The Perfect Storm To Destroy Boys and the Boy Scouts

Thousands of child sex abuse cases in the Scouts. Should we be surprised?

Over a century ago Englishman Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts, and with his sister, the Girl Guides. These groups were set up to instil in young people strong religious and moral values. But today that is all gone. And the process of deterioration is worth recounting here.

First, consider the roots. The religious nature of these groups is found in the old Guide Promise:
“I promise that I will do my best:
To do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and my country;
To help other people; and
To keep the Guide Law.”

And near the end of his life Baden-Powell said this in a letter:

I have had a most happy life and I want each one of you to have a happy life too. I believe that God put us in this jolly world to be happy and enjoy life. Happiness does not come from being rich, nor merely being successful in your career, nor by self-indulgence. One step towards happiness is to make yourself healthy and strong while you are a boy, so that you can be useful and so you can enjoy life when you are a man. Nature study will show you how full of beautiful and wonderful things God has made the world for you to enjoy.

But now all this is no more. We have just learned that in the US the Boy Scouts are filing for bankruptcy. Why? Because of all the lawsuits over sexual abuse. As one report states: “More than 12,000 Boy Scout members have been victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of 7,819 allegedly sexually abusive troop leaders and volunteers, according to an analysis of long-held records in the organization known as the ‘perversion files’.”

No surprises here. When you throw out God and morality, and push all forms of sexual immorality, we should fully expect these sorts of things to be happening. And I have been documenting this for some years now. Back in June of 2011 I penned a piece, “Targeting and Recruiting Children.” In it I said this:

A well known saying affirms that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Homosexual activists know this all too well. As one lesbian put it, “Whoever captures the kids owns the future”. Thus we find the constant attempts by homosexual activists to influence children.

There have been many such attempts lately to get access to young people. For example, in the United States the New Jersey Supreme Court has ordered the Boy Scouts to admit homosexuals. The Girl Scouts have also caved into Political Correctness. Indeed, according to some Scout staffers, one in three of the Girl Scouts’ paid professional staff is lesbian. And in the United Kingdom, the English Scout Association recently lifted the ban on homosexuals becoming troop leaders.

In July of 2012 I wrote about “Depriving Children of Faith and Absolutes,” saying in part:

Many would have seen the news item of a few days ago describing a radical change to the Girl Guides. They are dumping God and Queen for some reason, and basically renouncing the very foundation of the group. In the name of trendiness, openness and relativism it seems, they have dumped these century-old foundation stones from the organisation….

The new Guide Promise says this:
“I promise that I will do my best:
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
To serve my community and Australia
And live by the Guide Law.”

And in May 2013 I discussed “The Death of the Boy Scouts”:

One way to kill a person is to aim a gun at his head and pull the trigger. Another way is to sneakily administer slow-working poison, the results of which will be exactly the same. This is true of organisations as well. You can use direct external action to kill off an organisation, or you can work to destroy it from within.

That is exactly what has happened with the Boy Scouts of America. On Thursday 60 percent of the 1,400 delegates at the BSA’s annual convention in Dallas, Texas voted to allow homosexual scouts. It did however keep a ban on homosexual Scout leaders.

Of course they are living in dream land as to the latter decision. In no time we will have activist judges informing them that it is discriminatory to ban homosexual leaders in the Scouts, and they must immediately cease and desist. Mark my words, this will be happening real soon.

The paedophiles of course are licking their lips and are on cloud nine about all this. Groups like the North American Man Boy Love Association have just been handed all their wildest dreams on a silver platter. This is not only the death of the Boy Scouts, but the death of boys.

The perfect storm indeed. Undo everything the founders intended, sit back, and watch what happens. Get rid of God and morality, while allowing the tentacles of the homosexual agenda free rein. Allow homosexuals to be Scouts and Scout leaders – what could go wrong?

Yeah, that one was really hard to predict. So now we have thousands of child sex abuse victims, and an organisation that has zero credibility. And we are all supposed to be surprised at this? Good grief. Let’s put the foxes in the hen house – all in the name of inclusion, diversity and tolerance. That should be fine, right?

A long time ago I was once a Boy Scout. I of course would not dream of advising anyone to join the Scouts today. Alfred Siewers was also once a Scout. Last year he said this:

The old American Boy Scouts might as well be filing for moral bankruptcy, having lost both its base and elite cultural capital. What used to be an organization designed to help boys become men has now been re-fashioned in line with the new gnosticism of American culture, accepting LGTBQIA ideology, while abandoning its traditional ascetic position about sex and its opposition to atheism.

