Let’s Kill In the Name of Tolerance

Today if you simply speak up for heterosexual marriage, you will be the target of horrific death threats – even if you are a child. Such is the utter hatred, depravity and demonic nature of the homosexual militants. As one who has experienced a steady stream of this abuse, hatred and poison, I know what it is like – it is not pleasant.

But when 14-year-olds have to put up with this, then we know that this is not just a battle of ideas or worldviews: it is ultimately a spiritual battle, with the ferocious ugliness originating from the very pits of hell. There is no other way to explain the irrational hatred, ugliness and filth that gets thrown at people simply for stating the truth about marriage.

This is no mere intellectual battle, but a battle being fought in the spiritual realm as well. ‘Demonic’ is the only word to fully and properly account for all this horrific abuse and animosity. Normal human beings just do not get so hate-filled. This is basically a demonic onslaught on everything good, pure and holy. No wonder so many Christians are afraid to take a stand.

But let’s look at this story further. One write-up puts it this way: “A 14-year-old homeschooler who testified before the Maryland state senate against a bill redefining marriage has been the subject of cyberbullying, vicious name-calling, and death threats. Sarah Crank, 14, told the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee last month she believes children need a mother and a father.”

This is what she said in her testimony: “Hi, I’m Sarah Crank. Today’s my 14th birthday, and it would be the best birthday present ever if you would vote ‘no’ on gay marriage. I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender. Even though some kids think it’s fine, they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on. I don’t want more kids to get confused about what’s right and okay. I really don’t want to grow up in a world where marriage isn’t such a special thing anymore.

“It’s rather scary to think that when I grow up the legislature or the court can change the definition of any word they want. If they could change the definition of marriage then they could change the definition of any word. People have the choice to be gay, but I don’t want to be affected by their choice. People say that they were born that way, but I’ve met really nice adults who did change.  So please vote ‘no’ on gay marriage. Thank you.”

An audio clip of this testimony was posted on YouTube. For simply sharing her thoughts in public, the wrath of the homosexual militants went absolutely ballistic. An avalanche of hatred poured forth. Consider just some of the many thousands of comments which were posted about this story, both under the YouTube clip, as well as on various homosexual websites:

“My god I hate people like this. Most (not all) Americans are [expletive] retards.  If I ever see this girl, I will kill her.  That’s a promise.”

“And now everyone knows her name, so hopefully she will feel what its like to be harassed and bullied…”

“Her parents should be exterminated.”

“The [sic] is why abortion must stay legal – to prevent little bigots like this from being born…”

“Kill this child and his [sic] parent, for my 11 birthday would be a wonderful gift, thanks.”

“Her belief is hurting other people.  I will attack her as much as I please.”

“Parents like hers should be sterilized…”

“I’m gonna kill ‘er!”

“I hope you get raped by your married parents.”

“Stupid bi**h – I hope you die on your Bday!!!!!”

“A dumb way for a dumb bi**h to do dumb things. Stop talking nonsense that your Christian, Anti-Gay parents are force-feeding you through a thin straw, and learn to accept other people. Now shut up bi**h, before I smack you.”

And that from the side that talks more about the pressing need for tolerance, acceptance and love than anyone else. Yeah right – tell me about it. They are the most hate-filled, bigoted, and vile bunch you will ever encounter. It is hard enough for full-grown adults to have to cope with all their noxious abuse and toxic outbursts. Pity this poor little girl.

In the face of all this demonic evil coming upon our societies, how will we respond? Will we get involved or will we wimp out? Will we take a stand or will we succumb to cowardice? The choice is ours. Someone recently posted this very telling comment on my website, about a famous Christian woman in Holland who sheltered Jews from the Nazis:

“I went to see Corrie ten Boom’s house in Haarlem 3 years ago, which is now a museum. There we were told that in oppressive times the ratio of what people do is usually like this: 5% go with the oppressors wholeheartedly, 5% work against them wholeheartedly and 90% do nothing, because they either don’t care or they are afraid.”

Which camp do you belong to?


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30 Replies to “Let’s Kill In the Name of Tolerance”

  1. Youtube comments are often not pleasant, but this instance is pretty disgraceful. People seem to think they can write whatver they want on the internet. The tolerance brigade have always been hypocrites and this is just another example.

