Islamic ‘Peace Conference’ in Melbourne

By now some of you may have heard that a “Peace Conference” will be held in Ascot Vale on March 15-17. For $50 people can come to the Melbourne Showgrounds thinking they might be attending an interfaith event, or some Islamic cultural folk festival.

They will be coming to something quite different. It is all about one thing: Islamic dawah. This is the Arabic term for mission, evangelism, or proselytism – propagation for Islam in other words. It is all one-way traffic. It is an Islamic propaganda event designed to conceal the real nature of Islam, and bring many more infidels into submission to Allah.

Indeed, if it was really a “peace conference” then why does it feature so many speakers who can hardly be said to support peace? Invited hardcore clerics and leaders have been quite open about their desire to see all Jews annihilated, women beaten into submission, and jihad enacted.

It is really most frightening just who is being allowed into this country to speak at the event. And the fact that they seem to have such easy entry into our nation shows what a complete bunch of hypocrites we have in the Gillard Government. They did everything they could to prevent a Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, from coming here to warn about the threats of Islam, yet they welcome in these firebrand clerics with arms wide open.

Consider the organiser of the conference, Waseem Razvi. He has boldly declared his support of sharia law here, and last year he said this: “You don’t have to try to convince by being compromising on Islam … you don’t have to say that Islam is all about peace, ‘no we don’t fight, we are not violent.’

“You know, the Prophet fought 30 wars … yes, we are not non-violent, we are violent but when there is a need for it. We are battles people. We are not like Buddhists wearing an orange dress and always saying we want peace, and you never get your own country. No, we fight for our country. We have in Islam Jihad, yes, but we will never do terrorism. Yes Jihad is very Islamic, so you don’t have to retreat from that.”

So nothing wrong with a bit of violence and jihad to spread the faith. And he has admitted that spreading the faith is exactly what this conference will be all about. He said this: “Comparative religion is our tool which we use to convey the message of Islam…we want to make Islam the fastest growing religion [in Australia] in the next five years …we need to have interfaith, multifaith and debates with the non-Muslim community to engage them, and to bring them over to Islam…

“We don’t accept every religion. We are there to convey the message that Islam is the only right religion …We want the dawah to reach the authorities. So unless we invite them for an event like this, if you call the Prime Minister to the Islamic centre or the mosque, it’s not going to happen, so we need to have a bigger event … so we can convey the message to them…The title of the conference is Australian Islamic Peace conference… but the main purpose of the entire conference is dawah. So most of our topics will be revolving around dawah.”

Did you get that folks? He emphasised, “the main purpose of the entire conference is dawah.” And note also what he said about interfaith meetings: “we need to have interfaith, multifaith and debates with the non-Muslim community to engage them, and to bring them over to Islam”.

What is the purpose of these meetings? To just all get along? To bring about world peace? To show that all religions are the same? To highlight all the common ground we have? That is what very gullible and naive Westerners and Christians think it means, but the organiser has very nicely spilled the beans for us. He wants this meeting, and all others like it, for only one purpose: “to bring them over to Islam”.

Whenever you hear the word “interfaith” you should run for the hills. But I discuss this in more details elsewhere:

And consider some of the other invitees. Razvi said “the chief guest that we have is Abdul Rahman Al-Sudays, the imam of Mecca”. So just who is he? A rabid anti-Semite and Bin Laden supporter. Islamic expert Mark Durie says this about him: he “has called for annihilation of the Jews, referring to them as ‘the scum of the human race, rats of the world, violators of pacts and agreements, murderers of the prophets, and grandsons of apes and pigs’.”

Andrew Bolt has discussed some of the other invitees: “In a recorded speech in December, Razvi said one of the speakers he had invited for the conference was Indian sheikh Zakir Naik,’my boss’s boss’, who has a very different line on terrorism. A YouTube clip shows Naik declaring: ‘If (late terrorist chief Osama bin Laden) is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him.’

“He adds: ‘Every Muslim should be a terrorist.’ Razvi talks big, and none of the overseas speakers he claimed in December he had asked is yet listed in the conference schedule. But his wish list suggests the Islam he wants to push.

