The Homosexualisation of the Catholic Church

Three news items in today’s press makes for scary reading – certainly if you are a committed Catholic and/or wish to uphold biblical morality. All three episodes involve various Catholic churches and Catholic leaders capitulating big time to the homosexual onslaught.

These obviously confused Catholics have not only renounced their own official teaching on the subject, but have effectively gone over to the other side, promoting the radical homosexual agenda. Sadly there have been far too many examples of this lately, but let me simply highlight three of them here.

The first involves an evangelical Christian group in Australia who has brought over a former homosexual from the US to share his amazing story. He was scheduled to speak at a Queensland Catholic school, but when they learned more fully about him being a former homosexual, they gave him the flick.

Presumably if he was still a practising homosexual pushing the pro-homosexual agenda, this Catholic school would have welcomed him with open arms. This is how the story has been reported by one news outlet: “An Australian Catholic secondary school has withdrawn permission for an event featuring a former homosexual speaker at the school, saying the presenter is not in line with Christian values and that ‘the Catholic Church abhors all forms of homophobia.’

“Ann Rebgetz, principle at St. Columban’s College, wrote in a statement that Miracle Christian Center, the group intending to put on the event, requested permission to hold a ‘meeting’ at the secondary school, without informing the school of the ‘nature of the ‘meeting.’

“Miracle Christian Center (MCC), a world-wide Christian church ministry group that aims at ‘global evangelization,’ advertized the American speaker, Adam Hood, as, ‘A straight man who used to be a homosexual.’ Newspaper advertisements said Hood would ‘tell his story of how he was set free from homosexuality and now leads a strong Christian life with his wife and family.’

“‘Can a homosexual be free from same sex thoughts, attractions and feelings? Adam Hood says “yes”,’ says the ad. ‘Seeing the advertisement in the newspaper was the first time the college became aware of the true nature of the event,’ said Ann Rebgetz. ‘I withdrew permission for the meeting to be held on college property, and notified the organisers that the nature of the meeting was not in line with the college’s Christian values’.”

Can you believe that? This leaves me absolutely stunned! Here we have a “Catholic” school which looks upon a former homosexual who is now a vibrant Christian as someone who does not fit in with their “Christian values,” and his powerful and moving testimony is somehow “homophobic”!

Just what sort of “Christian values” does this school operate on? They are certainly not biblical values. They are not even orthodox Catholic values. These are simply PC humanist values: siding with militant homosexual activists while condemning Christians who have been set free from this dangerous lifestyle by the grace of God.

It seems this Catholic school has become a perfect embodiment of what the prophet Isaiah warned about so long ago: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

The second example is even more bizarre and disappointing. It comes from Canada and involves a Catholic school board which has invited some homosexual pride advocates to come in and speak at a conference. Here is how the story is covered:

“At an equity conference next month, Ontario’s Dufferin-Peel Catholic school board will feature several homosexual activists including one gay magazine reporter who covered the 2010 Toronto Pride Parade, with video showing him gleefully interviewing various Pride participants, including men dressed in sado-masochistic thongs.

“At one point in the video, the reporter lies down on the street as a man in drag simulates a sex act on him. ‘This is the best Pride present ever.  I’m having a great Pride week,’ says Michael Pihach, a reporter with Xtra!, ‘Canada’s gay and lesbian newspaper’.”

At least not everyone was thrilled about this stupid idea. Francis Rodrigues, a concerned local Catholic in Dufferin-Peel said this: “I can’t believe that the school board would bring such people to a conference. I don’t understand it. I mean, it’s common sense. We’re entrusting our children to these people and this is what they do.”

But when Catholic leadership goes off the rails like this, no wonder ordinary Catholics start getting all messed up on this as well. Consider my third example, involving an American poll on Catholic thoughts on some homosexual issues. It seems plenty of Catholics have given up on clear thinking here.

This is how one report explains it: “Support for same-sex ‘marriage’ and civil unions runs high among the Catholic population, even claiming the majority of Catholics who attend Mass weekly, according to a poll released this month. The survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that Catholics surpass other Christians and even the general public in their support for homosexual unions, both as ‘marriage’ and other marriage-like unions recognized by the state.