    Peter Sanderson

  2. Thanks Peter

    Yes quite so. And as I mentioned, these comments come both from the YouTube site, and from homosexual websites. Most people would never have seen such sites – but I have. Whenever these sorts of issues arise, you should see the commentary there: it really is unspeakable.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Dear Bill, It seems some homosexual activists are dangerous bigots.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  4. I noticed also that gay activists ask, show me even one verse from the Bible, chapter and verse that says that marriage is between one man and one woman.

    How about, a man shall leave his mother and father, cleave unto this wife and the “two” shall become one flesh.

    Or, a man shall not lie with a man in the same way as he does with a woman.

    Or, let each bishop have “one” wife.

    Not sure what this person was reading, but its pretty clear to me, yes to one man + one woman, no to man + man, yes to “each = one” man + “one” woman.

    The gay activist must have had one of the new changed pc gay friendly, feminist friendly bibles, that deliberately changes the meanings of the real Bible to suit their agenda.

    I was in the army, and the instructors are highly trained insulters, so the gay army has bucklies of even scratching the surface with me, it’ll be like water off a ducks back. Insults and threats are the result of a failed argument, end of story, debate over, insulters and threateners loose.

    Keep up the good work of helping to expose these people to the disinfecting light of truth Bill, many of us are with you mate, so stay strong against these people. (exhort and encourage).

    Neil Waldron

  5. Bill

    I am working my way through Gary North’s book, ‘Unholy Spirits’ and his argument is that where the Law of God is neglected demonic activity increases. He also demonstrates that many of the leaders of cultish groups are children of lapsed church attenders.

    Romans 1 indicates that homosexuality is the end of the road for a generation that walks away from the Living God.

    Frankly, many church leaders of the past will have a lot to answer for in the day of judgment, in regards to the antinomianism that they have preached, paving the way for the things that you describe in your articles. Grace summons repentance; it is not an excuse for continued rebellion.

    The nation (the culture) follows the church.

    Lance A Box

  6. I’m speechless. Oh Lord, how long till the tide turns? Pray that God will raise up a standard against the enemy!
    Alison Stanley

  7. Some of these threats may not be idle.

    Most people who have followed this issue for any length of time have heard of Mathew Shepard, whose death had less to do with homosexuality and much more to do with drugs and money. (But that doesn’t stopped the activists still dredging up that case to make emotionally manipulative false accusations and associations.)

    People instead should memorise the name of Mary Stachowicz, a 51 year-old mother of four, who was raped and killed by a 6 foot tall 19 year old man in 2002 because she challenged her killer’s homosexual lifestyle. The defence even tried to get the jury believe the five-foot-five-and-half-inch woman attacked him!

    Then read this article which details the reaction on the internet of some. The pick of the bunch is this one – after paying lip service to the illegality of murder, you get this:
    “I really don’t feel sorry for her. She paid a very steep price for being an arrogant religious fascist. Too bad for her.”

    I think we are reaching the point where virtually everything people assume about who are the victims and protagonists is 180 degrees the opposite. It says a great deal about them when – if their worldview really was so correct – they can’t ignore a short speech from a 14 year old girl!

    Perhaps just a little sensitive? I can hear the lame justifications already. No, there is no excuse, in the world of adults you are responsible for your own behaviour.

    The truth is that if you can’t handle a 14 year old girl disagreeing with your lifestyle to the point of threatening to kill her then you are actually the one broadcasting to the world that you have some very very serious issues.

    Mark Rabich

  8. Poor little girl indeed.

    Imagine being homeschooled by whackjob nutters like her parents, sheltered from the real world to grow up with a mind poisoned against reality.

    She’s probably never met a gay person.

    She probably thinks the world is 6,000 years old and humans are descended from Adam and Eve.

    This is exactly why homeschooling should be outlawed. This kid doesn’t stand a chance in the real world.

    Morton Dill

  9. Thanks Morton

    I always appreciate it when you guys reveal your hand, and show us your fascist agendas. Why stop at merely banning all education that you don’t consider to be acceptable? Why don’t you feed them to the lions while you are at it? Maybe burn them slowly at the stake?

