Marriage Attacked and Defended

I am just back from another standing-room only event at Parliament House Canberra in support of marriage. Around 1000 people crammed into the Great Hall to celebrate and defend marriage against those actively warring against it.

The two-hour session featured a number of Australian speakers as well as one American guest. This was done to show our Parliamentarians and the nation’s capital that Australians are sick and tired of the war being waged by a small, noisy and militant homosexual lobby against marriage and family.

A similar pro-marriage rally was held in 2004, and it too was a packed house. Back then we worked to amend the Marriage Act to ensure that marriage in Australia would be only between one man and one woman. Both houses of Parliament passed that amendment back then. But the homosexual activists never like to abide by the will of the people, and insist on pushing their agenda until they win. So this rally was called to resist this ongoing threat.

American speaker Rebecca Hagelin of the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC is a long-standing defender of marriage and family, and a well-known writer, speaker, columnist and radio commentator. She gave a stirring message on the importance of marriage and family, and how these institutions are being savagely attacked by the activist minority groups.

She rightly pointed out how these very small but noisy groups are acting like school yard bullies. Just as an entire group of school kids can be terrified, silenced and intimidated by a handful of bullies at school, so too have entire nations been bullied by the militant social engineers.

They seek to shout down, intimidate and silence anyone who dares to speak out against their radical agendas. And with many supporters found in the lame-stream media, they can effectively hold entire nations to hostage. They have simply bullied their way into prominence.

The miserable MSM complicity in all this is as disgusting as it is typical. Examples just this week already abound. In today’s Sydney Morning Herald website we have a report about this important rally. What do you suppose they said about it?

You guessed it. The first thing they did was to deliberately lie about the attendance. It said that “several hundred people” attended the event. What a cowardly pack of deceivers these guys are. There is a huge difference between a thousand people and “several hundred”.

But these stooges in the media are quite happy to blatantly lie to push their agenda. They want to suggest that hardly anyone showed up for the rally, and that it is obviously no big deal. The truth is quite the opposite. The place was packed, with many people having to stand for the entire morning.

And they would represent a majority of Australians who are sick and tired of the way these radical agendas are being crammed down our throats. But the media simply wants to promote the agendas of the minority activist groups.

Consider another glaring example of this blatant media bias. Back in Melbourne this past Saturday I watched the ABC evening news. On it was a lengthy story about a pro-homosexual marriage demo. It was an event held in Canberra, and judging by the video vision, a mere ten or twelve people were there. Yet the ABC TV news ran this non-story for a full two minutes, maybe longer.

A handful of same-sex marriage activists will get a lengthy TV slot on a prime-time newscast. But did the ABC TV cameras even show up for today’s rally? I did not see any. And if they were there, just what sort of coverage do you think they will give for tonight’s news?

The truth is, most of the MSM has long ago given up on covering the news. They have instead decided to create the news and manipulate the news. They will tell Australians how to think in other words. This is propaganda, not balanced news coverage. It is all about indoctrination, and pushing radical agendas.

Given that the MSM refuses to give us accurate and balanced coverage here, let me inform you how the rest of the morning’s event went. A number of politicians spoke in defence of traditional marriage and family. These included Kevin Andrews, Bob Katter and Barnaby Joyce.

Senator Joyce reminded us that a fake is always a fake, no matter how much people try to fool us. He spoke of being raised in horse country, and told the story of sending his daughter out to purchase a horse. Imagine if when she sought to buy a horse, the seller offered a camel instead. Sorry, but a camel is just not a horse, end of story.

And same-sex marriage is not marriage at all. It never has been and never will be marriage. It cannot be. A marriage involves a man and a woman. If these two basic elements are not present, there can be no marriage. It is that simple.

Several speakers from pro-family organisations also gave brief addresses. The two main organisers of the rally, the Australian Family Association, and the National Marriage Coalition, deserve a big round of applause for making this event possible.

It was a terrific and much needed rally to spur on ordinary Australians to redouble their efforts to stand up for marriage and family, and to especially stand up for children, who will be so adversely impacted by same-sex marriage.

