that has dried up now. This is in part because the radical agendas of the left are now so firmly established in Australia, that voices like mine are seldom wanted anymore.

So to have media folks keen to hear my views on these hot potato topics remind me of my previous pro-family lobby work. Once again, such a contrast to the secular left West. Here they actually want to hear what folks like I have to say on these issues. Back home I am just seen as a trouble maker and hater.

The contrasts are many. It is so good to be in a land where family and faith are held in such high regard. In the West they are basically detested, despised, persecuted, and seen as hinderances to progress. Praise God that he is at work in Ghana, seeking to turn the tide of all the mischief and mayhem the West has caused.

As I have said before, things have now gone full circle. Europe and the West were once the place of missionary-sending nations. Thankfully the gospel did take hold in so much of Africa, Asia and Latin America. So now as the West is losing the faith so rapidly, God is using places like Africa to once more shed light in a dark world.

The spiritual centre of gravity has well and truly left the West, and the beacons of light are now nations like Ghana. And as they now fight these damaging agendas, they will in turn help the West to hopefully recover its senses, and start rejecting all this madness and immorality.

While the very long trip over here was all rather unpleasant, it was worth it to be here and see God at work launching these new initiatives to keep Ghana and Africa free of the fearful fate that has befallen the West. It is humbling to be playing a very small role in the very big move of God here.

I have already met so many African heroes here. They are such an inspiration. God bless you all and never give up.

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  1. Really appreciated Bill,
    Ghana appears to be a light shining In a dark world,
    Best Regards

  2. I think you were the one that got blessed. Sounds like a wonderful Spirit lead people who love God’s Word and take it to heart that as they say, “says what it means and means what it says.” I hope they will continue to stand true to God’s Word and not let any of the pagan beliefs are the world seep into their communities.

  3. How long before Africa starts sending out missionaries to the Dark Continent aka Europe?

    Actually the way I hear it’s they’re already starting! Yes there’s still a lot to do in Africa, still a lot of poverty and darkness there, but poverty and darkness in the West is exploding.

  4. Excellent as usual. Many eons ago the West used to send missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth for the salvation of the heathen in those countries. Now it is clear we in the West are the uttermost parts of the world and need those one time heathen to bring the Gospel to us. Shame on us.!!

  5. So inspiring and refreshing to hear that God is honoured in Ghana.
    Praying you are blessed as you are a blessing, Bill.

  6. It’s perhaps not a coincidence that Captain John Newton’s ship containing African slaves bound for America was caught in the storm that produced his ‘Amazing Grace’ in the eighteenth century. Newton was a friend of Wilberforce who played a large role in commissioning evangelists for Australia, including Rev. Richard Johnson. Dr Livingstone’s work in Africa produced a rich harvest, which to this day is part of the Gospel music sub-culture in the USA. Here in Australia, the indigenous Christian choirs of central Australia produce CD’s of their own worship music. It’s ironical that those who were treated shabbily in eighteenth century Colonial Australia, are now leading a small, Gospel music movement.

  7. The is great news! As long as they stay focused on the Bible and avoid the American style of Christianity that comes in through Christian television and other media sources they may become the new cultural leaders for the faith. They also need to avoid compromising theologies that render the faith impotent and make Christians literally hand the reins of cultural leadership to the pagans (dispensational theology, pietism, liberalism, etc).

  8. Keep up the great work you do Bill. We will continue to pray for you and the country of Ghana. I think it was Ghana, a long time ago, had a Christian Prime Minister! It is great to know the news from there. You and your family are all in our prayers. Love always.

  9. God is encouraging you so much Bill and that is good. Be encouraged, get fired up again. Not only does Ghana need your encouragement to stand strong, but you need to be refreshed. Sounds like that is happening. Thank God for Ghana!

  10. I remember over a decade ago reading how America used to be the biggest sender of missionaries and how at that time America had become a missionary field things had gotten so bad and that was then in the oh early to mid 2000’s. We need to keep the prosperity people out of Africa and the quick buck people out. pure gospel only.

    One thing though with all the resources Africa has THEY are in the drivers seat the west will have to met THEIR demands NOT the other way around. if the west wont budge on the alphabet soup perversion then NO DEAL! if the west want the resources it will learn to drop pushing perversion on Godly people. I hope African nations have relationships with Israel as it will be a blessing to them.

    There is a Giant ICHABOD stamped on the west “the Glory of God has departed” but we know where it has gone. Learn the lesson of the west well Africa. Do NOT make our mistakes.