“The results among Catholics were broken down among those who attend Mass weekly or more (38 percent of Catholics), once or twice per month (20 percent), or less often (41 percent). Support for same-sex ‘marriage’ was far higher among the last group with 59 percent support, and only 16 percent against all types of homosexual unions. But even among those attending Mass weekly or more, only 31 percent were against legal recognition of homosexual unions; 26 percent favored same-sex ‘marriage’ and 38 percent favored civil unions.”

As I said, when the leadership gets things screwed up in these areas, then we can expect the rest of the folks to also get out of whack. Thus it is clear that many Catholics and many Catholic leaders no longer believe either the Bible or their own official teachings on these matters.

Here is what Section 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church says about this topic: “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstance can they be approved.”

As readers may know, I am not a Catholic, but I can clearly see a major disconnect between what Catholics are supposed to believe and what many actually believe. This is bad news indeed and just another indication of how the surrounding culture is dragging down the churches, instead of the churches challenging the surrounding culture.

Of course to point out these cases is not to pick on the Catholic Church. The truth is, plenty of Protestant denominations and churches are caving in on this issue as well. It is all a part of the general apostasy of the church which the Bible so frequently warns against.

All over the Christian world there is compromise, departure from the faith, backsliding, and apostasy. In such a situation the first and only proper response is repentance. We must get on our knees, confess our rebellion and sin, and let God turn things around big time.

If not, this drift into the sewer will only continue and get worse.

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  1. You’re quite right Bill; too many Christians are departing, and compromising the faith. Our Nation and particularly our churches are in a great need of repentance.

    A Kenyan Prophet Dr. Owuor at a conference in Yahweh Adonai Church Labrador Qld, back in August 2010, called out to the Church for repentance & holiness. He specifically aimed his message to the Australian Churches in order to prepare them for the Lord’s soon coming. I believe it’s a vital message for all believers to get on their knees and repent.

    Dr Owuor’s list of repentance:
    • Repent from all false prophecy, messages designed to make people feel good rather than deal with their sin
    • Repent from all types of sexual sin, including pornography, lust, and sexualised dressing
    • Repent from the abuse of God’s grace, and the complacency & compromise with sin and the failure of leaders to rebuke sin
    • Repent from preaching the prosperity gospel that focuses on an out of balance priority on money and riches now, the doctrine that champions and centralises the love of money in the church
    • Repent from postmodernism, not believing all the scriptures of the bible are for today
    • Repent from building the empires of men in the church, and build the Kingdom of God in the church
    • Repent from preaching focused on improving lifestyle now, rather focus on preparing the bride to be without spot, blemish or wrinkle for Christ’s very soon coming
    • Teach the centrality of God’s holiness, for without holiness no-one will see the Lord
    • Leaders need to mobilise God’s people in repentance

    Panage Kontos

  2. You know Bill, one of the most annoying aspects of this subject (to me) is that those who hold a moral objection to the homosexual lifestyle are demeaned, belittled and labelled as “homophobic”. Drives me nuts … !
    Peter Jackel

  3. Bill, I think that the world today is a crazy place and the influence of the crazy thiking out there does sadly influence some within the Church.

    This should come as no surprise.
    Michael Webb

  4. ‘the Catholic Church abhors all forms of homophobia.’

    Dear Ann,
    You are the principal of a Catholic school, yet you don’t believe in the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Shame! If you have stated the above, as I understand it, you are making claims that run in opposition to Catholic Teaching and I believe you should step down from your position. Otherwise, there is one word for you – hypocrites; just like the many Jesus had to contend with while on earth. You should go and read your bible, and see what eternal destiny awaits you, for misleading children in your care, from the Word of God.

    Jane Petridge

  5. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for describing so clearly, the current problems that plague the Catholic Church. As a protestant, you would have a unique vantage point.

    Jane Petridge

  6. Dear Bill, I am a Catholic. I converted from Methodism when I was seventeen and I love my beautiful faith. I was thoroughly catechised by a little Irish priest who lived simply, visited his flock on a bicycle and spent time in a sanatorium with TB because of his work with the poor. This was in England in the fifties.The homilies then were very thought provoking and relevant to everyday life unlike now where many priests say virtually nothing for ten or fifteen minutes.