Thanks to all those who attended, many of whom came from very far distances to be here in solidarity for the most important social institution of all times.

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  1. Hi Bill,
    I hope you enjoyed your time with like-minded folks in the Great Hall today – I know it always renews my strength and passion when surrounded by those who share my values.

    I am not sure however that you can claim underdog status when you can command a gig at Parliament House, esp with powerful politicians in attendance. I am sure the Marriage Equality campaigners would be pretty happy with that.

    I agree, however, that your cause is certainly finding it difficult to get traction in the msm. As someone who does a bit of local media – I haven’t found a journalist yet who isn’t sympathetic to ssm and dismissive of conservative views on marriage. And I see today that you are now having to battle against fellow Christians, and clergy to boot.
    As always, may the best argument win the day.
    Regards Angela Pollard

  2. I was waiting for a report on the marriage day on the ABC this morning, but heard nothing, only an interview with Barnaby Joyce about the anti carbon tax rally that apparently took place in front of Parliament House.
    Glad it went well, would have liked to have been there…
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  3. Thanks Angela

    But any group can of course rent out the Great Hall, and any group can find some sympathetic MPs. But it is the overwhelming MSM bias, along with that of so much of the judiciary, academia, and other powerhouses of influence that makes us underdogs. But in terms of sheer numbers, we easily win. But letting the numbers speak in such a hostile environment is seldom easy. It takes an event like this to let others know that there is a large and concerned opposition to all the PC madness taking place all around us.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Bill, you forgot to mention that John Murphy, an ALP MP was also in attendance in defence of real marriage.
    Michael Webb

  5. “But did the ABC TV cameras even show up for today’s rally? I did not see any. And if they were there, just what sort of coverage do you think they will give for tonight’s news?” Quoted from your article.

    Well the ABC did in fact give coverage of the event, at least in the QLD news. Could not tell you if it was ABC cameraperson or they obtained the footage from a secondary source.

    Breakdown of what they showed:
    Closeup of the first row (with bodies in second row minus heads), about 6-10 seats wide in a pan shot. then from the floor an up your nose footage of three speakers (why do they feel the need to do up the nose shots of conservatives?), maybe half to one sentence each, including Mr Joyce, another man and one woman. each was filmed basicaly saying they were for man/woman marriage. the presenter basicaly said “a pro marriage convention was held in Canberra today” end of coverage.

    No attendance numbers were stated, no info on any speakers. This has been a one shot news story, watching the 9 pm news on ABC and it has not been mentioned since the 7 pm.

    Anyway, as this is my first post on your forum sir, I hope this is set out properly for your forum.

    Neil Waldron

  6. Thanks Michael

    Actually no I did not forget – I simply did not list all of the many speakers who were there today. One could also mention first time DLP Senator John Madigan as well for example.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Thanks Neil

    So miracles still happen do they? Actually, in all seriousness, I know that massive amounts of prayer and intercession went into this rally – I was involved in much of it myself. So while the ABC may have made a temporary retreat from its usual policy of bias, it is certainly possible that this is more due to the fact that God answered some prayers today and graciously broke through here, than due to any change of heart on the part of the ABC.

    But it will take more than just one case of relatively balanced reporting to offset the countless cases of biased and bigoted reporting which is so characteristic of the ABC, and which I have documented time and again on this site. But thanks for letting us know.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. ABC update,

    On “Lateline” which appeared at 12:40 am 17/08/11 they did a slightly extended showing of this rally. incidently they decided to tac it onto the back of the “anti carbon tax” rally. Interestingly they decided to throw mud at the “religious” slant that Angry Anderson was using as a lead in to make the rally seem wierd or not worth mentioning apart from making fun of.

    Anyhow, I think if you know how to find it, you will be able to get the clip off the ABC news 24 website. I suggest they have tried to hide it by lumping it on to the back of the carbon tax rally. bury it would be a better term I think.

