5 Fearless Female Warriors Draining the Swamp

These five female superstars put so many men to shame:

I have often asked this question before: Where are all the men? Where are all the brave and courageous men standing strong when and where it counts, whether it be in politics, in the culture wars, or even in the pulpits? Why does it always seem that fantastic females are at the forefront of so many of these battles and flashpoints?

So often when I see a key bit of warfare taking place, at the front of the pack are some superlative women who seem to put so many men to shame. Don’t get me wrong: I am so glad they are there. So I am not gainsaying them but all the cowardly men who refuse to show their face where the battles rage. See my earlier piece on this here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2011/07/15/where-are-all-the-strong-men/

Yes, there are of course many great men out there fighting the good fight. Trump himself of course is leading the charge here. He has the insight and wisdom to know that it is not just a matter of Republican vs Democrat, but independent patriots vs establishment politicians of either stripe. Indeed, he knew it was the swamp itself that needed to be drained.

Many other American men could be mentioned here. So too, many Australians. When it comes to the culture wars one thinks of great folks like Warwick Marsh, Lyle Shelton and Martyn Iles – to name but a few – who have stood strong for quite some time now.

And a number of male political figures could also be mentioned. Let me just single out two of them. On the Federal level, everything I see by NSW MP Craig Kelly on the social media I share instantly. He really is switched on, and he sure is not backing down on the things that matter.

On the Victorian State level we have champions like Bernie Finn fighting strong for family, for freedom, and for life. He is often a lone figure seeking to take on the Labor/Andrews juggernaut. We need more politicians like you Craig and Bernie. But let me turn to these top five female fighters who deserve so much credit and praise.

Are there more than five fearless females that can be featured here? You betcha! I could easily do 50 of them. But these five have been much in the news of late, and they have all shown us sterling qualities of bravery, principle and conviction as they each do their bit to help drain the swamp. I begin here in Australia and then shift to the US.

Peta Credlin

No one who has been following the interminable daily press briefings by Victoria’s Dan Andrews does not know how things have been massively shaken up over the past few weeks. After weeks of hot air gabfests with hardly any hard questions from the journalists – with a few notable exceptions – a seismic shift has taken place in the person of Peta Credlin.

The journalist, Sky News host, lawyer, and former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been showing up at these press conferences and putting some real terror into Andrews. Because of her terrific investigative work, tough questions, and persistence of a pit bull terrier, she has really shaken things up.

She already has one big political scalp, and more are certain to follow, with hopefully the biggest scalp of all – Andrews himself – soon enough coming. One meme making the rounds – which might offend one or two folks – has a pic of her and Andrews with these words: “When the only person with balls in Victoria is a woman.” That about sums it up. We sure can use some male counterparts to this champion pugilist. Bless you Peta.

Miranda Devine

Miranda was actually born in the US, the daughter of the former Australian editor Frank Devine. She is an Australian journalist and commentator who has worked for the Daily Telegraph and other media outlets. She is now covering the US elections and working with the New York Post. She has been breaking some big news stories, most notably the Joe and Hunter Biden corruption scandal.

Indeed, I just saw her appearing on the top-ranked show hosted by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. In many ways she – along with her colleagues – is doing for Biden and the Democrats what Credlin has been doing for Andrews and Labor.

She is helping to break one of the top stories in the US right now – all the more important given the upcoming election, and given that tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have been censoring this story. Her work is first class, and her swamp-draining credentials are now impeccable. Bless you Miranda.

Kayleigh McEnany

My first US example of a fearless female warrior is the recently appointed White House press secretary to President Trump. What a fearless and powerful champ she is. Simply taking on the hyper-left press corps every day as they seek to dump on Trump requires someone with courage, grace, smarts, and street-fighting skills. And she performs flawlessly.

And she is super-qualified to do so. She has graduated from Harvard Law School and Georgetown University. She also studied politics and international relations at Oxford University. She is brilliant, articulate, and unable to be rattled by the loony left as they pour their anger and spite on her and Trump.

And especially noteworthy is the fact that she is a strong, committed Christian. Just one quote from her: “My mission in life is that when I pass, I will hear Him say ‘well done good and faithful servant.’ If I can end my life that way then it doesn’t matter what people say on the way there.” Bless you Kayleigh.

