Gender Bender Androgyny Strikes Again

There is never a shortage of moonbattery, and when it comes in the form of sexual silliness, it tends to come in truckloads. The most recent example of this comes from a country which seems to specialise in moonbattery. I refer to Canada, and a Toronto couple who are raising their baby in a neutral, genderless fashion.

Here is how the story goes: “It is nothing if not an unorthodox approach to child rearing: A Toronto couple says it is trying to raise a genderless child, refusing to reveal baby Storm’s sex to encourage a more neutral approach to the infant.

“Hiding the four-month-old’s sex from the outside world is a ‘tribute to freedom and choice’ that they hope will let Storm grow up unfettered by the values of others, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker have been quoted as saying. Experts, however, question whether the odd experiment will work or be good for the baby, and note that gender identity is a complex, mysterious force that has at least as much to do with biological factors present at birth as the person’s social interactions.”

Indeed, if this couple was really interested in freeing up this child, why not throw it out in the wild with the squirrels, grizzly bears and coyotes, and let the child be free to make up its mind if it will be man or beast? Why not go the whole hog with this “tribute to freedom and choice”?

Indeed, why be so speciesist here? Why not growl or bark or meow at the child? Let the child have real freedom in its upbringing, and then it can decide whether it wants to be a dog, or chipmunk or maybe a human being. Indeed, throw the child in with some computers and IPods, and let it decide if it would rather be a high-tech electronic device.

These parents are not only PC nutcases, but they are simply refusing to accept the mountains of scientific data we have on this issue. Gender differences are real, and they seem to be hardwired into us. They are not a social construct, and attempts at coerced androgyny are counterproductive, even harmful.

Four years ago I took part in documenting these truths, along with a number of others. The result was 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters. With no less than 178 footnotes to document the findings, the booklet lays out the case for gender differentiation, and critiques the radical androgynists and gender benders.

Here I will simply quote a few passages from this important document. The full text can be read via the link which appears below. Reason 14 is, “Gender differences are universally celebrated and acknowledged around the world in healthy societies. Conversely, societies and civilisations which reject gender uniqueness and complementarity often face harmful consequences.”

It says, in part, “All cultures have been more or less based on gender distinction. Careful studies into human societies have found that gender distinctions are pretty much universal. The universality of gender differences has been backed up by a wealth of information from various fields: neurology, evolutionary biology, and social anthropology for example. All document the socially determinative innate sex differences.

“Numerous studies on these innate sex differences could be cited here. The work of neuroscientists in brain research shows that the brain seems to be sexed in the womb from very early on. Gender differences, in other words, are not some social construct, but very much based on brain circuitry and function.

“These differences do lead to different social roles, and become most important in parenting. As one expert puts it, ‘In the study of kinship, a central finding of anthropology is that in the crucial areas of filiation – defined as who the child affiliates with, emotionally, morally, practically, and legally – the overwhelming majority of human societies are bilateral. Almost all human societies strongly seek for the child to affiliate with both its mother and father.’

“Attempts to bring about a gender neutral society are relatively recent innovations. Scandinavia in general and Sweden in particular come to mind here. But assessments of these grand social experiments have found many problems associated with these attempts at androgyny. In seeking to mitigate innate gender differences, there have been some very heavy costs to pay.

“As but one example of the negative consequences of seeking to force gender neutrality onto the sexes, consider how boys have fared in such an environment. Christina Hoff Sommers’ important 2000 volume, The War Against Boys, documents how radical feminist-led attempts to enforce social androgyny has been especially destructive for boys and young men.”

Consider just one area where these differences are so obvious and so important: education. In Reason 2 “Acknowledging gender differences helps children learn more effectively” we read this: “Increasingly, research suggests that boys and girls do learn differently.

“In the USA, educators like Michael Gurian argue that biological gender differences influence the way boys and girls learn. One example relates to the observation, at a young age, that girls develop better language skills, especially oral, when compared to boys, and that boys prefer more structured, practical approaches to learning where they have a clear idea of what is required and how success is measured.

“The 2002 Commonwealth House of Representatives Report, Boys Getting it Right, suggests that attempts to positively discriminate in favour of girls, in part, as a result of the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s, has unfairly discriminated against boys. Examples include the way literacy is taught (the whole language, ‘look and guess’ approach better suits girls as boys need the more structured, systematic approach represented by phonics and phonemic awareness) and the increasing emphasis in mathematics on reading and writing skills as opposed to traditional methods involving computation skills. In recent years, it is also the case that girls outperform boys in year 12 examinations and national literacy tests. The report calls for an emphasis on the qualitative needs of boys’ education and a more balanced approach in how gender issues are presented in schools.”

Yet despite all this evidence, this couple would rather implement some idiotic trendy bit of social engineering, and use their own baby as a guinea pig in this bizarre PC experiment. They are obviously far more concerned about radical leftist agendas than they are about the wellbeing of their own child.

I encourage everyone to examine the evidence presented in the 21 Reasons booklet. I suspect we will all need to master this information, given that such moonbat social experiments will not go away soon, but will likely get much worse.

Click to access 21%20Reasons%20Why%20Gender%20Matters%28low%20res%29.pdf

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23 Replies to “Gender Bender Androgyny Strikes Again”

  1. Hello Bill,
    My spirit weeps daily for the children of this world. The news is daily filled with all types of abuse of precious children. And very, very sadly this abuse is usually from those who should be loving and protecting them: their own parents or family.
    When I see the love that my own grandchildren receive from their family and extended family, it breaks my heart to know that many children are not treated the same way. May the Lord hold these little ones in His loving arms and give them the love that they need and deserve.
    God bless.
    Paul de la Garde, Sydney

  2. I notice you have quoted examples of this ridiculous behaviour, from northern nations. I put this nonsense down to the excessive cold weather. I’m certain with many but not all, their brains are frozen. In my travels, over many years, people who live in small towns which have a high elevation, where it’s continually cold, are often somewhat odd. Then we don’t know what they are growing and smoking.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  3. Hey Bill,
    Such and interesting topic. I have a Uni assignment due tomorrow about gender as a social construct. This article is timely and really interesting. I have some more reading to do!
    Lisa Johnson

  4. I heard about this lunacy the other day.

    I was left thinking, this is going to be one screwed up kid.

