Celebrities, and Losing the Faith

Keeping the faith is what all Christians are called to do. However some seem to be losing it, or at least watering good hunks of it down. This happens often of course, but it certainly gets played out in the world at large when celebrities come on the scene, affirming their Christian faith, only to seem to lose it as they make the big time.

Britney Spears comes to mind here, for example. They start off claiming to be Christians, and sometimes claim to be virgins as well, but as the spotlight shines and the glitter and glamour takes over, some of those values tend to wear down over time.

It looks like we have another case with Australian singer Guy Sebastian. He came to fame winning Australian Idol in 2003. I recall a Christian friend urging me to alert my followers to make sure to vote for him since he was a Christian. Well he has made the big time since then, and while his career is going great guns, one must ask hard questions about his faith.

A new article gives us cause for concern. Of course a short article is not enough to take any firm conclusions from, yet what is said does seem to be quite a worry. The piece begins this way: “Guy Sebastian has come a long way since winning Australian Idol in 2003. Then, he was the country’s most talked-about virgin and a devout Christian. Now, Sebastian is a happily married dad and yesterday revealed his religious beliefs had also changed. A song on Sebastian’s new Armageddon album, called Get Along, highlights the fear and ignorance inherent in many faith groups.

“The singer, 30, said he still believed in God, but is more informed about religion than he was in his youth. ‘My views are more based on life and discovery and research than just what I’m told,’ he said. ‘Because what I was told in regards to so many things was so wrong. I’ve gone from a place where I was told there was one way and only one way, to being more in a place where I don’t think anyone has the right to say what they believe is more important or more significant.’

“Sebastian also spoke out in favour of gay marriage. ‘I don’t think anyone has the right to tell someone who they can and can’t be in love with,’ he said. ‘You look back at the unfair things that happen in history and this will be looked back on as one of those things. People will think “Oh my gosh I can’t believe the world was in that state, that they held those views”. It’s pretty unfair for people to not be able to claim the same benefits, that’s ridiculous’.”

So he admits his beliefs have changed. We almost need to read between the lines here, but what is said seems to indicate a change for the worse. We will have to wait and see what the lyrics are to his song Get Along. But it sounds a bit dodgy.

However, when he goes on about rejecting his earlier beliefs about there being only one way, then that is a real concern. One must imagine that he is referring to nothing other than the basic Christian belief that Jesus is the only way to the Father. That is Christianity 101, and without that core belief, one really can be asked if they really are a Christian.

Jesus of course was incredibly clear on all this: “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’” (John 14:6). Or as we read in Acts 4:1: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

So if he is rejecting Jesus as the only way, then it sounds like he is no longer claiming to be a Christian. He says he still believes in God. Well, with all due respect, that can mean anything. And as we are told in Scripture, the devils also believe in God: “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that – and shudder” (James 2:19).

And what about this peculiar remark: “I don’t think anyone has the right to say what they believe is more important or more significant”? Really? So was Jesus quite wrong then? He certainly seemed to think that what he said and did was supremely important and more significant than what anyone else had ever said or done. He made it out to be a matter of life and death, not just mere personal taste or preference.

Equally worrying is his total capitulation to the homosexual agenda. Of course this is not new. Back in 2006 already he was pushing this foolishness. In an interview that year we find him saying this:

There was a mini-debate about you saying you had a lot of gay friends and so were offended by the word “faggot”, but that homosexuality surely clashes with your Christian beliefs?
That’s the sad side of Christianity. That’s not how it’s meant to be. I’ve been to gay clubs heaps of times. That’s the old fundamentalist way of thinking that’s unfortunately spread through all these generations. They miss the whole point of Christianity which is love. God loves people whether they are black, white, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever. As a Christian, we’re never going to get close to being sinless or perfect, and I’m no better than anybody on this earth, but our No.1 goal is to be as loving as we can. We aim to be like God, so for me, I think that’s a really ugly side of when people get lost in religion. It’s funny, Shannon (Noll) gets called that, Anthony (Callea), all my friends in the industry. That’s the word everyone picks — as soon as you’re in the industry you’re gay.
You’re not anti gay marriage?
I’m not really anti anything. If you’re a gay couple why not? I don’t really have a stance because I don’t know what it’s like to be told you’re not allowed to marry somebody. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

I recall at the time telling a group of students that perhaps he was just trying to be a bit cool with a secular interviewer. So I tried to be gracious and hope that he did not really mean all that. But it is fully reaffirmed here alright. It is the same sentimental, sappy secular humanism masquerading as Christianity.

