And Now, Julia

Julia Gillard’s win in the Labor spill means we have our first female Prime Minister. It also means we have our first atheist female Prime Minister. The one-time secretary of the Socialist Forum is now up against Tony Abbott for a possible October federal election.

The win for Julia shows at least several things: the Labor Party is deeply divided; factionalism is alive and well in the Labor Party; and the powerful union movement still has a huge influence in the Party. It also shows that the person you vote for in an election may not be the person to remain in the job just a few years on.

Ms Gillard was born in Wales, is unmarried (but has a ‘partner’), is childless, and has no religious faith. She is also more radical than Rudd on a number of social issues, including her strong pro-abortion stance. Of course to win the election she will have to temporarily at least appear to be even more conservative than Rudd.

Thus she will likely do a compromise deal on the miners’ tax, and not dare to resurrect the ETS in the near future. The 48-year-old will also not rock the boat on other contentious issues. But if elected in October (or whenever the election is held – they have until late February of next year), then we can expect to see her roll out her more radical agendas.

Rudd’s undoing was due to several factors, but the main reason for his dumping was Labor saw him as unable to beat Abbott at the next election. So pragmatism ruled the day, and a spill had to take place. Rudd did himself no favours when he did major back flips on things like the ETS (“the greatest moral issue of our time”), and his pledge on political advertising.

His utter disaster with his insulation scheme, and his inability to keep boatloads full of illegals from pouring into the country did not help matters much either. His aloof, out-of-touch and autocratic style, his image as a ruthless bureaucrat, and his penchant for being a control freak, alienated many people, even many Labor heavyweights.

He was increasingly out of touch both with traditional Labor voters as well as many Australians. He will be remembered for a few notable things at least. He had the highest approval rating just over two years ago when newly elected. But he is the first incumbent Prime Minister to be chucked out before seeing his first term in office completed.

How Julia fares remains to be seen. She can hold her own as a Parliamentary performer, and probably is more capable than Rudd in taking on Abbott. Of course some will ask about her ambitions. Only a few weeks ago she was telling us it was more likely that she would be a full forward for the Western Bulldogs than seeing a change to the role of the Prime Minister.

She is further to the left than Rudd was, but will have to work with the Labor factions of the right that helped to get her into power. And if the election is held in just four month’s time, she will have to work hard to reunite her party, and present a united front to the electorate.

The question is, how much of her radical past will come back to haunt her? In her student activist days she worked for the Socialist forum, which advocated a number of radical objectives, including the introduction of a super-tax on the rich, the pairing of Melbourne with Leningrad, and the scrapping of the ANZUS treaty.

She of course is a long-standing member of Emily’s List, the radical pro-abortion and feminist group in Australia. But her days as a secretary to the Socialist Forum should make clear her radical leftwing views. She wrote two decades ago about how the radical left’s agenda could be worked through the Labor Party. As she wrote at the time:

“For the Left to make any real advance all these perspectives on the relationship to Labor in government need to be rejected in favour of a concept of strategic support for Labor governments. We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except (sic) often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance. The task of pushing back the current political constraints by changing public opinion would need to be tackled by the Left through government, social movements and trade unions.”

She has tried to disown her involvement with the group (made up of a number of former Communist Party members), but it is clear that she was a leading light in the radical organisation. She of course has to play down her radical past in order to get elected.

The question is, if and when elected, which will be the real Julia to stand up? Will it be the former young socialist radical, or some sort of middle of the road centrist? Time will tell, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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  1. The only credit she perhaps deserves is her stand against the unions on education and school accountability. Hopefully she may not be as arbitrary and policy-on-the-run as Rudd. And she has at least appeared on potentially hostile media outlets (like Alan Jones) unlike Rudd.

    But don’t forget too it was Gillard in charge of the disastrously wasteful BER political propaganda ploy. And she has been behind Rudd in all these policies that have plunged Australia into debt.

    And I don’t buy the line that she has dropped her far left socialist views yet.

    I’m not convinced she will be much better than her predecessor – one of our most disastrous PMs yet.

    Damien Spillane

  2. “has no religious faith”. Actually she has a very strong religious faith. She has clear views about God, about the origin of the world, about the origin of man, the meaning of marriage, about what is right and what is wrong.
    Tasman Walker

  3. This is the most balanced analysis and comment I’ve seen or heard so far. There are serious questions about Gillard’s values and her ability. Her own description of what it is to be on the left showed her to be a shallow political thinker.
    John McCarthy

  4. Bill, I have never “felt” good about Julia or Kevin for that matter, but just couldn’t put my finger on why. Thank you for your very clear, simple and informative write up. I was looking forward to it. It helps me to know how to pray and how to discuss this with my children who are quite ignorant to these important issues.
    Deborah Lorkin

  5. Go Julia …. many have know of her for a long time and many have been one eyed Julia Gillard fans. I have doubts since I learn she supports the Western Bulldogs and not Fremantle!

    Why have so many wanted Julia Gillard? She stands for many things that I consider good Christian values – including pro-abortion!

    Michael Boswell

  6. I read in a newspaper article some years ago that Gillard had been brought up as a Baptist. I fear even more now for the future of this country, democratically, morally, spiritually and economically.
    I know that my former colleagues at the Nurses Union will be jumping for joy, as they are all Gillard sycophants. But when I saw the news I could not help thinking: ‘Is this the last PM of a independent Australia, and the first Premier of a World Government State?’!
    Wayne Pelling

  7. Well put Bill,
    We have some truly alarming political days ahead. She will have to heavily stick to the right, but I’m sure it will be only to cast a shadow over her strong left wing views. If she is voted in the next election, her place secured & the time is right, she will let her left wing policies emerge to full light.

    Matthew Law

  8. A atheistic pro-abortionist lefty as Australian PM. Maybe it’s symbolically appropriate that she came into office on the same day that we unexpectedly and disastrously were bundled out of the FIFA World Cup. (Don’t these things run in threes? Better watch out for the third event then, it’ll be a doozy.)

    May the Lord have mercy upon Australia. Well, it certainly *should* sort out the Christian vote then, but then you’d have thought that Christians actually took the time to research who they voted (and supposedly prayed) for in the last election, which was obviously not the case.