Candace Owens

This African-American conservative activist and commentator has been a real champion as she stands against the unhinged left and demonstrates that one can be a conservative pro-Trump intellectual and still be Black. As Kanye West tweeted two years ago: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.”

She even launched the Blexit movement, a social media campaign to encourage Blacks and other minorities to exit the Democratic Party. And this is all the more remarkable given that not all that long ago she was a strong critic of Trump and conservatism.

One recent tweet of hers will have to suffice, tying in to what Miranda is doing: “The most compelling piece of this Hunter Biden story is that he was actually dumb enough to drop off 3 of his laptops for repair and then never returned back for them… in 2019…as his father ran for office, boldly lying to the world. This is why you don’t smoke crack, kids.” Bless you Candace.

Amy Coney Barrett

Anyone who has tuned in to the SCOTUS confirmation hearings this past week in the US would be left with no doubt that this is one amazing woman, and she is fully qualified – and then some – to sit on America’s top court. All the usual Democrat mud was flung at her, but she came out of it smelling like a rose, and looking like the powerful, intelligent and incredible woman that she is.

Barrett is a 48-year-old conservative from Chicago who formerly worked for justice Scalia. She studied law at the University of Notre Dame and had been a long-time law professor there. Because she is a Catholic charismatic, a conservative, a constitutional textualist and originalist, and has seven children (two of them adopted from Haiti), and is pro-life, the Democrats and the Left absolutely hate her.

All the more reason to see her confirmed to sit on the US Supreme Court. Let me offer just one quote from her: “Your legal career is but a means to an end, and… that end is building the kingdom of God.” Bless you Amy.

Now let me point out that there are of course many more terrific women that I could have honoured here. Maybe future articles will do so. And obviously not all of those I featured above are evangelical, Bible-believing Christians. Some are and some are not.

I often pray for these women, and you should too. For those who are not Christians, I pray they would go all the way, getting right with God so they can be even more effective and energetic in the work that they do. But just as God can use a pagan like Rahab just as much as he can use a godly judge like Deborah, God can use – and is using – these five champions to do so much good. May their tribes increase.

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25 Replies to “5 Fearless Female Warriors Draining the Swamp”

  1. What a wonderful article Bill.

    Those 5 women you have commented on have displayed a tremendous amount of courage and grace whilst under considerable aggressive and vile attacks from the left.

    Pray they may continue and flourish !

  2. Don’t forget our two Auzzie Pollies. Pauline Hanson (tough as nails). Yes she is no great speaker and has made her fair share of mistakes, but what I love about her, is that she is are WRECKING BALL! While others are knocking on the door and waiting for it to be opened, she just goes through with are sledge hammer. So many men/politicians have walked through the doors that she broke open and have taken the credit for pushing through legislation that she brought forward first, but she still keeps going. She is one gutsy lady. Unfortunately it is also been men that have failed both her and her party through lust and power, a man’s greatest weakness. Then there is Jackie Lambie, she also has made her fair share of mistakes, but boy have you heard her in parliament letting the men have it especially in regards to selling out our nation. She is doing are great job watching out for the interests of our defense force. Unfortunately many of our good men today have something that they have to content with every time they step out. It’s called the Jezebel Spirit.

  3. Two things really describe the SCOTUS hearings. ACB holding up the blank notepad showing she was not using notes and a comment made that she seemed like she graduated from West Point with the discipline and calm demeanour in which she responded to what was some really inappropriate questioning.
    Thirdly, her children.

  4. Glad to see Peta on the list. Been watching her lately and praying… Go Peta!

  5. Yes they are all very strong and capable women Bill.

    There’s also the young Aboriginal woman in Alice Springs who is standing for the Libs, but didn’t make it at the last election. She is one to get behind and publicly support from the little I’ve read. She stands up to the academic and political race hustlers.

    “A woman is like a tea bag – you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

    God Bless, and thanks again for all your good work Bill.

  6. Thank Bill, as always. I saw a bit of Amy Coney Barrett’s handling of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Pretty cool lady (Barrett, I mean).

  7. What a terrific bunch of fellas (and Ingrid), all with such heart-warming encouragement for the five very inspiring ladies you have highlighted, Bill. Special indeed to celebrate what is praiseworthy, together.

