The Death Throes of a Once Christian Nation

Yet another amazing episode of the gaystapo in action in Not So Great Britain. This time an English grandmother is hunted down by the police for daring to question a homosexual pride march. The terrified 67-year-old was questioned by police over her complaints to a local council about the march.

Here is how the Daily Mail reports the story: “After witnessing a gay pride march, committed Christian Pauline Howe wrote to the council to complain that the event had been allowed to go ahead. But instead of a simple acknowledgement, she received a letter warning her she might be guilty of a hate crime and that the matter had been passed to police. Two officers later turned up at the frightened grandmother’s home and lectured her about her choice of words before telling her she would not be prosecuted.”

The article continues, “Mrs Howe, 67, whose husband Peter is understood to be a Baptist minister, yesterday spoke of her shock at the visit and accused police of ‘wasting resources’ on her case rather than fighting crime. ‘I’ve never been in any kind of trouble before so I was stunned to have two police officers knocking at my door,’ she said. ‘Their presence in my home made me feel threatened. It was a very unpleasant experience. ‘The officers told me that my letter was thought to be an intention of hate but I was expressing views as a Christian’.”

Let’s try to put this into a little bit of perspective. Great Britain was once a solidly Christian nation. Even non-Christians agreed that public morality was important, and that private vices should not be paraded and promoted in public.

The police existed to deal with murderers, thieves, arsonists, rapists and other genuine criminal activities. Frail, white-haired grandmothers had nothing to fear, living as law-abiding citizens. The freedom to speak one’s mind and to voice Christian concerns were everywhere taken for granted.

But that was then, this is now. Today we have a nation that has almost completely sold its soul to the forces of political correctness and the militant homosexual activists. Radical homosexualists are now calling the shots in the UK, and if any dares to cross their agenda, even in the slightest and most innocuous way, they will be swiftly dealt with by the authorities.

And these authorities now appear to be under the complete control of militant homosexualists. Instead of fighting crime, the police now are spending their time hassling old people for daring to utter their Christian convictions in public.

Of course this is not an isolated incident. I have covered numerous other examples of this attack by the gaystapo. It is happening on a regular basis, and decent believers are now living in fear in the police state once known as Great Britain.

Brazen, militant homosexual activists are free to flaunt their outrageous behaviours in our city streets, all at taxpayers’ expense, but if a believer dares to express his concern, the police will be at his door in minutes. Just what has this world come to?

Consider an earlier episode in the UK. Another frightened elderly couple was interrogated by the police for an hour and a half for engaging in treasonous acts against the state. Their crime? They actually had the audacity to want to place Christian tracts alongside of homosexual literature. Here is how the press ran that story:

“A retired couple were questioned at length by police after complaining about a council’s gay rights campaign. Two officers arrived at the home of devout Christians Joe and Helen Roberts to ‘educate’ them out of their belief that homosexual behaviour is wrong. They were interrogated for 80 minutes about ‘homophobic’ views expressed in a phone call and letter in which the couple asked if Christian literature could be displayed alongside gay rights leaflets.

“Saying their actions were close to ‘a hate crime’, the officers warned Mr and Mrs Roberts they were ‘walking on eggshells’. Mr Roberts, a 73-year-old former carpenter, said last night: ‘There must be better ways for them to spend their time. I have never been in trouble with the law.’ The inquisition in Fleetwood, Lancashire, is the latest in a series of incidents in which police have acted against those who oppose the gay rights lobby.”

These are but two more examples of how in the name of ‘tolerance’ a new reign of terror is being unleashed on ordinary citizens in their own countries and in their own homes. It is now a crime to open one’s mouth and say that homosexuality is unacceptable. This is now considered to be ‘hate speech’ and will be prosecuted by the full force of the law.

Freedoms are being ripped away from under our feet, just so that this noisy and quite small group of homosexual activists can impose their will on everyone. And the trouble is, many so-called believers are not only allowing it to happen, but some are actually even supporting it.

Consider this incredible comment about the Pauline Howe case from someone who says she is a Christian: “I, as a committed follow [sic] of Christ but with no affiliation with any denomination, find this lady’s remarks offensive and extremely unlike anything Jesus would have said or written.” Wow, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

The spirit of the age has so permeated and smothered the Christian church, that we get this sort of nonsense coming from someone who ought to know better. The goddess Tolerance has now become the new Gospel, not only for unbelievers, but apparently for some biblically illiterate believers as well.

No wonder we are in such a mess.