    Garth Penglase

  9. While this may be a first for Australia and many Australians will be delighted to have achieved this especially when women’s equal rights are so high on so many agenda’s, then all I can say is “God help Australia”. We need to get down on our knees and pray like we have never prayed before.

    Madge Fahy

  10. She has faith. Her faith is in Darwin’s evolution. That’s her religion. Takes more faith to believe that than to believe biblical creation.
    Barry Koh

  11. Just received e-news from Family Research Council which reports that President Obama in his talk to a ‘Rainbow Love Fest’ (it is Gay Pride Month in America) stated that he has called on Congress to repeal the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA).
    Madge Fahy

  12. First time reader of your forum – I honestly love the concept of it, but disappointed by the obvious political skew you have.
    Jim Turnbull

  13. Thank you for this useful background information. no committed Christian could ever justify a vote for any “Emily’s List” candidate. The radical feminist agenda of such women is totally opposed to Christian beliefs and values. I’d like more information on this group Bill, if you have any.
    Anna Cook

  14. It seems to me that Australian voters need to be reminded of a few things before the upcoming election:

    Rudd was elected – presumably as Labor’s best talent – after 11 years of John Howard. The fact that the best the ALP could come up with – from the same mob who brought you the completely unelectable Mark Latham – fails so quickly says a great deal about the governance skills of that side of the political fence.

    Julia was their ‘next best’, presumably! But I am reminded by this:
    Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One. “Let us break their chains,” they say, “and throw off their fetters.” The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

    Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

    Psalm 2:1-4, 10-12

    The Bible is littered with stories about those in human authority who think they can ignore or depart from God’s ways and improve on them. Pharaoh, Saul, Caiaphas, etc. And it is surely no coincidence that generally the freest countries in the world are those with a strong Christian history. That’s just one reason why the Bible is still the most relevant piece of literature on the planet, and always will be.

    What pains me greatly is the so-called ‘protest vote’ that seems to be rearing its head. The Greens are not a middle ‘alternative’ – they are a extremist head-in-the-sand lunatic fringe with no idea about economics, human nature, science, history or good governance. They are anti-human as well as anti-Christian. It’s either the Greens or future freedom and prosperity, it’s that simple.

    If you think Labor are bad, the Greens are from the same side, only even further away from the ‘middle’.

    Mark Rabich

  15. Thanks Michael

    All I can say is Jesus warned us about wolves in sheep’s clothing. Claiming to be a Christian while being pro-death is one of the bigger contradictions one can try to hold on to.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. Thanks guys

    K Rudd was PC to the bitter end. Did you catch this in his goodbye speech?: “But to the great God and creator of us all, I thank him, or her, as well.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. Hi Jim, I felt that Bill’s article was pretty balanced, and didn’t see any overt political skew. I’d love you to point out where the political skew in his article is – seems to me it’s just stating the facts of the situation without placing a bias on it.

    However, I, like others have stated definite political views. As a Christian should I not be voting for the candidate/party that best represents *biblical values* and follows through on their convictions, and not necessarily those that say the nicest things at election time or pander to our wallets? I feel certain that Rudd has followed through on *his* convictions which is why it is obvious that Australian Christian voters were duped in the last election – and any vote for Julia Gillard will be of a similar nature.

    Garth Penglase

  18. Julia or Kevin? They will all have to know that ultimately, God is in control as long as we Christians never stop crying out for His mercy and His will over our nations. Isaiah 40:6-8 is the scripture for both the ex-PM and the new PM to ponder on at this time…
    Nigel Onamade

  19. Thanks once again Bill, for thoughtful ‘word’ material, and not mere visual ‘impressionism’.

    One of the most co-incidental events, I think, is that it was only yesterday, that you posted concerning Neil Postman’s book: ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’. Today, we have Gillard as PM.

    One of Postman’s most pertinent points is that we are so reliant on an entertaining, amusing ‘image’, and so impatient with the substantial ‘word, that our public discourse had been reduced to trivia, spin, image and impression.

    Neil Postman, an American, noted,
    “…it is implausible to imagine that anyone like our twenty-seventh President, the multi-chinned, three hundred pound William Howard Taft, could be put forward as a presidential candidate in today’s world, The shape of a man’s body is largely irrelevant to the shape of his ideas when he is addressing a public in writing or on the radio or, for thta matter in smoke signals. But it is quite relevant on television [where] … discourse is conducted largely through visual imagery”.

    Rudd could only dupe the public, for so long, with shallow pragmatic impressionism. When Gillard’s far left views of the world, begin to emerge, then I think many will dislike what is really there. In the meantime, to many Australians will pursue the lame public discourse with ‘images’ as the main medium of exchange; and with drivel about her hairdo, and ‘parliamentary performance’, and the female thing, and the TV impression she makes.

    Thanks for the measured, informative words, that bear witness to the Word, Bill. It is still the true Word, concerning this life, which overcomes nations, spin, and fleeting impressions.

    Trevor Faggotter

  20. Hi Bill, It will be interesting watching Gillard over the next few months, she doesn’t have much time to try and unite her party behind her, or to convince the Australian electorate that her leadership will be good for the country. I am very concerned about her lack of support for marriage, seeing she is going to the Lodge with a live-in partner, not a husband. She obviously has no grasp of the significance and importance of marriage, as a relationship or as an institution in society.
    Kerrie Ternes

  21. Thanks again for the time taken Bill. I know the Father will continue to look over you as you stand up and speak things that are not so popular.
    Perhaps that is an understatement.
    I feel extremely concerned that the nation is heading in a bad direction with this new prime minister and the growing popularity of the Greens.
    James Clarke

  22. I think we put too much trust in these approval ratings. A high approval rating didn’t help Rudd in the long run. Maybe it made him over-confident. And a low approval rating at one stage did not stop Howard getting into office. Just what do approval ratings reliably predict? Can we read the “signs” just as effectively by chance, such as reading tea leaves?

    As for our new Prime Minister, her first speech as such was a hodge-podge of nominal humility, dissembling and scare-mongering. She wanted to be Prime Minister to save Australians from Tony Abbott. How big of her. As far as character goes though, we won’t have to put up with a narcissistic foul-mouth with a history of lunging at strippers. But, then, we don’t know what went on at those secretive meetings of Emily’s List, do we?