“Another invited speaker is Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem, who says ‘homosexuality is an abnormality’ to be punished by death. He says polygamy is allowed, genital mutilation of girls ‘recommended’, and wives refusing their husbands sex ‘a sin’. Leaving Islam ‘is apostasy and it is punishable by death in an Islamic society’.”

And again: “Another speaker, Abu Hamza, head of the Islamic Information Services Network of Australasia also says women ‘must respond’ if their husbands want sex and could be beaten ‘to shape them up’. ‘Don’t hit your wife,’ Hamza says on YouTube, before instructing men to do so in an Islamic way as a ‘last resort’ without causing bruising or bleeding: ‘The beating the prophet Mohammed showed is like the toothbrush’.”

That’s a pretty impressive list of speakers – and those are only some of the folks invited to speak. In the light of all this, the words of Mark Durie are worth citing here: “But for me there are even bigger questions. Why are politicians, journalists and Jewish leaders now demonising Geert Wilders for warning against exactly the ideology of Islam as preached by many speakers at this conference?

“Why do they pretend Wilders has misrepresented Islam when the very things he describes are preached openly? Why are they silent over or even complicit in attempts to silence or frighten Wilders – who has not advocated violence – yet apparently happy that true hate-preachers who preach death for gays, Jews and enemies of Islam may speak freely in this country? Why the hypocrisy? Why the fear?”

In sum, the Islamic Peace Conference is nothing of the sort, and that for three reasons. Peace in Islamic thought means having everyone in submission to Allah. Peace can only happen when there are no infidels left, or they have all become dhimmies.

And dawah is what this conference is really all about. They have made that perfectly clear. Finally, this is also about another important Islamic term, taqiyya. This Arabic word has to do with deception and dissimulation. In Islamic thought it is quite acceptable to deceive one’s enemies, even lie to them, to gain an advantage.

We are seeing that occur here big time. But we have been warned. This conference is about getting all Australians to submit, and getting Australia to come under sharia law. This is just not going to happen – at least not under my watch.

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  1. Hi Bill, I wrote to Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison and also the opposition Immigration Minister about 2 weeks ago now, to protest most strongly about their hypocritical stand on the Gert Wilders visit versus the allowance of visas for speakers such as listed for this ‘conference’…haven’t yet received any replies from either of them!
    I feel very disheartened at times at the apathy and deception of the Christian community on situations such as these and also the push to redefine marriage. Nobody seems to want to ‘rock the boat’ but seem to be content to ‘let the boat sink’ instead!! The illustration of the frog sitting in the water unaware that it is slowing heating up is very relevant I think! Have to keep coming back to the power of our God and the power of prayer or else I would just lose heart.

    Sandy Anderson

  2. Yes I am with you Sandy. Yet we must keep plugging away. Thanks so much for caring enough to write your letters. You are a champ.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Thank you Bill for consistently bringing these situations to the fore, not just as opinion pieces but with quotes and events researched and spelled out. Do you send copies of what you write to politicians? What response do you get from people who disagree with your analysis? And do you ever get people who deny that something you report has been said or has taken place?

    Brenda Rudolph

  4. Thanks Brenda

    I don’t tend to send my things out too much. But as this is a public website, hopefully its reach is getting out there. Yes I get critics all the time, with plenty of them denying any of this is happening, or if it is, saying it is no big deal.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. Funny how there’s likely zero chance of anyone speaking at this sham ‘peace’ conference getting hauled before a hearing like a certain pair of Dannys, even though what is said is likely a thousand times more incendiary.

    In many ways it’s not really Islam that’s the problem, it’s the double-standards look-the-other-way media and lawmakers and treacherous leftie ‘human rights’ organisations who are to blame for this. If government and media did their jobs properly, there is little chance Islam would be anything more than a fringe curiosity and minority belief system from a backward and violent part of the sixth century. It would be mocked and derided – and rightly so – for its inherent misogyny, abuses of human rights, deceptions and elevation of violence and terrorism.