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  1. Truly unbelievable! That the British Parliament would pass such a law; that the council would report such a complaint; that the police would investigate such an issue; that the constables would make it more than a token visit; unbelievable.
    The British society must be sick to the core. There should be outrage. Every pulpit should be resounding with condemnation; every Christian writing to their MP; every decent person standing as one in defence of these brave people.
    Lord have mercy upon that nation.
    What is troubling, if it happened in the UK it could happen here. We need to fight while the issue is a spout, the battle will be difficult when it becomes a huge well rooted tree.
    Des Morris

  2. Thanks Des

    But it already is happening here big time. We do not have official hate crimes legalised here yet, but we are getting close. And other laws, such as equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, and the like, are pretty much already heading this way. So we are in fact much closer to the UK than many imagine.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. In 2006 the Sexual Orientation Regulations were hailed as “landmark” and “flag ship” legislation that sounded as though a whole class of people had finally been granted liberties – similar to those granted to slaves in the 19th century. Since then, there is nothing for which the LGBT have demanded that has been denied them. The benefits, rights and status of marriage are extended to them; children are handed over into their tender keeping; whilst Lesbians are rushed to the head of the queue of those waiting for IVF treatment.

    Television, the media, airlines and banks are falling over themselves to celebrate their sexual activities and the Stonewall awards ceremony are bestrewn with the movers and shakers of British society. Additionally, prominent organizations have now been co-opted by the “gays,” including Amnesty International, The Department of children schools and families, HM Revenue and Customs, The National Health, The Ministry of Justice, Transport of London, The TUC, the CPS, the Metropolitan Police Service, and many others.

    The zeal with which Gordon Brown is continuing to suppress the freedom to criticise homosexuality through the use of police intimidation, the threat of losing one’s job, huge fines and the possibility of a seven year prison sentence is hardly surprising when we see that every leading political party not only has gay MPs on every frontbench, but at the heart of power in Downing St.

    There is the “straight” Maria Eagle, the Parliamentary under Secretary of State for justice, charged with delivering the Equality Bill, and her lesbian, twin sister, Secretary to the Treasury, Angela Eagle. There are the homosexuals such as Chris Bryant, the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons and Ben Bradshaw, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport – not to mention Peter Mandelson, the puppet master and ex secretary of State for Trade and Industry (department responsible for the SORs) and ex European commissioner for Trade. Then there is Lord Chris Smith who is presently in charge of the Advertising Standards Agency, a major organ of political propaganda.

    May I introduce the erstwhile Spencer Livermore:

    And the 50 most powerful gay, lesbian and bisexual people in British politics:

    Even now, there will be people reading what I have just written, who will condemn me as a narrow-minded, bigoted homophobe. But what do they say to the following links that are breathtaking in their exposure of a Prime minister who has completely taken leave of his senses and moral compass? No doubt they will still condemn me for presenting such truth, simply because it is horrible, disturbing and offensive to gays.

    No wonder that fascism is gaining ground in Britain, as the population is being inexorably squeezed between homosexuals and islamicists:

    David Skinner, UK

  4. Bill,
    ” …..unlike anything Jesus would have said or written”.
    Must be a different Jesus that she was talking about, the one in a different gospel.
    Barry Koh

  5. If homosexuals insist on undermining Christianity, they should be invited to experience Sharia Law. In the words of The Badger (The Wind in the Willows), “That’ll learn’em!”
    David Cohan

  6. Thanks guys

    America is also fighting this, and Canada is a few steps ahead over there. This just arrived in my inbox:

    The following is a statement by Dr. Gary L. Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission:

    “In other nations, like Canada, where hate crime laws have been enacted, it is Christians, specifically conservative Christians who hold to the historic Christian faith and it’s values, that become the object of institutionalized, governmental hate.”

    “Christians who dare to tell the truth about the social, moral, spiritual and health consequences of illicit homosexual acts are accused of hate speech and intimidated into silence with threats of fines or jail.”

    “The fact the hate bill had to be passed in such an unscrupulous and cynical manner (attaching it to the Defense Authorization Act) reveals the depth of President Obama’s commitment to a radical, anti- Christian agenda. He will stop at nothing to undermine the will of the majority of Americans to pay back militant homosexual activists who raised millions of dollars for his campaign and worked to get him elected.”

    “To sign the bill in the Rose Garden is another slap in the face and shows the level of contempt President Obama has for the majority of Americans who oppose the “homosexualization” of marriage and public education.”