    Neil Waldron

  9. Yes, we must make and take a public stand, not for ‘real’ or ‘traditional’ marriage, but for God’s marriage, One man with One wife for LIFE.
    Judith Bond

  10. I heard ABC ‘The Drum’ that there were 200 people there and then they briefly showed a man from Fathers 4kids (or a similar name) with a woman. They both gave brief statements about the sad state of affairs this is for children who will never have fathers. The panel responses(including Peter Reith) – all in complete unison critisized the ABC for even giving them airplay and described it as ‘disgraceful’. One went so far as to say it was the most offensive thing he had ever seen.
    Interesting that standing up for traditional marriage can be the most offensive thing for someone?
    Throughout the day when the news strip ran across the screen they called it the ‘anti-gay rally’ in Canberra.
    Great to see our taxpayer dollars supporting such ‘integrity’.
    Annette Williams

  11. Thanks Bill. I was there and would estimate the attendance at 2000. A great meeting.
    Denis Colbourn

  12. Blatant PC again as I watched the 7PM Project interview Jim Wallace. Highly selective use of sound bytes from the Great Hall & then an aggressive militancy in ‘info-lite’ interview. So much for any semblance of neutral journalism. I was deeply disturbed, as I caught a deeper glimpse into ‘post-Christendom’ Australia. I also resolved that more than ever I am committed to train emerging Christian leaders more thoroughly in Biblically-based apologetics.
    Ian Grant

  13. Thanks Bill for putting the record straight, The ABC show The Drum last night reported 200 attended, I was there and I attempted to count seats, I best attempt was 1080, but there were many many more standing behind where I was.

    The speakers were excellent and we need to get the truth out there, any change to the marriage act will change all marriages.
    Peter Michie

  14. “you are now having to battle against fellow Christians, and clergy” writes Angela Pollard. These people can not be real Christians because they have departed from the truth, they have renounced truth and embraced heresy. They are apostate. We are rapidly heading towards the days of apostasy as recorded in 2 Thessalonians Ch 2. The Uniting Church is the homosexual church, an apostate church. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes on Judgement Day.
    John Harris

  15. This is my first time on your site Bill, although I have read many of your articles and agree with a great deal of what you say.
    I was watching carefully for any reports on your rally yesterday. Ten News covered the story, but Ten’s 7PM Project also did with their usual strong pro-gay bias.
    Their programme can be amusing, but they always show their colours when interviewing anyone they disagree with.

    As a retired Newsreader and Journalist, I am dismayed at the complete lack of objectivity in today’s reporting.
    Carry on the good work. We need more people like you.
    Des Connors

  16. Marriage is also a symbol of the biological coming together of two cells to make new life. Homosexual marriage is a ‘fruitless’ union and a contradiction in terms.
    I have a friend whose mother used to work in the ABC and she said were a lot of homosexuals actually working in the ABC, I wonder it that is still the case! I also phoned up to complain at the ABC, (you can phone them on Ph No: 8333 1500), about Canberra reporter Mark Riley’s comments about the Pro Marriage Rally, he said something to the effect that same sex marriage probably wont be accepted yet as we are not ‘progressive’ and ‘inclusive’ enough yet.. ‘Anti discrimination’ is another slogan they like to use to strengthen their ‘rationale’. Should journalists be making such blatant judgmental comments? Riley is from Channel 7 (ph8777 7777) but was reporting on the ABC. I think there must be a huge amount of pressure on them there to conform. Get on your phones and let your views be known to the tv stations, it cant hurt.
    Angie Stormer

  17. Bill, “relatively balanced reporting” – NO WAY! As Neil describes it, it was typical ABC reporting of events they wish didn’t happen: with deliberately biased shots taken and selected so that the crowd is hidden and using unflattering views of speakers they dislike.
    I have seen the ABC set out to do just that to Fred Nile: the camera man lay on his back on the floor in foetal position in the front of a Brethren church as close to Fred as he could possibly get and took the video looking up Fred’s nose so that Fred appeared to be aloof and standing on a pedestal. A few days later I saw the same ABC camera crew at a Blackburn Baptist church (I think it was Peter Costello’s parent’s church) and I warned them that if they tried similar tactics at that venue then I was ready to intervene to disrupt the shot. They behaved!