    There is a Lenten campaign going on in WA called Forty Days For Life. The idea is Biblical and started in the U.S. and has spread around the world and it has had a big impact on the abortion industry there. It started on Ash Wednesday and ends on Palm Sunday and consists of prayer vigils outside an abortion clinic. The support of Priests for such campaigns is vital but wonder of wonders our parish has it because we have a priest who is truly pro life and even more important has courage. Prior to that there was a campaign against euthanasia again supported by this priest who has only been in our parish for three years. I was told there were comments from some who were Eucharistic ministers who made it clear that they thought Euthanasia should be legalised. One can only wonder how these people are allowed to continue as Eucharistic ministers or why they became one in the first place because this apostolate involves taking the Sacred Host to the sick and dying and their beliefs are totally at odds with what the Catholic Church teaches. One can only assume that in large parishes the priest cannot be aware of everything. These attitudes can only be the result of decades of failure by parish priests to teach the Catholic Church’s position on ‘life’ issues. I remember one priest saying he didn’t want to drive people away who may have had an abortion but surely that is a risk they have to take for the sake of upholding the Truth. The first duty of a priest is to do that.

    My heart goes out to the courageous and faithful young priests who have an uphill battle when sent to parishes where indifference and erroneous ideas about the faith has become entrenched through lack of leadership. They really have their work cut out to turn things around.

    Patricia Halligan

  7. If the leaders and preachers of the churches were Born Again, the Truth would become clear to them. I’ve given up trying to find a church that preaches the full gospel…I just attend, play the organ, tend the garden and hold my peace. I’ve tried to witness but no-one is interested. My ministry is elsewhere.
    Jeannie Crooks

  8. Homosexual activists must work long hours scanning the media for anything they consider a threat. I work at a medium sized Christian radio station. Today we got a phone call from Sydney threatening us and warning us we will be reported to ACMA because we promoted the Adam Hood meeting at the Miracle Christian Centre in Caboolture. They cannot bear the truth that a homosexual can repent of their perversion and turn from their sinful ways and become a heterosexual family man. The claim that one is born a homosexual and cannot change is a lie.
    Des Morris

  9. Great article, Bill. Yes, it’s a shame to see the RC church so humiliated (as we would consider it). Sadly, from what one hears of the situation in Canada, this is typical. At least the Vatican seems to be holding its ground, and because of the way the RCC is governed, there’s hope that they will turn this around. Looking at RC websites, it seems they’re much more up-and-shouting on such as abortion, than they once were – so not all bad.
    John Thomas, UK

  10. Dear Bill, thank you so much for your clarity about the subject of homosexuality. I am a Catholic Sister and live with a group of sisters who believe that homosexuals “cannot help it”. Having attended a Bible Study for twenty four years (Comminity Bible Study) I am a believer and am convinced that the best thing we can do in all Christian denominations is to live according to what the Bible says. The bible is the ultimate authority. With homosexuality my premise is love the sinner hate the sin. Thank you for standing up for truth.
    Cashel Weiler

  11. Why is that nothing can be refused the homosexual and those who perceive themselves to be in the minority and victim group?
    No effort is being spared to portray homosexuals wanting equal rights to matrimonial goods and services, as decent, caring, lovable, civilised and reasonable people: exemplary in every respect. Indeed one could not find a more holy couple that that of Jeffrey John, the homosexual dean of St. Albans Abbey and his long standing lover, the rev Grant Homes. They have married and yet, we are led to believe have solemnly sworn to abstain from any future, sexual activity. This indeed is a beautiful and unearthly marriage, difficult to match even in a heterosexual partnership, but is also a form of gnosticism and denial of God the Creator who ordered that a man cleave to his wife in order to become one flesh. I just hope that, when and if a homosexual at St. Albans declares that he has finally broken free of the bondage of his habit and is now clothed in his right mind, there is as much celebration and enthusiastic applause – as there surely will be in Heaven – by the cathedral congregation of about 300, over this one sinner who repented, as when Jeffrey John and his partner’s marriage was announced from the pulpit with the words: “It is a delightful occasion for them both but I am even more pleased that the congregation reacted so warmly and arranged a reception after the main service to toast their good health.” It is more than likely that such a repentant sinner would be rushed off to the nearest diversity training centre or even mental home. Indeed the more holy and exemplary these two try to appear the more grotesque they become, even more so to root-and-branch LGBTs who see themselves as revolutionary rather than as conventional goody goodies.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. “St Columban’s College is a caring, inclusive community, and we will not allow our facilities to be used by those seeking to promote views which are not in line with the Catholic Christian ethos of our community.”

    How can an inclusive community say no?