    “The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission will soon be announcing its plans, along with other leading pro- family groups, to defy, counter and challenge this unconstitutional attack on our religious liberty.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. If Des Morris thinks it “Truly unbelievable! That the British Parliament would pass such a law” then, sadly, he doesn’t have much experience of the British government and Establishment, in which the Gay Power movement (call it what it is) is very entrenched. Bill – just keep telling it like it is, and one day, one day … Remember, lies have their day, but eventually are seen for what they are.
    John Thomas, UK

  8. I have spent my entire working life in employment associated with advertising- mainly radio broadcasting. Consequently I am more inclined than others, to analyse commercials I sometimes see on television. I NEVER listen to the radio. You might not have noticed, but a large percentage of advertising for take away food is subtlely pushing homosexuality. How often do you see two men together in a house making pigs of themselves with take away food- never a male and a female? Apparently someone must have pointed it out, so they now have three men together, just to sort of cover for themselves. Do you think I am being paranoid? not a bit of it. I vividly recall when one commercial (a couple of years ago) tested the water of public tolerance, by showing at the beginning of the commercial for take away food, a quick flash of two men, obviously commiting sodomy. One boofhead then put his index finger to his mouth in a a “don’t tell anyone” pose. Someone must have complained, they pulled the ad off and I’ve never seen it again, but then they commenced their series of two males together slobbering over food. That would be enough for me to never buy their products and shows how out of touch the advertising agencies are, spending a fortune, attempting to appeal to 1.5% of the population. I would not eat their food anyway as I have too much respect for my body, which weighs 65 kilos and I want to keep it that way. I wouldn’t with eating their rubbish.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  9. Perhaps now we can understand why the muslims have become so militant in protecting their religious beliefs. Christians have become a down trodden lot for being passively Christlike and not standing up for our beliefs for too long.

    Pat Abrahams, Melbourne

  10. From what I’ve read, the police are not only enforcing new British law, but a Directive from the European Union. This Directive makes it illegal to offend not only homosexuals, but those of the Islamic faith as well. There are severe penalties not just for individuals, for businesses as well.

    Wanda Wilkening, USA

  11. Bill

    Whilst I defend to the hilt Mrs Howe’s right to freedom of speech to express her views. I think we must be extremely careful to base any support for a Christian stance on the actual content of her letter (the text of which, I have not seen released). Did it truly reflect a Christ-like stance on the subject?

    I understand that she blamed the collapse of all previous empires on homosexuality — would that be Christ’s view? I understand that she was handing out tracts at a Gay-Pride march – would that be what Jesus would do?

    Does Mrs Howe know any gay-identified people, or any, who like myself, could be considered ex-gay? Has she any idea of how to effectively bring the Gospel to such a community. Has she considered the likelihood that her actions would deepen the enmity between the Christian and the gay communities, rather than reach out with the love of Christ?

    Such interventions by those who are inexperienced in mission to the gay community are probably the most damaging things that can be done to the church and to the eternal destiny of gay-identified people.

    Just because she is a Chirstian, does not mean that her actions are Christ-like.

    Phil Barnett, UK

  12. If you keep up with what the American Family Association is fighting against in the US, you will see that PepsiCola is about the most militantly pro-homosexual company in the world. Check the fast food outlets who stock their products, and boycott them. God bless the Resistance!
    Ian Brearley

  13. Thanks Phil

    But let me call your bluff here. You tell us we should not be so ready to defend her, since we don’t know what she actually wrote, yet you then proceed to effectively attack her, also based on similar ignorance.

    You simply make all sorts of unwarranted assumptions here, and then criticise her on that basis. For example, how do you know she was not acting out of love? Or do you somehow assume that to publically share one’s concerns is in fact automatically to be unloving? That of course would make Jesus unloving.

    And your comments about what Jesus would do are equally silly and fallacious. If you mean Jesus did not pass out tracts and therefore neither should we, you are simply arguing from silence. Jesus also did not rally against pollution, speak out against genocide, or challenge FGM. Does that mean Jesus would disapprove of us doing such things?

    You also imply that unless this woman has some professional qualifications to minister to homosexuals, she had better just keep her mouth shut. That is about as helpful as saying that unless the twelve disciples had professional qualifications, they too should not have sought to reach out to any sinners, because they would just make things worse.

    Sorry, but I am not buying your whole line of reasoning here.

    Indeed, judged by what you have written here, one can question whether you really do think she has the right to express her views at all.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  14. It’s one thing to show what is taking place, another to show its roots, and the causal connection, finally the human purpose.

    As someone said (was it FDR?) “Nothing in politics happens by accident.”

    Yet we already know “all these things” (wordsearch Muehlenberg War on the West). So why do we continue to be shocked at mere symptoms?

