Labor/Green Hatred and Intolerance

The New South Wales Labor Party and the Greens have combined to demonstrate their full commitment to promoting the homosexual agenda and standing against any Christian institutions which dare to resist it. They have shown their contempt for the people of NSW as they work together to push the radical homosexualist game plan throughout the state.

They have supported a motion to leave people trapped in unwanted same-sex attraction, and are working together to target Christian schools which seek to run according to their own faith-based beliefs and values. These parties demonstrate clearly just how intolerant and bigoted they are to everyone except the homosexual militants.

Concerning the first initiative, consider what the Greens said in a statement: “The NSW Parliament today supported a motion highlighting that so called ‘reparative therapy’ is harmful and unscientific and that medical and psychological treatment cannot change a person’s sexual orientation. Greens MP Jamie Parker spoke strongly against the homophobic practice.

“Mr Parker said: ‘Ex-gay therapy is incredibly harmful and shamefully homophobic and it must be rejected and called out. Homosexual relationships must be equal not just before the law but also in the esteem and respect we afford them in our communities and our own interpersonal relationships. We must stand up strongly against the damaging prejudices that are inherent in therapies like this. It’s not good enough to look the other way – we need end it and speak out against it loudly and unequivocally.”

Wow, one almost feels like offering up the ol’ Sieg Heil after a rant like that. Spoken like true fascists alright: ‘We will not allow anyone to have a sexuality other than the one we want them to have. Anyone who dares to want to leave his same-sex attraction must be told in no uncertain terms this is just not acceptable, and the State will make sure it does not happen.’

The simple truth is many thousands of homosexuals who have wanted such help have successfully gotten what they were looking for: a way out of a dead-end and harmful lifestyle, and genuine freedom to be who they were meant to be as men and women.

But that is just unacceptable to the Green brownshirts, or reds, or whatever colour they really are. They know that the reality of so many ex-homosexuals gives lie to their entire campaign. It proves all their baloney about people being born that way and unable to change is just that – so much PC baloney.

The Greens go on to say, “We should be celebrating the diversity of people’s sexuality instead of seeking to shame and marginalise.” Um yeah right – diversity but only for those who maintain the acceptable homo-PC sexuality. ‘There will be no diversity allowed for all those who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle. That is strictly verboten!’

They don’t believe in real diversity or tolerance for a moment. They want everyone to stay trapped in unwanted and dangerous lifestyles. Thus the Greens fundamentally reject the notions of freedom and democracy, and want their militant agenda force-fed upon the rest of us whether we like it or not.

For more detail and background on all this, see this helpful report here:

The other example of bigotry and intolerance from NSW also has to do with the homosexual agenda being used as a trump card over everyone else, in this case Christian schools: “NSW Labor will throw its support behind a push to abolish controversial laws that allow private schools to expel or discriminate against gay or transgender students.

“Independent MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich has introduced a private member’s bill to remove exemptions for private schools from parts of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act, a move some faith-based schools say could threaten their religious freedom.

“Under the act, it is unlawful for public schools and educational institutions to discriminate against or expel students on the basis of homosexuality, transgender status and other traits, but private schools are explicitly exempt from these laws. Labor’s education spokeswoman Carmel Tebbutt confirmed the party had decided against a conscience vote and would support the bill outright when it comes up for a vote later this year.”

OK, let me wade through all this PC doubletalk and cut to the quick: what Labor and the Greens are saying is that Christian schools can no longer uphold their own beliefs and practices, but must bow down to those of the homosexualists.

So if a student breaks the rules of a Christian school by living a known sinful lifestyle, the school can do zilch about it. The Labor/Green tyrants might as well tell the schools if they have students committing other blatant sins, be it fornication, adultery, theft, or lying, the school has no right whatsoever to discipline them in any way, or see them removed from their schools.

Hmmm, now if I were the devil himself, wondering how best to thwart and eventually destroy every single Christian school in NSW, I could not come up with a better scheme. And if you don’t believe in el Diablo, then this will do: If I were a homosexual activist bent on destroying all Christian schools there, this would be the perfect plan.

And does anyone but the ideologues and the blind PC stooges in these parties doubt that this is exactly the goal here? Of course they want to shut all these schools down. Coming out and saying that of course will not wash too well with the general public.

So simply wrap it up in all sorts of lame “anti-discrimination” jargon, and you can cover a multitude of sins as you destroy Christian education in NSW. A master plan. Indeed, a masterful diabolical plan; just what the haters of Christianity ordered.

