Abortion and Science Fiction

There is a new shoot-em-up sci-fi thriller which has hit the big screen. Starship Troopers is another good guys (earthlings in the future) versus bad guys (giant nasty insects from outer space) film, great on special effects but low on everything else – plot line, character development, etc.

One thing everyone is agreed on however, the bad guys are really bad, and deserve being blown to smithereens. The big bad bugs are real stinkers. They are at their odious worst when they stab their human victims’ heads and suck out their brains. Everyone in the audience is rightly repulsed by this barbarism.

The funny thing is, however, Australians are subsidising this very behaviour with their tax dollars. No, we don’t have killer mutant bugs here sucking out brains of living human victims, but we do have a group of people who perform the exact same procedure on nearly-born babies. The procedure is variously called the dilation and extraction method, cranial decompression, or late term abortion.

I await the day when we react with the same revulsion to the way we treat our unborn as we do the killers arachnids in Starship Troopers.

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