    Gotta love all the love, acceptance and tolerance that oozes from you guys. Thanks again for so very nicely making my case for me. I couldn’t even pay people to produce these zingers that you guys come up with.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Morton, Heaven forbid a parent actually teaching their children the truth as they see it! I like how anyone with a different opinion to yours must be a whackjob. Your argument stinks of the genetic fallacy and ad hominem! But you probably don’t know what they mean as your side doesn’t like to deal in logic and evidence just personal attacks. Yes, let’s all let the state indoctrinate our children into their humanistic worldview and destroy what’s left of societies morals and a person’s sense of worth. I for one would like to teach my children what I believe is the truth.

    Before you pull the ‘you’ve probably never met a gay person’ on me I’ll tell you that yes I have met quite a few. My sister in law’s brother is a homosexual and we are quite good friends. However, he knows that I don’t agree with his lifestyle and we are both ok with this. I’m not saying we don’t get into heated discussions on the topic but we both remain friends at the end. This, to me, is the very essence of tolerance not the way you’ve redefined the word to mean that we must agree and accept every sort of lifestyle imaginable.

    Luke Belik

  11. I don’t believe they would have treated an adult male the same way. It seems to me it was a case of intimidating someone young and female. The cowards…
    Damien Spillane

  12. Hi, Morton, could please enlighten me as to how you know her parents are whackjobs? Also, what accreditation do you have that enables you to make a diagnosis of their mental health situation?

    Obviously, you have personal knowledge of their home environment or you wouldn’t be making such pronouncements. That would be unkind, as well as unfair and intolerant.

    I await your response with anticipation.

    Thank you.
    Debra Franklin

  13. Morton, personal attacks only demonstrate that the truth cannot be handled, they demonstrate that the attacker has lost the argument or cannot put up logical dialogue.

    As for homeschooled children, many famous men and women have been homeschooled. Do your research and you will find many, for example, Helen Beatrix Potter, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin and we all are familiar with Whoopi Goldberg, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Charlie Chaplin just to name a few.

    So your argument against homeschooling isn’t logical. Thank God for homeschooling, otherwise our society would not have had the men and women of the stature as mentioned above.

    As for this kid standing a chance in the real world most homeschooled children are better adjusted for ‘the real world’ and discuss real world topics such as the carbon debate, homelessness, the holocaust and yes even homosexuality and why it is a negative lifestyle choice.

    Now before you shoot the messenger, do your research and view the studies that have been done that prove that it is a negative choice.

    As for the world being only 6000 years old, maybe it is, but who cares how old the world is? The real issue we should all be concerned with is, is God real? Logically there is more evidence for the existence of God than otherwise and therein lies the real problem for people who want to live sinful lives, one day they will be held accountable by God.

    Morton, Christians do not hate homosexuals, we are more than willing to accept you, the person, it is your lifestyle and agenda that is unacceptable

    The world did become a better place when Christianity influenced it. However the more we remove Christianity from our society the worse it seems to get.

    Fred Merlo

  14. Anyone who believes Iron Age myths is clearly insane.

    And as for your title, Bill, anyone would think gays had been holding a knife to her throat. Talk about over-exaggeration.

    What do you make of the death threats Christians have made to a teenage girl in America who complained about her school’s unconstitutional prayer banner? I notice you’ve kept entirely silent about that, liking to pretend, as you do, that your lot are 100% perfect.

    Morton Dill

  15. Thanks Morton

    Ah, more sweetness and light from the tolerance brigade. But we all understand that it is so much easier to childishly call people names than to actually mount an argument. Your side really does specialise in this.

    I have not heard of this case you raise so cannot really comment on it, save to say that real Christians of course do not threaten to kill others. If this did happen it was wrong and all biblical Christians would condemn such words. On the other hand you and your side are bending over backwards trying to defend and justify all this hate, poison and death threats – indeed you are engaging in your own hate and mud-slinging right now. That of course perfectly shows the very wide divide between Christianity and militant atheism and homosexualism.

    So once again, thank you very much for making my case and illustrating all this so very nicely.

    Oh, and one last thing: Christians certainly do not claim to be perfect – just forgiven.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. Bill, totally agree with you re the spiritual battle. It’s so great to see you writing such a clear, strong article and fearless in its stance. I am right behind you on this.

