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The War of Worldviews

Aug 18, 2010

H.G. Wells could write about The War of the Worlds, in which Martians and earthlings battled for supremacy. But the real battles today really come down to a war of worldviews. Competing worldviews and ideologies are battling it out,

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The Left’s War against Christian Proclamation

Aug 11, 2010

Mix leftwing governments with out of control litigation, homosexual activism, and hatred of God’s truth, including his design for marriage and family, and what do you get? The end of the public proclamation of biblical Christianity. Throughout the Western world

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Our Sexperts Living in Denial

Aug 6, 2010

Another day, another bizarre proposal from our activist sexperts. These guys are on a crusade to sexualise our kids whether we like it or not. Today we have yet another call to have condom vending machines in our schools. The

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Judicial Activists Are Killing Democracy

Aug 5, 2010

In the old days the enemies of the free and democratic West could resort to violent revolution to overthrow capitalism, democracy and other goods deemed to be in need of destruction. Social change by the barrel of the gun was

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Madness at Ground Zero

Jul 16, 2010

By now most of you would have heard about the outrageous proposal to build a mosque at Ground Zero. Late in May it was announced that a massive mosque will be built just two blocks from where the Twin Towers

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Coming Soon To a Gulag Near You

Jul 11, 2010

All around the world homosexual activists are working overtime to silence any opposition, and make sure that dissenters are rounded up and rendered voiceless and powerless. If not jail time or fines, they will do their utmost to get people

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Marriage and a Manipulative Media

Jul 5, 2010

The mainstream media today does not cover news – it creates news. The MSM does not report the news – it determines what’s news. It does not strive for objectivity and neutrality – it pushes agendas. The MSM does not

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Christian Leaders Missing in Action (Again)

Jul 4, 2010

Here we go again. Another wolf in sheep’s clothing. Another political leader who claims to be a Christian who violates the very clearest of biblical teachings on matters of faith and practice. Another politician who does not seem to have

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Our Children Under Siege

Jun 27, 2010

Sadly, secular humanists seem to know what most believers don’t know: we are in a war, and the long-term outcome must always be kept in view. And the real trophy of the culture wars is our children, and our grandchildren.

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The Politicisation of Society

May 18, 2010

In contrast to free democracies, totalist police states seek to politicise everything. In free societies the state is limited in what it does and what it impacts on. In dictatorships, everything is political and the state sticks its nose into

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Against Androgyny

May 12, 2010

Social engineers have to go to great lengths to push their agendas. They often have to deny fundamental reality and make a mockery of human history and biology. But they are more than happy to push bizarre and ludicrous views

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More English Anti-Christian Bigotry

May 4, 2010

Will England become the first contemporary Western nation to fully criminalise Christianity? It sure seems to be heading that way. I have recorded one case after another of growing anti-Christian fanaticism in the UK. Much of it comes from the

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Don’t Mention That ‘H’ Word

Apr 7, 2010

Freedom of speech is under threat. Freedom of religion is under threat. Freedom of conscience is under threat. And much of the threat comes from the militant and intolerant homosexual lobby. All around the Western world homosexual activists are picking

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How Not to Think About Easter

Apr 1, 2010

I was flabbergasted last night when a television show about Easter appeared – one which had absolutely nothing to do with Easter. Indeed, the most amazing – and pathetic – thing about this program was that it was produced by

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The War Against Free Speech

Mar 28, 2010

This site has documented numerous examples of the secular left squelching freedom of speech for anyone it deems to be politically incorrect. Indeed, whole books have been written on how the censorship and suppression of freedom occurs routinely in the

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Turning Heterosexual Children into Criminals

Mar 5, 2010

It seems every week I am forced to do another story on how the gaystapo are terrorising the West, forcing everyone to submit to their agenda of radical social engineering. Increasingly they are co-opting the courts and legislatures to enforce

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‘But I Was Born That Way!’

Feb 24, 2010

How often do we hear people say, when discussing various behaviours, that they find their actions natural, or they just seem right, or they feel so normal? They want to argue that because it feels good, or seems natural, that

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