    John Snowden

  23. Julia Gillard was always going to be PM. You’ll see a lot more of this waiting-on-the-sidelines type of thing in politics all over the world. Gillard was never popular enough to win at the time so just whack her in as deputy so she can smoothly glide in at the appointed time. Keating wasn’t elected by the Australian public either. As Bill mentions, Gillard is a member of EMILY’s List (google what this abominable organization stands for). For the person who believes that abortion is a Christian value, no doubt you believe that Jesus or Paul would be standing by cheering as the doctor inserted a syringe into the base of the baby’s skull as she is being born and sucks out her brains while she is still alive, or throws her into a bucket in a clinic to die over a number of days if necessary because she survived the abortion. How would you like that to happen to one of your grown-up family members because he or she was inconvenient? No? I guess adults are human and babies are not! Try telling that to Jesus!!!

    Gillard has also appeared at Fabian Socialist gatherings as a speaker. And don’t forget that little slip of the tongue before the last election warning Australian business (after which she was swiftly swept into a back room while ‘Conservative’ Rudd ran his campaign). I guess now’s her chance to come out of that back room!

    Remember the clips you used to see on the news of Parliament speakers with both Rudd and Gillard seated right behind in full view of the camera? Why always them? I used to wonder. She’s been in the ‘public eye’ long before she conveniently swept in to ‘save Australia from Rudd’. Let’s see now what this Fabian socialist and Emily’s Lister will do!

    Dee Graf

  24. It’s interesting that our new PM and her boyfriend could end up ‘shacked up’ in the Lodge. There must be a Biblical lesson in there somewhere.
    Glenn Christopherson

  25. Thank you Bill for another informative, insightful article.

    Reminds me of “et tu Brute?”

    I wonder if Miss Gillard will now participate in a re-run of the ACL webcast Make It Count 2010?

    It is not good for our nation that Miss Gillard is not married to the man she lives with. God has something to say about marriage being honourable in all, and the (marriage) bed undefiled.

    David Alston

  26. Single and childless Julia Gillard won’t be able to go on about “working families”. She has no concept of what a family is and obviously no interest in promoting the family unit.
    The opinion polls put Labor at 35% and Kevin Rudd at 47% as preferred PM. Kevin had more support than his party. I pray that the change of leadership will take the party from bad to worse and we will see a change of government at the next election.
    God protect us from the Greens.
    Des Morris

  27. I’m not a Labor voter, and have some reservations about Julia Gillard, but feel strongly about the availability of decent health care, education, and that workers should have decent wages and conditions. Are these not also moral issues?
    Ross McPhee

  28. Thanks Ross

    They are moral issues. Bu why are you falsely assuming they are only issues Labor can address? Why are you falsely assuming Labor can address them better than the Coalition? I have written on all these matters elsewhere, so will not repeat myself here. You might check out some of those articles.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  29. “good Christian values – including pro-abortion!” (Michael Boswell) -Yes, clearly this is the age in which people call evil good, which Isaiah spoke of.
    John Thomas, UK

  30. We live in “interesting” times. At least one thing is good about all this: we as Australian Christians may learn to stop deceiving ourselves that all is all right with the world because we have a Christian as PM, etc. Kevin Rudd or John Howard or Tony Abbott are not our saviour. The gap between right and wrong was never so clear. We have to “count the cost” and “take up our cross”, as our Lord told us all those years ago. Why do we have the right to avoid persecution unlike many, if not most, believers on earth?

    One little correction: Mr Rudd was not the first PM to be bundled out of office by his own party after winning an election: think Bob Hawke, John Gorton (showing my age now), even Menzies in 1940 (though that was a little more complicated). But he was the first PM to be dumped after winning office from opposition (I think).

    Jon Newton

  31. Thanks Jon

    Yes, although I did not say what you said I said! I said this: “But he is the first incumbent Prime Minister to be chucked out before seeing his first term in office completed.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  32. Hey guys, on a bit of a different note: if Rudd kept going as PM, when would the next election have been? Thought the terms were 4 years but looking at list of previous PM’s not always the case, or does it depend on the time of year of the election?

    Servaas Hofmeyr, South Africa

  33. I lament the fact that Christianity has become moralistic, therapeutic deism. I guess it’s easier to retreat into the church and experience a self-centered, ephemeral, Christless ‘Christianity’ than putting on the armour, arming ourselves with knowledge and getting out there and tussling in the marketplace of intellectual ideas.

    I repent for doing this also.
    Tim Stacey

  34. Thanks again for your Christian perspective Bill. I got sick of the evening TV news quoting Women’s Day perspective on Julia’s grooming.
    How trivial is the MSM!
    Stephen White

  35. Thanks Servaas

    Six year terms in the Senate, but an election for the house must be no more than 3 years since the first sitting of the government. So it can and does vary greatly, depending on when an election is called.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  36. The appointment of Julia Gillard as PM makes it even more essential that the Labor Govt. be defeated at the coming election. Her extreme Left ideology, with the power of a Federal Government behind it could undermine the institution of Marriage, spread the diabolical Abortion Law from Victoria to all of Australia, legislate for Euthanasia and all the other objectives of the Secular Humanist Society. Under the cloak of “anti-Discrimination Laws”, the control of Staff Recruitment for Church schools and other organisations would be effectively taken from the Churches and given to radical government agencies like the like the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal [VCAT]. As Christians and fair minded Australians we have plenty to be concerned about.
    We must familiarise ourselves with these issues, and pray daily that our Judeo-Christian heritage will be preserved.
    Alan A. Hoysted

  37. Get used to it. Gillard will win the election.
    Best bet is to support the ALP right wing unions and chiefs in order to have them reign her in on life and personal moral legislation.
    As for mining tax well that is fair and just and supported by both the Left and the Right and by the NSw Branch of the DLP of which I am a member.
    Michael Webb

