Signs of Hope: Scenes from the Resistance

These exciting tales of bold resistance should make your day:

If you are an old guy like me you might recall this line from the 1967 Moody Blues album, Days of Future Passed: “Breathe deep the gathering gloom”. This website has documented numerous cases of the gathering gloom. The bad news must be reported – and the alarm must be sounded.

But it is also imperative to present some of the good news – some of the moving tales from the resistance. There are many standing against the descending darkness. So that will be what I feature here. All four examples have to do with brave champions who have been willing to fight back when so many others are just putting up the white flag of surrender.

My first rousing story of fierce resistance involves Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski who lives in Calgary in Canada. A video of his bold stance has gone viral. A number of police were trying to enter his church and shut down a Good Friday service, but he stood his ground until they retreated. As I have often said before, those who have come from Marxist states know all about tyranny and the importance of resistance.

As one report states: “The pastor had been polite but firm with the half-dozen officers originally, telling them: ‘Please get out, get out of this property, immediately get out’ as they clustered together a short distance inside the building. He became markedly firmer as they attempted to linger and put questions to him, insisting: “I don’t want to hear a word. Out! Out! Out of this property immediately, until you come back with a warrant — out!’”   

The pastor explained his actions:

This is unacceptable. Even during the times of the Middle Ages, the knights were commanded to leave their swords outside the church; they were not allowed to enter the church. But these days, nothing is holy for those people. They just walk in like it’s a restaurant. I grew up in Poland under the boot of the Soviets, behind the Iron Curtain. What I see right now, I see everything escalating and moving to the new level. They’re acting just like the Communists were acting when I was growing up when the pastors and the priests were arrested, and some were murdered. Many were tortured. That’s why I say what I say, because I see a repetition of history.

The video, which has only been up a few days, has already been viewed over a half million times. You can see it here:

My next example involves the newly appointed Assistant Women’s Minister Amanda Stoker. Because she is a conservative and prolife, her appointment immediately triggered the secular lefties, and a hatefest ensued. She was attacked by a number of the usual suspects, but being the brave champ that she is, she fired back at critics. As one article states:

Australia’s new assistant minister for women has a message for left-wing activists and Twitter keyboard warriors: Our lives will never improve if you don’t stop tearing down women for having the “wrong” beliefs and instead focus on making things better for everyone.


“It’s really interesting that people who clearly don’t know anything about you or your record or what motivates you think it’s OK to tear you down just because you come from a different political tradition,” Queensland LNP Senator Amanda Stoker told The Daily Telegraph, responding to criticism of her new portfolio. “To suggest I am not an appropriate choice to be an assistant minister for women is a form of madness we just should not indulge,” she said.


Since being named assistant minister for women, as part of a reshuffle that saw the creation of a number of female-centred portfolios, Ms Stoker has been the target of attacks from prominent left-wing advocates and what she calls “retweet activists” on the basis of her political and personal beliefs.

My third case comes from the US. There the Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has decided to take on the woke Tech Giants. Says one news item:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is railing against the unchecked power of Big Tech, including social media giants like Twitter and booksellers like Amazon, to control speech in America. Thomas’s comments came on the heels of a somewhat related Supreme Court case. It was about former President Donald Trump’s efforts to block critics from his personal Twitter account. The Court declared that case moot since Twitter has banned Trump, but Thomas said the case raises a lot of very big issues that will need to be addressed soon.


“Today’s digital platforms provide avenues for historically unprecedented amounts of speech…also unprecedented, however, is the concentrated control of so much speech in the hands of a few private parties. We will soon have no choice but to address how our legal doctrines apply to highly concentrated, privately owned information infrastructures such as digital platforms,” the justice wrote. 


Thomas also noted the need to legally address the control of online content available to the American public. “If part of the problem is private, concentrated control over online content and platforms available to the public, then part of the solution may be found in doctrines that limit the right of a private company to exclude,” he wrote.