    Similarly, when it is a rally the ABC does not approve of, they will omit shots showing the size of the crowd, or they will show shots that make the crowd appear small with long distance shots of a few people. In contrast, when the ABC ‘reports’ a poorly attended rally in support of an ideology they agree with, they show close up shots filled with people and they run flattering images or sound-bites.

    Reminds me: some years ago I read a study of the self-identified moral opinions held by people in different occupations. It showed that the average standard of moral values fell noticeable from high to low as the occupation changed from common people towards media reporters, film actors and, worst of all film makers. I have been unable to track this study down. Can anyone help?

    What that study reported shows is what Bill and many others have lamented: that the main-stream media tends to be complicit in social engineering. As Bill says:

    “The truth is, most of the MSM has long ago given up on covering the news. They have instead decided to create the news and manipulate the news. They will tell Australians how to think in other words. This is propaganda, not balanced news coverage. It is all about indoctrination, and pushing radical agendas.”

    Peter Newland

  18. Thanks Bill.
    I thought after last week’ exchange I need to encourage you and all the others involved. We must in these days “strengthen those things which remain” (Rev.3:2), because the dedicated activists for evil will not stop until they gain their objective.
    We need to remember that the mainstream media, or the lamestream media, as Sarah Palin calls them, are not in the business of reporting news, nor have they been for some considerable time. They are in the news suppression business, advocacy “journalism”, and only the news which fits the(ir) narrative. Supporters of traditional marriage are therefore dumb, stupid, and moronic knuckleheads – that’s their paradigm. And if the facts don’t fit the paradigm they will chop, change, squeeze, and mould the facts until they do fit the paradigm. If that means sheer fabrication, so be it. I look constantly at the activities of the MSM in the United States, and the same things happen there. The media is our latest version of the false prophet of Rev.13, who causes all on the face of the earth to worship the first beast. Lies are their stock in trade, and we now have a Dr Goebbels-type campaign on an international scale, where the incessant say-so of the MSM comes to be the truth for so many.
    Murray R. Adamthwaite

  19. Why can’t we video the entire session ourselves and put it on Bill’s website? Is there footage anywhere? Put it on youtube, pass it around, show everyone the numbers. You have to stop relying on the MSM to get our message out there. Let’s get it out there ourselves! Into the 21st century!
    Anna von Marburg

  20. Thanks Anna

    Yes quite right. And I think it may have been videoed by the organisers. I will keep you posted about that.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  21. Hi Bill,

    A good way for Christians and conservatives to bypass the MSM and produce our own very professional video reports on events like this is to use the services of companies like Koozzoo.

    You provide them with your video footage and a rough script and they produce a high quality video for you and even host it on the internet.

    Here is an example of a report produced by them against the ‘carbon’ tax:

    Mansel Rogerson

  22. The 7PM Project did segment on yesterday’s rally last night. Interviewing Brigadier Jim Wallace of the ACL, They asked him to respond to Rebecca Hagelin’s comments that the legalization of SSM would create a slippery slope in which other interest groups would be the next in line to push for marriage to be redefined to suit them.

    They tried to suggest to Wallace that Hagelin’s comments were outlandish and offensive, but she’s actually right, isn’t she?

    Ross McPhee

  23. We were among the 1000+ crowd at the Great Hall, having got up at 3.30am to catch a bus to Canberra. The speakers were inspiring and informative.
    We guessed that the MSM coverage today would be either poor or non-existent. Do these people have confused ideas about what truth is, or are they totally unable to understand it?
    Jane Munro