His unbiblical notion of love acts as a trump to anything and everything else. ‘As long as you love someone it is OK’ he seems to insist. Well, if I love two others is that cool too? If I love my cat, is that alright? If I love my sister can we get married?

His replies are simply foolish and completely contrary to the clear teachings of Scripture. Indeed, if his “views are more based on life and discovery and research” nowadays than the sure Word of God, well then anything goes. He has allowed personal experience to be the final authority on everything, including what God has specifically revealed to us in Scripture.

So it is not at all looking good for Guy Sebastian. Of course we all can and should pray that he comes back to his senses, and comes back to biblical Christianity. He seemed to start out strong. But in Christianity, it is not how you start that counts, but how you finish.

As Paul could say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). I hope that this will be true of Guy – and all of us for that matter.


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  1. “I’m not really anti anything.” That about sums it up, I guess. Wonder if the Good Guy would be anti-Hitler, or anti-abortion, or anti-poverty, or anti-let’s-not-trash-the environment–it’s a very, very long list of things not to be opposed to!

    BTW, the rather clear teaching of Scripture is that one does not lose one’s salvation. What God saves, God preserves eternally.

    Steve Swartz

  2. Why can people not see the difference between the truth that God loves all people but hates what some of them do and wants them to change. Jesus loved the prostitute but told her ‘go sin no more’.

    Patricia Rogers

  3. So, Guy Sebastian knows better than God about male and female? I don’t think so. How many living things has Guy created that have the ability to reproduce? It isn’t “love” when basic facts about life and human physiology are ignored. “Love… rejoices with the truth” The parts don’t fit, how much more plain does it need to be?!

    “God loves people whether they are black, white, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever.”

    There is no evidence that people are ‘born gay’, straight or otherwise. Identical twins do not correlate with homosexuality anywhere near 100% of the time, unlike sex, or hair colour, or skin colour. And everybody can already marry, since marriage is open to both men and women, and therefore everybody qualifies. Guy has swallowed the poison, as indeed many others have. Yes, I pray he comes to his senses.

    Mark Rabich

  4. As I was listening to Guy some years ago I realised he was a ‘social christian’ similiar to what we call ‘rice christians’. They come for and enjoy the social network or the rice. The parable of the sower spells the fate of this type of believer. Its the rocky ground convert who Jesus said is a false convert, they hear the word with joy but soon get chocked up by the lights of Egypt. Jesus daid if we do not understand the parable of the sower we will not understand the wheat and the tares, the foolish virgins etc.,
    I have had to come to terms with 3 of my kids who all attended bible college – they call Jesus their Saviour but Her is certainly not their Lord. Their lifestyle, their verbal witness testifies they want the ticket to heaven but they dismiss the ‘obey’ and ‘follow’ and ‘take up your cross’ parts. So Sad!! 🙁 Even the devil believes in Jesus as Saviour but his intent is for us to be carnal and disobey. Not only pray for Guy if you come across him – warn him – as I have challenged my children aged between 24 and 40. So sad:(