My final case in point comes from one social media boss who is quite clear about where he stands. The truth is, there are very few on-fire Christians and conservatives running Big Tech companies. But the head of Gab is certainly different. He is an unashamed Christian and conservative. He began his email to users a few days ago with these words:

Brothers and Sisters,


For many Americans Christianity has become a rapidly deconstructed fragment of their actual identity. People refer to themselves as a “Christian” when asked about matters of faith, but you won’t find them openly proclaiming Christ as their central identity. How many of us are living according to God’s Word and how many are living according to the ways of the world?

And here are his closing words:

If at all possible find a way to homeschool your children. If that is not possible make sure you are spending time in God’s Word daily. If your children are not raised to have a Biblical worldview the Enemy will most certainly see to it that they are raised with their demonic secular humanism worldview. What is the best way to raise up your children with a Biblical worldview? Live it yourself. Be the example.


It’s so important to not sink into despair right now. We serve the Creator of the Universe. Trust His Plan. Christians need to play the long game and we need to start being strategic about our plan to recapture the control of our countries. That begins with the end of lukewarm Christianity.


The tolerance of the generations before us has led to the subversive takeover of every facet of society and even the faith by the global elite. That does not mean that they cannot be defeated. I believe that God has a plan to do so, but it will take the organized, peaceful, and longterm commitment and effort of His people to accomplish this. We must never again tolerate evil and the spirit of the antichrist in our culture, governments, education systems, homes, and our own hearts.


Today on this Easter Sunday we remember the hope, grace, forgiveness, and salvation of our risen Savior. We will forge ahead into the darkness and be not afraid, for our God will always be victorious and our faith rests in the eternal life that awaits us in His Kingdom.


God bless you all and Happy Easter, He is risen!

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

Wow! You sure won’t get the head of Facebook or Google or YouTube or Twitter talking like that! Finally, someone with courage and conviction who is not afraid of standing up for Christ in the public arena. Well done Andrew! Please keep him in your prayers, as he would be hated on by so many.

And please pray for the other three: Artur, Amanda and Clarence. These are just some of the brave resistance fighters who are taking on the secular left juggernaut, and are leading by example. May we all follow in their footsteps with the same boldness and determination.

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8 Replies to “Signs of Hope: Scenes from the Resistance”

  1. The point about homeschooling is interesting – traditionally it’s been the domain of ‘conservative Christians’ who object to what public schools teach, and Leftists opposed to institutions. I recently saw an article saying something like 1:6 black kids in America are now being homeschooled, which from memory was a quadrupling since not so very long ago. For all the harm that China Flu is causing, perhaps some good is coming out of it too?

  2. Just today Pastor Coates’s Grace Life Church in Alberta, was literally put behind a retaining fence by the state for “flouting Covid-19 rules”.. We are in a battle brothers & sisters.

  3. Good job Bill,

    We need the same good news for Oz. We do have a sizeable resistance here as well.
    Dunno if I missed a post of yours on this subject.
    How big is your list of featured heros ?
    Have you written about Paul Furlong or Monica Smit ?

    Cheerio Walter

  4. Thank you Bill.

    Also the God-honouring* and soon to be rightfully reinstated President Trump is building a new social media platform to counter God-less censorship and propaganda. Similarly Mike Lindell’s new social media platform will be commencing soon.

    *Be inspired:

  5. Polls are a big problem to action often because of how many in polls say they are Christian. For too many it is tradition something that their family has been for generations and they know nothing about. There is a joke about three kids bringing something to school from there faith to help them explain it one kid brings a Star of David for his Judaism, one brings a crucifix for her Catholicism, and one comes and say his name and he is a Baptist and says this is a casserole. I am NOT knocking Baptists but simply there are way too many, children and adults, who like this poor kid know NOTHING about there faith except maybe we get together and have potlucks. It isn’t just cultural changes the seminaries changed and turned out milquetoast preachers who created milquetoast followers who raised milquetoast children who repeated the process.

    While I am glad to see the resistance I must ask where has it been up to this point?? Why did we wait so long to fight back??? For far too long we acted like being abused was a good and noble thing even a righteous thing. Yes we will have to suffer for the Lord’s sake but that doesn’t mean seeking it out and doing nothing while it happens. Christianity is not a spiritual S&M club! Nor is heaven some fraternity were suffering in this life is the hazing needed to get in and we must always say yes sir can I have another.

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