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On Being Offensive, and Offended

Dec 6, 2010

We live in an age in which ever-expanding and ever-annoying states are seeking to regulate everything, even your thought life. Hate crimes are now all the rage, and more and more laws are being passed to protect people from being

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Smacking Bad, Paedophilia OK

Dec 2, 2010

I am not sure how many times I have used Isaiah 5:20 to introduce – or conclude – an article, but it once again comes perfectly into play here. Although written 2500 years ago, it perfectly describes the age we

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More Rock Star Duplicity

Nov 30, 2010

I have written before about our celebrity shams who preach one thing but do another. There are plenty of examples of the Hollywood set, the rock culture crowd, media elites, airhead celebrities, and TV personalities who preach their leftwing gospel,

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More PC Mischief and Mayhem

Nov 11, 2010

Whenever the forces of political correctness and a morally bankrupt mainstream media come together, you know there is going to be trouble, big time. Indeed, simply get a lesbian couple screaming ‘discrimination’ and you have created a media firestorm. The

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The Sin of Tolerance

Nov 10, 2010

Tolerance is all the rage today, and perhaps no other value is so trumpeted in modern Western culture than this one. It is the ultimate test of whether one is politically correct or not. But the modern notion of tolerance

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Obama’s Anti-Family Agenda

Oct 27, 2010

The current American President has done more to undermine the institutions of marriage and family than any other US President. And he has also done more to promote the radical homosexual agenda than any other US President. The two of

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More Attacks on Our Christian Freedoms

Oct 23, 2010

With almost monotonous regularity I document on this site how the homosexual activists and their PC supporters are working overtime to silence anyone who dares to withstand their agenda to remake society in their own image. Governments around the Western

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FB is Now PC – Big Time

Oct 23, 2010

The social networking web program Facebook has decided to toss its lot in with the militant homosexual activists, and will encourage FB thought police to report any comments deemed to be ‘hateful’ and therefore to be censored. Thus blatant censorship

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Just What is Behind These Suicides?

Oct 21, 2010

It is quite common for homosexual activists to blame suicide in their ranks on ‘homophobia’. ‘If we would just be more tolerant and accepting of homosexuals, these rates would drop’ they claim. But are these claims in fact true? The

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Even More Anti-Christian Bigotry

Oct 11, 2010

We live in an age in which no group or person is allowed to be offended, vilified or discriminated against – except Christians that is. It has been open season on Christianity for some time now, so the double-standards of

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On Capturing a Culture

Sep 28, 2010

We have a pro-death atheist running our country, a homosexual secular humanist second in command, and now we have sworn in our first Muslim MP with a Koran. Oh, and did I mention that this year’s national parliamentary prayer breakfast

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Children as Commodities, Episode 3,597

Sep 9, 2010

Another day, another case of child abuse. But this is politically correct child abuse. Thus it is condoned, approved of, favoured and celebrated. As long as it is done according to the laws of PC, then it is quite acceptable.

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Australia’s New Class

Aug 29, 2010

Milovan Djilas was the Vice President of Communist Yugoslavia. In 1957 he penned an important volume entitled The New Class. In it he showed how communism necessarily develops a new, elitist class whenever it comes to power, a class

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