Next year’s World Scouting Jamboree in West Virginia reportedly will be the first hosted by the former Boy Scouts of America to make condoms available to participants. A 2016 agreement with the Unitarian-Universalists overrode the group’s membership requirement of belief in God by allowing belief in humanism, contrary to the Scout Oath.

And two years ago Paul Kengor said this about the left’s war on the Scouts:

The left has succeeded in driving a final nail in the coffin of the Boy Scouts as it once was. The organization is now a shell of its self. It capitulated first on “gay” scout leaders, then on “transgender” scouts, and now on girls joining the Boy Scouts.

Progressives bask in their triumph, dancing on the grave of an organization they never wanted to build up; it was an organization they wanted to take down. For the left, this is less about giving something to girls than taking something from boys. It’s another scalp on the cultural-ideological wall….

The Boy Scouts have been emasculated, neutered. The organization that prided itself on courage stands impotent, fearful in the face of feminists and LGBTQ militants. They’ve cowered to the forces of “diversity” and “tolerance.” And for cultural revolutionaries, the defeat of the Boy Scouts is the end of a long march through yet another institution.

Everything the radical left gets its hands on it destroys. And that of course is all very deliberate. The destruction of the Scouts is just the latest in a long line of takedowns by the militants. Expect things to get even worse in the days ahead.

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26 Replies to “The Perfect Storm To Destroy Boys and the Boy Scouts”

  1. The great deceiver has a name and it walks amongst us now. Its name is Ligibitiqa.

    The ‘left’ as you call it is no such thing as it does not have the numbers in its ranks and that is the clue as to how the great deceiver works – divide and conquer!

    Thus, while the great deceiver uses our strength against us, we must look within our ranks to find the solution.
    Our children look to us for strength, guidance and dignity. Women will become women when men become men and pick up the gauntlet of responsibility. After all, God gave man dominion over all things and with it shouldered the responsibility to all men. Thus, whatever happens, God will ask us men – where were you?
    John Abbott

  2. Homosexuals have 7 to 70 times the paedophilia rate of heteros. Let them in and this always happens.

  3. Thanks again Bill,
    Utterly tragic. A lost opportunity to nurture and develop future Leaders built by challenge and mentor ship fully destroyed by wicked people.
    It makes me weep, little wonder one in 7 children in Australia have mental issues of some type.
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Bill
    The so-called “perversion files” run from 1944 to 2016:

    Are you suggesting that homosexual activism is responsible for the bankruptcy?

    I read these articles as saying that the sexual abuse of Boy Scouts was a long standing problem which was taking place well before the push to admit homosexuals in circa 2012.

    My parents wouldn’t let me join the Boy Scouts in the early/mid 1990s because of their concerns about paedophile leaders.

  5. Thanks Nick. I did not say that there was no child abuse earlier on in the Scouts. What I did say was this: as would be expected, when girls are allowed in the Boy Scouts, and when homosexuals and trans folks are allowed in both as Scouts and as Scout leaders, then it would be no surprise at all that these problems would escalate. And as mentioned, throwing God out of the Scouts did not help things either.

  6. The Boy Scouts has its genesis from the Boys’ Brigade which was founded in Glasgow and is still active around the world. Scouts founder Baden Powell was once an office bearer in The Boys’ Brigade; his “Scouting For Boys” was first published in the BB Gazette. The Boys’ Brigade is always connected with a church, which must take oversight and responsibility for it.

  7. “Whoever captures the kids owns the future”.

    Honestly I think it is a good thing they are now broke as Scouts and Guides have been morally corrupted; I’m 52 and back in NZ our Scout leader left under suspicion about a year after I left – that’s 40yrs ago, and he certainly wasn’t the first or last.

    I don’t see why Christian denominations can’t build up just one boy and one girl scout groups between them all – with each denomination having their own ‘Sunday School’ as being part of each – and that will give all involved more protection from sexual deviants, barren feminists and Godless government.
    Jamborees will be Godly and Gods message will be spread throughout His lands — as Jamborees will all be held away from ‘gay zones’ such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Wellington and Auckland. They will be wholesome and healthy out in the regional areas. ‘Safety Zones’ is what we will call our Jamborees!

    Most business and individuals in regional Australia already know that gays are near worthless — and gays who work at Treasury in Canberra can’t deny that fact! And feminists of course are worthless no matter what the postcode -compared to mothers- over a lifetime that is!

    Spreading disease is not the future. Just ask China. And ask the Australian government next month.

    God Bless and thanks for your good work Bill.