    Ilona Sturla

  5. Steve, ‘what God saves, God saves eternally’ I quote you here – so why did Jesus take great pains to talk about those folk who hear the word with rejoicing and later get chocked up? The bible also tells us our names can be removed from the book of life….its not for us to judge who is in or out but the bible does say ‘examine the fruit’ as Jesus said a good tree will produce good fruit.
    Bill, what bothers me is what God bought my attention to 20 years ago. I was saved in a Hillsong night meeting with lots of razza matazz – all was great – but it was the Holy Spirit who brought me to repentance 3 weeks later – through grief and tears I confessed and realised I was a sinner saved by grace. As I witness the altar calls without repentance but rather a cheap ticket to heaven I realise most of our churches are filled with false converts eg the parable of the sower.
    After 3 years of bible college I felt the Holy Spirit say ‘you’ve been entertained, what are you going to do with what you have learnt?’
    Then my husband came home with the same word – we got before the Lord – sold our house moved on – and the last 20 years have incorporated living in Vietnam, evangelising in China, Korea, Taiwan and for 15 years we have initiated many small groups, introduced them to Jesus, discipled, baptised them and sent them out to do the same.
    My problem with Guy’s comment is that he will stand for anything which is not gospel – he leaves himself open to fall for anything – rocky ground convert.
    I would rather the evangelical churches spent less on hi fi music technology and taught the pain of love, the pain of the gospel and not hype it up to be all about the groovy music and prosperity.
    As the wheat and tares grow side by side in our churches Jesus has warned not all who call Him Lord Lord will be saved. But CEO pastors believe success is in numbers so we will never hear this preached from the pulpits!

    Ilona Sturla

  6. He works in entertainment which, along with academia and the media, is probably the toughest environment to remain faithful to Jesus given how openly defiant of our God these areas and industries generally are.

    It’s a fine line to walk when your job is to create and promote idols without actually becoming an idolater.

    It’s a pity he is not choosing to be a light in that darkness.

    Simon Fox

  7. Hi Bill,

    Found a video of this new song:

    The line that stands out to me is the line
    “Maybe if we were together….we’d already have the heaven here on earth” (2:30 into video).
    Surely, he is now more humanistic that Christian. Promoting heaven as a place without God and one that humans can achieve.
    This is wretched stuff indeed.


    Cameron Spink

  8. Thanks Bill, for repeating Guy’s comments on gay marriage from way, way back. I’d been looking or them, to show a friend who thinks Guy’s stance is new and just jumping on the current bandwagon. As for the rest … well, it was predictable that the Herald Sun piece would bring Christians of the creepy variety out of the woodwork to pass judgment.

    Zannah Lee

  9. Sorry Steve Swartz, “What God saves God preserves eternally” is not the clear teaching of scripture.
    What is clear is that Jesus said you shall know them by their fruit. It is clear that guy is on his way to hell unless he repents of sin, his false religion and doctrines of devils.
    Guy has got a free will and it is clear that he does not want the Jesus of the Bible.

    1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    It has been clear for a number of years now that guy has come into the above category. If he ever was in the faith he has now clearly departed the faith.

    Put him on your prayer list to get saved.

    Daniel Hagen

  10. Thanks guys

    This may not be the proper place to get into a detailed debate on a rather complex theological issue, namely the question of the perseverance of the saints. Those who argue you can fall away will see this case with Guy of being a clear example, while those who hold to the eternal security of believers will suggest he was never a Christian to begin with.

    The truth is, we have lots of biblical data to work with here: many, many texts which speak of God’s ability to keep those who are his own, yet many, many texts which offer sober warnings about falling away. Since this debate has been going on for centuries now, it will not likely be resolved here. But we can at least keep praying for Guy that he either returns to his original faith, or gets saved in the first place!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Regarding the perseverance of the saints, I look at it this way. The most famous Scriptures used are Hebrews 13:5 and Deuteronomy 31:6 “I will never leave you not forsake you”. I believe this absolutely because Jesus is faithful. HOWEVER, I firmly believe that I can forsake Him and leave Him. I have free choice and can forsake Him or leave Him when I chose!

    Getting back to Guy. Here is some Scripture he should carefully meditate on:
    1 Corinthians 15:33: Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”

    The entertainment industry is inherently evil. This is a fact. Many people think they can withstand the temptations and end up shipwrecked. I do not know this person Guy and wish him all the best but he also needs to remember Mark 8:36 – 36 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

    Lee Wardle

  12. Dear Bill, Popularity directs many who profess the name of our dear Lord. Peer pressure is succumbing to the pressure of those who follow the arch-deceiver and not the Lord of truth. As a grandparent I long for young people, who display the courage of USA’s premier footballer, Tebow, who falls on his knees in thanksgiving to his Lord for his unique transcending football. 100 million viewers know the genuineness of this young man. So with us.
    Pray Guy will meet the risen Lord on his Damascus road.
    Harrold Steward

  13. Perseverance of the saints — Mmmm, seems to me it is God who does the persevering, not us fallible, unreliable, saints.

