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An Evangelical Manifesto: An Assessment

May 13, 2008

About a week ago a group of American Evangelicals released a 20-page document called “An Evangelical Manifesto”. Subtitled “A Declaration of Evangelical Identity and Public Commitment,” the document seeks to lay out basic Evangelical convictions, offer some warnings, and present

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On the Perseverance of the Saints

May 11, 2008

For those with a theological bent, the title of this piece may have sparked interest. Questions of eternal security, assurance, election, and so on, surround such a topic. But that is not the direction I will be going here this

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The Religious War Against Marriage

May 6, 2008

That there are plenty of secularists who are happy to push the homosexual agenda is not so surprising. What is surprising, and sad, is when Christians get on the bandwagon. When they totally ignore or reject their own biblical absolutes

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The New Inquisition

Apr 19, 2008

It is very risky business indeed to seek to cross the atheist/materialist/Darwinist camp. If anyone dares to question the conventional wisdom here, the inquisition immediately snaps into place, the storm troopers are unleashed, and the heresy trials begin.

Science is

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America, Religion and Politics

Apr 17, 2008

Many non-Americans are perplexed by the political scene in America. It can indeed be a bewildering and complex situation. I wish here to throw a bit of light on this topic, specifically on the issue of religion and the American

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Thoughts on Islam and Australia

Apr 14, 2008

The issue of Muslims living in Australia is part of a bigger, broader debate about such things as multiculturalism, immigration, Australian values, the war on terror, social cohesion, and so on. The thoughts presented here largely spring from the context

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Deconstructing the Bible, Again

Apr 10, 2008

Good intentions are seldom sufficient in and of themselves. Often a person can mean well, but still end up doing a lot of mischief. Consider the attempt by an Anglican vicar in the UK to make Bible stories more “accessible”

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On Muslim/Christian Relations

Mar 22, 2008

A few days ago there were press reports about Anglican and Catholic churches hosting Muslims during the Easter celebrations. Sponsored by the Australian Intercultural Society, the reports said that the aim was to help promote better understanding between Christians and

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Let My People Think

Mar 17, 2008

This title is not original to me. It is the title of the US radio program of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. It is also one of the biggest asks in the Christian church today. Contemporary Christians are not exactly known

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Bumper Sticker Beliefs

Mar 12, 2008

Here’s the scenario (which happens to be a true story): I’m stuck in some slow moving traffic, and the guy in front of me has a couple of bumper stickers on the back of his four-wheel drive. With time on

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A review of Truths We Confess. By R.C. Sproul.

Mar 10, 2008

Presbyterian and Reformed, 2006, 2007. (Available in Australia at Koorong Books)

From 1643-1646 English and Scottish churchmen met at Westminster to formulate a new creed. Dominated as it was by Calvinists, the creed followed a certain theological trajectory. The result

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Readings in Science and Creation

Mar 9, 2008

The broad issue of the relationship between science and faith, and the more particular issue of the debate over creation and evolution are of course monstrously large topics, which are quite complex, multi-layered and of course very controversial.

Many tens

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