Coming Out, Into Freedom

Truth hurts. That is, it is hurtful to those who want to deny the truth, distort the truth or cover up the truth. The best weapon we have in the various fronts of the culture wars is to keep sticking to the truth. Truth beats lies every time.

One of the biggest lies put out by the homosexual lobby is that people are born that way, it is a genetic condition, and one cannot do anything to change the lifestyle. Just as some people are born left-handed, so some people are born homosexual, or so we are told by the homosexual activists. Once gay, always gay, they claim.

That is why they go absolutely ballistic when truth is proclaimed about homosexuality. There is nothing more threatening to the homosexual militia than when someone stands up and says, “I once was a homosexual, but I am no longer”. They hate it when someone dares to make such a claim. As I say, truth hurts, and when the truth of how people can be set free from homosexuality is proclaimed, that really enrages the homosexual activists.

That is why they especially hate those who have been there and done that. When someone has been in the homosexual lifestyle for many years, only to leave it and go on to heterosexual marriage and having children, they become a persona non grata to the activists. And their usual line is this: “You were never homosexual in the first place”.

Denial and suppression of the truth, in other words, is the usual homosexual tactic used when someone comes out of the homosexual lifestyle. The whole basis of claiming special rights for the homosexual lifestyle is based on the myth of the unchangeable condition of homosexuality. If it can be demonstrated that homosexuality is largely a choice, then the whole case for granting special entitlements to them melts away.

Thus when a leading homosexual activist defects from the homosexual movement, he is either ignored altogether by both the mainstream media and the homosexual press, or he is shouted down in derision. Yet they keep coming out of the homosexual closet.

The latest to do so is Michael Glatze. He was a rising star in the homosexual community, and founding editor of Young Gay America magazine. Two recent articles tell the story of his liberation from the homosexual lifestyle. Here is how he describes his journey:

“Homosexuality came easy to me, because I was already weak. My mom died when I was 19. My father had died when I was 13. At an early age, I was already confused about who I was and how I felt about others. My confusion about ‘desire’ and the fact that I noticed I was ‘attracted’ to guys made me put myself into the ‘gay’ category at age 14. At age 20, I came out as gay to everybody else around me. At age 22, I became an editor of the first magazine aimed at a young, gay male audience. It bordered on pornography in its photographic content, but I figured I could use it as a platform to bigger and better things.”

He continues, “Gay people responded happily to Young Gay America. It received awards, recognition, respectability and great honors, including the National Role Model Award from major gay organization Equality Forum – which was given to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien a year later – and a whole host of appearances in the media, from PBS to the Seattle Times, from MSNBC to the cover story in Time magazine.”

Yet despite his fame and success, he began to question his lifestyle: “It took me almost 16 years to discover that homosexuality itself is not exactly ‘virtuous.’ It was difficult for me to clarify my feelings on the issue, given that my life was so caught up in it. Homosexuality, delivered to young minds, is by its very nature pornographic. It destroys impressionable minds and confuses their developing sexuality; I did not realize this, however, until I was 30 years old.”

Conversion to Christianity helped him make a clean break with his past. “It became clear to me, as I really thought about it – and really prayed about it – that homosexuality prevents us from finding our true self within. We cannot see the truth when we’re blinded by homosexuality. We believe, under the influence of homosexuality, that lust is not just acceptable, but a virtue. But there is no homosexual ‘desire’ that is apart from lust. In denial of this fact, I’d fought to erase such truth at all costs, and participated in the various popular ways of taking responsibility out of human hands for challenging the temptations of lust and other behaviors. I was sure – thanks to culture and world leaders – that I was doing the right thing.”

“Homosexuality, for me, began at age 13 and ended – once I ‘cut myself off’ from outside influences and intensely focused on inner truth – when I discovered the depths of my God-given self at age 30. God is regarded as an enemy by many in the grip of homosexuality or other lustful behavior, because He reminds them of who and what they truly are meant to be. People caught in the act would rather stay ‘blissfully ignorant’ by silencing truth and those who speak it, through antagonism, condemnation and calling them words like ‘racist,’ ‘insensitive,’ ‘evil’ and ‘discriminatory’.”

While recovery from the homosexual lifestyle has not been without its struggles, the liberation brought by Christ has been overwhelming for Glatze: “In my experience, ‘coming out’ from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Lust takes us out of our bodies, ‘attaching’ our psyche onto someone else’s physical form. That’s why homosexual sex – and all other lust-based sex – is never satisfactory: It’s a neurotic process rather than a natural, normal one. Normal is normal – and has been called normal for a reason. Abnormal means ‘that which hurts us, hurts normal.’ Homosexuality takes us out of our normal state, of being perfectly united in all things, and divides us, causing us to forever pine for an outside physical object that we can never possess. Homosexual people – like all people – yearn for the mythical true love, which does actually exist. The problem with homosexuality is that true love only comes when we have nothing preventing us from letting it shine forth from within. We cannot fully be ourselves when our minds are trapped in a cycle and group-mentality of sanctioned, protected and celebrated lust.”

