The Victorian Election Results

The November 2010 election results are mostly in, and it appears that Labor has been booted out big time, with a 6.1 per cent swing against it. Exact figures are yet to be determined, but it looks like the Liberals and Nationals may have 46 seats, while Labor will be left with just 42.

Over a half million pre-poll votes still need to be counted, so we do not know the precise numbers, but it seems that Labor lost 13 seats, while The Liberals/Nationals gained 14 (the one Independent, Craig Ingram, lost his seat to the Nationals). Thus the Coalition appears to have won the majority in the 88 seat Lower House.

This was a massive rebuff to the State Labor Party, and nothing to get excited about for the Greens, who basically remained the same as the last election in terms of percentages. Not one Green made it into the Lower House, while many long-standing Labor members lost their seats.

A lot of work was put in by pro-life and pro-family forces targeting marginal seats, especially those held by pro-death candidates. Those who voted for the infamous November 2008 abortion bill were heavily targeted. And this seems to have paid off quite well.

Thus Maxine Morand, the Emily’s Lister who introduced the abortion legislation which was passed two years ago was handily ousted. This bill was one of the most liberal abortion bills in the world. It was a dark day for Victoria to have this bill passed, and it was more than fitting to see her drummed out.

The results have been a mixed bag however on the pro-life front, with the DLP Upper House member Peter Kavanagh looking to lose his seat. He was a terrific pro-life stalwart in the Victorian Parliament. But at least the sleaze industry lobbyist Fiona Patten did not get a seat for the Australian Sex Party.

Now these election results, while great news for pro-faith, pro-family and pro-life voters, are not of course the beginning of the millennium. The Kingdom has not arrived on earth. Only when the King returns will this happen in all its glory.

But we are called to be salt and light on planet earth, and the political realm is one key area where Kingdom values can and will be contested. There are real differences between the major parties. Sure, in a fallen world, none will be perfect, and none will always come up with the goods.

But Labor has abortion on demand as a matter of Party platform, while the Coalition does not. While this is not the only issue of note, it is a vitally important one. The right to life is the most fundamental of all human rights, and without it, none of the other rights mean a hill of beans.

The left can chirp all it likes about social justice, but this mantra is mere rhetoric if there is no social justice for the unborn. If you are not allowed to be born, you are unlikely to care very much about affordable housing or ‘compassionate’ refugee policy.

So on this one key issue, there is something for all biblical Christians to rejoice in. Anything which may derail or turn around the pro-death policies of Labor and the Greens must be applauded by those who name the name of Christ. Of course it is still true that there are many other areas where the Coalition may not promote some key biblical values.

Ted Baillieu, the apparent new Premier, has been weak on a number of conservative and biblical values. In this sense he is like former Premier Jeff Kennett, who tended to press all the wrong buttons on key matters such as euthanasia, homosexuality, drugs, and so on.

So it remains to be seen how a less than ideal conservative leader, and the rest of his colleagues in the Coalition will govern. There is no guarantee at all that they will do the right thing always, or maybe even mostly. But we have had eleven years of Labor to see their radical social engineering agenda.

Attorney General Rob Hulls for example has pushed one radical bit of legislation after another, and has done much to greatly harm this state. It is hoped that the new government will slow down the rot, and even turn some of these issues around.

One of these key issues – along with the abortion bill – is the horrendous Racial and Religious Vilification Act which was passed a decade ago. It has done no good whatsoever, and has simply resulted in the reduction of freedom of speech in Victoria.

Indeed, it has been used as a blunt weapon to silence biblical Christians from speaking the truth of the Gospel. It is hoped that once the Coalition has settled in a bit, that it will make it a priority to repeal this dreadful bit of legislation. If just these two bits of bad law are challenged, that in itself would be a great outcome of this election.

Of course with only a one or two seat majority, it will not be easy to achieve such change, and it will only take a few renegade Coalition members to undermine such efforts. And as stated, Mr Baillieu is not exactly a conservative, but is instead a small l liberal. So whether real and important reform in some of these key areas occurs remains to be seen.

But needless to say, neither one of these laws would be challenged by a Labor/Green government. Indeed, Labor introduced both of these wretched bills. So if for no other reason than this, it is a great thing indeed that the Labor Government has been kicked out.

As I say, Christians should be under no illusion that somehow this election result has ushered in heaven on earth. But it is a welcome and necessary step to come back to a semblance of good government. Given that righteousness exalts a nation, to have a government which has introduced so much unrighteous legislation given the flick is a very good start indeed.

We must now pray for and work with the new government to ensure that some better biblical values are put on the agenda. There are a number of issues that can be dealt with. Getting a new government into power was just the beginning. Now the real work begins.

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  1. Bill – encouraging news for those of us here in South Australia who have 3.5 years left under a left-leaning government. From those of us on this side of fhe border we admired Vic Liberal decision not to preference Greens even though that seemed the expedient thing to do. Maybe Ted has some principles.

    On another note dear to your heart, was Bomber (Thomson) a rat?

    Stephen White

  2. Thanks Stephen

    Yes, with WA, Vic and NSW likely next March to also move to the right, things are looking up, as they are after the US mid-term elections.

