Abortion, Public Discourse, and the Media

I am just back from a major pro-life march in Melbourne. But if you went by good hunks of the mainstream media, you would not know it ever took place. While some film crews were there, other media outlets simply ignored the whole event. Such is the nature of the MSM today: they ignore or distort anything which they happen to disagree with, pretending it is not newsworthy, or putting their own spin on it.

It was a pretty massive event to simply ignore. Police had blocked off major city streets throughout the CBD to let the thousands of pro-life marchers with their colourful banners, posters and balloons walk the several mile route. The peaceful crowd finished up at Parliament House in the heart of town where inspiring music and a number of speakers addressed the crowd.

Streets were closed, traffic was diverted, and public transport rerouted. It was a pretty big deal – but not according to some of the secular left MSM. Most in the MSM are pro-abortion, so they of course usually refuse to even recognise alternate points of view, ignoring any mass movements which take a different perspective.

The basic reason why some media groups did show up is they of course love confrontation and conflict. They knew a small bunch of noisy militants were showing up, aiming to shout down and shut down the proceedings. Thus the news reports on TV spent as much if not more time giving the small but noisy bunch of activists airtime as they did the peaceful and much larger pro-life crowd.

One news report said three and a half thousand pro-lifers marched today. That may be an accurate figure. So because of the inevitable clash, some media folks were there. And talks of “scuffles” and police intervention predominated such news reports.

Yet if a dozen activists demanding homosexual marriage had held a public demo, without any opposition and thus no conflict, the MSM would still be everywhere, even outnumbering the protestors. The 6 o’clock news would be full of this, with major stories devoted to their protests. And next day all the newspapers would likely have front page coverage of the event as well.

It remains to be seen if anything will appear in tomorrow’s press. And if there is, the attention will again be on the militants seeking to shout down the peaceful rally. Indeed, as usual the tolerance brigade was out in action today, showing us how much into love, diversity and acceptance they are. Their idea of tolerance, freedom and reason is to scream at the top of their lungs, seeking to drown out any other points of view. So much for freedom and democracy.

Here is a sampling of what they screamed at us all afternoon:

-Shame, bigots, shame! Shame, bigots, shame!
-We won, you lost! We won, you lost! We won, you lost!
-God raped Mary. She should have aborted.
-Black, white, queer, straight! Women will control our fate!
-F*ck off, bigots, f*ck off! F*ck off, bigots, f*ck off!
-Jesus was a gay sheila who was pro-choice!
-You have 99 problems. They are all misogyny.
-I had an abortion because I chose life.
-Pro-choice is pro-life.
-Not every ejaculation needs a name.

My, aren’t they a civilised, sweet and well-reasoned outfit. So much love, sound logic, and emphasis on diversity and freedom of speech. Just a wonderful bunch. I would hate to imagine what the intolerant activists would say! In marked contrast, consider some of the pro-life slogans, posters and placards found at the rally by the pro-lifers:

-It’s easy to be “Pro-choice” when you’re not the one being killed
-Cruelty to animals is called “evil”. Torture to babies is called “choice”.
-Lots of people want to adopt [but there are] no babies!
-We kill an AFL Grand Final crowd each year (that’s 90k+ in our state alone)
-Everyone deserves a birthday
-Mums need support, not pressure to abort
-Every life is valuable
-Change the law. Save the babies, help the mothers
-aDoPtion not aBoRtion
-Each life is unique from conception
(Hat tip to Mathew Hamilton for the two lists.)

As to the march, it is the annual March for the Babies, held to draw attention to the horrific pro-death legislation passed in Victoria in 2008. This was perhaps the most liberal, open-slather abortion legislation passed anywhere in the Western world. So each year thousands of us remind our leaders and politicians what is at stake here.

And some 20,000 dead babies each year is a major part of this. So Liberal MLC Bernie Finn has courageously been holding these marches to address the fundamental human rights issue of our day. He gave an impassioned talk, as did fellow MLC Jan Kronberg.