  38. Gillard has Good Christian values? Like Err.. abortion I don’t think so.
    God said I knew you before you were in the womb. Killing the child temple of the spirit, one of Gods souls is Blasphemy and war against God. God says go forth and multiply the evil ones say depopulate and murder the children. To believe the latter is not a Christian value and contradicts any claims for those responsible for infanticide as being Christians.
    To murder our next generation as a global depopulation
    method is to doubt God and take human action on the basis that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Regardless of any frantic paranoid views about overpopulation God has a plan and if you lose faith in him then you are just a humanist/atheist. Simple instruction Thou Shalt Not Kill can it be any plainer than that. Remember also that the time is coming when many people will die because of the pollution of the waters (wormwood) The third evil event illustrated in Rev 8 vs 10-on, and at least one third of the population will die in the rapidly approaching Armageddon. It’s a great pity that some of the 65 million babies murdered by abortion in the US alone won’t be around to fight for what is right.
    I have said it before but remember this the abortion rate is highest amongst women who can be traced back to predominately Christian stock. Guess who that leaves to multiply us into a minority.
    I simply do not trust any politician as they have to claw their way to pre-selection any which way they can (unless independent – a much less corruptive process).
    Obama alone had over US$70mill (known) subscribed to his so-called campaign funds. Now that’s a sure fire way to ensure we get a good honest politician who really cares about the people! NOT.

    Dennis Newland

  39. Thanks Bill, important information that I had been searching for in the MSM in vain! It may have been mentioned in one of the posts, but do we have anything on the likelihood that this change may affect Labor’s position on marriage? (I would imagine that it would shift…).

    As you say Bill, to be forewarned is to be forearmed – but in a system where politics is the only language of influence, how then can Christians more effectively engage and fight the good fight against those who oppose? Particularly on this issue (i.e. being aware of Julia’s positions). Obviously our vote is one thing, but there seems to be precious little else we can do.

    The main tragedy is, by my reckoning, that many Christians don’t even realise the implications of voting for the left, and are happy to support it! (our brother Jim, whom may be a Christian, has illustrated this in his comments). I know many Christians who had no qualms with supporting Mr Rudd. Seems there’s so much work to be done in the church, not even to mention society at large.

    Isaac Overton, ACT

  40. We are in sad times! Gillard will be worse than Rudd but the problem is the corruption and anti secular doctrine of the Labor party itself. With support from greens and some other political people. This is what is happening in Europe and America At this time in history it seems unstoppable throughout the western world. Maybe the prophesies of the end time are soon to be fulfilled?
    John Flanagan

  41. Perhaps Isaiah 3:8-12 has something to say about our country’s predicament:

    Jerusalem staggers,
    Judah is falling;
    their words and deeds are against the LORD,
    defying his glorious presence.
    The look on their faces testifies against them;
    they parade their sin like Sodom;
    they do not hide it.
    Woe to them!
    They have brought disaster upon themselves.
    Tell the righteous it will be well with them,
    for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.
    Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them!
    They will be paid back for what their hands have done.
    Youths oppress my people,
    women rule over them.
    O my people, your guides lead you astray;
    they turn you from the path.

    Mansel Rogerson

  42. “…why are you falsely assuming they are only issues Labor can address? Why are you falsely assuming Labor can address them better than the Coalition?”

    Hello Bill,

    This isn’t actually what I think. My thinking on moral issues is pretty much the same as your’s and most of your readers. If it wasn’t then I wouldn’t regularly read your blog, would I?

    I merely wanted to broaden the discussion of the moral issues we as Christians should be concerned about. Having said that, I am concerned about the direction Julia Gillard might take Australia. In her first speech as Prime Minister yesterday she referred to “progress” and “tolerance.” What does this mean in practice?

    Ross McPhee

  43. I also noted that Ms Gillard took the affirmation.
    Bill, do you think that Family First can act as a counter to the Greens?
    Garry O’Brien

  44. He offered great promises for the future, & a fresh look for government. The public where excited by his simple words & thought it would be great to give something new a go. They called him King, & cheered him when he was their long awaited savior bringing them into power. Of course it didn’t take long for people to start actually looking at Rudd’s policies, schemes & inability to keep his word… so now?

    She offers great promises for the future, & a fresh look for government. The public will be excited by her simple words & think it would be great to give someone new a go, especially as it is so exciting having a women in power. Down the track, people may take the time to consider what Julia stands for, what her political views are, & the fact that it is the same government…

    I wonder when more will start considering facts rather than appearances first. Thank goodness we at least didn’t say to Pauline Hansen, ‘hey she’s something fresh, lets just give her a go! It would be great to have a female leader, so lets ignore what she stands for.’ I hope that this time round people will put a little more thought into their votes, rather than first appearances…

    Matthew Law

  45. Might I add the probability [more like “certainty”] that Ms Gillard will appoint her like-minded supporters to as many Federal Government appointments as she can. Jobs for the Girls [and maybe a few boys].

    There’s a saying which I suggest all Christians should take to heart:

    Alan A. Hoysted

  46. Michael, I’m not sure I get where you’re coming from – that first link to that Schaeffer article is a ridiculous opinion piece. Far too much of it is based on outright lies.
    Mark Rabich

  47. Thanks guys

    I just got an email with this message: ‘Julia Gillard refused to be sworn in on the Bible. What does this say about her character??? Every other PM has! Use your own discernment.’ At least she is being consistent in her atheism, and not claiming to be a believer when in fact she is not. Not sure which is worse however!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  48. Michael Webb you said “Get used to it. Gillard will win the election.”

    Sorry, I don’t think I need to get ‘used to it’. I won’t accept this anti-God leadership of our nation and I will be standing against it until it is removed. I also wouldn’t be so fast in assuming that she can counter the rise of the Liberals. It wasn’t long before the shine wore off the US voting in a black president, and it the shine will fade on Gillard even faster.

    Garth Penglase

  49. What disturbing and disappointing days Australian Government is experiencing.
    No, we don’t support gender, we support the right person.
    A person who cohabits, supports abortion, unions and communism, does not take their oath on the Bible, deliberately sets out to pervert the Parliamentary system, is deceptive, was not voted by the people, does not support families, lacks morals and been involved in all of Labor’s past bad decisions is NOT the right person. How frightening!
    Julia Gillard as PM is disastrous and a tragedy for our nation and for individuals.
    Judith Bond

  50. Michael Boswell, it’s a sad indictment of the times when a person’s ‘Christian’ heroes are those that defend nationalised baby-killing in the womb.