So what are we to make of the Labor and Greens parties in NSW? Obviously they hate Christians and Christianity, and they hate anyone who dares to seek freedom from his or her unwanted homosexual lifestyle. They hate diversity, they hate tolerance, they hate freedom, and they hate democracy.

All they seem to want is a totalist homosexual state. What a deplorable bunch they are. So I guess I will not hold my breath waiting for them to put out a press release with these words: “EX-CHRISTIAN THERAPY IS CHRISTOPHOBIC AND DAMAGING”.


Robert Bork concludes his very important 1996 volume Slouching Towards Gomorrah this way: There is a “torching of America’s intellectual and moral capital by the barbarians of modern liberalism. We have allowed that capital to be severely damaged, but perhaps not beyond repair. As we approach its desolate and sordid precincts, the pessimism of the intellect tells us that Gomorrah is our probable destination. What is left to us is a determination not to accept that fate and the courage to resist it—the optimism of the will.”

That is quite true of NSW and Australia as well.

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18 Replies to “Labor/Green Hatred and Intolerance”

  1. (Long comment – apologies.) The stupidity and poison of the Greens beggars belief. They make me so angry with their worthless ideological views that they want to shove down everybody’s throat. They are morally depraved yet think themselves so superior than others. But they are totally wrong about themselves, they are in fact the new Nazis, wishing everybody who is not lockstep with even their thinking to be outlawed! This idea of shutting down political opposition is a fundamental attack on freedom of speech. The Greens are effectively anti-democracy.
    Some questions for these evil people, put into four separate groups:

    1) – What evidence is there that people are ‘born homosexual’ as you claim? Surely your thinking needs significant scientific evidence to back it up? After all, everybody has a mother and father, so the fundamental assumption of your thinking goes against the life experience of 100% of people on the planet, including yourself. Your own life testifies against you! How do you justify this disregard for straightforward facts about human sexuality? You are the one with the completely unscientific viewpoint, aren’t you?

    2) – What does this word “homophobic” mean? Phobias are generally debilitating and life-impacting fears of various ordinary things in life (flying in planes, enclosed spaces, dogs, etc.) and need professional expertise to diagnose and deal with. Are you a medical expert? Are you a psychological expert? Isn’t this worthless word ‘homophobia’ simply an invented word? Isn’t the usage of this word purely a political tool to stir up hatred against people who are merely stating simple facts about human biology that the two sexes are complementary and compatible to each other? Why are you stirring up hatred against others? What place is there in Australia for the kind of collective bigotry you are whipping up? Anybody who has a different concept of homosexuality than you, you wish to outlaw! Are you Nazis? Are you brownshirts? Are you the new gestapo? Why are you demonising people who simply think differently to you? You don’t really champion ‘diversity’ do you? You just use the word ‘homophobic’ to force people to think the same as you, don’t you? You’re just bullies, aren’t you?

    3) – What difference does it make to you if someone decides they want to change their own life? How does it affect you? How does it influence your life even the slightest? If you disagree with the work of some people, you don’t need to see someone who engages in this kind of work, do you? So why does it concern you? Australians generally value freedom – why do you think people should not have the right to make their own decisions and employ someone to help them with those decisions? Do people not have the right to run their own lives? Why do you want to shut down freedom?

    4) – Many people – with numbers into the thousands – have in fact changed their life in a way that you claim is “harmful and unscientific”. How can your claim be true when these people actually exist? Are these people fictional characters? But since they are not fictional – they are real – do you realise you are claiming these people are liars – either about their lives before, or their lives now? Why do you think these people are liars? What right do you have to make determinations about the truthfulness of people you have not even met on the basis of glibly ignoring fundamental questions of basic human biology applicable to 100% of us?

    Typically, people will respond with answers that makes the assumption in the first group (or they will attempt to divert the discussion to make it about you), so the discussion must not be allowed to change subject or continue any further with that assumption in place. Do not get sidetracked. This is absolutely critical.

    I cannot stress this enough. Never allow the discussion to proceed with the agreement (implicit or explicit) that people can normally ‘be homosexual’. If you allow the discussion to continue unchallenged in this regard, you have allowed them to run the discussion on their terms, which makes the outcome a foregone conclusion. But the assumption is a lie. So you must proceed something like this: “When you say ……………. you are actually making an ideological assumption about sexuality that I challenge. What evidence do you have that people are ‘born homosexual’… etc.” (see Group 1 above)

    Playing the ‘broken record’ is a legitimate tool in honest discussion when your opponent refuses to face up to their own faulty argumentation. You must use it if required. Make it clear that if they faced up to facts about human biology, the discussion could proceed. The ‘hang-up’ would not be your problem, it would be theirs.