    Because in our fallen state only the perception – the fruits that we taste and by which we can judge — hit home, whereas the spiritual cause remains hidden to our flesh-encumbered mind/soul.

    Therefore we need every breakthrough in art where real life is depicted truthfully. Because the news horror washes over us and we forget, whereas art informs the social mind.

    Take the movie Notes on a Scandal, very important to be seen more than once, as a constant reminder.

    Because the memory is the first faculty of the mind/soul, the next two being intellect and will, corresponding to our Trinitarian nature, which in turn being made in God’s image corresponds to the Trinity: Father (memory, faith, and memory and faith in action which is divine worship), Son (intellect, hope, and intellect and hope in action which is prayer), and Spirit (will, love, and will and love in action which is doing good, like this site.)

    Recognizing and holding to and fixing that recognition in the memory — that there is a problem and not only a problem but a crisis and not only a crisis but a war and not only a war but a planned attack –is the first step. The corrupters have been keenly aware, pursuant to their Frankfurt Institute project, whereas we Christians have shirked the battle, even denied the existence of the crisis, encouraged in our demoralization by undercover folks, always wanting to look on the bright side of life, because if you can’t say anything good about someone don’t say anything at all.

    The benignity of the Christian is paradoxically sometimes his greatest weakness and he loses his churches and the faith because of this ever so English niceness.

    Can a good produce evil?

    The aim of Frankfurt’s operatives in Britain as here in Australia has been to corrode away to nothing Christian values mostly by corrupting the Christians themselves while doing away with all physical signs of Christ and memories of God’s presence such as nativity scenes, holy days, crosses, pictures of Gospel scenes, and the Ten Commandments, the very law of God.

    Cate Blanchett in the movie Notes on a Scandal about modern times not so merrie England is filmed on a toilet using the paper ever so delicately. One more taboo gone down to the toilet.

    Taki’s Magazine in its review (wordsearch takis notes on a scandal) stated: “Notes on a Scandal shows a kind of genius. That genius lies in the completeness with which it reveals a society as free from all ethical moorings – as free even from the vaguest recollection of ethical moorings – as Weimar Republican Berlin … the Nanny State’s law counts for everything and the wider natural law counts for nothing … friendships are ended not by grown-up discussion but by the issuance of restraining orders … a narcissistic little girl trapped in a fortyish art teacher’s body is considered, not a disgrace to adulthood, but a valid lifestyle choice. There is no reason to suppose that this near-perfect depiction of nihilism exaggerates, in any way, the quotidian horror of Britain under Blair. There is every reason to suppose that, if anything, it understates such horror. The British dispatches from Theodore Dalrymple, Peter Hitchens, and Geoffrey Wheatcroft regularly convey to us a land as unrecognizable from its 1970s self (some of us remember that self from our youth) as today’s Spain is from Franco’s. Note that to perceive Britain’s current thoroughgoing civilizational corruption, we need not even behold Blairism’s most specific miseries: the exorbitant crime rates that have ineluctably resulted from gun control; the inundation of every British metropolis under Islam’s tide; the home-grown terrorists; or the same-sex “civil union” bill that a putatively Christian Queen Elizabeth II signed into law … Orwell’s words remain apposite: Emancipation is complete. Freud and Machiavelli have reached the outer suburbs.”

    The one who scandalizes the soul by seduction and pornography and mass media and its travesty and lying and denying the Ten Commandments is worse than one who kills the body, wouldn’t you agree, Bill?

    Ronald Dale

  15. Phil,
    The message of Calvary is not politically correct. It’s a message of God’s love and grace to those who will repent and place their faith in the Saviour but with an unpolitically correct warning of eternal damnation to those who reject Him. The gospel chooses to confront man and exposes the truth concerning him. God’s blunt warning about sin is directed to not only unbelievers but also His own children and Jesus does not mince His words on this. He never intended to make Himself popular but to be faithful and steadfast to the message of the gospel. The words and actions of Jesus that we read in the gospel will make Him a ‘party spoiller’ and likely to offend guests if invited to the party.
    Barry Koh

  16. Phil, you can speak perhaps as someone who knows better than many of us what being gay is like and therefore better placed to help others to break free from the homosexual bondage. Like those healed by Christ you would be motivated to tell others about your encounter with Him. You have not explained exactly how you are doing this. What is your view for instance about NARTH and other Christian organisations that help those with unwanted same sex attractions?