    Kris Jack

  17. Alison Stanley, please don’t despair. God has already raised up a standard that can and will save us. It’s called the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. It is Holiness and Love, Grace and Law–both/and, not either/or. I am reminded of Abraham’s words ‘to the rich man burning in hell, found in 16:30-3: “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.’ And he said, ‘No, father Abraham; but if one goes to them from the dead, they will repent.’ But he said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.’”
    Steve Swartz

  18. I am very concerned for this young 14 year old. I hope there are people looking out for this little one. I have two teenagers who love truth and we stand with Sarah. The reality is that these activists are blinded by their own rage, their idol is self and they need pulling into line now.
    Nonetheless we must be vigilant and take all the ground we can may this be an opportunity for the church to return to God in repentance and pray for His mercy to restore this nation.
    Paul Glover

  19. This confirms our worst fears re the tolerance thumpers.
    We can’t say we weren’t warned re this societal 5th column. When sufficient critical mass is obtained they show their true colours right on cue.

    A chilling vision of our brave new ‘tolerant’ world.

    Doug Holland

  20. I believe the parents have erred in allowing Sarah Crank to appear before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. Surely they are not so naive that they could not predict the outcome? A child needs to be nurtured and protected, not willfully exposed to the worst attacks of the enemy, including death threats. She will have time enough when she reaches adulthood to enter the battle on the Lord’s side.

    My view is that adults must fight the battle against same-sex marriage, especially men. The tactics being employed by the homosexual lobby are especially grubby and poisonous as Bill has so clearly demonstrated on many occasions. Thus this battleground is not a place for children! But where are the men when they are most needed? I trust Sarah’s father also appeared before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

    Graeme Mitchell, Sydney

  21. Morton presumably thinks that male and female sexuality is effectively interchangeable – in flagrant disregard of the physical reality of the human body – including extremely likely his own – and he’s claiming the intellectual high ground? Wow.

    Add to that that in his “real world” grown men feel threatened by 14 year old girl’s opinions to the point of losing self-control. I guess that must be that brilliant ‘approved’ government education that taught you those assured ‘real life’ skills, eh, Morton?

    I suspect Sarah Crank has more intelligence, sanity and courage in her little finger than all the haters combined are showing. Good for her.

    Mark Rabich

  22. Graeme, you’re possibly right, but part of the problem is that the other side fights dirty with various kinds of emotional manipulation, using children of all ages as props for their twisted agenda. Sarah quite probably would’ve known what she was facing but wouldn’t have cared. I think anybody who has experienced the stubborn teenager, especially the female version, can attest to this…

    I suspect the reaction will just confirm and galvanise her views.

    Mark Rabich

  23. One wonders if the FBI will instigate a hate crimes investigation against some of Sarah’s detractors or is ‘hate’ a ‘one way street’.

    Besides I would imagine that, like Australia, it is a criminal offense to threaten death to someone by electronic means.

    As Christians we should remember Sarah in prayer.

    Doug Holland

  24. What a tragic mess this is. Surely such evil venom expressed against a child is unacceptable to any rational person?
    What then are we to infer about the heart, the values, of one who clearly does consider such comments acceptable?
    Anna Cook

  25. Lance, if your comment about the nation and the culture following the church, then we are in big trouble.
    Isn’t it that churches fall over backwards to be “relevant” and “contemporary”?
    Bill, could you research this claim, for if it is correct, which I suspect it could well be, then the case must be made loud and clear for church leaders to understand and heed the call to lead the nation in holiness, purity and righteousness and not to be afraid to stand out like a sore thumb on occasions.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  26. Morton, could it be that this protected young girl could not survive in real life as you put it, because of people like you, not only calling her parents and her own beliefs “iron age myths” or worse, but also threatening her life? The fact that it wasn’t a knife held to her throat is really not important, for the greatest gap is not between thought and action but between one thought or another. Thoughts lead to actions just as planting seeds lead to full grown plants of the kind that you planted. to continue to put restraints on the expression of thoughts that you agree with and enjoy is in the long run more than human strength is capable of. The mind is the battle ground, therefore, what the bible teaches on “renewing the mind” is the only successful way to not be a schizophrenic. What you think of a lot is what you end up doing, therefore verbal threats are not much better than physical ones. and can be excused and defended just as little.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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