    Western Christianity has been reduced to comfort over truth. God makes it clear that we will all have to go through suffering of some kind, some worse than others, but His grace is enough for whatever he allows to come our way – not to avoid it by being God unto ourselves and taking things into our own hands. In other words is it Yahweh or our way that we seek, no matter what the cost? Promoting abortion for any reason as an alternative is simply making a life and death decision which wasn’t yours to make in the first place – and these decisions are based on emotions/feeling/vanity/selfishness, and ultimately not trusting God to be there for us to get us through what we need to get through to do the right thing.

    As Bill said, “Claiming to be a Christian while being pro-death is one of the bigger contradictions one can try to hold on to.”

    And Julia Gillard is a full throttle promoter of such pro-death issues as this. She has to go.

    Garth Penglase

  51. This perspective on Julia Gillard as PM and the Labor party is so refreshing…thank you!! The saying that bad things happen when good people say/do nothing… Christians we need to pray fervently for this nation and the disastrous direction it may well be taking under this leadership!!
    June Wickramasinghe

  52. Bill after listening to the Webcast debate between KRudd and TAbbott on Tuesday night we can’t look to the Liberal party to bring good sound policies either. Tony Abbott referred to Australia as being in a Post Christian Era and that he will not be a Christian Prime Minister but a Christian who is a Prime Minister. His policy making will not be influenced by his personal convictions. Family First would certainly be a good choice to counter the Greens but alot of Christians don’t pay much attention to politics and vote blindly and ill informed. Did others get that message from the debate?
    Keith Lewis

  53. I have often thought that Rudd looked a bit like Tin Tin and that the red headed Snowy sometimes saved the day. Well things do happen! Perhaps also we are closer to a-bomb-a-nation in Australia than before when it comes to our PM.

    More constructively though, we had our usual prayer meeting last night. We delayed it for the 7:30 report, and then amongst other things prayed for Julia Gillard and Oz.

    God is still on the throne, and there is still prayer to be added to all the other things that we can do to make sure righteousness exalts our nation.

    Dont be too discouraged. There are times of judgement but there are also times of salvation. God can speak to our PM even if she doesn’t believe. I think of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar and Cyrus, and the chorus in Ezekiel “and you shall know that I am the Lord”. Julia can have a “Damascus road” experience; why not! Lets pray for it!

    God has been known to change a ruler’s heart, both to harden it Ex 14.8, Deut 2.30 and to soften it Ezra 6.22 Prov 21.1. An evil king can have godly counsel and a good king can have evil counsel.

    Someone even like Julia can in a moment of stress call out to the God of her childhood faith and find that He answers. There is plenty of stress there right now.

    We prayed for Julia with all these scattered thoughts in mind. Now we have more hope.

    I sent Julia an email saying that we prayed for her and that God would guide her. How great it would be if 10,000 Oz Christians in the next few days would pray for her and send her an email saying so.

    Bruce Knowling

  54. Before the last election, I was more concerned about Gillard than Rudd. Having someone like Gillard a heartbeat away from the office of PM I considered was a risk that must not be taken.

    Now Gillard is PM. We can pray for her and Labor to have a major change of heart, and perhaps a change of government at the election.

    Matt Vinay

  55. Dear Julia welcome to your chosen position as the first lady to lead this nation. I besides many believers in the one and only creator of Heaven and Earth whos name is Yahweh will and even now uplift you in prayer. No doubt the task will be featured with many ups and downs,God is in control and his strength and wisdom will be the only way to suceeed.For this moment He has allowed you to take the position as our leader.Congradulations
    Hannah w williams

  56. Michael Boswell, judging from your heroes at the Judson link you are a leftist Christian. Tell me what is left-wing or progressive about society’s weakest, most defenceless people being denied the most basic, fundamental right to life? I thought being left-wing and progressive was supposed to be about defending the weak and powerless? I am not a right-winger but this outright hypocrisy of the left is pathetic. I am pro-life because I believe in human rights and social justice. But it is easy to ignore inconsistencies in your beliefs when you paint all pro-life people as extremists.
    I have no respect for anti-abortion extremists or oppression of women. I support womans rights but a child in the womb has legal rights too. One person’s rights end where another person’s rights begin. Labelling all pro-lifers mysogynist is creating a strawman.
    I read the Frank Schaeffer article and there may be some truth to it but I also think he’s got a chip on his shoulder or unresolved issues or something.
    Conor Ryan

  57. Did any of you guys hear the interview that Alan Jones did with Morris Iemma? It seems Rudd had pledged to help Iemma take on the unions if Iemma held back from the privatisation of electricity.

    Well Iemma fulfilled his side of the bargan only to be left high and dry when Rudd gained office. Rudd doesn’t seem too innocent himself when it comes to political treachery and backstabbing.

    What comes around goes around.

    Damien Spillane

  58. At least KRudd was married with children. In a more enlightened age a person who is living in sin would have never been elected to parliament let alone installed as Prime Minister! What a disgrace. Just goes to show how far standards have fallen in our post-Christian nation.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  59. @Conor Ryan

    Frank Schaeffer is the son of the well known and highly respected Francis Schaeffer. The elder Schaeffer [now deceased] was a deep Christian thinker and author. Frank jr has denounced his father and his fathers beliefs and is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame by hanging on to his fathers shirttails even as he rejects all his father stood for.
    It’s a tragedy on so many levels, not least of which, the last I heard, his godly Christian mother Edith is still alive. How it must break her heart to see the wicked rebellion of her own son paraded and applauded in the leftist media.