    But as for Mrs Howe’s invading the space of a homosexual community surely it is the other way around. Like the Muslims, homosexuals take over whole districts and regard it as their territory. “WE ARE HERE. SO GET USED TO IT“, or “SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY GET OVER IT“ are hardly polite requests but in your face threats.

    If the homosexual lobby are now free to invade our schools and homes, the most intimate areas of our lives, then apart from a broom cupboard, what are you suggesting is that we have no space in which to open our mouths, except – like Christ – in fox holes?

    But Mr Brown, with a “clunking fist,” does not hesitate to legislate against freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and freedom to debate. Indeed, he has increased the amount of repressive legislation over that introduced by Tony Blair. The history of twelve years of New Labour government has been a frenzied approach to law-making and an obsession with controlling the minutiae of everyday life, where dissent from “another kind of love” will now apparently carry a seven year prison sentence. Neither do we see any salvation coming from David Cameron who has publicly declared that he also will ignore the views of the silent majority and carry on the LGBT programme of oppression against any who oppose them.

    The most iniquitous thing about this government is that it has said that there should be a clear distinction between public and private morality; and the ‘real world’ and religion. Whilst the government wants to compartmentalise private and public, and secular and religious it does not hesitate to intrude into every area of our lives; it legislates for every thought, emotion and sneeze. No longer is the Department of Education called as such but, instead, the Department of Children Schools and Families. It has blatantly assumed the role of social engineer and reduced parents to becoming mere operatives. In addition, Dr, Katherine Rake of the government funded Family and Parenting Institute has said, “We want to transform the most intimate and private relations between women and men.” Clearly she thinks that she is God Almighty, for only He has the power and authority to transform sinners into saved men and women.

    The philosopher Will Durant, speaking of the journey that our civilisation took from barbarism to civilisation, said that it had required centuries, but “the journey from civilisation to barbarism needs but a day.”

    David Skinner, UK

  17. Phil Barnett, I do hope that you respond to your critics. I find their points compelling, hence I am with them.
    Stan Fishley

  18. Valid point Bill

    I accept that criticism. You are quite right, I don’t.

    However, I do work with a ministry that aims to support and encourage those in the church that struggle with homosexual desires and wish to live biblical lives, and obviously some of these come from “gay lifestyle” backgrounds. What I do know is that actions such as those carried out Mrs Howe have a very negative effect on these people and generally make enemies of those we should be seeking to liberate.

    I am not saying that people need “professional qualifications”, but they do need to carefully think through the effects of what effect they may have when they seek to engage with gay-identified people.

    Jesus came to seek and to save sinners. At times he challenged them, but as regards any harsh words, these were reserved for the religious pharisees. In a recent survey carried out by a group of my friends 52 non-Christian gay people responded to the Question:

    Which, if any of the the following would you associate with a) homophobia, b) love?

    Results for Jesus were: 10 homophobia and 25 love Results for evangelicals were: 36 homophobia and ZERO for love

    Whilst this survey cannot be considered statisically reliable, I think it gives a strong picture that the attitudes of Christians are perceived to be at variance with those of Jesus.

    My point is that that Christians need to be much better educated about the homosexual issue than they are. Generally I have found the articles you write to be helpful and informative, but both on your blog, and on others, there can often be an all too ready response to defend, what might possibly be, a stance that does more harm than good. I know you believe you are fighting in the culture war. Some of us work in the hospital with the casualities, and I prefer not to be treating those suffering from “friendly fire”.

    In His love and service

    Phil Barnett, UK

  19. Thanks Phil

    Thanks for your response. It’s nice of you to ‘fess up, at least about your first line of your first comment.

    As to the rest: if your point was simply to say that Christians can always be better in their witness – more tactful, more wise, more loving, etc. – to all nonbelievers, homosexuals included, I would of course fully agree with you. And yes Christians are often quite uninformed about homosexuality.

    But bear in mind that speaking the truth in love will always polarise to some extent. Consider the wisest, most loving and most gracious person who ever lived: Jesus Christ. He was crucified for his message. Crowds were divided because of him. Many regarded his message as being intolerant, exclusive and elitist. Indeed, many today would accuse him of ‘hate speech’! Consider all that he said about hell, and false prophets, just for starters.

    I am glad you are working with homosexuals. As it happens, I have a number of friends who are doing exactly the same. They are former homosexuals who are reaching out to others. They also tend to agree with me that a fence at the top of the cliff is always better than a fleet of ambulances at the bottom.

    That is, if we can keep people from heading into the destructive and unhealthy homosexual lifestyle in the first place, our workload will be a whole lot easier. My role is largely one of public policy. I am trying to set up the fence at the top of the cliff. You are down below with the ambulances. It seems to me that both roles are needed.

