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Recommended New Testament Commentaries

Jul 13, 2010

Commentaries lovers will appreciate this article, while everyone else will simply scratch their heads. But for the handful of people still with me, I here list some of my preferred commentaries on the New Testament. I explain in a related

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On Buying New Commentaries

Dec 29, 2014

OK, a few disclaimers. This article is likely to be read by almost no one. So why bother to write it? Well, it’s my website and I’ll write if I want to (to paraphrase a 1963 hit pop song by

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Warnings About Riches: New Testament

Jun 10, 2014

The Bible says so very much about the deceptive nature of riches. As we have seen, the Old Testament speaks to this constantly. The New Testament is equally concerned about the dangers of wealth. Only some representative examples can be

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Commentaries for Christmas: A Guide

Dec 12, 2012

No, not commentary about Christmas, but Bible commentaries one can buy for self or others for Christmas – that is the focus of this article. Since you may have not yet done all your Christmas shopping, my suggestion is to

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Who Needs Commentaries?

Jul 14, 2010

When I first started writing about Bible commentaries a few days ago, I did not realise it would blow out into a four-part series. But that it has. I wrote a piece on how to select good commentaries, and also

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How To Pick a Good Commentary

Jul 14, 2010

For those who wish to purchase some good Bible commentaries, but do not really know where to begin, here is some information which may be of use. To help us grow in the understanding of the Bible, a good commentary

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Notable Christians: Leon Morris

Apr 1, 2016

I do not have too many Australians in this series – indeed, this will be the first one. But Leon Morris, who was born and bred in Australia and served his Lord in distinguished fashion, is a worthy inclusion in

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On Textual Criticism

Jun 15, 2015

Since we do not have the original manuscripts of the New Testament (the autographs), we must rely on copies of it, and we must determine which copies are closest to the original and most accurate and reliable. This is the

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The Sword of Romans 13

Feb 13, 2015

My topic here involves how we are to understand the sword – and the state’s use of it – as found in Paul’s discussion of government authority in Romans 13:1-7. Many scholars understand this to be a reference to the

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Christmas Books and Authors

Dec 9, 2014

OK, Christmas is fast approaching, so the need to find good gifts is upon us. And what better gifts are there than books? So to help you out here, I have put together some of my most read authors. My

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Islam According to its Own Sources

Nov 7, 2014

With Islam becoming such a huge issue of concern right around the world, it is incumbent upon all of us to seek to educate ourselves about this religion and political ideology. We don’t have to become experts in Islam, but

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Jun 23, 2014

There are two very clear things that can be said about opposition:

-if you are a Christian worker seeking to make a difference for the Kingdom, you can count on opposition;
-there are times when such opposition must be challenged

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