    Glenn Christopherson

  60. Glenn Christopherson, I thought that Frank Schaeffer was a convert to Eastern orthodoxy. Judging by the tone of this article that he wrote, he does seem to have any Christian faith. According to a book I have just finished – written by a English convert and now a Bishop in the Orthodox Church, there is a firm stance in being anti abortion (but leaves the issue of contraception and family planning to individual members to decide).
    Can I add a Amen to what Hannah Williams said, and also pray for the Rudd family that if they are truly Christians, they will listen to the Still Small voice and trust Him for guidance and to remove bitterness and anger.
    Wayne Pelling

  61. Glenn and Wayne

    Yes I am aware of who Frank Schaeffer is and who his is father was. I remember a few years ago reading some reviews of I think some books that he wrote or maybe even a TV series he was directing about his family upbringing. I had the distinct impression that he was cashing in on his family’s fame and using it as an opportunity to try and destroy his father’s reputation. I was disgusted how anyone could do this to their own family. I think he has resentment issues towards his father and the evangelical culture he was a part of and he is dealing with it like a childish brat.
    Not sure if he is still part of the Orthodox Church but if he is I don’t see how he can reconcile his views on abortion with the teachings of his church who I would imagine have a very traditional view on the matter. I am a Baptist but I have a lot of interest in and respect for Eastern Orthodoxy and I am not sure he is the best representative of that branch of Christianity really.
    Conor Ryan

  62. Thanks guys

    Yes sadly Frank has very publicly and very nastily renounced his father and his previous involvement in his father’s work. He is obviously quite bitter and hurt, and needs to work through a lot of issues, instead of causing so much damage to faith and family.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  63. We need also this reminder:

    “What about the ‘first’ female State Premiers? Think Carmen Lawrence in WA, Joan Kirner in Victoria, Kristina Keneally in NSW and Anna Bligh in Qld. All were installed, not elected, all were handed a poisoned chalice, all were used as a last resort, all were part of and inherited dysfunctional, rotten-at-the-core Labor Governments”…rst-a-re-run-of-history-julia-gillard/

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  64. Michael refers to a Huffington Post article, that it is possible for extreme language written in pro-life literature to have been responsible for the murder of George Tiller the abortionist. His words “be careful of extreme language” sound very hollow when one considers that in America alone 60 million babies (maybe even a few George Tillers) have been murdered in a very tragic and monstrous way.
    Personally I don’t hold with inciting anyone to murder by stigmatisation but surely there is an absolute blindness here when one is capable of ignoring the sheer number of murders being performed on children even to just prior to birth and with some even left to die after surviving the grisly procedure by abortionists.
    Babies are people too. If you kill an 80 year old is that murder or does age make a difference to the degree of conscience? Similarly a 50 year old or a 20 year old or a 5 year old or a 6 months old person at what age does murder cease to be a crime?

    Dennis Newland

  65. Just an observation. Julia Gillard appears in a big ‘special feature’ in the Telegraph today (Saturday) with a witch on a broomstick in the background. (Apparently she was born in an area that’s known to be dense with witchcraft). Now that’s not an association you would have wanted to have made with the leader of a nation even fifteen, twenty years ago. I wonder who’s partying this week!
    Dee Graf

  66. Thanks Dee

    Yes we need to be mindful that this is not just about mere politics and politicians. There are spiritual realms behind all this as well. I was just reading today Rev. 16:13-14, which is quite interesting in this regard.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  67. Is Emily’s List the reason for the Victorian bushfires and the now grasshopper plague again in Victoria? Why are these women in Emily’s List for full term abortions? To think in Victoria a women can fall pregnant deliberately, then have an abortion full term and the hospital calls it miscarriage and the women receives the baby allowance. And we wonder why Victoria is suffering the most. And now we have Julia Gillard from Emily’s List, as Australia’s leader. What are we in for? Why can’t women who, against their wish, fall pregnant, why can’t they have the baby adopted out?
    Vicki Haigh

  68. Hi Bill, one observation, perhaps a bit nit-picky … you wrote:

    “It also shows that the person you vote for in an election may not be the person to remain in the job just a few years on.”

    This is a true statement, but it has no bearing on the events of the past week. In our system of government, despite what people think they might be doing, they are not voting for a Prime Minister, they are voting for their local member of parliament. The Prime Minister designate is put forward by the party which has enough members to control the passage of legislation through the House of Representatives, and this person is then appointed formally by the Governor General (pretty sure about this).

    Kevin Rudd, speaking to the media, betrayed the same misunderstanding of our system of government when he claimed “I was elected by the people of Australia to be their Prime Minister”. He was quite wrong on that account.

    Stephen Frost

  69. Conner Ryan, no such thing as a ‘leftist Christian’, Christians are those who rebuke higher minded thoughts and opinions (2 Cor 10:5-6) contrary to sound doctrine (Tit 1:9) found in the Holy Bible alone and void of ‘human reasoning’ (2 Tim 4:3, Matt 16:23, Gen 3:1-6).
    True Christians obey, adhere to, speak and stand up for the Word of God.
    1Jn 2:3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.
    1Jn 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
    1Jn 2:5 But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him.
    1Jn 2:6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.
    No such thing as a ‘leftist Christian’ for to be left is to be outside of scripture thus proving your illegitimacy.

    Christians also need to realize that they are to be salt and light to a dying world, we arent in the Biblical Roman times now, we can and should have a say, for goodness sake, theirs a whole book on Christians in political situations, read Esther, and what about Daniel, need i go on? Stand up and fight, yes pray for Julia, mostly that her left agenda will fail and that she will get born again. Pray like its all up to God and then vote as a Christian is instructed to vote ‘on morality’ not the economy! will it be $5 for a loaf of bread or shall i kill this baby, legalize people to euthanise themselves, propagate the homosexual agenda, legalize pornography, outlaw certain Christian freedoms, DONT DO IT! I’LL PAY THE DARN $5 A LOAF!

    Dorian Ballard

  70. Let me make this clear K Rudd is not a Christian! His overwhelming amount of ungodly fruit tells us so, here read ya Bible!