    As to the original article, you again attack Mrs Howe while knowing little about what she actually did. And you again seem to miss the point of the article. Here we have a tiny minority of activists who are effectively holding the rest of society to ransom, denying them their rights of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and so on.

    They are forcing their agenda onto the rest of the society, and you seem to think we should just sit back and let it happen, lest we somehow offend their sensitivities. Sorry, but they are the ones who started this fight; they are the ones who are insensitive to everyone else; and they are the ones who are helping to destroy the free West, and to dismantle God’s institutions of marriage and family.

    Thus I for one – along with Mrs Howe – are rightly concerned enough to stand up and be counted on all this. These issues are far too important to just quietly sit by, and worry about not wanting to offend people. And as I said, there are various ministries going on here. One is the watchman on the wall ministry, such as mine. Some are dealing with individuals one-to-one, such as yours. It seems both are needed, both are of God, and both can be fully pursued.

    But by your reasoning, no Christian should ever speak out about murder, rape, arson or theft, because it might damage the ministries of those called to work one-on-one with murderers, rapists, arsonists and thieves. Sorry, but it does not work that way. I can still work to see laws in place which protect our freedoms, seek to limit public vice, and aim to protect valuable institutions such as marriage and family, while at the same time holding out the gospel message of forgiveness to individual homosexuals.

    That public policy type of ministry can and should be done. If individual homosexual don’t like it, well, so what? Individual thieves don’t like laws against theft either. But that does not stop individual Christians from witnessing and ministering to thieves.

    Finally, as to Jesus, you seem to fall into the error of the so-called ‘red-letter’ Christians. Jesus is God of course, and so his words and acts are recorded throughout Scripture, not just in the four gospels. Indeed, read his strong words of rebuke in the book of Revelation. Thus if you are worried about “harsh words,” you had better re-read Revelation, and see what harsh words Jesus uses about sinners and the fate that awaits them.

    And again, given that we don’t even know what Mrs Howe said, as you in fact admit, how can you even talk about “harsh words” anyway?

    But thanks again for writing, and I hope you work goes well. I will keep your ministry in my prayers. I hope you will return the favour!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  20. Phil, you seem to be making the assumption that the thousands who march in gay parades that are springing up in major cities throughout the west are all victims, struggle with unwanted homosexual desires. You seem to suggest that they are a downtrodden minority who would collapse in a heap if one were to point out the obvious truths to them. Far from it they are an aggressive and malignant force.

    The truth of the matter is that homosexuality has been hi-jacked by Marxists whose avowed intent is to overturn western society. Read the curricula vitae of those working in government, especially of those un elected advisors who are working quietly, but purposefully, below the radar. Nearly all of them had links in their youth with far left and often Marxists organisations. Take for example Angela Mason who oversaw the Sexual Orientation Regulations in Britain in 2006

    And Peter Mandelson the puppet master in British politics”

    No doubt there is the homosexual who suffers from unwanted homosexual desires and who would prefer to be left alone to get on with life as best he can. He does require our compassion and help; but he is being forced to come out, not by the straights, but by the Gestapo. And when the ex-gay attempts to declare, like those cripples and blind healed by Christ that he has broken free from homosexual bondage, he is the one most persecuted by the gay fascists. Fascists and Marxists both use homosexuality as a weapon against Christians. They are today’s Pharisees, full of hypocrisy and hatred.

    The homosexual brigades, like those set up by Ernst Roehm in Germany that eventually became the SS, are our implacable enemy who will use every oppressive measure to silence all dissenters.

    Finally save your sympathy for our children who are being groomed by our governments to becoming goods and services for homosexual paedophile and pederast. Save your sympathy for those parents who in future will have their children wrenched away from them by courts and put into the tender keeping of such perverts. In fact in order to find out just how sensitive, persecuted and vulnerable the homosexual brigade are I invite anyone to add their comments to this article and see what kind of response you get.

    David Skinner, UK

  21. No Phil, you are mistaken if you think the harsh words in the Bible were only just reserved for the self righteous Pharisees. Many of the reprimands from Jesus and the many stern warnings found in the Bible concerning sins and other issues, have been directed to those who reject Christ as well as believers alike. The awareness and realisation that we are equally judged by God will stop us from feeling smug that we are not like the Pharisees. It should cause us to fear and tremble and lead us to constantly check ourselves and depend on His sanctifying grace and strength in our daily walk with Him. God’s stern warnings and reprimands in the Bible are for all ears to hear and heed, you and me alike. And by today’s norms, they are considered offensive and not politically correct.
    Barry Koh

  22. Hi again Bill

    I think we are moving closer to a better understanding of each other’s ministry and perspectives; Mrs Howe aside, as neither of us really know the full story there.