His whole story is well worth reading. So is the companion article by Art Moore. He reminds us that other high-profile homosexual activists have rejected their destructive lifestyle: “Glatze’s transformation calls to mind that of another prominent ‘gay’ magazine publisher who also has renounced her former lifestyle. Lesbian activist Charlene Cothran, longtime publisher of Venus magazine, became a Christian and gave her magazine a new mission ‘to encourage, educate and assist those who desire to leave a life of homosexuality’.”

Says Moore, “Toward the end of his time with Young Gay America, Glatze said, colleagues began to notice he was going through some kind of religious experience. Just before leaving, not fully realizing what he was doing, he wrote on his office computer his thoughts, ending with the declaration: ‘Homosexuality is death, and I choose life’.”

These two stories need to be widely circulated. Truth must get out. Too many people are trapped in the destructive and addictive lifestyle known as homosexuality. But there is a way out if people are willing to face up to the truth. Glatze and Cothran are just two of many thousands who have been set free from this lifestyle. That is good news indeed for those contemplating the same.

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26 Replies to “Coming Out, Into Freedom”

  1. Bill, I may be wrong but I believe that the LGBT lobby have moved beyond the nature argument to one of the right to choose however one wants to self- identify. I believe that those who are pushing to have incest, polygamy, polyamory, bestiality and paedeophilia legally accepted are doing so on the basis of human rights laws. This is a fast moving train, that is difficult to keep up with. The only solution for the Christian, I believe, is to draw once more clearly in the sand, the biblical definitions of existence, goodness, love, and truth and not be lured into fighting from ground not of our choosing – from the territory of evolutionary humanism.
    David Skinner, UK

  2. I agree David. These kinds of issues need to be fought at the worldview level not just at the pragmatic cause and effect level. The Christian view is right because it is true not just because it works best. The alternative views are wrong because they are based upon fiction (e.g. evolution) not just because they don’t work. Any worldview based upon a falsehood will necessarily end up denying reality which is what we find with much of evolutionary humanism.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  3. I admire your commitment to this rubbish Bill. If Alan Chambers (leader of Exodus) believes that he has never met a full ‘ex-gay’ and that he still has temptations of homosexual sex, I find it bizarre how you can be so convinced of the ‘evidence’
    Matt Page

  4. Thanks Matt

    All Chambers is saying is what any Christian would say about any sin: coming to Christ does not make us immediately perfect. Letting Christ rule in every part of our life is a slow and continuous process, not a once-off action. We all struggle with various parts of our old life, even after we receive forgiveness and cleansing from Christ. But he helps us to steadily become more like him and less like our old selves.

    And no one has ever said that breaking free from homosexual addiction – or any other enslaving addiction for that matter – is either easy or instantaneous. As I said, it is often a long hard struggle, but real change is possible. Millions of believers can testify to the life-transforming power of Christ.

    And you do exactly what I say homosexuals do: instead of dealing with the evidence, you simply dismiss it, in this case calling it “rubbish”. Name calling is not making an argument Matt, and sticking your head in the sand and denying reality is not very helpful either.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. I feel sorry for Glatze. He is obviously deeply confused and hurt by his experiences – of parental death, a lack of meaningful relationships, etc. I hope his ‘new life’ can bring him happiness, but only time will tell.

    Unfortunately, he is confused about the very nature of homosexuality. It is not “pornographic”: it is about internal feelings – not external images. (Was he ever gay at all?)

    He is confused if he thinks gays all treat “lust” as a virtue. I’d much rather have deep love over superficial lust, and fortunately, I’ve found it!

    He is misled if he thinks homosexuality is merely an attraction to “physical form”. How does he explain the older gay couples who support and care for each other, well beyond their bodies’ best years?

    He is wrong if he thinks gay activists are out to “silence” him. He is welcome to talk of his “conversion”, but it is irresponsible to claim to speak for all gays.

    He is mistaken if he thinks homosexuality causes harm. It hasn’t hurt me, after 23 years of life.

    Finally: Bill, you are mistaken if you think Glatze’s story is part of a “movement” away from homosexuality. More people have *attempted* to change, but failed. More still have discovered eventual happiness in their gay lives.

    To paraphrase Glatze: we will come to our conclusions on our own. In the meantime, gays should be left alone, without public shaming by religious fundamentalists.