    Mat 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    Mat 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    Mat 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    Mat 7:19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    We need to be people of the Word, not people who are legalistic about the Grace doctrine and how easy we all know it is to be saved! If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, flies and quacks like a duck, then its a Christian?!!! no its a duck! Pray for K Rudd to get born again and pray for more Biblical Christians to enter politics, and for Christians to start making their prayer and votes heard!
    Dorian Ballard

  71. Good post Dennis.

    Dorian, I don’t think a Christian view of politics is anywhere near as simple as left or right. Most of my Christian friends tend to lean to the left politically and they love God and the scriptures as much as anyone. Some would even say that right-wing politics is inconsistent with scripture.
    I think though more often than not left leaning evangelical Christians would be more conservative on the issue of abortion.
    Personally I have problems with some left-wing perspectives and others I tend to agree with. But I also think conservatives have a lot of good things to say as well. I am totally for the conservative belief in the imperfectibility of humanity. A lot of young Christians are very idealistic about bringing about great change in the world. I think it is great that a lot of young Christians want to help eradicate poverty but I am sceptical about the amount of confidence that is put in governments to ‘make poverty history’. A number of leaders and young people from the church I attend were in parliament last week for the Micah Challenge ‘voices for justice’ conference. It is difficult for me to know how to respond. I don’t want to be a wet blanket but rather I want to challenge people to greater critical thinking about the real outcomes of government actions in these areas.

    Some Christians may have very high moral standards but have a fairly libertarian political philosophy because they believe that they shouldn’t try to control the moral actions of non-Christians. They believe that the state should ensure justice but not individual morality that doesn’t directly affect other people. And yet they adhere to scripture and believe in sexual purity and don’t support homosexuality but they see the best witness being to live differently before a secular culture rather than trying to change society through state power.

    Promoting Christian moral standards is important but I definitely believe the state of the economy is important too. There are many moral and ethical concerns to consider and think through in that area of society too.
    Conor Ryan

  72. Conner, agreed on your first statement, we simply cannot come under either as Christians, and interpretations and extremes on both sides vary. However, my comments where made regarding our Western context of the dominant emphasis of the term ‘leftist’, to which I shudder when i hear a ‘Christian’ commenting on being left wing. Im not right wing but im definately not left, the left of politics can have a couple of good points in relation to relevant Biblical egalitarianism, and though there be those who would argue different interpretations of the phrase ‘leftist’, predominately it refers to those who are responsible for things as anti Christian secularization, socialism, communism, a godless society (anarchism), and gross immorality under the guise of progression. It is on that basis that no Christian can be a leftist, your either saved or your not, and if your saved you should not be even near the title ‘leftist’ with that type of history. Without fail the Antichrist will be someone with a left thinking agenda while promising much all the while ensnaring people into a style of communistic government, Rev 13 ‘he forces all, both poor and rich to recieve a mark’. I suggest your ‘Christian’ friends do some thorough research of the western political term ‘left wing’ looking past the seemingly social benefits and look to where the end of the road leads morally and socially and most of all with respect to Christianity and its values and morals in our society. Regarding the economy and its moral implications in the event of a fall, it is something ive thought through before, but Christians must choose the right for the moment and trust the Lord. We should not be people who sell our morals to eat and avoid the risk of greater tragedy. The Christian must vote on the basis of the party who upholds the greatest ‘morality’ and it aint the left! I hope i have clarified my positions somewhat, thanks for your reply.
    Dorian Ballard

  73. Oh my God, I do not trust her for a minute! During question time each day, smiling nodding her head in approval to Mr Rudd always sighted in the left hand corner of the screen in full view…..but then when you look into her eyes, there is only darkness! Don’t be fooled by this woman…she has a nasty agenda! Look what she has done to Rudd, an iron fist in a velvet glove (well sort of!).
    Jane Byrne

  74. The premise here is that labor is left. While this is a traditional labor value in practise both the coalition and labor operate more to the centre. Why? Because centre Australia holds the most swing voting power. While Gillard has a personal left ideology she knows where the votes are.
    Craig Mckinley

  75. Thanks for your reply Dorian, the terms left and right aren’t always clearly defined these days. Most people probably have differing degrees of both perspectives depending on the different issues I would suspect. I don’t see myself as fitting easily into either category. I have always tended to be more conservative on moral issues and I used to be left-wing on economics but the more I learn about how the economy works I am more sceptical about government intervention.
    I can understand the aversion to the term left-wing knowing a bit about the history of the left. It is not pretty. I read a book called ‘Radical Son’ which is the autobiography of a former leftist called David Horowitz. It is an eyewitness account of the development of the left in Western society. He moved away from the left when he began to see how destructive and flawed some of its key ideas are.

    ‘The Christian must vote on the basis of the party who upholds the greatest ‘morality’ and it aint the left!’

    I don’t totally agree with this statement. I respect those who hold this point of view but like I said in my previous post I think it is possible to have very strong moral standards but believe these shouldn’t be enforced by law. I am somewhat open to this perspective.
    I wouldn’t include abortion is in this category though because for me it’s more of a justice concern. Defending the legal rights of a child in the womb against those who would oppress them to me is a concern for justice as much as morality.
    Conor Ryan

  76. I wonder…

    I wonder if God was so embarrassed by Kevin and his foul mouthed rants and his claim to be a God follower, that he removed him to prevent collateral damage to the christian faith. That is of course if God gets embarrassed.

    I wonder if God wants Joolia in the job because he wants to put the screws on his church that is asleep at the wheel?

    As Garth so aptly said we prefer comfort over truth.

    God appoints and disappoints. Maybe God’s appointment of Joolia will disappoint us, no, has disappointed most of us, but if God has appointed her for a reason, which he has, and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, we can only praise God that Joolia will be good for us.

    She might be a total disaster for the nation, but we are not of this world, so she is more of a problem to non-believers than to us.

    One final thought. Anyone who relies on the government to meet all our needs and solve all our problems is living in cloud cuckoo land.

    As to the really important things in life like the moral, emotional and spiritual, the government has not got a clue. Whether it is Joolia or Tony they are both found wanting in this regard.

    This nation will be great again when the church comes out from under its bushel and starts being the church and that won’t happen without the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit. You know that one in the trinity that is not welcome in most churches.