    I absolutely agree that we do need people to stand up and be counted as far as culture wars are concerned, and generally you and those like Lisa Noland over here in the UK are in my prayers. My concern is that casualties are minimised as much as possible. Lisa is probably a little more used to my words of restraint than perhaps you are.

    All my experience tells me that homosexuality is, at its centre, a deficiency born out of relational damage. For so many that damage may have been initiated by church-goers and is certainly very rarely understood by Christians. Restortation will ultimately only come through the establishment of healing relationships (especially with those who know Christ) and reconciliation to God.

    with love

    Phil Barnett, UK

  23. Thanks Phil

    Yes we are hopefully on more or less common ground here.

    Of course part of the way we reduce causalities is to reduce overall prevalence rates of the behaviour in the first place. Which is why we especially need the public policy focus to curtail any open slather in our schools and elsewhere where recruiting can take place. There needs to be resistance to all the attempts at normalisation and glamorisation of the lifestyle, and so on.

    While unfortunate religious experiences can be part of the mix, far more prevalent, as Moberly, Nicolosi and other experts point out, it is the deficit suffered in the relationship with the same-sex parent. Thus there is this powerful drive to make good this deficit. It is about looking for love in the wrong places. And so often a weak, absent or abusive father is a major contributing factor in all this.

    And that is why public policy battles are so important on other levels as well. Seeking to prevent marriage and family breakdown, and the number of children raised in single-parent families (most of which are female–headed) will then also lead to a lessening of the conditions from which homosexuality is likeier to spring.

    But again, as any epidemiologist will remind us, prevention is always better than cure. The job at the public policy level is – or should be – to seek to slow down the process of pro-homosexual militancy and activism, in order to deter others from moving into the lifestyle, and to reduce the number of harmful medical, physical, emotional and social consequences of the lifestyle.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  24. Dear Phil, not withstanding your healing ministry, I wish to raise some points.

    I have met Andy Clarke, one of the joint organisers of this Christian witness against Norwich gay pride, which took place outside a Christian book shop as the parade passed by. He encouragingly stood next to Mrs Howe because this was the first time that she, a pensioner, had taken part in such a witness. She was not shouting or yelling. He also told me that the biblical verses being displayed were not specifically aimed at homosexuals but towards all sinners. What actually happened was that one of the gays came up to her and whispered obscenities into her ear. She did not immediately react but was in some state of shock. Consequently she wrote to the police to report a Christianophobic hate crime. She was then visited and intimidated by two police women in her own home. Phil, we are at war.

    As for her blaming the collapse of all previous empires on homosexuality, Paul in Romans describes homosexuality as the punishment itself (for idolatry) – not the sin. This is an even stronger statement than that made by Mrs Howe.

    What would Christ have done at a Gay Pride march? What would he have done at Drug/Alcohol Pride march or a Racist Pride march? These people are flaunting their lifestyles. So-called LGBT Christians, like Sharron Ferguson describe homosexuality as a gift from God. And those who seek healing are persecuted not only by the gay lobby but by good and kind Christian people just like her. In the following two videos, Phil, whose side are you on?

    I know Lisa Nolland personally and I think you misrepresent her. I also know Phelim Mcintyre who appears on the same programme as shown above. In fact I shall be attending a meeting with him next week in London.

    May I add that we are all born sinners which only compounds the effects of bad stuff that happens to us as children. The context of our becoming liars, thieves, addicts and dysfunctional people is that our natures are already corrupt.

    There is implicit in the question put to Jesus by his disciples that the cause of many people’s ailments is sin: John 9:1-121 ‘As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”‘

    ‘After healing the man at the pool, Jesus said to him “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.”’ John 5:14.

    Thus, Phil, when you say “All my experience tells me that homosexuality is, at its centre, a deficiency born out of relational damage. For so many that damage may have been initiated by church-goers and is certainly very rarely understood by Christians. Restoration will ultimately only come through the establishment of healing relationships (especially with those who know Christ) and reconciliation to God” – when you say this, it sounds as though they are the innocent victims of circumstances. Peter Tatchell fits your profile exactly and up till now he certainly does not want to be healed – though with God nothing is impossible.

