More Scenes From the Abortion Wars

The mass murder of millions of innocent babies each year has got to be the most important moral issue of our time. Just as Blacks used to be treated as non-persons and treated accordingly, so too the unborn are treated as just so much disposable trash.

Never mind all the obvious inconsistencies here, such as the fact that every single person pushing their ugly pro-death agenda was once also an unborn baby – a mere blob of tissue as they would say. Fortunately whoever bore them did not look at them as nonpersons to be disposed of at will, but real human beings worthy of life and protection.

For example, many people who were conceived in rape are so glad their mother did not simply have them killed. One clear example of this comes from the US. “Juda Myers has made it her life’s mission to reach out to women victimized by rape, and to protect unborn babies conceived by rape and incest from the injustice of abortion.

“Too often, legislators— and even some pro-lifers—make concessions for abortion in the cases of rape and incest, claiming that the exceptions are compassionate for the women involved. While the trauma of rape cannot be overstated, Juda told Texas Right to Life that such a claim unfairly compares the value of the mother’s life and her baby’s life. ‘I think they’re equal,’ she said.

“Juda was conceived when her mother was attacked and raped while walking home alone late at night. Juda was placed for adoption as an infant, and as an adult met her birth mother. ‘I want people to know the joy I have in living,’ said Juda. ‘And I want people to know the joy my mother has in living’.”

You can see her amazing story in a video link (see below). A much less inspiring story – in fact a deeply disturbing story – comes from what the genocidal group Planned Parenthood is up to. It involves a father who raped his own daughter, and then had the baby aborted at PP.

“Denise Fairbanks from Ohio finally got some justice after years of being sexually abused by her father and Planned Parenthood knowingly did nothing to help her. The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Ohio, settled a lawsuit with Denise Fairbanks who had an abortion in their clinic at the age of 16 when they failed to report the rape to the authorities.

“The Life Legal Defense Foundation, a pro-life legal group, helped the girl with the lawsuit. Fairbanks had been sexually abused since age 13. She became pregnant by her father at 16. Her father took her to the local Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion. The girl told the staff at the clinic that her father forced her to have sex, but they chose not to report the abuse to authorities nor did they make any inquiry about the alleged abuse, allowing the father to continue raping his daughter. By law Planned Parenthood must report rape cases to the local police.”

As Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation said, “This is just one of multiple cases which have demonstrated Planned Parenthood’s willingness to cover up for sex offenders.”

Indeed PP is evil incarnate. As the world’s largest provider of abortion, it is now the biggest killing-machine on the planet. Another article states, “Planned Parenthood Works to Maintain U.S. Position as One of Four Nations in the World with the Most Radical Pro-Abortion Policies”.

The article continues, “Planned Parenthood is more than just outside mainstream American values. Its effort to preserve an abortion-on-demand policy through all nine months of pregnancy is out of step with the global community. In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (and its companion case Doe v. Bolton) ‘constitutionalized’ abortion, nullifying the abortion laws of all 50 states. As a result, the United States is currently one of only nine nations that allow abortion after 14 weeks of gestation.

“Even among this group, however, the United States is one of the most permissive in its treatment of abortion, placing it in the company of China, North Korea, and Canada, the only countries in the world that permit abortion for any reason after fetal viability. Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring that the United States stays in this “select” group of countries whose laws allow abortion at any time, for any reason.”

Of course you can add Victoria, Australia to this list of killer nations. And in the US, President Obama actively supports and promotes PP. We expect that from BHO. What we don’t – or should not – expect is for those who claim to be Christians who still intend on voting for this most pro-death president ever.

These so-called believers have blood on their hands, and will one day stand before the Almighty to give an account of how they aided and abetted such monstrous evil. Fortunately not all Christians are gullible, naive and complicit in evil. Some know we must resist this devilish agenda.

One such believer is California pastor Shane Idleman. As one write-up puts it, he “is all too aware of the moral decline he sees in the United States and he’s speaking out about it. But what irritates him is the cowardice he finds in many churches when it comes to tackling ‘hot button’ issues. ‘I’m sick and tired of the passive, lukewarm, coward church doing nothing and saying nothing because it offends people. Yeah, it’s a hot button, absolutely. But if the truth doesn’t come from here (church), where does it come from?’ he posed during his Sunday sermon at Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, Calif.

“Idleman wasn’t afraid to be blunt as he joined hundreds of other pastors throughout the country in preaching on politics just ahead of the November presidential election as part of Pulpit Freedom Sunday. ‘If I were to be honest, there’s cowards in our pulpits in our nation,’ he stated. ‘I’m going to come up here and preach about being nice to your neighbor … as limbs are being pulled from uteruses? Vacuumed out because you don’t want it (the baby)? Let’s support that, let’s fund that. It’s ridiculous!’”

