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Ben Carson, POTUS, and the SDA

Feb 26, 2014

I could be amiss here, but it seemed pretty clear to me that when Ben Carson released his 2012 book, America the Beautiful, he was contemplating life in politics, if not a run for the White House. With his

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Coming Home: My Testimony, Part 3

Jun 27, 2012

(This is the third of a four-part article)

Thus our big problem was our way-out beliefs. The truth is, we all need the various giftings God has put in the church, and God has appointed teachers and pastors

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On Mormon Presidents

May 17, 2012

OK, I am being a bit presumptuous here. Not only has the November US presidential election not yet taken place (obviously), but it is still not 100 per cent certain that Romney will get the nod to run against Obama

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Cults and Amazing Grace

Mar 4, 2009

I don’t know about other newspapers, but in the Melbourne Herald Sun there have been some quarter-page ads placed lately with the banner headline, “He was right!” So who is he and what was he right about?

The ‘he’ in

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The Gospel According to Dan Brown

Apr 26, 2006

With over 40 million copies sold worldwide, translated into 44 languages, and a blockbuster film due out in mid-May, The Da Vinci Code has made Dan Brown a very wealthy man. But a whirlwind of controversy has surrounded his novel,

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