    Geoff Peet

  13. Patricia, any pastor or priest who refuses to teach on life issues for fear of upsetting those who may have already had an abortion, is effectively helping to perpetuate the problem. Failure to teach that abortion is wrong explains in large part how it is possible that there seems to be a large number of abortions happening in the professing Christian community. Arguably, such pastors and priests have blood on their hands.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  14. Roger Scruton’s observation of popular post-Vatican II Catholicism is interesting, though I disagree with his solution. He said “Even an institution like the Catholic Church has become afflicted with the fashion for reform … [and] has partially forgotten the tradition of custom, ceremony and judicious manoeuvring that enabled it to stand seemingly unshifted in the midst of worldy change… The Church, an institution with an aim that is not of this world, but only in this world, sells itself as a ‘social cause’!” (The meaning of conservatism, 2nd ed.).

    Rome has stood firm on moral issues, but the laity by and large has not followed. Pope Gregory VII said “He cannot be Catholic who does not agree with the Roman Church.” Protestants disagree of course, but it seems many Roman Catholics do as well. What can Evangelicals learn? No one does tradition, custom and liturgy better than the Catholic Church. But tradition, custom and liturgy are not enough. When the gospel of Christ is seen as a means only to social good, when morality becomes self righteousness, then not even the vast power of tradition will not be enough to stop the masses exiting in this postmodern age. Is the focus of our churches on social programs, good music and pleasant sermons? Are we united by our social causes, however worthy, or by our common justification as depraved sinners saved by a merciful God?

    We need reform, but not social reform. “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel.” (1 Cor. 9:16).

    ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda

    Samuel Ellemor

  15. And of course, Notre Dame invited the infanticide-loving Hussein Obamov to give a commencement address, and appeased him further by covering up all the crosses.
    Jonathan Sarfati, US

  16. Thanks guys

    I had one Catholic on another site dismiss all this as a “few renegades” in the Catholic Church. I assured her there were far more than a few renegades there, just as there are far more in the Protestant churches as well. Here is just one further example of the homosexualisation of the Catholic Church:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. Dear Bill,

    When the scandal about Catholic priests and altar boys started here in the US some years ago, our media investigated and discovered that the American Catholic priesthood was rife with homosexuals (I had already heard this from a Catholic friend) and that many diocesan seminaries were actually known as homosexual “nests” where this lifestyle was encouraged while being concealed from the “homophobic” laity. This actually protected the church from media attack, since the US media by-and-large support the radical homosexual agenda. Thus if they criticized the church for allowing sexual mistreatment of altar boys by homosexual priests they would be attacking those they wanted to protect. (Sort of like the Obama cover-ups of the last three years.) So, although these offenses qualified as true homosexual aggression against the altar boys, who I understand were twelve years old or more, the media began to treat them as incidents of pederasty instead, which is a different thing from plain homosexuality, and so the media treat them to this day.

    Philip Isett, US

  18. Catholics are only too well aware that the hierarchy – despite the Pope’s good intentions – has capitulated to secular opinion on many moral questions including homosexual vice.

    The scandal of Catholic priests molesting children could have been anticipated and prevented if the hierarchy hadn’t relaxed the high moral standards expected from candidates for the priesthood. Encouraged to cultivate a liberal ethos, the seminaries have not been weeding out unsuitable men (sometimes obviously effete men) for ordination. That’s been going on for many years, but it’s probably beginning to change now.

    Critical atheists ask why people still remain in the church despite everything; and it’s a good question. One answer is that the faithful will not abandon an institution on which, they believe, their salvation depends.

    Alex Anderson

  19. Good article Bill, our meetings are going as planned unfortunately they are from secret locations. Ive always wondered about the logistics of how I would operate our churches if we had to go underground……just never in Australia……Thanks to all the Catholics who have come to Christ’s defence of late too.
    Dorian Ballard

  20. You mention a poll that supposedly shows Roman Catholics substantially supporting homosexual “marriage”. I have just finished Mark Battersby’s “Is that a Fact?” which has a lucid and easy to understand exposition on polls and how misleading they can be. Never assume that a poll is completely objective and reliable. Pity help us if moral issues and political policies are decided on error-prone polls.

    There are of course Christians who support the homosexual cause. But there are always bound to be some who are confused as to what they should politically support. Some German clergy actually supported the anti-clerical Hitler and, by association, the brazenly pagan SS. And in the previous century, some American clergy were on the pro-slavery side.