  24. Thank you Ross for that info on the 7PM Project. Channel 10 has become the the Gay Lobby’s TV voice. A short time ago before the 5PM News they had a short clip where their on-air faces held up cards pushing the same-sex marriage idea.
    Their news programs always seem to have items about the gay lifestyle, as does the 7PM Project and George Negus at 6.30.
    I recently emailed the George Negus producers and suggested that they show a balanced view on the topic of same-sex marriage by allowing those in opposition to this issue (for very valid reasons) also have a voice. In the name of balanced reporting.
    I suggested someone from the ACL would be a good choice. I also asked the question: “Is Channel 10 now the TV voice of the Gay Lobby Group?” I did not receive a reply.
    So now we can see why. Their idea of balanced reporting is to lean towards the Gay Lobby’s view of “marriage”.
    God bless.
    Paul de la Garde, Sydney

  25. Well done Paul for speaking out. If only more folks would follow your great example, we could perhaps see a few things start to turn around.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  26. Thanks Bill
    Impressive turn out at the hall. I feel a deep satisfaction knowing there’s people like you in the world.
    Australia should have a Christian TV channel?
    Daniel Kempton

  27. I suspected when I saw the lengthy news story on Channel 10 on the weekend about the pro ssm rally, that they would not be reporting on the gathering to support traditional marraige.

    7pm Project coverage was typical of what they do.

    You can’t get the news anymore, all you get is a journalists opinion on the news even from the traditional news reports.

    Peter Sanderson

  28. I listened to ABC Radio early this morning, and the comments made about the pro marriage rally were disturbing to say the least. The commentator took every opportunity to be disparaging about the people who attended and particularly about the speakers. Needless to say, the comments quoted were taken completely out of context. The same commentator then proceeded to belittle those who attended the anti carbon tax rally. A pity that our so called free press does not appear to be all that free to express an opinion which differs from the radical left wing. I just thank God for those people who did give up their time and money to attend the Great Hall and voice their concerns about the way our society is heading.
    Joan Davidson

  29. Hi Bill,

    As one who received an invitation to this event, but being unable to attend, I am glad I received some news regarding the success of the event.

    The devil certainly has his way of controlling the media. He has been in charge of that for a long time!

    Jane Petridge

  30. Wish Husband & I could have been there shoulder to shoulder with Wonderful AUSTRALIAN FAMILIES whose DESIRE IS FOR THE CULTURE OF LIFE – STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS WHOLESOME & GOOD. Our Married Children too, would have loved to be there – their Jobs holding them back – we were Baby-sitting for them.
    OUR PRAYERS WERE WITH YOU ALL. We Totally agree with Judith Bond. “We Must Make and take a Public Stand, not for ‘real’ or ‘traditional’ marriage, but for GOD’s Marriage, ONE MAN WITH ONE WIFE for LIFE.”
    Mrs Dalrene Pompeus

  31. Hi Bill, Thanks again for expressing the truth so well. I followed Angela’s suggestion and read the Star Observer’s article stressing and boasting how many “christian’ ministers have come on board the same-sex slippery slide. They also believe their own polls. I then came back to your page and to sanity.
    My husband and I heard a great report with Barnaby Joyce on SkyNews program PM Agenda this afternoon. He was not afraid to say that our God and Saviour intended marriage to be between a man and a woman. It was a really great witness he have. God bless you and Barnaby Joyce.
    Dawn McGregor

  32. The most frightening thing about this article Bill was the link supplied by Angela Pollard in her first post – the article about clergy supporting this, and the replies by people at the end of the article. I find the acceptance of this by so called Christian clergy even more frightening than the sin itself, if that is possible. You can really see the devil at work in all of this – taking people captive to do his will. What makes me feel even worse is people who call them selves “gay Christians” What is this?
    Steve Davis

  33. Steve, sadly ‘this’ is part of what the Bible speaks of “They will call good evil and evil good”. We now have as you pointed out ‘gay’ Christians, if I have read my Bible correctly, one cannot be gay and a true follower of Christ. We also have catholic schools where they deny the Genesis account of creation, the daughter of friends of ours has been chastised for taking a stand on this important point. We must thank God for those who are taking a stand against this madness and pray its not too late for our nation to turn around especially after seeing whats happening in the U.K and most likely in the US.
    Fred Merlo

  34. I was just watching Paul Murray live on Sky News and they were taking the time to ridicule Bob Katter for what he said yesterday at the “anti same sex marriage rally”. Their words not mine.
    Paul Wakeford