    Phil Manley

  14. When God says he will never leave me nor forsake me, I can’t but believe it is true. If my salvation depended in the slightest on my effort to stay on the narrow road I am sure I would be lost.

    I also believe the warnings in Scripture are real warnings to make our calling and election sure- to make sure we are real Christians by living lives of repentance. So I will pray that Guy will truly repent!

    David Morrison

  15. Thanks guys

    Getting back to the topic at hand…! Sadly, things get even worse in the hard copy version of this article in the Herald Sun. There we read:

    “I still believe in God, I still believe in the fundamentals of that. But I base it on the fact God is love. I don’t feel God is what people have said He is throughout generations. For me it’s a faith. People sometimes lose the concept of faith. I don’t know if there’s only one God, I don’t know if there’s a God, I just have a faith that there is. That’s what I’ve grown up with. But the minute it starts to become about hate, I switch off.”

    Wow: “I don’t know if there’s only one God, I don’t know if there’s a God”! Not much biblical faith going on there. It sounds like all he has is faith in himself. And then that bit about hate! It sounds like by that he means if anyone pulls him up and reminds him of biblical truth and the exclusive truth claims of Jesus, that somehow becomes hate! So share with him a few verses from the gospels, he reacts to it as hate speech, and he switches off. Incredible. This is the sound of apostasy speaking, not biblical faith. All the more reason to keep him in our prayers.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. When a so called Christian can go on a TV show called Australian Idol, and have a whole church tune in during the service to vote for him. This in itself is a huge worry, because the scripture is clear about putting anything before God (that being idols).

    When one witnesses women attending the abortion clinic to kill their unborn children from this church and others like it. With the attitude its ok God forgives me anyway!!

    When you have leaders in this church dining with Muslims to get votes for Family First the alarm bells should be well and truly sounding. Hey but remember they have some of our values as this leader told me. They don’t drink! Yep, but how do they treat women? And what will they do to the infidels, which is non believers of Islam??? Yep, slit our throats but that’s all ok!!!! We just need those votes. Do a deal with the
    devil you will get burnt!!

    This church is not preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Entertainment is the highest agenda. How about walking the Calvary Road??? Mmm What is that????

    The fruit of the leadership is flowing down to a wish washy gospel. Which is being reflected amongst the people who attend. No repentance of sin, once you are saved you can live your life how you like with no accountability! However, my bible teachers otherwise! If one is truly saved they turn away from their sin.

    Robyn Grace

  17. Please folks, don’t get me wrong. Is there hope for Guy? Of course. Luke 15 gives three clear examples of lost sheep, a coin and a son being found. My point, rather imprecisely and succinctly made, is that, as in these parables, God preserves, searches for, waits for and eventually, sovereignly, perseveringly restores the lost thing to what it was originally–God’s possession in the first place, from the foundation of the world. The coin certainly didn’t exercise will, nor the sheep. As for the son, well he came to his senses in deep, deep despair–or perhaps his senses came to him!

    Steve Swartz

  18. Hi Bill.

    As a Reformed Christian myself I firmly believe in the notion of “once saved, always saved” (“perseverence of the saints”). This is something that, along with the other 4 points of “Calvinism” seems abundantly clear to me each time I read the bible. But this is my belief and Bill’s right; this is probably not the place to debate this!

    Aside from this, that is sad about Guy Sebastian, but, unfortunately he is not alone here. Cliff Richard is another supposed “Christian” entertainer who has expressed support for gay “marriage”, see this link:


    Then there are a number of other formerly-Christian artists who have since renounced the faith. It is always sad when this happens. All we can do is pray for these people that God would truly save them (as it seems doubtful they were truly saved) and open their eyes to the deceptions they are currently embracing.

