The Sin of Being a White Male Christian

You are doomed if you are one of these:

Not all that long ago it was commonly acknowledged that certain folks really were the dregs of society – you know, rapists, drug smugglers, murderers, and those guilty of high treason. But things have changed. Those folks are not really all that bad it seems.

Now there is one group that is utterly beyond the pale – and they are OPPRESSORS! Yes, you know just who I speak of. If you are white, you are a devil. If you are male, you are a devil. If you are a Christian, you are a devil. And if you happen to be all three, well, there is no hope for you. Better just commit hari-kari now.

A few days ago I wrote a piece on cancel culture which I began by referring to a story of some of these horrible oppressors. That story is worth revisiting, because it tells us everything that is wrong with today’s woke, PC, hyper-left cancel culture.

It was so bad that it actually made headlines in a number of media outlets. It seems to have first been covered in the Melbourne Herald Sun. Another early outlet to run with it put it this way:

A presentation by a council worker at a public school near Melbourne left students flabbergasted and parents incensed, after white boys who held Christian beliefs were reportedly told they were “oppressors” by default. The incident allegedly took place at Parkdale Secondary College in a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Australia, last week, but was first reported by the Sunday Herald on Sunday.


The paper reported that the Kingston Youth Services worker was giving a presentation about “privilege, pronouns and ‘intersectionality'” to year-11 students last Wednesday. As part of the presentation, the unnamed female worker told teens who considered themselves to be “male,” “white” and “Christian” to stand up and then chastised them for being the well-off class, reportedly labeling them as “oppressors.”


The students were apparently taken aback by the identity-based diatribe, telling the Herald that they felt “ashamed” and “shocked” by the spectacle. One said that the students were reluctant to confront the narrative out of fear they would be labeled “homophobic” by the worker, who was also reportedly advocating LGBTQI+ rights.


Parents of the children also failed to appreciate the teaching method and the agenda to which it was attached, with one parent telling the paper that he believes the school “is not the place to indoctrinate kids with divisive ideas” that prioritize a skin color over character.


Following the outrage, the school principal condemned the incident, expressing his “disappointment” with the way the lesson was conducted. However, he signalled that the school was familiar with the content of the presentation, noting that the administration “discussed” with the speaker its content and the delivery, but claimed the school was left in the dark about the name-and-shame interaction. The uproar soon spilled over beyond the school walls, and saw the mayor of Kingston, a city to which the suburb belongs, apologize for the incident, promising an “investigation into this as a matter of urgency.”

It is good to see such a swift reaction to this insanity taking place. Um, is it not the very definition of racism to single out an entire group and attack them simply on the basis of their race? Is it not the very definition of sexism to single out a whole group and attack them simply on the basis of their sex? And what about this blatant religious bigotry?

Indeed, simply consider the widespread and manic outrage if this thing had occurred at a Muslim School. If this social worker would have told a group of male Muslim students that they were oppressors who were responsible for all the world’s ills, there would have been hell to pay. The left and the media and our politicians would have come down on this gal like a ton of bricks.

We know full well that she would never even dream of doing something like this. She is a coward, just like all these other leftist militants are. They know that there is only one soft target that is always worth focusing on: Christians. It is open season on Christianity, and our school kids are some of the main targets here.

Where are all these new laws and bits of legislation when you need them? Where are the vilification laws, equal opportunity laws, and anti-discrimination laws? Crickets chirping. These sorts of laws are all one-way traffic – they are primarily used as blunt instruments against white male Christians. Yet somehow, we are still the oppressors!

Guess what: Unlike so many of these fake victim groups that now exist, I was born a male and I was born white. And I apologise for neither one. I did however choose to become a Christian – after a stint with the secular left. And I will not apologise for that either.

As Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn put it on the social media: “For the benefit of ‘youth workers’ at Kingston Council – and everyone else – I’m male, white and Christian – and will be staying that way. I care nothing for their warped prejudices and bullying that would see them in Court if they were directed at anyone else!”

Others have spoken out about this moonbattery. Commentator Andrew Bolt said this about the episode: “This is pure racism. These boys … are being judged purely by their skin colour – by their race – as well as their gender and their faith…. This demonisation of whites, and white men especially, is getting right out of hand. It is racist, it is destructive, and it does need now to be confronted.”

Also, Sky News host Rita Panahi rightly said that this was “cultural Marxism in action.” She said that the schoolboys, were subjected to a “racist, sexist, and religiously intolerant tirade” in the name of “equality and diversity”:

Parents are rightly appalled … it’s the culmination of the long march through the institutions that began decades ago. They were labelled ‘oppressors’ by a Kingston City Council employed youth worker. It’s tantamount to bullying if you ask me and all the more shameful because it was perpetrated by an adult in a position of power….