If these two MPs ever leave Parliament, they should become preachers – they have fire in their bellies and convictions of steel. They are champions. Other speakers at the meeting included Lord Nicholas Windsor, the youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Another speaker, Dr. John James of Right to Life said this, “Such is the union between a mother and her baby that to attack one is to attack them both. Causing a woman to harm her own child – that is real misogyny.” Other speakers shared their stories and inspired the large crowd.

It was a terrific afternoon. And it capped off a great weekend, with the Melbourne Prayer Breakfast Friday morning and the Inaugural March for the Babies Oration Dinner last night, organised by Bernie Finn, Denise Cameron and others. Thanks to every single person who took time out of their busy schedules to make this march a huge success. I hope we can at least double our numbers next year.

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  1. “We kill an AFL Grand Final crowd each year (that’s 90k+ in our state alone)” is that national? Isn’t Victoria 20K?

    John Angelico

  2. Channel 7 did the best report including Bernie Finn saying ‘Stop the Killing’ in a strong manner. It included a lot of good shots. I saw no report on 9 or 10 and only a short report biased to the protestors on 2 and focussed on a poster stating ‘get your rosaries off my ovaries’. Pathetic for our national broadcaster. So balanced.

    Anne-Marie Modra

  3. Great to have walked with you today Bill. To see so many families out marching was really inspiring. And the weather was good, it started to sprinkle twenty minutes after we finished.
    Blessings on the organisers.

    Graham McLennan

  4. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the speeches online in the next few days. I also long for the day when the media report on the issue and what we are protesting instead of just that there was a clash between two groups.

    Kylie Anderson

  5. It’s amazing what obscure rubbish ABC news will push through the headlines when it remotely links to GLBT, or wins for those supporting abortion, euthanasia, etc. Stuff that wouldn’t make the news in their country of origin, let alone ours but it does.

    It’s no surprise that anything good for society is ignored.

    Simon Fox

  6. Sorry I was unable to make it. Well done to all the marchers, speakers and the organizers!

    Sue McCracken

  7. The prophet Amos was told to go home… the message God gave him for the high priest of the high place at Bethel was was not one of any comfort. Surely it is just to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.. persons whose personhood and human dignity is denied by learned men like Peter Singer and Julian Savulescu.

    The “elephant in the room” on this week’s episode of Insight on SBS was the unheard voices of human embryos discarded in pursuit of a distinctly Utilitarian, Eugenicist agenda [ http://www.sbs.com.au/insight/episode/overview/505/Designing-Babies ].

    John Wigg

  8. This was on one of their banners, “My vagina has nothing to do with your god”.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  9. You missed “these people are willing to believe what’s written in books” as one of the pro-abortion messages.

    John Dekker

  10. It was an absolutely awesome day. I went with my whole family from interstate and my daughter (15yrs) is feeling so inspired and motivated, wants to start a youth pro life group in NSW.
    Some of the banners we liked said:

    Pretend I’m a tree and save me ( with a picture of a baby attached)
    If you support equality- why is it ok for big people to kill little people?

    And one I started with but people didn’t approve of, so I put it away:

    suction extraction,
    which type of abortion is ok with you?

    Thanks Bill,
    Annette Williams

  11. Dear Bill, thank you for the news about the pro-life march in Melbourne. You had a vice-regal visitor as well. It is a pity that the Victorian State Government shows no leadership on the issue. It seems the Victorian people have to be educated and organised.
    Franklin Wood

  12. Hi Bill, Just like to offer a word of encouragement and thanks for all the effort you put in on behalf of those of us who are still “lovers of the truth” in serving our Lord Jesus in these last days. I haven’t commented before being rather averse to anything to do with typing (I think it’s something left over from my school days) but figured I felt I should make an effort today. I’ve been reading your posts for about 2 years now and must say it’s good to be informed about what’s really going on in the world outside the realm of the msm. Having a fairly good idea now of your approach to things i would like to mention a chap you may even know of from Iowa, he has visited Oz & NZ before and i believe is due again for another speaking tour in mid February. He comments about world events in a very similar vain to yourself highlighting the abortion and homosexual issues and so in case you thought you may feel like a lone voice sometimes, just thought i would mention him to you to judge for yourself. I don’t know how to attach a click on thing but if you just google Pastor Bill Randles Blog and had a glance at any of his recent 5 or so blogs i think you would see what i mean. By the way i really appreciated you sharing your testimony with us a while back.
    Richard Verrent