    Mark Rabich

  2. @Mark

    …just finished reading the intro to Slouching towards Gomorrah (thanks for the recommendation Bill). Bork indicates that radical egalitarianism cannot become anything other than tyranny – conform or die, so to speak. Couple that with radical individualism, and it won’t be long before the lynching happens to Christians; the inverse of what is currently happening in Russia.

    Matt Patchon

  3. Bork also states that a drive toward equality is typically driven by self-pity and envy; a drive to find meaning in life.

    The gay-stapo are so desperate to latch onto marriage, they’ll destroy/redefine it in the process, then once it is in their grasp, the meaning of marriage will be nothing but ashes and dust. Maybe mixing metaphors here, but if the gay community gains the right (cough) to marry, they will merely be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Just because you say a table is a chair, doesn’t change the fact it is a table; likewise calling a gay union a marriage does not make it a marriage.

    Matt Patchon

  4. Bill as I’ve said before,

    If 20 gays and 20 lesbians were the last people on earth, then they would change to save mankind from extinction.

    Yet here in Australia today, gays are told by the government that they cannot change to save THEMSELVES!
    Society doesn’t kill gays because as you’ve said before “San Francisco has the same suicide rates…”. Living the gay lifestyle kills them, as they’ve lived a lifestyle of rejecting themselves biologicly, amongst other things.

    Gays die 20yrs earlier on average than others, and ‘sexually confused’ teenagers are the most at risk group for suicide. And all the government does about it is allow the LGBT activists to hi-jack the situation with emotion? Unbelievable, well not really as Obama has recently done it.

    Young gays will keep killing themselves because LGBT does not ever want to publicly admit that gays can change.

    Thanks again for your hard work Bill and God Bless.

    Mike Marshall

  5. If you have to demand respect then you haven’t got it. You command respect by how you behave, whether rich or poor, fat or thin, male or female, black, white or yellow and how you make other people feel. There’s something very sinister about State enforcement of anything. People say intact marriage, by way of a life partnership between a man and a woman, is an unrealistic goal. So then what? We lead copulation-driven lives partying with all and sundry in short-term liaisons, with children as collateral damage? We use the Grindr app to locate a potential sexual partner sashaying in our direction? We just do whatever we want? How soon before such a self-centred lifestyle leads to the collapse of civilisation?

    You certainly don’t extract respect by screaming obscenities.

    Rachel Smith

  6. Incredibly harmful? Cannot change a person’s sexual orientation? Is Mr Parker a qualified therapist and speaking from experience? He definitely isn’t, because if he is, he wouldn’t be making such dumb statements. I personally know ex-gays who changed with therapy and went on to marry (opposite sex spouse) and raise happy, normal families.

    Yup. What incredibly harm to Mr. Parker’s nonsensical claims.

    Eddie Sim

  7. People worry about Australia’s increasingly dismal education results. They say that students in Singapore, Taiwan etc are leaving Australians way behind.

    What’s the bet that Asian children aren’t encouraged to fret about their sexuality from their most tender years? What’s the bet that they are too busy memorizing – memorizing! – their English vocabulary and the solution to a quadratic equation?

    Any Asian tiger mother would box the ears of any child stupid enough to start whining about sexual identity, and rightly so.

    Antonia Feitz

  8. Yes, Antonia, a solid education can certainly be a helpful bulwark against such idiocy.
    I wish our especially Christian schools would have realized that earlier on when all this nonsense began.
    I remember not so long ago the NSW parliament voted to retain the parliamentary prayer by quite a large majority, praise the Lord. But I now wonder for how many of the parliamentarians this was no more than an exercise in sentimentality. In the prayer they are asking God to prosper their deliberations to the advancement of His glory, well, that part probably went a while ago and to the true benefit of the people of NSW. Well, there you have it, the true benefit and they have just passed a law that is probably worse in its practical outworkings than inventing the concept of ssm.
    I guess one follows logically after the other. If we no longer live to glorify god who is our maker then we cut ourselves off from His wisdom and knowledge of what is truly right and wrong and we come up with something like this.
    Now we must begin to pray for homosexuals in earnest, the ones that are caught in this prison with the key thrown away.
    And how did they lure the unsuspecting masses into this trap? by the bait, the catch cry of “freedom” and “choice”. And now look where it has got us.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  9. And the attack on Christian schools continues.