    Mick Koster

  19. Robyn, I think you have jumped off the deep end here by unnecessarily criticising a particular church that some readers of this blog attend. As for your rant about Family first I think your questions as to how the party is now run and by whom can be answered by reading their policies on the website. I’m sure you would agree that many faiths could unite under these values for the purpose of a family friendly party. Guy was raised in a Christian family and attended a school so should they be criticised also?

    Guy has obviously allowed himself to explain his beliefs on faith and intolerance to a secular interviewer and that probably wasn’t the wisest of choices nor was his use of semantics (I think that’s the right word but it is late!). I actually thought he might have meant he has faith to believe in those things, the fundamentals – rather than saying “I know”.

    I am actually more concerned at how youth pastors around our nation from all churches are going to respond to the article and what will they be telling our young people.

    Amanda Simpson

  20. Oh please Mick Koster and other Calvinists. If Calvinism is true, then it is possible that Guy has no fault in this. God has simply pre destined Guy to be a vessel of wrath…..
    What rot…… (Please read Romans 9 in context with the whole of the Bible and without the t.u.l.i.p glasses)

    The truth is that God is not willing that Guy or anyone should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    Daniel Hagen

  21. Yet another “Christian” denying Christ. It is a shame really. So many “Christians” do more damage to the cause than any atheist can. 🙁

    Ian Nairn

  22. “as the spotlight shines and the glitter and glamour takes over, some of those values tend to wear down over time.” I’ve often wondered how I would be if I was suddenly plunged into the big, fast world of glamour, success, and money – and suppose it had happened to me when young … how would I have behaved? Would I have been corrupted by it? I might well have. These young Christian celebrities probably get temptations that I have never known, and never had; for this reason, I’m quick to be grateful that I’ve not had such things, ever, and slow to judge them harshly. Above all young Christians in the acting world need our prayers, it must be really tough there.
    John Thomas, UK

  23. I was reading an article about this today and there were 75 comments on this scenario, at a glance it appeared that a substantial number of those people claimed to be Christians and fully declared their support for his stance, that is a real worry, it shows that churches are increasingly filling up with people who really do not understand the Bible at all, they all seem to be emphasising loving one another, as usual this is Satan’s strategy, give them only a part of the truth, well, as we know, one part by itself in anything does not make it complete or right, you need ALL the parts, doctrine, love, truth & discernment.

    Steve Davis

  24. The fact that there is a fallen angel once named Lucifer and numerous angels that once worshiped God is proof enough that God does indeed give a choice, God gives His creation free choice and free will, love demands it. Once saved always saved is a dangerous doctrine and unbiblical. If it were true, then God was just playing games with Adam and Eve. As for Guy, anyone who say’s that they aren’t going to believe “just what they were told” obviously was in trouble to begin with, no one can tell you anything that you cant check out for yourself, so just to believe what someone tells you is foolish. If you build your house on the sand surely you will be washed away.
    Greg Sadler

  25. Guy Sebastian says, ‘I don’t think anyone has the right to tell someone who they can and can’t be in love with.’

    Well, in that case, why does he have the right to tell someone they can’t tell someone who they can and can’t be in love with?

    And since when did Christianity talk at all about “being in love”? That’s not anywhere in scripture, but it does tell us not to love anyone or anything else more than God ad it does tell us that certain actions are wrong.

    Honestly, Guy Sebastian is a singer. Why would anyone care what he thinks?

    Louise Le Mottee

  26. Hi Bill
    As a christian for the last 5 years, I’ve seen a trend in the youth ministry where the emotional happy clappy stuff seems to replace the solid Word of God which should be the basis to help grow the youth into strong outspoken advocates in a secular environment. I just feel that the chilled have fun at youth ministry is great but should be in conjunction with a more concrete sermon. We are getting watered down weak Christians who seem to play along or play dead to policies and issues that are going against them. What are your thoughts?
    Venita Lazarus, NZ

  27. It’s not just celebrities and entertainers who are capitulating to the homosexual agenda. Leading churchmen have done the same (and not just Uniting Church leaders either!). Take a look at this shameless and heterodox group:

    Andrew Kulikovsky

  28. Amanda Simpson, some of your comments are naive. Robyn Grace has had first-hand experience in the things she is taking about. She used to work for Family First SA for example.