  13. Hi Bill, I found it all a bit frustrating, what do we have to do to get the message across? It was a good turn out considering, but in the main we were ignored. I was there with most of my family from northern VIC, (as were at least a dozen others I saw in the crowd) and it takes us all day, we don’t get home till 9pm. There are a lot of big churches around Melbourne, what about those who are only half an hour away, where were they?
    Ephesians 3;10 tells us we are to make a demonstration of the wisdom of God to the principalities and powers who influence those in political power. I doubt we did that. And really I really don’t see the bogans counter protesting as much of a threat. They have more chance of redemption than our hardened pollies, that is where the real evil is.
    Rob Withall

  14. One sign from a counter protester, a young lady got me. It said something like ” I have had an abortion, I support life.” Talk about a contradiction. I would love to have the opportunity to speak to some of them one on one. It was great how Bernie finished it off and had every one bless them and thank them for coming and hope to see them next year.
    Rob Withall

  15. Great article Bill.
    Sorry to have not been able to march alongside you all, but know that my heart and prayers were with those that marched.

    Jill Hatton

  16. The TV News in Adelaide (Ch.7) did not even mention the march. I later turned to Fox News, and there it was. The Pro Choice people were interviewed and quite frankly they came across as just plain evil. I know that is harsh, but the lady sent a cold shiver up my spine. There was also a man who explained that unless the baby is a viable human being, it is just a bunch of cells – how ill informed some people are.
    I am so impressed by the blessing at the end of the march and speeches – may God bless each and every person who was able to be there.
    Joan Davidson

  17. Hi Bill, We will give three cheers for the brave pro-life people of Victory. Well done, and thanks again for reporting faithfully. What would a reality check be like if we had to depend on completely unbiased news reporting from the MSM?
    Back in May this year, in Perth we had a pro-life candle light evening rally that attracted close on 1000 supporters. Fortunately we could hear the courageous politicians and organisers as we were spared the sound of a few vocal militants blaring their pro-death spiel.
    Continue on Christian Soldiers, and pro-lifers of other persuasions.
    Bill Heggers, Perth

  18. Annette Williams, your banner was fine. I would encourage you to use it. It’s the censorship of the gruesome business of abortion that helps to keep it legal.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  19. I think the Pro- “Choice” protestors at the March condemn themselves by their vile words, insults and mockery – which reveals the vitriolic hatred in their minds and hearts. It’s a case of “By their fruits ye shall know them”!

    I also agree with Ewan… Annette Williams you speak the truth, and this shouldn’t be hidden. It’s a dilemma though because women who’ve suffered abortion and regret it will suffer more pain to have to face the reality of what they have allowed to be done to their child. But the horrific cruelty of what abortion really entails has to be acknowledged so that there can be an end to it!

    Paula Pike

  20. Thanks Bill,
    I couldn’t agree more with your comments. So much for love and tolerance.

    Many so called good Christians should hang their heads in shame for failing to speak out against such gross inhumanities.

    What Men (Women) will do to their fellow beings and offspring. Abortion is nothing short of the murder of one of God’s own Spiritual Offspring as we are all Brothers and Sisters and each is a Child of God.

    Leigh Stebbins

  21. Rob Withall, the lady with the ‘I had an abortion – I chose life’ sign explained her sign on her exposed stomach – the word ‘MINE’ written there. Yeah.
    I get so frustrated at the small numbers too! The fact is, the nearby churches don’t even know about it. 2012 was my first march, but trust me, next time I am going to be hauling church-goers along by the seats of their pants if that’s how I have to do it. I’ll visit every church I have to – let’s *at least* double the numbers next year!!!
    Georgia Jushee

  22. Thanks Bill for a great report. I wish I was there to support the March. Sad to see the bitterness and bile coming from the pro-abortionists, and frankly, I don’t understand how supposedly “educated” people can fail to appreciate that abortion means killing an innocent unborn baby who is fully human from the moment of conception? And why do they so violently oppose the decent men and women who speak up in support of the rights of the unborn? Where has commonsense gone in our society?
    Ken Higgs

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