  8. I was a boy scout (Australia) in the 1960s/70s, a bit unwillingly, as my father put me into it; I guess he thought it would be good for me. (He might have thought differently if he’d known how ‘wild’ some of the others in the Group of about 25 boys were.) Until today, I’d have said knots, fires, and the like, were the only things of use I carried from scouts into manhood. But Bill’s article, and Tas Walker’s comment about Boys Brigade always being linked to a church, has prompted a recollection of what I now recognize as a milestone event in my life, something I’d previously completely forgotten about. During a long weekend scout camp in the local hills, Sunday morning arrived, and the Scout Leader (who was married, and his wife expecting their first child) set off with about half the boys following him into the scrub. “Coming?” he asked me, and I hesitated, but he urged me to join them. Turned out the book he was carrying was a Bible, and he led us in a very simple and informal church service/devotional among the Eucalypts, ti-trees, and boulders. Being completely unchurched, pretty much all of what he said and read was utterly alien to me, in as much as I can recall. But, as I now recognize, it was my first-ever church service!! So though our Scout Group wasn’t formally linked to the Church, evidently this Leader functioned as a link to Christ. I don’t know if he had official permission to take such overtly Christian actions. And to this day I don’t know how it was that only half the boys attended, and why I was one of them. Perhaps this godly man and his witness was an important step in my long road to eventual conversion. One reason I mention this account here is lest we be tempted to write off all adult scout leaders as ‘rotten eggs’.

  9. Hi Bill. Sad but inevitable. When will we learn that when we take GOD out of the picture we are left with something that has the propensity to become ungodly – be it individual lives, organisations, schools, nations. Come quickly LORD JESUS! Cheryl Ciccotosto

  10. Nick back in the 40’s up to 2013 homosexuals had to be closeted to be scout masters and volunteers. But a closeted homosexual can cause as much damage as a outed militant! The question was why were they allowed to stay?? They should have been exposed and the boys they hurt help. Protecting your own isn’t just a Catholic church problem.

  11. Rex Wayne Tillerson served as the 69th United States Secretary of State from February 1, 2017,until Donald Trump sacked him in March 31, 2018, making his tenure one of the shortest in recent history.
    From 2010 to 2012, he was the national president of the Boy Scouts, its highest non-executive position. During this time he helped to pave the way for sodomites to be admitted into the Association and to become leaders.

    David Skinner UK

  12. Regarding your comment Bill about the the girl guide who is pro-abortion, The Daily Mail reported, ” Leading abortion rights campaigner has been named as the new chief executive of the Girl Guides, Julia Bentley – who for five years ran the campaign group supporting abortion rights and sex education. She said that she was delighted at her appointment to ‘the ultimate feminist organisation’.

    Here is the lovely Julies being interviewed:

    The Guides used to promise to be faithful to God, Queen and country. Now they simple promise to be true to themselves!

    In the UK both boy and girl scouts shuffle , strut and cavort with paedophiles, pederasts, pornographers, prostitutes, transvestites, transgemders, sadomasochists, kinks and every imaginable pervert going, the gay pride parades that are proliferating across Britain.

    David Skinner UK

  13. yes you would have to tweak the old pledge a bit to fit todays crowd: gods with the little ‘g’ to be inclusive of all faiths and those who believe they are their own god, queens plural for the homosexual etc crowd, and countries plural for the globalist crowd.

    Surprised the new promise doesn’t have the word fabulous in it. must have been an oversight.

  14. Paul has inspired me to write a Girl Guide and Boy Scout pledge fit for the 2021st century:

    1. I promise to stop being who someone else thinks I should be, to stop living by someone else’s code and to stop trying to fit someone else’s mould.
    2. I promise to say “No!” to self doubt. “No” to self- censorship. “No” to self- sacrifice.
    3. I promise to be the person I am in private “Out” in public.
    4. I promise to be a game-changer; to challenge; subvert; pave the way; smash the norm and every boundary and barrier barring me from satiating my every lust and ambition to rule the World.
    5. I promise not to filter my self- esteem, nor put limits on whom I love, how I live, nor on whom I hurt and destroy in my path in order to get whatever I want and whenever I want it.
    6. I promise to be proud and to live every day like it was gay pride day.