The article continues, “‘God help us,’ he said, lamenting the moral direction of America. ‘The minute that somebody tells me that leadership does not matter, that legislation does not matter, they better wake up folks. They are legislating everything that goes against God’s standard.’ The nation, he said, is on a collision course to disaster as good is being called evil and evil, good. ‘We have forsaken God in many ways,’ Idleman stated.

“The father of three became emotional when he addressed abortion. ‘God’s Word has some serious warnings about shedding innocent blood,’ he said. ‘The culture says “I don’t care.” The problem is, you’re confusing God’s patience with His approval. Our sin has consequences and these things do affect people.’

“Idleman made it clear that he wasn’t getting political but rather speaking to what Scripture says as it pertains to national life. ‘Politics is not the focus. The cross of Christ is the focus but that permeates all areas of life,’ he underscored. ‘So we can’t avoid these things that are “too controversial”.’

“The Westside pastor also had a word of rebuke to churches that avoid tough issues as he pointed out how the church was once the conscience of the nation. ‘We need to stop being so seeker sensitive and politically correct and “I just want to be a motivational speaker up here”,’ he exhorted. ‘We need to go back to proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and hitting on these difficult topics’.”

Wow, finally a Christian leader with some guts and some passion. We sure could use many more like him. Given the horrendous evil of abortion, it is simply sinful for any Christian leader not to speak out on this grievous abomination. And all believers should be speaking out as well. If they don’t they will have a lot of explaining to do come judgment day.

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10 Replies to “More Scenes From the Abortion Wars”

  1. Thanks for this Bill. In fact, thanks for ALL you do. You’re in the top handful of worthies on my Heroes List.

    Blessings, good soldier of Jesus Christ. Lead on. Many are following your brave steps. This man included.

    Rolley Haggard, US

  2. I would be happier if my fellowmen would speak up against such issues. As a Priesthood Holder of 37 years I am totally appalled at the apathy of my fellow Christians. I am regarded as being radical for speaking out against such evil and the answer I get from fellow Christians is that it is inevitable.

    It is only inevitable if we do nothing and fail to speak out. It is not inevitable until such things happen. As we are all aware that Evil flourishes when good Men everywhere do nothing.

    I am not one for doing nothing, my conscience tells me that I always have to be actively engaged in doing something to halt these insidious Social and Moral Evils. God bless the Man or Woman who refuses to accept these evils and seeks wholeheartedly to hinder Satan’s prodigious plans to lead Men astray from the Moral Values that God gave as a Foundation for the underpinning of Society.

    Leigh Stebbins

  3. As a resident of Victoria I am confused how to vote. I cannot vote Labor given they ushered in our current Abortion laws, I am reluctant to vote Liberal as Ted Baillieu supported those laws and has not shown any sign of changing them.

    All I seem able to do is put them last and second last. The curse of preferential voting, I am forced to vote for someone I don’t want as our leader!

    David Churchland

  4. Thanks David

    Yes it is a dilemma. Not that I believe both parties are identical here. Labor has abortion on demand as official party policy while the Libs do not. And there may be a few more Christians and pro-lifers in the Coalition than in Labor. But you are right, when we have small ‘l’ liberals like Ted in charge, there is little difference between the two parties sadly. It does make it tough when voting. Voting for a small Christian party may be the way to go, with preferences going to the Libs perhaps.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. David, don’t think only in terms of your vote once every four years.

    Think about every day praying and working for changes to the law.

    Even a Ted Bailleau government can repent.

    John Angelico

  6. I’m truly starting to wonder if telling people how behave or you know have abortions or don’t be gay does much good. Please don’t get me wrong, I have a few friends, but mostly I’m hated. It’s not my goal to be hated but if you go around standing up for truth or in my case, the weaker people of this world the ones who can’t or have trouble defending themselves.
    So, if a person does not have Christ in their heart, and I’m or were telling them that abortion is wrong, this argument will continue for a long time. They don’t have a reference point an absolute. WE do (God). Their ears are shut.
    So So, the acceptance of Christ into their hearts is the key.
    But if a Christian has no problem with abortion then I’m bewildered. But at least we have a reference point to argue with them.
    I know all this sounds a bit leftist.
    Daniel Kempton

  7. Of course PP didn’t report the rape. If they did, the poor daughter might have had less chance of being a repeat customer.

    Louise Le Mottee

  8. Hi Bill

    This particular article has fired me up. Can see Ps Idleman’s passion in addressing the weak, ineffective gospel being preached these days. My husband and I often struggle to understand how our christian mates can vote for a PM whose policies go against our christian values. Showing love to others does not mean compromising on your stance as a Christian and what values we need to fight for. As a young couple we do feel in the minority in thinking this way, but after reading your blogs it’s encouraged us to have more confidence in speaking out, all in Godly wisdom and boldness of course 🙂

    If we cannot discuss these things in church without people getting offended then where are we supposed to do so. Since when has pleasing man taken over pleasing God.

    Thanks Bill again for such awesome articles. Keep it up. You are in our prayers.
    Venita Lazarus, NZ

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