  11. Great article Bill. So glad you were able to go and see that kind of Christianity. We actually join a Ghanan pastor and his wife who run a late night prayer meeting once a month at Canberra House of Prayer. He was originally shooting for easing everyone into all night prayer but couldn’t get enough takers. It now goes til midnight and that is really early for him. We have been there til 3am! That prayer meeting is the highlight of my month and where I draw a large portion of my spiritual sustenance. We pray powerfully against the forces of darkness, the LGBT agenda, abortion…you name it…and everybody joins in. There are a lot of Africans and the Australians that are there seem so grateful that someone is leading the way! I had a dream a few years back that I was back in Nepal where I had done mission work before then and I was confused to see small blonde haired children running around the orphanage there instead of the Nepali kids. As I was pondering, confused, a voice spoke to me and said, ‘Reach the lost children of the West’. As soon as I woke up, I understood that the balance has shifted and it will be the Christians coming from nations like Ghana to Australia who will instigate revival…who will pray through the apathy and wilderness to see God’s Kingdom come here like it is in their own countries. I really believe that God is allowing that blessing to come back to the West because of our missionary forefathers of days gone by who gave up the comforts of home to reach the world out there.

  12. It has started already. Our friends in Brisbane attend a church that was a plant from Africa. It’s really on the ball, relevant and productive.

  13. Africans over here are some of the best Christians I know. One lady whose children were killed by retrobution attacks years after the Rwanda genocide (yes, it never really got resolved because there were hundreds of thousands of murderers on the loose wanting to eliminate witnesses). She got to Australia (with great difficulty with imigration dept despite being a qualified medical practitioner) studied in Australia, works 2 jobs and sends almost all her money overseas to support the orphanages she had started. Now she is getting a maturnity hospital built. A bit like western Christians in the 1800’s. They got saved and then left everything and followed Jesus. Today in the west, they think they get saved, put Jesus in their back pocket, and then go on with their lives focussing on that house and retirement package. Maybe a lot of western Christians never got saved in the first place because they were never told it requires that you give up you life. (Preaching to myself now…)

  14. I’m not sure that the “West is losing the faith so rapidly.”
    Having rejected the Biblical foundations of our nation, constitution and laws, we are returning to the paganism, Greek humanism and fertility religions from which we had finally emerged with the arrival of institutional Christianity on our shores, in 597 AD, though it must be said that there is plenty of evidence that Christ had been worshipped by individuals even as early as the second century, through the agency or traders and the Roman army.

    Pagan religions, especially the worship of Baal , Molech. The fertility goddess of Asherah, Anath, Astarte, Isis, Inanna- Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus and Freya which had been adopted by the Classical world had originally emanated from Babylon.
    The structure outside the Olympic Stadium in London echoes the tower of Babylon. During the The opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012, everywhere there were symbols of paganism and the secret Masonic illuminati society, which are dominated by the Rothschilds

    Robespierre the tyrant of the French Revolution constructed a hill with a spiral ramp atop of which was an oak tree, which echoed the hill at Glastonbury and appears to be the inspiration for artificial hill tree placed in the centre of the opening of the London Olympic Games.

    Imagery such as the croziers appear in the Stonehenge summer solstice festival 2012
    Beltane Fire Festival. Edinburgh
    Beltane at Glastonbury
    The Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual

    The European Parliament building at Strasburg is based upon the tower of Babel , but is also based upon the Colosseum and the church St Peter’s Rome.
    Bruegel the artist was in Rome in 1552–1553. He was no doubt inspired not only by the colosseum which was in a state of semi ruin but by the construction of the drum and dome of the new St Peters church, designed by Michael Angelo .Though the drawing shown here is not by Bruegel, this is possible the view he had of it.

    David Skinner Uk

  15. The West embraces cultural nihilism and moral relativity. Whatever feels good, do it. Whatever rocks your boat. Self desires, the flesh and idolatory of self. Easy divorce, egalitarianism, destruction of nuclear family, Marxist Gulags (which are called universities).

  16. “Warren Mack
    Nov 1, 2019 at 12:51 pm
    Maybe it’s time to migrate.”

    I’m starting to consider this too; in addition to being Godly, they have beautiful drumming music.

  17. Bill, it was great to have you here in Ghana. You came to add spice to our meetings and conferences. In fact your presence at the Parliament house and at the colloquium at Trinity Anglican church, Accra were an eye opener to the participants. May God richly bless you. We are looking forward to inviting you in the future to a bigger and greater conference than our our maiden one just held in October.
    may God bless you and keep you strong. The National Coalition and Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values in Ghana are thankful for your coming. We deeply love you and will continue to pray for you.

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