    Finally Jesus asked lepers and the blind what it was they wanted of him. They wanted to be healed. Were they alive today, they would not want be seen anywhere near “Pride” marches. The grotesque, strutting, parading their shame do not want healing. By all means welcome homosexuals into our churches, along with the rest of us – murderers, adulterers, liars, thieves and sinners; but let them know that there can be no manifestation or the slightest hint that their lifestyle is compatible either with being changed into the likeness of the Lord from one degree of glory to another, or being transformed by the renewing of their minds, so as not to conform to the pattern of this world.

    David Skinner, UK

  25. “If all goes as planned, the 27 member states of the European Union will soon have a common hate crime legislation, which will turn disapproval for Islamic practices or homosexual lifestyles into crimes.”

    Ok so what happens when the Muslims criticize homosexuality? Islam has no more tolerance for that behavior than Christianity. So declaring that one cannot criticize Islam OR homosexuality is setting one up for a catch-22.

    Nathan Schellinge

  26. Nathan it means far more than that. All the member states voting for this are turkeys voting for Christmas. It will not just mean that religion will be reduced to one state controlled religion, it will also mean Europe will become, as all tyrannical regimes become, the one party state, where all political dissent is outlawed.

    David Skinner, UK

  27. Nathan we seem to be drifting away from Mrs Howe but she is very relevant to what you are saying. Last night my wife and I watched a programme on BBC 2 about the destruction of Coventry during the WW11. A frequent question posed by the film was would the relentless carpet bombing destroy the moral of the Coventry people and reduce them to a state of traumatised paralysis? This is what the materialist psychologists predicted at the time. Even though the documentary film returned time and time again to the destruction of Coventry’s most precious building, its cathedral, there was never any mention of the fact what sustained the British was their Christian faith and prayers.

    Today not only are the British completely and utterly oblivious to those forces attacking them from within, such as the Equality Treatment Directive from Europe, but they have also lost their Christian faith, discernment and moral courage, which, in a national crises, would be the only thing enabling them to stand. It is just a matter of time, before we as a once Christian nation disappear.

    David Skinner, UK

  28. As someone who’s name has been listed by David Skinner and who’s appearance on t.v. was linked too by David Skinner I wish to make a serious point.

    I am a qualified counsellor and life coach working with people who want to overcome homosexual feelings. I am a leader in an evangelical church, and also work with Churches on how they can pray for the gay community, and reach out to them not only at gay pride festivals but also by going into gay bars and at gay events. I teach on the psychology of homosexuality, what the Bible says about homosexuality and also the science and philiosophy of sexuality. I am ex-gay and was involved with BDSM and other darker aspects of the gay lifestyle.

    Like Phil I believe that a huge amount of damage has been done by the church in their attitude and hatred of homosexuals. In 1 Corinthians 6 Paul is clear that homosexuality is no worse and no better than any other sin. It is not only homosexuals who will not inherit the Kingdom but liars, drunks, adulterers, thieves. have you every stolen from work? Taken pens or paper clips that are not yours? The you are a thief. Paul is even tougher in his teaching on the fall of humanity in Romans 1 as he condemns the hypocracy of those who judge these people at the start of Romans 2.

    Jude speaks of those who are burning and our need to snatch them from the fire. However well intentioned these protests with placards are at gay pride events they are not snatching people from the fire – they are standing outside a burning house shouting insults and condemnation at those inside rather than risking getting burnt and going in and rescuing them. I know where I want to be and what I want to do. I am not content to shout as others seem to but to go in – and because of this I get hate mail from “evangelical Christians” as well as from the homosexual lobby.

    Jesus was confronted with a woman caught in adultery. She was dragged to him by an angry crowd. Jesus drew in the sound then spoke a challenge “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”. After the crowd left Jesus spoke to the woman. He told her that he did not condemn her, and he told her to go and sin no more.

    Where are you in this event? Homosexuals are being brought to Jesus. Are you there handing out leaflets and with placards, angry at the immoral behaviour? Are you going to condemn when Jesus does not – knowing that Jesus knows the hearts of man and the causes of behaviour better than we do? Are you going to throw stones ignoring your own sin which is just as great – lying, adultery and murder are all Commandments yet if you break one you have broken the lot, even if you have just looked lustingly at someone of the opposite sex. Are you going to stop at the words of Jesus “I don’t condemn you” as the gay Christian movement does? Or are you going to act like Christ, put down the placards and leaflets, not condemn but the lovingly challenge the homosexual to stop sinning? If you want to have a voice that will be listened to the leaflets and placards need to be burnt and you need to risk getting burnt – if you are not willing to do let people like Phil Barnet and myself get on with the job and stop condemning us.

    Phelim McIntyre, UK

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