    John Snowden

  21. Dear Bill,
    Reading what you have uncovered inspired me to write this directly to that silly ‘principal’:

    Dear Miss Rebgetz,

    I have just read your statement in which you give the reason for not allowing a meeting to proceed in which a former homosexual was to explain how he recovered from his temporary aberration.
    Your school motto values tradition. Does not this include respect for the teaching of the Catholic Faith? I refer you to Section 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that states:
    “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstance can they be approved.”
    In stating your disapproval of the object of that meeting you make use of that curious malapropism: “homophobia”. As a teacher of languages I advise you to delve a little into the etymology of this neologism. Study the meaning of “homo” in Greek and in Latin. Then study the meaning of “phobos” in Greek.
    You will then see that the expression “homophobia” can only mean either: an overwhelming dread and fear of men (an understandable emotion in a woman who has been attacked by a man), or: an overwhelming dread or fear of sameness (perhaps a feeling that might afflict a highly creative artist or a child with an acute attention disorder), but it cannot mean an overwhelming dread or fear of homosexuals or homosexuality.
    The neologism “homophobia” is an absurdity. It is used simply to shut down any discussion of the nature and implications of homosexual behaviour, just as the word “fascist” used to be used by the Communist régimes to shut down any discussion of their nature and behaviour.
    You do a deep disservice to your own profession and to the children entrusted to your school by even using that grotesque ‘word’ in your discourse.
    If you are seeking to condemn any bullying of, or disrespect to, persons who have adopted a style of life that may be seen as homosexual, I support you. But if by using the neologism “homophobia” you are suggesting that people who are critical of homosexual behaviour because they see it as self-evidently biologically illogical and self-evidently an evolutionary blind alley, are suffering from some overwhelming dread and fear of homosexuals and homosexuality then I have to question your own mental and spiritual state.


    Dominic Paul Baron, NZ

  22. In the years since 2003, I have spent time studying psychology, theology, social work, healing prayer and worked with a recovery ministry to people coming out of all kinds of obsessions and addictions. I have learned that homosexual attraction is a symptom and homophobia is that constant, strident accusation they throw out at people who do not agree with their idealogy is projection. Homophobia describes the unstable and conflicted mix of feelings: fear, uneasiness, rejection, insecurity, cynicism and contempt for their own sex.

    They have come to reject or fear their own sex and its innate qualities and the role their sex has in God’s plan and design. They have failed to fully and securely identify as a man or woman, or could not identify or bond with their own same-sex parent because of that parent’s or their opposite sex parent’s own problems, conflicts and/or issues.

    In one sense, it is not their fault. They could not help the conditioning, modeling, trauma, events, circumstances or the spiritual, psychological and relational dynamics and environment that caused this insecurity, maladaption, disorientation, diversion and/or arrest of identity development.

    They are, however, responsible to do as all other humans must do: “Choose you this day whom you will serve, love, believe, trust, follow.”

    Romans is full of roads…the most famous is the Roman Road of salvation often used to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Romans 1 shows us another road, the road to perdition, the road that runs away from God into all manner of sinful, deviant, defiling, attitudes, lifestyles and activities. It is the same broad and easy highway for all of us. You can trace the path from the shallows of sin to the deep drowning depths of sin that swallows up a whole human life from verses 1 to 32 and on into Romans 2. Rejection of God’s word leads on and on to lusting after persons of one’s own sex.

    We may be wounded by parents, family, trusted pastors or peers…but it is our fleshly responses that chain us to our wounds and keep us captive and away from receiving new identities in Jesus Christ.

    Christ has given everything He has to free us from the power of sin and eternal death which is separation from God. All we have to do is turn around, forsake the old man/woman of the flesh and choose Christ and determine to follow in His more excellent Way.

    Jesus is Lord, and is willing and able to do all He has said He will do for us. He is able to save us the uttermost.
    Sibyl Smith, Tallahassee, FL

  23. Forgive me – I still forgot to make my point pertaining to Mr. Muehlenberg’s excellent article and the Roman Catholic Church – It is that the nature of the sacramental/liturgical/ceremonial church tends to envelop unregenerate, unbelievers and rebels even at all levels of membership and leadership who believe they are believers because they have been certified as Christians by the necessary ceremonies and processes they have completed and their paperwork is in good order.