    As to the other matter you raise, don’t get me started. A case could be made that both Bomber and Gary are rats…

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. To let aborted babies who live die, an infanticide killer government such as Brumby’s is plain evil. At least this time there were less Christians voting for them.
    With Rudd now exposed for his intention to bring in Civil Unions for heterophobes we should praise God that these people are being removed from office.
    Graham McLennan

  4. Yes let’s thank God for the tireless efforts of all those pro lifers working against the tide and all those prayer warriors labouring before the throne. But much more to be done!
    Vickie Janson

  5. Friends in Victoria have informed me that Ted Baillieu was persuaded by Nationals’ Peter Ryan and conservatives among the Liberals to steer clear of any negotiations with the Greens. It is encouraging that Baillieu, who doesn’t appear to be a real conservative on many crucial issues, could have his mind changed to adopt the no Greens policy. They have also informed me that when Baillieu announced the no Greens policy,as part of his non-negotiable platform, that was the time when the pendulum swung his way.
    Also, it would appear that, in Australian elections, Labor is thrown out only when they are so reprehensible, there is little chance of them retaining power. This will always be the case until there is a complete overhaul of the electoral rolls. There was a recent report that a 17 year old was heard bragging following the last federal election that he voted 159 times- presumably with cemetery names already registered on the rolls. I am informed that Sweden, for all its faults on some issues, has a system whereby only genuine people, entitled to vote CAN (not may) vote only once.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  6. Praise and thanks goes out to all of the hard working people who have been a part of this change of guard.

    Yes Jonathan, I too am greatly looking forward to seeing the back of labor in NSW.

    Garth Penglase

  7. Bill, are you hopeful that a Ballieu State government will repeal our awful abortion laws?

    If they don’t, I hope that you are willing to vigorously critique them as you have Labour and Greens.

    Many Liberal candidates who voted for the abortion bill were re-elected.

    Is there really any change or progress made for those of us with pro-life convictions?

    Wayne Schuller

  8. Great article, Bill. Love the analysis which really helps people like me who have trouble understanding politics. Locally, here in Frankston, we saw Geoff Shaw voted in for the Liberals at the expense of Alistair Harkness who had also voted for the abortion bill.
    Keep up the good work.
    Lionel Letcher

  9. Thanks Wayne

    As I said in the article, I am hopeful for many changes with the new government, but also fearful the Ted will not be the leader we need to get such changes through, especially on something like abortion. If you have followed me here over the years, you will have noticed that I have made plenty of criticisms of the Liberals when needed, including Jeff Kennett when he was in power. Indeed, I just criticised him again in this article.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Good point re election processes, thank you, Frank.

    Australian and state electoral laws and practices are third world-and we have the effrontery to monitor other nations’ elections.

    Undetectable fraud is allowed [refer:

    And the Commissions effective role increasingly militates anti-democratically against our small parties and citizens.

    How many know that the Commissions hold your name and address, if you register as a party member? And your party will be deregistered if enough of your co-members are not willing to have their privacy and Right to Associate compromised by refusing to register?

    Postal voting only [as in municipal elections] would reduce the circus of How to Vote antics and waste on Election day, but again, the major parties don’t want a level playing field. It might even raise the standard of debate.

    And let’s not forget proposals to empower [with safeguards] the voters to directly decide on legislation, on the sacking of MP, of terminating a parliament’s term and holding an election, etc.

    Gerard Flood

  11. I think the Chasers hit the nail on the head with that one. The other week I was listening to one of the AM talkback shows in Melbourne. A caller who I’m guessing was a Christian said that she would not be voting Labor because of their 2008 abortion law reforms. The caller and the host then had a little argument over the provisions of this act, and she was shouted down and belittled for her trouble.
    Ross McPhee

  12. Sad for you guys in Victoria that your new premier is a “l”iberal rather than a conservative…Maybe you should hope and pray for a Nat as Attorney-General to counter all the Hull mess…unlikely perhaps, but maybe the best shot…
    Yarran Johnston

  13. Peter Ryan simply doesn’t fit the bill. Ryan voted in favour of the Abortion Bill – to make matters worse the Hansard shows that he voted in favour of the amendments to administer pain killers to the unborn in late term abortions, yet when they were defeated, he still voted in favour of the Bill. Upon writing to him expressing my outrage he sent a generic letter acknowledging that he betrayed (my word not his) those who voted for him. He will not answer specific questions on this issue. I voted below the line and Peter Ryan was immediately above the Greens – my little protest.
    Justin Madden is next in line for Labor, I’m sick of these football players and the sycophantic cult of personality that votes in undeserved men like Ryan and Madden (Ryan is a distinguished Carlton player). It’s time to vote in real leaders, thoughtful people not these dog and pony shows that will always disappoint.

    Matt Harris

  14. Actually, Peter Ryan voted against the bill and even campaigned against it. He spoke at the pro-life rally on the steps of parliament house in the lead up to the vote.

    Only two National Party MPs voted for the bill. Janette Powell in the lowerhouse and Peter Hall in the upperhouse. Both these MPs should have had their preselections challenged but unfortunately most of the National Party is very luke-warm when it comes to pro-life issues.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  15. Mea Culpa, you are correct and I was terribly wrong. I should have written Peter Hall, an Upper House member for Eastern Victoria. His office is up the road from me in Traralgon, Victoria. Hall is the ex-Carlton player. That’s a terrible error on my behalf.
    Thank you Ewan for the correction,
    Matt Harris

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