    Roger Marks

  77. Dear Bill thanks for the opportunity to speak. My comments come from God’s word in Proverbs ch14 v 34 “Righteousness exalts a nation. But sin is a reproach to any people”. I am now 75 yrs old have worked in the steel industry all my life have always voted Labour. But as a christian which I have been since accepting Christ in 1959 I believe that the Julia Gillard will have to answer to God. This nation will only go downhill without God at the helm. Please you Christians out there do not let this happen.
    Yours truly George Jones

  78. Roger Marks.
    Thanks. I often wonder if God does want to refine us by putting in some one who is against almighty God, As it is, north of Brisbane where I live, the council is against Church prayer meetings in homes even getting permission to buy land for a Church is very difficult, and Christian songs for us to sing in Church, we have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to the Christian hierarchy.
    The churches will soon have to meet in secret.
    And it looks like the younger Christians will be in control of the Australian Three Self Churches, as the younger generation accept anything, that preachers say it is of God.
    The older Christians have had to leave the these Australian Three Self Churches, and have Home Meetings, or find fellowship where they can, as they can’t take what is being accepted into the Churches today, and that has happened while the Liberal Party was in power.
    There was not much freedom with the Libs.
    Now what will happen with a Socialist in Power?
    To me we do have God to turn to, maybe I haven’t done enough of that myself.
    Regards, Vicki Haigh

  79. I can’t help comparing what has happened here with the political situation in New Zealand. NZ’s first female Prime Minister, Jenny Shipley, came into power by taking over Jim Bolgers job. Next, the country was virtually destroyed by Labours Helen Clarke (‘affectionately’ known as Uncle Helen). Helen is a staunch feminist/athiest who refused to take part in grace at a meal with the Queen!
    After a 95% poll against the bringing in of a new law that made ANY form of physical discipline against children illegal (including dragging a child off the road, physically putting them in time out, restraining an out of control child etc), Helen pushed the bill through urgently, effectively making parenting illegal. Dubbed the anti-smacking bill, this bill has made many practices including ‘correction’ illegal.
    Aside from the Biblical mandate on rearing children, this also went against the vote of an overwhelming majority. Wouldn’t that be called a dictatorship? We ended up leaving the country and moving here. We knew that Australia woud eventually follow. The whole world will. But I hoped we had a few more years first. Sadly, it appears that this will not be the case.
    As a Kiwi, I cannot vote. But I can beg you to please vote sensibly, and above all PRAY, and keep on praying!! Don’t let this country strt down the same slippery slope that NZ has gone down.
    Carolyn Lamb-Miller, New Zealand

  80. Julia Gillard as Prime Minister – I am horrified: an Atheist. Where will this country end up, do we think we can do without God’s laws? for God gave us the laws to show us our sins, without christian values this country will go from bad to worse. Kevin Rudd was the vote of the people I would like to know by what right he was pushed out.
    Mary Jones

  81. Bill – how many Reproductive Choice Christians have murdered restrictive abortion Christians? None! How many restrictive abortion Christians have become terrorists and murdered in the name of there cause? I think the last count was seven!

    And restricitve abortion Christian claim to be pro-life. I wonder what Dr George Tillers (1941-2009) would think of that?

    Michael Boswell

  82. Thanks Michael

    Normally such preposterous and inane comments go straight into the bin. But a few points if I may.

    “Reproductive Choice Christians” – and non-Christians – have murdered 45-50 million unborn babies every year around the world.

    Also, it is hard to know what to make of your remarks. Either you foolishly want to be deliberately productive with such off the wall remarks, or you are living a life of delusion, kidding yourself in thinking you are somehow a follower of Jesus when you promote the very things which God hates: the deliberate killing of the innocent. Isaiah 5:20 comes to mind here, as does Proverbs 6:16-17 and 24:11.

    But of course you have told us before you don’t believe the Bible: truth and error and right and wrong are simply the stuff of your own devising. The warnings of Judges seem appropriate here: Judges 21:25.

    As for the baby killer Tiller, I have written up his story here:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  83. Michael, I agree with Bill, how can anyone take you seriously with comments that are so unbalanced? Do you really think its fair to judge a whole movement on the tiny, tiny minority of extremists on the fringe who take things too far and are in no way representative of the pro-life movement as a whole?
    Since reading the Frank Schaeffer article you posted a while back I have read and watched on utube more of his commentary on contemporary religion and politics. I do think he makes some valid criticisms sometimes of modern evangelicalism BUT… he is way unbalanced. And many of the harsh critiques he makes could be turned back on him and are rather hypocritical. He accuses conservatives and republicans of inciting violence and hatred but anyone could say he is doing the same thing by his harsh intolerance of those he disagrees with. He is as guilty of fear-mongering as anyone.
    There are extremists on both the right and left and it is not fair to judge either by its fringe minority. Judging the pro-life movement by its fringe radicals is like saying that anyone who believes in the welfare state is a communist.

    I’ve started reading a good book that I recommend called ‘Why pro-life? caring for the unborn and their mothers’ by Randy Alcorn. I have only just started it but it is very moderate and strongly includes caring for mothers as well as babies both pre and post birth as essential to the pro-life cause. I will quote a passage from the book that gives a more accurate picture of the movement:

    The fact is this: thousands of pro-life organisations around the country and throughout the world provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, support groups, childcare classes, financial management education, babsitting, diapers, children’s clothes, and housing. Add to these tens of thousands of churches donating time, money, food, house repairs, and every other kind of help to pregnant women, single mothers, and low income families. Countless pro-lifers adopt children, open their homes, and volunteer to help children after they’re born. Together these efforts comprise the single largest grassroots volunteer movement in history (p. 20).

    Conor Ryan

  84. I came across this website:

    Michael if you are still reading these posts please have a careful look at this website. The pro-choice movement is far from innocent when it comes to murderous violence and terrorism. I am aware of this in my own city of Adelaide South Australia where earlier this year a pro-life politician received death threats for promoting his campaign.
    The evidence, despite what we get shoved down our throats by the politically correct establishment, is that far more violent acts are committed by pro-choice people than pro-life people. In contrast, the pro-life movement is arguably the most peaceful social movement in history.

    Conor Ryan

  85. At last a woman is in the top job. Now men can look up at the glass ceiling and will be able to tell for sure whether the Prime Ms.inister is a real redhead! On a more serious note, Gillard was born in a Welsh town that has a Satanic witch flying on a broomstick as its emblem – could this be connected with her lack of belief in God? Despite its conquest by the English, core Welsh beliefs still include Merlin and other pre-Christian druidic magic figures. St. George is supposed to have killed the dragon but it still flies proudly on the Welsh Flag.
    Lionel Hurst

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