  35. Thanks Fred, you are absolutely right mate, the thing that worries me is how many more in the church will fall for this? I understand and accept that there are Christians who struggle with the sin of homosexuality, just like other Christians, including myself struggle with the sin of adultery but we recognise it for what it truly is and we are constantly struggling against it on a daily basis and with the power of prayer and relying on God’s strength in our lives to overcome it and keep ourselves from acting on those thoughts and desires in our hearts. We will never be free from all sin this side of Heaven but we still run the race each day as Paul exhorts us to and we set our eyes on that day in the future when those who truly trust and believe God through his son Jesus Christ will receive the reward He has for us.
    Steve Davis

  36. This morning I was roused out of my (slightly) sick bed (chair in the sun actually) and encouraged to look at this blog. It’s very therapeutic to see comments by people who not only stand up for the truth but can see the falsity of so much of the pro-gay-“marriage” case.

    The main argument the other side gives is “marriage equality” which is dishonest and question-begging (in the “petitio principio” sense- quoting almost all the Latin I know- Google “begging the question” for a million references).

    The other main arguments seem to be statements that opponents are bigoted, unloving, and so on. I have been called in anonymous comments such things as “a poor excuse for a human being”, but my friends say that while I am an excuse for a human being, I’m not really such a bad one.

    We’re certainly in a fight here against seen and unseen powers. It’s good to be part of it.

    David Morrison, Blue Mountains, NSW

  37. I’m not surprised by the media’s response. I’m starting to think that deceit (certainly at least stupidity) is a common hallmark of the left in both secular society and Christian society.
    I remember back to a rally I attended here in Melbourne, I think it was last year – and this was the first rally I had ever attended. It was the March for the Babies rally against abortion. The attendance at this rally was phenomenal with many thousands of people. One guy who was counting people, said it was looking to be around 5000 people. Yet the media either ignored it completely or in AAP’s case, said there were only 400 people attending.
    At this rally, the police permitted a very noisy group of about one dozen people to do their very best to disrupt our rally by using extremely loud speakers and chants. When I asked a policeman why they were allowed to disrupt us, he said it was their right to also demonstrate – the implication being that they have rights to demonstrate and disrupt, but we don’t — obviously any police force interested in giving people their rights, would have ensured that both group had an opportunity to demonstrate without interference.
    I also noticed at the rally the many security cameras that were focussed on our rally, rather than the dozen ratbags that were trying to disrupt us. They appeared to be looking for anyone at our rally who could no longer bear the abuse (from that small pro-abortion group). Thankfully the thousands attending this rally represented the best of Australia, and no one responded to the incitement.
    But it reinforced in my mind, that as long as the media are corrupt, (and police force not working in our best interest), then democracy is dead!
    It cannot function with a corrupt media.
    This is again reflected in all of the left-wing social issues, from abortion, same sex marriage, whatever. If the media lie about what the people say, how can democracy work? It’s a very dangerous situation.
    David Looke

  38. Right on Bill, its an absolute joke and the biggest joke is the old sayin “GAYBC”.
    Brian Carrick

  39. Just a quick note about the slippery slope argument.
    There is no slippery slope at all. When MP Adam Bandt put the motion forward he said the amendments were to ‘enshrine the rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender’ to marry.
    Isn’t the onus now on the Greens to actually now tell us exactly which sexual orientations and genders this includes?
    Bisexuals believe in homosexuality and heterosexuality- so if they wanted to get married to 2 partners don’t the Greens support that?
    Or transgendered who believe in 4 genders – how will the Greens be proposing the marriage Act be redefined for them?
    The American Psychological Association lists 30 sexual orientations – Shouldn’t the Greens be telling us which ones they support for marriage rights and which they do not?
    Surely they cannot make such a big claim and then give us no clarification?
    At the very least shouldn’t they be honest and say that they believe in marriage equality for homosexuals only and not for bisexuals, not for transgendered, not for pedaphiles, not for any other of the 30 sexualities.
    Maybe the Greens are not really interested in honesty.
    Annette Williams