    It is not possible to unite different faiths in support of a common understanding of family values. Whilst there may be some shared family values, the reality is that different faiths can have very different family values. One faith even values honour killing and wife beating!

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  29. Hi Daniel Hagen.

    May I recommend to you “Debating Calvinism” by James White and Dave Hunt where the issues are addressed by both sides of the debate? Well worth the read. Oh, and I might add that this is something I have wrestled with for over 20 years as I certainly did not believe the reformed tenets when I first believed.

    My God’s grace be with you and all who visit this site.

    Mick Koster

  30. As Simon Fox said;
    “He works in entertainment which, along with academia and the media, is probably the toughest environment to remain faithful to Jesus given how openly defiant of our God these areas and industries generally are”.

    Pretty obvious.
    Now, since most of the people posting here do not have influence over millions of young people, and the attendant demonic pressure that goes along with it…
    Can any of us say anything more than –
    “There, but for the grace of God, go I”
    “Oops, I should have prayed for him after 2003”.
    “Let’s pray for him now”.

    Tim Lovett

  31. Ewan, I am hardly naive. I said faiths could unite under “these values”, the ones outlined in the policies of FF for the purpose of electing decent people into parliament. FF is a family party and would draw voters from all backgrounds. I certainly go out of my way to enlighten people of FF policies regardless of their religious views and this is usually well received.

    Amanda Simpson

  32. Amanda — In addition to what Ewan is saying, the reality is that even Bob Katter’s Australia Party, WA Liberals and Nationals, for example, have written into their constitution, core values and/or principles — for all to read — that they uphold Christian values. But not Family First. What are they scared of? Considering the party was started by Andrew Evans, a long-time AOG minister, for the primary purpose of “turning around immorality in our society before it’s too late”, it certainly seems strange why the Family First Party needs to be shy about its views!

    Australian Party http://www.ausparty.org.au/who-we-are/values-and-principles.html

    WA Liberal Party See page 20 http://www.wa.liberal.org.au/sites/www.wa.liberal.org.au/files/constitution_0.pdf

    Nationals see page 3 http://nationals.org.au/Portals/0/2011/The%20Nationals%20Federal%20Constitution%20WEB.PDF

  33. Hi Mick Koster,
    Mate to keep it on the Guy theme, are you telling me that you believe that it is possible that God has pre destined Guy to go to hell and their is nothing that he can do about it? (Limited atonement)
    And if you do believe this show me one scripture that supports it?
    No offence but I think to many ‘reformers’ are quoting other men, when we should be quoting THE MAN, The WORD.
    I am happy that John Calvin stood up on saints day, but I am not happy that he has become to many the new protestant pope. The Church needs a reformation from Calvinism.
    P.s I do appreciate and respect alot of what James White does, just not on the dangerous and damaging t.u.l.i.p theory.
    Daniel Hagen

  34. Here are the song lyrics to Guy’s song ‘Get Along’…

    Some only want some shelter
    Someone a mansion in the sky
    Some want a thousand virgins
    Some move battle with their mind

    And when all the worlds collide
    All they know is too divide
    And it’s easy if their faceless
    To hate the other side
    And the others caught between
    Are the only ones to bleed
    And the ones they leave behind
    Can only sit and cry

    Dear God, dear soul
    Dear Mary , Mohammed
    Can we just get along
    Can we just get along
    Dear heart, dear life
    Dear soldier, dear martyr
    Where did we go wrong,
    Can we all just get along

    Some set fire to crosses
    Some fight the right to cross their dream
    Some don’t believe at all
    But do anything to make the news

    And when all the worlds collide
    All they know is too divide
    And it’s easy if their faceless
    To hate the other side
    And the others caught between
    Are the only ones to bleed
    And the ones they leave behind
    Can only sit and cry