    Regards, John Kloprogge, Croydon VIC

  6. People who are homosexual, and don’t wish to be homosexual, have a right to know that with willpower and professional help, there exists the possibility of a genuine change in their sexual orientation. Medical professionals, the media, and academics surely have a duty of care to inform the public that people suffering from unwanted homosexuality can (and do) change their core sexual orientation. Anything less is simply deceitful.
    Sean Duffy

  7. Bill, I agree with you here that truth does hurt. I struggle with gay activists claiming that they have genetic proof for their condition. Scientifically this has not been proven.

    I too did not want to know or follow the truth (Jesus) when I was involved in a particular lifestyle that was damaging myself and others around me. But now I am a follower of Jesus and truth.

    Paul Spyrou

  8. Thanks John

    You perfectly make my point when you ask: “Was he ever gay at all?” Denial is your only response. Truth and evidence are just too hard to bear, so you simply make denials. You live, in other words, in a world of illusion, of unreality, refusing to face the truth. This is just so typical of your side.

    And of course you are being disingenuous at best in your claim to 23 years of no harm. I do not know of any 23-year-old who has been engaging in homosexual acts for 23 years. And you have simply been kept thus far, by the grace of God, from the unhealthy consequences of the homosexual lifestyle. And you again imply – quite erroneously – that your personal experience speaks for all homosexuals, which is getting to be a real broken record by now. It has been amply documented, from both medical and scientific literature, as well as from homosexual sources, just how unhealthy and risky the homosexual lifestyle is.

    But again, you continue to live in a state of denial. Quite rightly does God say through Paul in Romans chapter one that those who deny the living God “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” as they seek to justify their rebellious lifestyles. Suppression of truth is arguably the chief tactic of the homosexual lobby.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Bill, as always you are spot on. I agree with you that the truth hurts.
    There hasn’t been any scientific proof that a homosexual person is born that particular way; it therefore lies within the individuals preferences.
    For me there was a time in my life where I chose a certain manner of way of life, and now iIfight the good fight and love and honour Jesus Christ.
    Fivos Panayiotou

  10. David Skinner made a point regarding Human Rights being used by the homosexual lobby to support their lifestyle choice. After making a submission to a recent ‘National Inquiry into Discrimation against People in Same-Sex Relationships’, I got a letter from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission stating they were “currently considering further projects to reduce homophobia”. In my submission I clearly outlined the destructive consequences of homosexuality being promoted in our society. We already discriminate against smokers because of the documented damage passive smoking causes but I am being labelled Homophobic by an organisation which willingly ignores the tragic consequences of homosexuality.
    Lyle Hutchinson

  11. It seems that when Michael Glatze said what the gay community wanted to hear, they rewarded him with the position of editor of their major mag, and awarded it with ‘National Role Model Award’. The same man, with the same resume, is now saying something a little challenging them, and he is ‘irresponsible to claim to speak for all gays’.
    Donna Murphy

  12. There is certainly no proof that homosexuality is genetic, but many homosexuals have claimed and still do, that this is proven. Justice Michael Kirby is on the record as claiming homosexuality is genetic.
    Back in the late 1970s there was a movement to be ‘blatant and proud’ in choosing to follow the homosexual lifestyle. When AIDS hit there was a re-assessment and the focus shifted to one of ‘identity’. Dennis Altman said, in The Homosexualisation of America, “The greatest single victory of the gay movement over the decade has been to shift the debate from behavior to identity, thus forcing opponents into a position where they can be seen as attacking the civil rights of homosexual citizens…”
    There have been and still are many positions on the causes of homosexuality. The truth is that it is not genetic and people can change.
    It took Michael Glatze courage to leave the homosexual lifestyle and still more courage to write about his experiences. Bravo!
    Jenny Stokes

  13. The issue of human rights and so-called ‘homophobia’ is yet another worldview issue. From whence comes ‘human rights’? For an evolutionist, rights are arbitrary and the prerogative of the state. So the state can deny the right to life to the preborn whilst ascribing special privileges to those who practice homosexuality. For the Christian, our rights are not an invention of the state but instead come directly from God who doesn’t give anyone a ‘right’ to sin.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  14. Jenny Stokes is right about the changing claims of the gay activist lobby. When the apostate bishop Spong toured NZ, he spruiked forth on how homosexuals are born that way, and accepted the discredited pervert Kinsey as gospel. One lesbian in one of the audiences stated that she felt uncomfortable about Spong’s scientific argument for homosexuality because it ‘implies a naturalness to heterosexuality and an aberrance to homosexuality.’ She said this was dangerous ‘… because the underlying assertion is that if we weren’t born that way, we wouldn’t want to be like this.’ She added that the scientific argument was a kind of oppression as it points to homosexuality as a mutation. Spong, in responding to the vote of thanks, apologised for any imagined offence, and said that he endorsed the lesbian’s comments, and claimed that he only used these arguments to win over heterosexuals to the gay rights cause.