  8. Great piece Bill, I love it that you give credit where credit is due.
    I have personally been enormously impressed by these ladies outlined in your article. Also the two tough ladies that Ingrid mentions in her comment.
    Bill Heggers

  9. I cannot help but mention two ladies from the past that were amazing. One Margaret Thatcher, who not only was a great Prime Minister but a a beacon of light for women. Of course the leftist women hated her because she was not their brand and she did not achieve things by bashing men.

    The other was Golda Meir the Prime Minster of Israel, who was a rock in a hard place and had the wisdom of Solomon.

  10. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for highlighting these ladies and their willingness to confront the bullies of today’s media, political, and social media, secular organizations, and sometimes, religious groups.
    I would like to see you, as mentioned, remind us occasionally, of other strong women standing on the wall with a trumpet…we need those reminders.
    Ron Adams

  11. Heartfelt thanks, Bill, for spot on appraisal. Peta Credlin’s calm and unflinching press conference confronting of Dan Andrews was unbeatable. What a lady! Always a great read too in the SHS. Also this week I saw 2 mornings of the SCOTUS confirmation hearings for ACB – cool, calm, collected, consistent, professional, must have done a degree in diplomacy. The person who labelled her a racist for adopting 2 children from Haiti should be in a mental asylum.

  12. Many times God has raised up mighty women to be a part of His plan. Some, though not known for their individual or courageous deeds, were the Godly partners of great men of God who supported them through their faith and prayer.
    Esther shows how courage can save a nation and how an unlikely hero can change the course of history.
    Abigail showed dignity and integrity when the lives of those around her were placed in jeopardy, Abigail leapt into action in order to save them.
    Martha shows how we learn the importance of trusting God even when all seems lost.
    Anna ( Luke 2) spent eighty four years of waiting, of worshipping, of trusting. Every day Anna chose to hold true to her faith no matter the circumstances. She devoted her whole life to trusting in God’s provision and her long years of waiting were rewarded by being able to gaze upon the face of Jesus.
    “the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.”
    Priscilla is an example of a Godly wife in the Bible: Throughout her marriage to Aquila, the couple was known for their powerful ministry and generosity to those in need.

  13. Hi Bill,
    Yes, an excellent list of ladies whom I have been listening to continually. I also value the insights of Rita Panahi, Daisy Cousens, and Sharri Markson. I find Laura Ingraham’s no-nonsense commentary on FOX enlightening as well. Thanks for highlighting the contributions of ladies who are confronting the issues.

  14. Oh dear I don’t think either Pauline Hanson or Jacquie Lamby would make my top 100 women. Amy Coney Barrett is incredible. What a triumph for Trump to get her on the Supreme Court. If you include American women how about Nikki Haley? How about this for a plan: Trump wins then it’s Pence/Haley for 8 years. Then Haley/whomever for the next 8 years. That takes us up to 2040. I’ll probably have lost interest by then but the Dems will be just about out of business.

  15. G-d bless all you brave women.! As believers in Jesus, you all have the authority to declare and decree over the USA. G-d loves the non-believers and patriots just as much the believers.
    As a patriot and Viet Nam vet, Of the people, by the people and for the people!
    May G-d make ahis face to shine on you all.

  16. Good to see that even in Australia, and around the world, the final 3 females on your list (Americans) are being recognized the world over for their courage to speak truth. Sadly, because of our self-indulgent (corrupt) leftist majority media in America, the first 2 females on your list get no media coverage in America at all. Actually, we get no (or very little) media coverage of anything happening outside of America, unless it somehow effects America. Most Americans wrongly believe they are the all-in-all center of the universe, when what’s happening outside of America should be of importance to us also.

  17. Thanks Marc. She did not make it for the same reason a few hundred others did not! As I said several times in my piece, many more could be included in such a list, and more articles will be needed to make that happen. So yes Liz could certainly be included in any further lists.

  18. If you are looking for more fearless female warriors, perhaps Nikki Haley would qualify. Also perhaps comparisons could be drawn between Genesis where Eve is first to be seduced to disregard God, and the New Testament where Mary is the new Eve (and perfect in obedience to God’s word ). Also, the risen Jesus first appears to Mary Magdalen – In my mind this is a victory ‘in Christ’ over Satan’s snares that previously led to an immoral life. I am sure that you will see this as a truly great demonstration of the power of Christ that a life can be completely transformed. Cheers

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