    David Skinner UK

  15. Dear Bill, Thank you for the latest news on the demise of the Boy Scouts. Once a wonderful institution. Living in N.Z. in the 1960’s with our 3 sons we soon learned about homosexual problems in the Scouts. Our eldest son, 11, joined our Church Troop after being a Cub in Sydney where we had lived for some years. He showed leadership ability but we soon aware all was not well. The leader put him down often and favoured others. We had already discerned his homosexual inclination so were concerned. He had “pets” and judgement came for him when he took his “pets” to a camp in the Waitakerie Ranges behind Auckland. Then God – the author of climate – allowed a huge storm to blow up and their camp was washed out and they were nearly killed. It transpired he had not sought the necessary permission to take them and was immediately booted out. My son was left with wounds for many years and quit Scouts.
    The 2 younger sons were invited to join the Boys Brigade in the Baptist church later and I am interested to note from Tasman W. that that movement had its genesis in Scotland and Baden Powell attended that and Boy Scouts was formed. My youngest son, many years later married and moved to U.S.A and after moving to Fort Worth, Texas about 15 years ago was persuaded to join Scouts by his close friend in their church. He was a long time devoted leader, as was my son in time to come. He was actually honoured to be awarded the highest award for Scouts in America. Then when I was visiting in 2010 I was very disturbed to learn that 60% of leaders had voted for homosexuals to be allowed to join Scouts but not to become leaders. As you rightly point out – that can and has changed and will get worse and is right now causing the demise of a wonderful movement. In the meantime we see the rebirth of Sodom and Gomorrah in our world which is now bringing disaster which will eventually lead to destruction of our civilization as happened thousands of years ago. As Cheryl C. has said in her comment – if we move away from God’s Laws we pay the penalty. I so agree. Keep up your excellent work Bill. Blessings always.

  16. My dad would not allow me to join the Boy Scouts in the 50’s because of this very issue that you wrote about. He saw it clearly back then and would have nothing to do with it.

    Dave Loggans

  17. My father was a great leader Bagheera when I was in cubs in the 90’s.. I then became a leader many years later. I met my husband through the Movement and now our son has started his scouting journey. Sadly their were leaders back then that were ‘Groomers’, I wasn’t aware or told about this until I became a leaders in the late 2000’s.

  18. Sydney Mardi Gras Parade coming this weekend, floats 67 and 68.
    Crikey! How things have changed since my time in Scouts.

    67. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT celebrates 100 years and looking to the future
    Guides NSW, ACT & NT is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary in 2020 and with this in mind we are looking forward. Girl Guides is an accepting, vibrant community who welcomes members from across the LGBTQI+ spectrum, in accordance with our updated 2019 gender policy, all female identifying individuals are invited to be members.

    68. Scouts NSW – Be Respectful, Do What Is Right and Believe In Yourself
    Scouts Australia NSW provides young Australians aged 5 to 25 with fun and challenging opportunities to grow through adventure. We empower our youth to lead themselves and each other. Scouts Australia NSW has a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and actively supports young people and adults of diverse sexualities and genders to join our organisation. We know that you can’t be what you can’t see, so we ensure our ongoing support of Mardi Gras allows our youth from Broken Hill to Ballina to Bega to feel proud of themselves no matter how they identify. That’s WHAT MATTERS to us.

  19. “We know that you can’t be what you can’t see,”

    We also know you can’t UNSEE things! From what I have heard goes on during these parades this will be a unforgettable experience for these scouts for all the WRONG reasons! How many on their next outing in scouts will have the scout master suggest acting out things they saw at the parade?? And be all to willing to join in.

    Homosexuals can’t breed but can recruit. Knowing that the left gives them free access to our kids basically saying what could go wrong?

  20. One comment above says ” homosexuals can’t breed but can recruit”. Spot on. (Is that one part of the answer to that age old question about how they manage to “reproduce” themselves, the other part being bi-sexuality)? And it’s not only in the Boy Scouts where targeting and recruiting children takes place.

    Schools are another major recruiting ground, such as this (latest) one in Scotland, where a drag queen known as “Flowjob” was invited to talk to primary children in their “rainbow club” about Clause 28 – a now abandoned clause which once forbade the discussion of homosexuality in schools. Quite a list of ingredients! Report here:

    Even some drag queens are against this kind of activity aimed at children. Have a look at this short video:

    And presumably Australian readers know about the case of Wilson Gavin who was found dead recently after publicly saying drag queens are not for kids. For that matter children are not for drag queens!! Short video here:

  21. True as far as drag queens and kids just look at the video of Desmond is amazing striptease dancing at a gay bar for all you need to know about what that will lead to. They keep saying it is the kids wanting to do this yet the only thing they want is to please mommy and daddy. Most middle schoolers don’t even know what they want much less the younger kids. But the left acts like as soon as you get out of the womb, if they let you out, you should be in complete control of you life because you know best.

    We seem to be headed toward a brave new depraved world. Soon they will make kiddie smut legal but insist it is only because the kids want it. Also they’ll make “intergenerational” sex legal, better known to thinking people as molestation, because kids are demanding it. They want to satisfy their desires their perverted lusts but use children as a prop to pass the laws cause who can say no to helping the children.

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