    This is another kind of Roman Road that may say it leads to God, but may not necessarily do so. As one commenter above has said, ‘All roads lead to Rome, but the way to heaven is narrow indeed.’
    Here is Romans 2:28-29 – “For no one is a Jew (Christian) who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical. But a Jew (Christian) is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter.”
    And Galatians 6:15 – “For neither circumcision counts for anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation.”
    And Colossians 3:11 – “Here there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all and is in all.”

    Sibyl Smith, Tallahassee, FL

  24. Thank you Dominic for the clarity displayed in your letter. Many Catholics would be very concerned on learning of the Rebgetz Caboolture decision regarding the ex-homosexual. It could only be described as completely irrational and anti Catholic. Queensland, in particular has been the target of trendy Catholics and many practicing Catholics have approached various bishops in the state with concerns over this problem, but the Queensland bishops will not produce any solution, because they are part of the problem. The Archbishop of Brisbane will be retiring soon. If anyone claims they know who will replace him, they are talking baloney. Only 3 people in the world know who it will be. However I do expect that the replacement will be orthodox with traditional beliefs in tune with the Vatican. Also as far as that survey is concerned. I take no notice of them, unless I know who did the survey, how many were surveyed, what specific questions were asked and where exactly was the survey conducted. I am the target of continual surveys and I sometimes have a question put to me that no matter what my answer would be, it could be interpreted 2 different ways. Scoundrel survey operators are past masters at that.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie, Qld.

  25. Fully with you here Bill, but I have to question your last example. A survey group may well have found that a large portion of Catholics are in favour of same-sex unions/marriage, but in the Adelaide Advertiser today it was reported that 65% of Christians are in favour of voluntary euthanasia. Who knows how accurate either of these statistics are.
    Regardless, keep on bringing these issues to our attention. You’re in our prayers.
    Christie Ewens

  26. Thanks Christie

    Yes you are quite right to question various polls and surveys. Their results can be notoriously unreliable. Having said that, I don’t doubt for a moment that Christians of all stripes are losing the plot on a whole range of issues. So if these two poll results are even remotely accurate, they really wouldn’t surprise me that much.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  27. To put things in perspective using Caboolture as an example of where Catholics are straying from the faith, please remember that the Sunshine Coast would be the worst example of trendy nonsense in the Church for the whole of Australia.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  28. It made for an interesting and busy weekend, “doing covert Church”. Reading posts by protesters, it seems that none of them had any idea of what Adam Hood was actually talking about. There were claims that MCC is promoting shock therapy treatments that are the realm of quackerie, and charging high prices for the “cure”.

    It seems to be case of jump to conclusions, or lets make anyone who speaks the truth about homosexuality out to be a monster from the dark ages, so that others don’t find out what is really going on. I saw little actual attack on the Biblical basis of Adam Hoods message, it seemed to be merely dismissed as a excuse for making gays feel condemned.

    Working, as I do, in the Catholic education system, it seems that there is more interest in sport and rituals than in the gospel. My wife, as an ex-Catholic, feels the same way. Bothering to find out the truth about the meetings seems too hard for some of them. It is easier to just make excuses and cancel bookings.

    Mark Bachelor

  29. We expect Satan to be busy in the front lines but it doesn’t stop the profound sadness when we see the evidence. We need to pray more and speak out more courageously in defence of Gospel truth.
    Anna Cook

  30. Catholicism will never cave in to the issue of homosexuality and change its doctrines. There will always be DISSIDENT priests, bishops, and even cardinals and popes. But never in the history of the church can a dogma be changed and it will never be. The church will cease to be true if it changes its doctrines. Individual catholics may not believe what the Magisterium of the Church teaches, but it is their duty to align themselves to the Church established by Jesus Christ himself through St.Peter the apostle, and protected by the Holy Spirit from erring in matters of morality. The day the church changes its views on homosexuality cannot be without discarding everything the Church teaches. It has consistently taught the truth since day one, whether the majority of so called Catholics believe it or not, and cannot change it due to the whims and fancies of the times. Truth is not democratic, and whether even clergy refuse to assent to it, does not mean it will be changed. Only the Magisterium of the Catholic Church offficially proclaims is to be believed. A priest is to be believed in accordance to his alliance with the Holy Office of the Papacy, protected by the Holy Spirit in erring in matters of doctrine. One false teaching and the whole church is worthless. It is all true or not true at all, no middle ground. The Catholic Church, its official teachings, will not and cannot ever change certain moral doctrines. Dogmas cannot be changed after being pronounced, otherwise how can the church claim infallibility? It would be contradictory and the Church would lose all credibility.
    Julian Desouza

  31. Thanks Julian

    It is quite interesting that your comment should arrive on the very day this headline appeared in the international press: “Contraception OK, Vatican says in World Youth Day booklet”! Then there was the change to the doctrine of limbo a few years ago, and so on. Plenty of such examples can be mentioned. Of course it remains to be seen if the contraception story is just a media beat-up or not.