    Mark Rabich

  6. Yes quite right Mark. But the dhimmi dupes running this country – just like the US and much of the West – are absolutely clueless when it comes to Islam and its designs. And they think we are somehow the bad guys. Go figure.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Yes thanks Bill for keeping us up to speed.
    I guess it’s a given, that if we were to stand outside of this event trying to stop people going in, we would cop a beating.
    Maybe even a full blowin riot.
    Ok so what would Jesus do?
    Daniel Kempton

  8. I agree with you, Bill, and do not dispute anything that has been said. However, these people are bound up by and believing a lie. What they need is to be shown the truth and converted, for which I am also praying. We know Christianity is the only Way to life, and that Islam is based on absolutely nothing. What I would like to ask them, if I had the opportunity to, as Mr Razvi said, ‘to engage with them’ is: WHY do they ‘want to make Islam the fastest growing religion’? What is good about it that they want this? What is so good about it they want to bring people over to Islam? WHY is Islam the only right religion? And what exactly IS the message of Islam? Is there a way to invite these people to ‘engage’ with us as is Razvi’s stated aim? Then give them some time to tell us what positive things Islam or Allah does for its/his people before which we may tell them what our Saviour does for us.

    Debra Mieth

  9. Thanks Debra (and Daniel)

    Yes of course they are blinded, and of course we must pray for them and seek to win them to Christ. But we can do that and also seek to stop their war against freedom and democracy. Their push for Islamisation and sharia law in Australia can and should be resisted. We must do both. But I deal with that in more detail here:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. I’ve had a bit to do with IREA and Waseem in the past, while I lived in Melbourne.Their dawah approaches follow in the footsteps of Deedat and Naik, as you mentioned Bill. Here is something we can all do in regards to this conference. Pass it on to others who ma be interested.

    (1) Contact Mark O’Sullivan CEO, Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, ASCOT VALE 3031. Email: Phone: (03) 9281 7444. Tell him that this event is being misrepresented in its advertising and is likely to cause social disruption in the Australian community based on past statements of the invited speakers. It should be cancelled under RASV regulation 7.2 (i) See . Major sponsors of the RASV include the Australian International Beer Awards and the Royal Melbourne Wine Show.

    Mark Topping

  11. These interfaith movements I think only really work with Christian dominations and their different theology. Judaism could be included too as Christianity was derived from them. The second we include Hinduism, Islam especially etc, you will then notice the differences. Vast differences at that! That is the reason I don’t always see the point of them.

    Carl Strehlow

  12. Islam’s opposition to homosexuality is patchy and skin deep, a tool to be used where it suits, but not based on what is good for mankind. I heard a lady Muslim candidate for the democrats back in 2004 saying at a “meet the candidates” forum that they were keen to protect the rights of homosexuals. I guess that can be taken any which way too.
    I suspect it won’t be until we once again are proud to own the name of our Lord Jesus in all areas of life that we will regain our strength. May that day come soon.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  13. Thanks Bob

    Yes it is a very important report. The 350-page book is well worth getting – but now it looks like you can get it freely online. Thanks for the link.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  14. Does anyone know where to get critical reviews of the series of about 20 Islamic Pamphlets that will probably be used for dahwah at the “Peace Conference”? Reading them is rather breathtaking in the boldness of the misrepresentation of Islam and of Muhammad. Here’s just one sample:

    “The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the most forgiving of all people and the kindest. If someone abused him, he would forgive him, and the harsher a person was, the more patient he would become. He was extremely lenient and forgiving, especially when he had the upper hand and the power to retaliate.”

    Plus they make some amazing claims of how Islam was so advanced in it’s treatment of women.