Perhaps schools, and state and local governments, could focus their attentions on driving academic excellence rather than social engineering. Parents must take a stand against the politicisation of the curriculum and the relentless leftist indoctrination in the guise of tolerance and equity.

Absolutely. But the sad truth is that this is not an isolated episode. This sort of garbage is happening throughout Australian and Western schools. For decades now militant secular left teachers and teachers’ unions have been shoving this crap down the throats of our children. Many kids today may leave high school illiterate, innumerate and barely able to think straight, but they know all there is to know about the full leftist agenda.

All the more reason to pull your kids out of the public school system now.

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15 Replies to “The Sin of Being a White Male Christian”

  1. One voice in the wilderness usually represents tens of thousands of thoughts.
    John Abbott

  2. Yes indeed, John, however the tens of thousands of us all need now to stand up boldly and be counted – for the sake of our young people, and for all children and young people in our country and beyond! If we would all stand up with courage to counter these leftist bullies of every ilk, God-honouring sanity would be reinstated. Until we do, young people, most blatantly at universities – including distance students – continue to have no alternative in proceeding through the education system, than mandatory marxist saturation.

    We must all stand up and lift our voices together with the ‘one voice in the wilderness’! For this is our God-given responsibility in being salt and light in His world, and He will hold each one of us accountable for either slumbering or being His faithful ambassadors.

  3. According to Kamahl, colour is a “pigment of your imagination” (Talking to Anh Doh on Anh Doh’s “Brush with Fame”). What a terrible situation to be in when people have such closed and ignorant minds when it comes to understanding where our skin colour comes from and ignorance in considering there is more than one race of people. How can there be more than one human race if colour is the criteria? No-one is 100% identical with another person. We are all different and unique.

  4. Yes white heterosexual Christian men are the most hated and are the most persecuted group of people in the world today. White heterosexual Christian men are also blamed for everything. The Marxists hate white heterosexual Christian men and want to undermine and destroy white heterosexual Christian men. It is demonic and evil. The main reason why the Marxists hate white heterosexual Christian men is because of jealousy. White heterosexual Christian men are and have been the wealthiest most innovative most industrious most influential and most successful group of people for thousands of years and still are to this day. White heterosexual Christian men have also done the most good in the world and in history too. That is also the other reason why white heterosexual Christian men are hated by the Marxists. The Marxists are demonic evil and are demon possessed and the Marxists hate everything that is good and love everything that is evil.

  5. Speaking as a “white”, Christian male, I am very proud to be part of the group who have fought and often died to free slaves and give people real freedom and equality. No other group has done more to give people freedom.

    Of course, if these people were anything more than massive and disturbed hypocrites, they would be fighting to remove the slavery and oppression that still exists in areas such as sex slavery and communism, not condemning those who are the offspring of those who have done and given so much more than they have.

  6. What is perpetrated on this group, is the EXACT SAME THING they have been accused of.
    Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? (Matt. 7:12)

  7. Thanks Bill and so true, Michael and John, It was jealousy that caused the religious leaders to hate and want to kill Jesus, but God used Jesus’ death to redeem us. And these white male Christian haters such as the youth worker above would be better to target their energies into helping fight against sex slavery, substance abuse, female genital mutilation, etc and other suppression ideologies like communism than pick on the progeny of those who have made this country and other countries ‘free’ otherwise we won’t be ‘free’ anymore which is the road the world is on at the moment – our freedoms are being taken away from us.
    Hopefully, all these incidents will show people that they better check out who they are voting for at elections so that we get more God-fearing politicians than anti-God ones.
    Also, not many of us can go to war physically but we can pray and give to ministries that minister to abused people.

  8. Unfortunately many men are suiciding. Cassie Jaye made a documentary (The Red Pill) which may shed some more light on this topic and how males are being treated in our society. Well worth a watch.

  9. The issue of separate races needs to be addressed from a Biblical Creationist Christian perspective or Worldview. We are all One Blood as the Bible teaches. There is only one race the human race . This is vitally important for Jesus to be our Kinsman Redeemer Savior and Mighty Creator .

    We all go back to our Original parents Adam and Eve her name meaning the mother of all living. 6000 years ago Creation Week and Adam created along with the land animals on Day 6 then Eve created out of man , the meaning of woman . The Fall would have happened within a month of the perfect Creation as Eve was not yet pregnant. Obviously Lucifer fell after the finished Creation and a third of the angels with him and Satan entered the Garden of Eden and first tempted Eve then Adam deliberately rebelled and hence this fallen world and the Curse of sin resulting in death disease and destruction.