    But two final points. As I have said elsewhere, I don’t really want this site to degenerate into Catholic-Protestant fighting. Plenty of other sites already do that.

    And, I certainly hope that you are right, and that the Catholic church top brass will hold the line on this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  32. I am not getting into Catholic-Protestant fighting, but would rather like to state the truth of the Catholic position, which I feel is being misunderstood, and quite understandably. Whoever is publishing the contraception nonsense should be addressed, but as we know lies travel half way around the world before truth gets its pants on. It is tough to make sure everyone is in line with the Magisterium, especially in a culture that is completely antithetical to the Christian Weltanschauung.

    International Press, that should answer the question right there. The media of course will jump at any opportunity that increases permissiveness of sexual morals, particularly if Catholicism does so. Their interpretation of what the Vatican says is usually misinterpreted, sensationalized, taken out of context, or exaggerated. The world hates Catholicism because it is firmly against the immoral things that society would love normalized and is trying its very best to in every fashion. All that’s needed now is the approval of the Catholic church. Many mainline protestant denominations have acquiesed to the zeitgeist in all kinds of ways OFFICIALLY, due to the nature of their churches being democratic. I do not know about this particular case, but yes, i do know that whoever is publishing this document is going AGAINST the official teachings of Catholicism and deliberately misinforming the youth.

    Contraception? contraception was universally condemned by all Christians until around 1929 with the Anglican Lamberth Conference normalizing it and other denominations following suit in allowing contraception and soon leading into complete sexual anarchy.
    see here:

    Only the Catholic church has steadfastly stood by its views against contraception, which have not changed since the beginning of Christianity. No dogmas can be changed, the issue of limbo is a much more complicated issue, but it was more of a flexible theological position then a doctrine or a dogma.
    see here:
    For a completely lucent explanation between dogma, doctrine, and discipline, see here:

    One should not judge a religion by those that fail to practice it. Those teaching that contraception should be allowed are going AGAINST the official teachings of the church. Contraception will never be allowed OFFICIALLY by Catholicism, as can be read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    The Christian world can never deny that the sins of individual sinners wound the entire Church, the cardinal observed. This brings to mind the words of Cardinal Consalvi, when he was informed that Napoleon wanted to destroy the Church. “He will never succeed,” Cardinal Consalvi said; “We have not managed to do it ourselves!”. The worst enemies of Catholicism, are not from outside, but seek to destroy the Church from within.

    “Not 100 in the United States hates the Catholic Church. But millions hate what they think is the Catholic Church, which is quite a different thing” – Fulton J Sheen

    Julian Desouza

  33. Thanks Julian

    Yes I know the world and the MSM hate Christianity in all its forms. And I know how the media can mangle things, so we still await the final word on whether there has been a change of thinking on contraception. And I am well aware of that particular issue as well, as I have written elsewhere, for example:

    But as I say, I will leave the debates between Catholics and Protestants to be engaged in elsewhere. The point of this article was simply to point out that large hunks of the Catholic Church are caving in on the issue of homosexuality, just as large hunks of the Protestant world are.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  34. Although homosexuality is a sin in God eyes. We cannot say that our sins, which sent Christ to the cross to pay for them, are any worse than the sins of homosexuality. According to the Bible all mankind is deceitfully wicked. So even our good works, If not guided or controlled by the Holy Spirit, are as filthy rages to Him. The sins in my life, that God has forgiven are forgiven because of the works of the only begotten of the father, are so numerous I have little right to condemn or judge others.
    Attention all sinners, not homosexuals only, Christ has come to redeem us all from the power of sin giving us peace with God resulting in the peace of God and eternal life with him (Jesus Christ Himself). Jesus took care of the sin problem on the cross. Now Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts (soul) waiting to come in and be our savior. All we need do is ask him to come in. After such a great salvation at such a great cost, the suffering death burial and final victory at Jesus resurrection God will not forgive the rejection of his son Jesus.
    Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”
    Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”
    Dan Hibbs

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