    What is even more disturbing is that these two loons have already succeeded in screwing up their two older boys to some extent already.

    Can’t these people just decide their carbon foot print is to high and kill themselves already, rather than foist their destructive insanity on others?

    Jason Rennie

  5. Years ago I read a book called “As Nature Made Him”. Its a true life tragic story about a little boy brought up as a girl because of a circumcision that’s gone horribly wrong. As I read the story, I couldn’t help feeling a deep sense of anger and my heart bleed for the victim. That which God has already created perfect, no man will be able to alter without serious consequences. We are already “fearfully and wonderfully made”. I will not go into the details of the story, but for those who are interested in the book, you can google it or go to
    Eddie Sim

  6. As captain Cooke is credited with the discovery of Australia, so the credit of discovering Genderland or Gaytranselvania must go to the philosopher Hegel (1770- 1831). It is a country where the transition from gender bending to being homosexual are seamless. Perhaps this is why butch lesbians and men who transition into becoming women (transwomen) are difficult to distinguish.

    In 1968, Francis Schaeffer in “The God Who Is There” wrote in Chapter Three, under a paragraph entitled Philosophic Homosexuality:
    “…. much modern homosexuality is an expression of the current denial of antithesis. It has led in this case to obliteration of the distinction between man and woman. So the male and the female as complementary partners are finished. This is a form of homosexuality which is part of the movement below the line of despair. In much of modern thinking, all antithesis and all the order of God’s creation is to be fought against- including the male – female distinctions. The pressure toward unisex is largely rooted here. But this is not an isolated problem; it s a part of the world- spirit of the generation which surrounds us . It is imperative that Christians realize the conclusions which are being drawn as a result of the death of absolutes.”

    Elsewhere Schaeffer reflected on the fact that most people, considering the musings of philosophers, like Hegel, the German philosopher would judge them so abstruse that they would have little practical impact on society. He went on to say that this could not be further from the truth. Because whether Hegel himself or those listening to what he had to say understood it to be the case, “when he propounded his ideas he changed the world.”

    He certainly did for David Reimer:

    David Skinner, UK

  7. Lisa Nolland of Anglican Mainstream recently organised a meeting in the House of Lords, prior to a conference, she had organised, at great personal cost, where the guest speaker was Miriam Grossman, M.D., the author of “Your’e Teaching My Child What? I do recommend both Miriam and her book, especially chapter 9, “Genderland.”
    This is a must read for those who want to confound the lies of social engineers.

    David Skinner, UK

  8. I read about a similar thing in a magazine at the doctors office. The child in question was about two, and only those few that had changed his/her nappy knew the childs gender. The parents let the child choose what to wear from a selection of boy or girls clothes and provided both boy and girl toys.

    What will happen when s/he wants to choose whether to use the boys or girls change room? Sooner or later the child’s gender will be obvious to all, except perhaps the child.

    Kylie Anderson

  9. I expect they will dress this child in a pillow case and send “it” off to school. Perhaps they should be charged for child abuse or worse. What did they come together as to produce this child anyway?
    Patrick Brahams

  10. Forget the changing rooms Kylie, what about our children being forced to shower with gays and transgenders whose human rights are absolute?

    It’s time for parents to take vigorous action.

    David Skinner, UK

  11. So let me get this straight…..they are ‘rescuing’ their child from the personality crushing influence of gender stereotyping.
    By subjecting the babe to RADICAL SOCIAL ENGINEERING ? !!
    Queer theorists have a lot to answer for.
    Iain Duncan, UK

  12. Supporting the child’s right to choice?

    Typical piece of PC double talk.

    If they were really respecting the child’s right to choose then they wouldn’t be forcing their ideology on to him/her.

    Tip: Any time you hear the lefty/PC devotees talk about ‘rights’, ‘choice’, ‘neutrality’, ‘consensus’, you almost know they are talking about the exact opposite.

    Damien Spillane

  13. Another case of PC-abuse of someone so that the abusers get all the attention they seek for their own perverted gratification.
    He is a boy, or she is a girl. Not an it, thing, pet, laboratory experiment or sterile object devoid of inherent moral value. Not a camera-magnet, media prop, experimental objet-d’art or commercial property.
    God help this child to overcome the difficulties deliberately placed as stumbling blocks before him or her. May this child know God the Father’s love, instead of an androgynous sperm-producing parent’s mere curiousity towards a mature blastocyst of secret sexuality.
    Michael Evans

  14. Feminism is more about radical ideology and social engineering than the welfare of children which should be based on scientific research.
    Stephen Smith

  15. Why can’t people/parents/society, simply let children be children? Most children know that they are ‘different’ to the opposite sex. Boys and girls ask their parents about their different body parts and parents should answer honestly and society should accept them as such either boy or girl. Growing up is difficult enough in today’s society, why complicate it even more by giving the child an identity complex where they do not know ‘what ‘ they are? I have been studying a program called ‘The Truth Project’ by Focus On The Family. There is a segment in it that presents Gods Truth vs The worlds lies. God made them male and female (God’s truth) and the world tries to make them neutral (worlds lies). This may sound like a cliche, but we really need to get back to the Bible.

    Fred Merlo

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