    Now the homosexual lobby have another dilemma: some parents would abort babies with the alleged gay gene. Since homosexuals are usually on the pro-abort side, do they have to deny their abortion-on-demand position (cf. feminists and sex-selection abortions), or deny that there is such genetic determinism after all.

    Jonathan Sarfati, Brisbane

  15. Perhaps the dilemma comes from the head-on collision of two untruths. With homosexuality there is no such thing as ‘live and let live’. The constant pedalling of an untruthful message about homosexuality being ‘normal’ and ‘safe’ to our youth, is unjust and wrong. The tragic consequences of the homosexual lifestyle is a reality. A close friend of mine, who has a PhD in reproductive physiology, said that the biggest lie these days is the lie about condoms and ‘safe sex’. Hence the tragedy of AIDS.
    But, as Mark Twain said, “A lie can travel half way around the world, while the truth is putting on its shoes”.
    Donna Murphy

  16. Plus, you and your posse always tend to ignore the possibility that these so-called ‘ex-gays’ were actually BISEXUAL to begin with. Many bisexual individuals enjoy sexual relationships with members of both sexes throughout their 20s, but then choose to live an exclusive life with a member of only one sex. What determines which sex will be chosen, I cannot say, but I’m sure Christian guilt could have played some role in Michael Glatze’s experience.
    On that notion of bisexuality, you have presented the idea that gay activists claim that the person who becomes ex-gay was never gay in the first place. That claim is almost always followed with the conclusion that that person was initially bisexual, and has now chosen one sex to be with.
    I wonder how you feel about this truth
    Matt Page

  17. Thanks Matt

    A friend of mine who is a former homosexual helps those wishing to leave homosexuality. He informs me that the overwhelming majority of those coming for help do not identify as bi-sexuals but as homosexuals. So I am afraid you are still simply in denial here, not wishing to face the truth.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Bill, that is the most stupid response you’ve ever given me – of course they are going to deny identifying as bisexual. And of course you bisexual friend is going to tell you otherwise too. Please try again
    Matt Page

  19. Thanks Matt

    But you simply continue to live in a world of denial, in order to justify your lifestyle. Simply accusing those you disagree with of being liars is not argument. But your denial is exactly what I said would be the response of homosexual activists. Instead of dealing with truth, you simply deny, deny, deny.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  20. Wait, it’s okay for you to say all homosexuals are in denial but you don’t like being called homophobic?

    The Kinsey report showed sexuality as a scale. And equally as many have claimed to have ‘turned’ to heterosexuality, how many have remained that way?

    The Psychiatrists are now told not to try to push people into conversion programs as it is often shown to be more damaging to them than accepting it.

    Josh Taylor

  21. Thanks Josh
    I did not say all were, but certainly many are, evidently you included. And yes, simply throwing unhelpful labels around like “homophobic” is not about debating the evidence but mere name-calling.
    The Kinsey Report has been roundly and widely condemned for a whole range of mistakes and exaggerations. Many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, have left the homosexual lifestyle and remain so today.
    And only some psychiatrists, usually pushing an agenda, discourage people from receiving help when so desired.
    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  22. Thanks for sharing this Bill. As one who was once a homosexual, I completely relate to Michael. I caught his story about a year to two years ago, since he was a gay rights activist and his position with his magazine at the time, he made quite a ripple in the waters. Here’s the thing. We will not be silent, we will NOT go away, and we WILL increase in number. As the gay rights movement pushes forward, there will be people responding to the call of Christ on their lives. It’s inevitable. One cannot come into real contact with Jesus Christ and not be changed by it forever. The Power that’s available in Christ to genuinely walk out of AND away from that lifestyle transforms a person. To feast at the banquet table of immorality is to feast on emptiness. Someone will eventually want what Jesus offers, will hear the call of God on their life and another testimony is born. I’m so grateful for God’s power in my life to deliver me OUT of homosexuality, and the way He is restoring my true identity IN HIM!!! I stand behind Michael and his message. For it is mine as well. I’m so grateful. so grateful.

    Jim Farrington

  23. Hi Bill. Maybe you need to re-advertise your Commenting Rules… I’ve just become aware (in recent conversation) of a distinction being made by some in the ‘born that way’ concept, not attributing the ‘state’ to genetics but to (excess female or insufficient male) hormones passed through to the unborn by the mother (not sure how this would work for lesbian attraction, maybe in reverse?). I’ve had no opportunity to research this as yet, but thought mention of it here might be profitable. Anyone?

    Stephen Phillips

  24. You`re in a tough gig Bill. Be encouraged, I and I`m sure many, many others pray for you regularly.

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