    Dear God, dear soul
    Dear Mary , Mohammed
    Can we just get along
    Can we just get along
    Dear heart, dear life
    Dear soldier, dear martyr
    Where did we go wrong,
    Can we all just get along

    Maybe if we’d work together
    We’d already have a heaven here on earth

    [Chorus x2]
    Dear God, dear soul
    Dear Mary , Mohammed
    Can we just get along
    Can we just get along
    Dear heart, dear life
    Dear soldier, dear martyr
    Where did we go wrong,
    Can we all just get along

    Scott Haas

  35. Oh please, what a disgrace. This man has nothing to do with Christianity. He has had years exposed to the Gospel and he has willingly chosen against it. My attitude – stand up loud and proud against him so that others are not duped by his damnable heresies, and spend my time praying for those that have NEVER heard the Gospel – that God would send out missionaries across the world to help those ones. If Guy wants to serve his demons – he can go have them.
    Linda Trevenen

  36. As a Christian, one should at least be “against evil”, whatever else one may not be against. Of course, the Lord Himself determines what is good and what is evil, that is why loving our neighbour without loving God first doesn’t work, because everyone of us has a different idea of what is good and what is evil. Only God’s perfect opinion on that can unite us truly.

    Even a Christian in the public eye, if he doesn’t want to face the “love and tolerance crowd”, could refuse to comment on these issues, especially when he is a singer and not a politician or something who is expected to have a definite opinion on things. So, it is worrying that Guy was so obliging with his comments that do not reflect the religion he once defended.
    And for goodness sake, when they talk about love in the context of marriage, they are obviously talking about having sex, because that is the only thing that distinguishes marriage from any other relationship we have, which all should contain plenty of love.
    So instead of his comment “who is to tell someone else who to love”, it should read “who is to tell someone whom they have sex with?”
    Well, plenty of people must tell people whom they are to have sex with, that is a public domain issue.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  37. Hi Bill

    Just started following your report. So far enjoying it. I also get the abc news feeds and was interested to read some of you latest articles regarding lack of reporting on the abortion walk. Re this posts issue, have a look at this article just out


    Like you said in a previous post, we shouldn’t be shocked at this, but the apostasy is still appalling…

    Dwayne Ballast

  38. There is no way in Hades that Mr Sebastian can continue this love affair with this world and popular culture and honestly lay claim to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or fellowship with those of the historic and biblical Christian Faith….it was uttered from the lips of the Redeemer Himself that one cannot serve two masters…….as Bill suggests, the signs for Guy are truly worrying…..but all is not lost.
    Ryan J Moss

  39. I know of a minister who effectively made the opposite decision to Guy. Guy has sold out his faith for a career in music, while this man sold out his potential career in music (and he is a phenomenal talent) in order to serve Jesus with his whole life. Guy had and still has the choice while he draws breath. He needs to re-open his ears to the truth and repent and stop simply regurgitating the world’s mantras.

    Mario Del Giudice

  40. When I read what is typed in the comments here, I feel sad to read opinions against Guy – they all seem built on hate and anger, while guy’s words seem to be filled and based on love and acceptace. I think a loving God would be most pleased with his comments when compared to all the judgemental, negative, hate filled comments written against him here.
    Anna Brown

  41. Thanks Anna

    I of course do not know if you claim to be a Christian here. If you do, I don’t think you know much about this loving God – at least according to Scripture. Certainly the Biblical God loves, but it is a jealous and holy love. When the beloved turns away and calls sin good, that is not something God can just ignore. Indeed, when someone claiming to be a Christian turns his back on Christ, then the most loving thing to do is seek to show him the error of his ways. There is nothing at all unloving in warning a wayward brother about his actions, and how he risks putting himself outside of God’s saving grace for all eternity. It is in fact quite unloving not to warn such a person.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  42. Jesus said his followers are the salt of the earth, seems to me Guy Sebastian is about as salty as a watermelon!
    Andrew Labb

  43. Many people from my generation don’t think about the implications of what they say or believe — they just say it.
    “I’m not really anti-anything” has MASSIVE implications & I wonder how much he has thought through them because if he had I bet he would state his claim differently.
    Jenn Neuberger

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