  40. Many years ago following an Election a Melbourne paper headlined ”Its over Thank Bloody Christ” in its Sunday edition.
    I and many others complained and wrote to companies who had advertisements in the paper that day.
    The paper is no longer in existence. I believe the campaign of boycotting the paper and its advertisers had a significant positive result. If Ch. 10 offends with its pro-gay bias then tell its advertisers their their goods and services are non preferred when making consumer choices.
    The defunct Sunday Observer can testify to the success of this; of course that is if it were in existence.
    Bill O’Connor

  41. I was there Bill, actually shook your hand on the way in, by way of encouragement. I know there were 800 booked in and many more turned up on the day. This was also witnessed to by the caterers running out of food and many people being disappointed, although they were often the ones who had booked ahead. (Sadly even Christians can be quite selfish and thoughtless of others in the public arena, and some just don’t stop to think.). However there was a good feeling there, and it is always great to see so many people who you did not know previously and know you are ‘one in Christ’ or at least on the same page. The main thing now is to keep speaking up with all the thoughts that were presented on that day, to mobilise Christians to act and not be complacent or fearful. (We still have till this Wednesday to contact our Federal MP’s re our stand on marriage.) There was a video made on the day commissioned by the organisers to be used for a documentary. I was hoping to get a copy but nothing was said during the meeting about it. I got a copy of the 2009 Rally but it took a long while coming as it was edited for publication. Hopefully you can find out more. God bless you and your family, Bill
    Lesley Kadwell

  42. I looked at the Sydney Morning Herald. The bias went way beyond the attendance. For example (by paragraph):

    1. Introduction was that (marriage) equality advocates condemned a rally. Equality you associate with fighting racism primarily so the rally has the feel of a bunch of racist like people.

    2. Another comment from these equality folk that Rebecca Hagelin is a conservative that organisers should distance themselves from. So we get the idea she has done something seriously wrong that doesn’t bear repeating.

    3. It was a Christian organised gathering (not representative of Australians generally I think is the intended innuendo for mentioning that) attracting very few federal MPs.

    4. Katter is quoted saying the same sex marriage proposition should be ridiculed. As much as people might have liked that it sounds like an introduction not an argument. It is hardly like saying that the “equality” people “are acting like school yard bullies. Just as an entire group of school kids can be terrified, silenced and intimidated by a handful of bullies at school, so too have entire nations been bullied by the militant social engineers” Indeed Katters comments saying the proposition should be ridiculed could give an inverted impression.

    5. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth “equality” spokesman condemned Katters’ “offensive rhetoric”.

    6. The equality guy is still going on about Katter’s “offensive comments”.

    7. An expert in homosexual mental health said that comments made at the rally could damage the mental health of homosexuals.

    8. This apparently unbiased expert observer also referred to the “offensive comments”. That is the third time the article uses the word “offensive” in 8 paragraphs when discussing the rally. His name is Paul Martin and his picture is in the second bottom row on this page

    9. It then gives a Barnaby Joyce comment about what he wants for his family.

    10. The last 3 paragraphs are about Australian Greens Senator explaining why Joyce is wrong.

    So all opinion requested is from one side. Everything is about how “equality” people and ‘unbiased professionals’ viewed the comments at the rally as offensive and the rally was small and unrepresentative. No comment of substance is provided from anyone on one side of the debate just innocuous comments cherry picked from speeches (even then in one case the other side have an opportunity to argue against the comment). Don’t you love balanced reporting?

    John Bennett

  43. Bill, wouldn’t this sort of misrepresentation by the media and press be a good topic for MediaWatch? I’m sure if they receive enough complaints and some evidence, they would air it.
    Bjorn Schmid

  44. Thanks Bjorn

    Yes they certainly should air such a story, but they never will. They always have been and always will be an extreme left mob. Media Watch is nothing about objective, balanced scrutiny of the media. It is about pushing leftist agendas, which they do time and time again. So they would never dare to touch a story like this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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