    Peter Newland

  15. FYI Mark Topping – I did it. Will let you know if I get an answer from O’Sullivan

    Lorraine Twentyman

  16. During WW11 people fought long and hard to rid us of the threat of Hitler. However before that it took one politician one hell of a long time to get the message that nearly everyone else in the UK knew in the years before .I.e. that you cannot make peace with the devil.
    Neville Chamberlain the then Prime Minister of England had flown to meet Hitler in 1938 and in his conciliation at any cost attempts he brought back a Paper that Hitler had signed. Landing in the UK he waved this about triumphantly declaring it as the basis for Peace in Our Time. He also received a message from President Roosevelt saying Good Man (effectively saying Well Done).
    Next day The German occupation of Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia) began and less than one year later after the invasion of Poland, Britain was at war with Germany.
    It was then that the Obvious became clear to even the weakest of politicians that you cannot appease or collude with deceivers. Ultimately there comes a time when the price must be paid, when enough is enough or you remove the cause before it gains a foothold.
    At this time our Prime Minister is a woman and certainly one of some political ability and clout. In this respect I would have to ask if the following type of Misogynistic Laws are what she wants for this country? I.e.
    Women who are raped nearly always get jailed no matter how much force was used against her or how many attackers joined the offence.
    Other than Jail, raped women also face the prospect of receiving hundreds of lashes or being tied into a bag with only their heads showing, then buried up to their necks and stoned until dead. Is this what our government wants???

    Lets face it their aims are not co-existence and it is we and our children, the so called infidels that must die. However even if we were all killed this world would not be a safe place even for Muslims. As we have clearly seen over the years there is a constant war between their own factions.

    Yes there are peaceful Muslims who want nothing more than to be left in peace but if they fail to respond to the call of the Imams when the time is right their state will be no better than ours. On top of that if you renounce Islam you do so at your own Peril.
    Certainly fear may eventually create a controlled populace but it will never ever create a heaven here on earth.

    Loving God and his Son is done by choice. There is no penalty for personal disbelief in a divine benevolent being until the sorrows come and the harvest is gathered.

    Saint Augustine put it succinctly when he said…….
    Faith is to believe what we cannot see.
    And the reward of this faith
    Is to see what we believe.

    Just as Hitler attempted to conquer England despite all his agreements to the contrary so to will this “peaceful religion” sic deceive until our Politicians Stand up to this invasion and say enough is enough or we submit to this injustice.

    I have one last fairly obvious question. As the numbers coming into this country as so-called refugees would more than produce a sizeable army for the defence of their own countries why are we not at least supporting them to do so?

    Dennis Newland

  17. Hi Bill,

    On the subject of Islam:

    Just a heads up in case you missed it:
    Tuesday 5 March ABC RadioNational Books and Arts daily had an author talking about his (relatively) recently published book to do with the early history of Islam.

    I quote the summary of the program:

    Tom Holland is a rare creature because he’s a best-selling historian. He has a flare for combining scholarship with evocative story-telling. And he has the courage to take on the big stories, the fall of the Roman Empire, the clash between the Persians and the Greeks, and the great surge of battles around the first millennium which he calls the forging of Christendom.

    Now he’s written his most controversial book, “In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for Global Empire and the end of the Ancient World”. It’s a history of the rise of the Arabs in the seventh century—and of how they conquered the middle east and brought an end the imperial might of both the Persians and the Romans.

    So why is this controversial? Because, along the way Tom Holland questions whether these triumphant Arabs were Muslims. Islam, he says, did not inspire this mighty act of conquest. Islam came later. This claim calls into question the Muslim view of where their religion came from. It severs the bonds that link Muhammad to Mecca and to formulation of the Koran.

    The Muslim response to his claims got hostile in August last year, when Channel 4 in the UK broadcast Tom’s documentary called Islam: The Untold Story. About 1000 people lodged complaints with Channel 4 and the government’s official regulator of broadcasting.

    (Quote from the program: Christian Scholars have infuriated Muslim Scholars by doubting the origin of the Quran)

    (And there was some talk of a subsequent screening of the Program being cancelled)

    David Cohan

  18. A friend of mine went to hear Deedat speak at a special “meet the people” meeting organized by like minded Moslems in the Sydney Town Hall some years ago. After Deedat spoke questions were invited. He asked Deedat a couple of pointed questions from the mic provided for that purpose, and was subsequently hauled down the aisle to the lobby by Deedat’s minders. And savagely beaten and hospitalized. Had the attackers not been interrupted by Town Hall security staff things would have been far worse.
    John Heininger

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