    The Global Flood year long catastrophe of judgement on the evil of all in the time of Noah according the chronologies and history time frame 1656 years after the Creation. There were only 8 survivors . We all go back to a lineage from one of the 3 sons of Noah, Shen Ham and Japheth and their wives. We are closely related . The rebellion at the time of King Nimrod a great great grandson of Noah and the Tower of Babel event supernaturally God created separate languages and people groups spread out over the Earth as God had commanded.

    This thumbnail sketch of Biblical history is to reiterate that skin levels of melanin and eye shape and nose shape are trivial and modern genetics confirms on a DNA level. We are all One Human Family. Racism is a divisive and evil cultural and social construct. Please go to creation .com for more details especially the article on Two Toned Twins.

    There seems no one able to articulate this in the public square ?

  10. You are so right, Bill; and so many of our Christian leaders are afraid to speak about the discrimination against white Christian men.

    Interestingly, one non-Christian lady is saying much the same as you. Her name is Bettina Arndt and she has defended men falsely accused of domestic violence, rapes on university campuses, etc. by pointing out the feminists’ lies and made-up statistics.

    In fact, there is less violence against women in Australia now than ever before and it is still declining.

    This ought to be a cause for celebration instead of constant attempts by anti-male feminists to demonize men at every opportunity.

  11. We stopped defending ourselves and our faith so of course they walk all over us. I’m not saying we should be violent but they don’t attack Muslims because they don’t take crap about their faith. We became pacifists “Jesus would rollover and take it so should we. The biblical answer is to do nothing but smile daintily” how is that ANY different than fraternity pledges saying “yes sir can I have another”???

    As to what others have said on race I, and I’m sure others, simply consider it a word for the people groups out there based on DNA, features and location and currently man’s idea of race is too SMALL there are dozens. We try to make it one continent = one race but each has several. There is no ONE white race no ONE black race or any other color but each has several. Today’s people, except for racists and ideologues, see race as a subset of humanity and see us all as the same species not differently evolved species based on location. Maybe one day we can understand that subdividing humanity groups we call races says nothing about a persons worth but simply acknowledges the differences god gave humanity. What glorious species he made in man.

  12. Rev Martin Luther King called for people to be judged on the content on their character not the colour of their skin. He enjoyed enormous success in promulgating that viewpoint and in consequence his name goes down in history as a great leader.

    Today however we have a powerful push for racial division ironically cloaked as a movement to promote racial equality. (Marxist socialists love reversing things for rhetorical purposes) We also have organisations that are so racially focussed that in America a white male police officer was accused of white supremacy because he saved an African American girl from being stabbed to death simply because the attacker who died in the process (in spite of his resuscitation attempts) happened to have more melanin in her skin.

    Social media platforms are hardly conservative but even they are pushed to be more extreme to the left. In California there was a hearing for Assembly bill 587 las week. The legislation requires social media platforms to disclose their policies on various topics notably including “disinformation” and “extremism”. The former sounding dangerously and horribly like an opinion those in power disagree with.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai was grilled by Rep. Anna Eshoo about YouTube’s role in radicalising users relying on a report that supported the idea. The findings of the report were based on curious assumptions such as including “alternative YouTube channels that potentially serve as gateways to more extreme forms of content”. Included in these are Christian conservative Steven Crowder and Christian conservative African American Candice Owen. What type of ‘extremism’ could this be expected to lead to? It is trite to say that taking leadership from a Christian or an African American or both could hardly lead to white supremacy. Perhaps learning about the Bible from a Christian pastor or group is what they have in mind?

    For the actual extremist or white supremacist channels the report relied on sources like the ultra left Southern Poverty Law Centre. The SPLC labels both Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (Ret.) the Vice President of Christian organisation Family Research Council and Tony Perkins the head of the FRC as extremists and label the FRC as a hate group. Tim Wildmon the president of the American Family Association is also labelled as an extremist and the AFA as a hate group. Stephen Miller is also apparently an extremist for being “credited with shaping the racist and draconian immigration policies of President Trump”. Then there is the ‘extremist’ Paul Ray Ramsey who is apparently a white nationalist “A scathing critic of “cultural Marxism” …” For this ‘extremist’ they do note “For what it’s worth, Ramsey has denied being a white nationalist, telling one radio interviewer, “I don’t call myself a white nationalist. I call myself a nationalist who is white.” And he said he regularly deletes comments on his YouTube channel that used racial slurs for black people or savage Jewish people” Opposing racism is not enough to avoid the label “white nationalist” apparently.

    We live in interesting times. Thank you for highlighting this prong of an attack that has as many heads as medusa (racial division, oppression of anything Christian, other movements to undermine Christian beliefs such as veganism, environmental initiatives based on economic restructuring etc.) but all seems to point back to socialism.

  13. I wonder what would happen if the council worker said to girl students who were white, female & Christian – that they were from a privilege class & oppressors; because they would be against the homo lifestyle & other anti-Christian activities.

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