    I know Haileybury is a “posh name” school, but the series
    a) stars a male comedian (so-called) playing a girl role
    b) features foul language
    c) denigrates various groups – disabilities, races, attitudes (especially positive ones)
    d) lauds “bitchiness” and negativity, conniving sneakiness and self-centredness

    Are these the kinds of values Australia needs (rhetorical question only)?

    John Angelico

  10. If you permit me to add the ABC to the Greens and Labor in your title, there a doozy over at the ABC’s Fact Check at the moment. Talk about pompous twits:

    The claim: Tony Abbott says marriage, or marriage-like relationships, have always been between a man and a woman
    The verdict: A significant body of academic work shows that marriage and “other solemnised relationships” have not always been between “a man and a woman”.

    Antonia Feitz

  11. God have mercy on us. Earlier in the year I heard a Preacher at a large church in Brisbane say that he thought fasting with prayer was only needed occasionally these days. It was more of an Old Testament thing. Funny that. How these modern day preachers like to divide the Word up into things that are or are not applicable. Look where attitudes like that have got our nation.

    For me? The only response I see in Scripture to a situation like this is a call to fasting, prayer and repentance on behalf of our ourselves and our nation. Surely this mess is a result of God’s people not being Salt. We are called to preserve society and prevent it from going rotten. So I must take responsibility for this before God as much as anyone else.

    Sharon Stay

  12. Notice the bizarre statements some people make: “We should be celebrating the diversity of people’s sexuality”. Even if we assume that homosexuality is fixed and even harmless, I can’t see why it should be “celebrated”.
    Put it another way: I can’t see any superiority in using one hand rather than another, or any value in forcing left-handers to use their right hand, but why would anyone celebrate the diversity of handedness? The world is not a better place because some people find it difficult to use the tools used by others.

    Malcolm Smith

  13. I think this is OK:
    If a happily married man and woman are under threat of the marriage ending because one of them decides to come out, then the gay police will have to force them to retreat. After all they are heterosexual and cannot change their sexual orientation according to the gay science.
    Think about that…… Now try that argument against the homo militants and see how far it gets you.
    As long as the orientation is structured towards anything outside of natural and normal, then it is unchangeable ie homo, poly, paedo etc
    You get the picture.
    Dameon McManus

  14. That’s right, Dameon. Anything other than the Christian world view is promoted. Good is considered bad and bad is considered good, because in their hearts they have a hated of God.
    ‘Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.’ (Romans 1:32 NIV)

    Sid Avery

  15. One of the evils of this age is that the word, ‘discrimination’ has become a bad thing. In reality, the power to discriminate is one of our highest mental faculties. We discriminate between good and bad; gold and dross; wisdom and foolishness; beautiful and ugly; etc.

    But now all discrimination is bad – for obvious reasons. We aren’t allowed to be ‘judgemental’.

    Antonia Feitz

  16. This attack on private schools, as well as fitting the homosexual agenda, fits the larger socialist agenda of universal state schooling, which gives them the ability to indoctrinate future generations.
    Socialists often call conservatives ‘Nazis’, but they don’t seem to realise that a) ‘NAZI’ stands for ‘National Socialist Party’, and b) that Hitler himself was a huge proponent of state schooling as a tool to indoctrinate the masses. He even banned homeschooling, and it is still banned in Germany today.
    Even today, governments in ‘other’ countries (such as UK, US, AUS, NZ etc) are seeking to impose control over what parents can teach their own children in their own home. It’s rather scary to be honest.

    P.S. Anybody who also reads Matt Walsh’s blog ( will recognise the Nazi portion of this comment as paraphrased from his blog, so I am citing him here to avoid plagiarism…

    Ezra Pribicevich, NZ

  17. In reply to Antonia Fietz – well said – these critics of Tony Abbott are actually citing Nero (Roman Emperor who was said to have played the Fiddle whilst Rome was burning). It is understood that he had two male “husbands”, and forced his officials to perform proper ‘marriage ceremonies’ for them. These were complete with the marriage bed, dowries and all the other trappings of marriage at that time. He also did other despicable acts (too lewd to print here), but he was rather despised even by his own Court. So, in fact, Tony Abbott is quite correct with what he said.
    I am curious to know f there are any Christian MPs in the NSW Labor Party, and if so, did they too vote in this legislation according to the Party line?
    God bless!
    Joan Davidson

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