A Minute To Midnight: Sexual Suicide in the West

The West need not worry about going up in a ball of fire as a result of a nuclear attack launched by North Korea. It is doing a perfectly fine job of destroying itself, thanks. It need not panic about external attacks from its enemies when it is doing such a fine job of committing hari-kari.

While there are many fronts in the West’s self-demolition, if one simply looks at how it is destroying itself in the sexual arena one will see in a moment why we are so close to oblivion. Sexual insanity reigns here, and every day new horror stories emerge of this moral and cultural cancer eating away the soul of the West.

Consider these three recent examples. In Holland we are at least getting a bit of honesty. Most of the homosexual activists lie through their teeth when they tell you nothing will change if we allow homosexual marriage. They say marriage and family will be just fine if this goes ahead.

They know perfectly well this is a lot of baloney. Everything changes, and the institutions of marriage and family will be forever damaged as this proceeds. They know this – indeed, that is part of their purpose, to destroy these institutions altogether.

Thus a leading Dutch homosexual activist has spilled the beans big time here: group marriage is next. One report says this: “Boris Dittrich, the homosexual activist called the ‘father’ of the political movement in favor of Dutch gay ‘marriage’, has admitted that group marriages of three or more people is the next, inevitable logical step in the dismantling of the western world’s traditional marriage laws.

“In a video interview with Yagg, the French online homosexual magazine, Dittrich, a former Dutch MP and homosexualist activist working for Human Rights Watch, related the carefully laid-out plan that established first public acceptance legal civil partnerships, which in turn led inevitably to changing the definition of marriage. The redefinition of marriage, he said, has led to discussions of allowing group marriages of three or more persons….

“When he entered Parliament as an MP, Dittrich said he ‘immediately’ started to talk about same-sex ‘marriage’ but quickly realised that the public was not ready to accept it. A slower route had to be taken. ‘We thought it might be psychologically better to first introduce registered partnerships,’ he said. Once this was established in 1998, he said that ‘people got used to the idea that two men or two women went to the municipality, had their relationship recognised by the law. And people called it a “gay marriage”. So for the general public there was no distinction. And people got used to it’.”

Two things are perfectly clear here: there certainly is a slippery slope in action; and these activists have known all along what agenda they are pushing, and how they want to totally remake society in their own image. And where all this madness is leading to is nicely illustrated in my second example.

In the US a Christian school is being sued by a cross dresser. Yep, you heard me right. The story begins: “A 24-year-old man who has been living as a woman has sued California Baptist University for $500,000 in damages after the school expelled him for lying on his application paperwork.

“Domaine Javier applied to Cal Baptist’s nursing program in 2011 as a transfer from Riverside City College. When asked to check a box indicating whether he was male or female on the school’s admission application, he marked ‘female’ despite the fact that he is biologically male and only dresses as a woman. ‘I didn’t do anything wrong,’ Javier told The Press-Enterprise during an interview in 2011. ‘They said, “On your application form you put female.” And I was like, “Yeah, that’s how I see myself”.’

“Cal Baptist discovered Javier’s deception after he appeared on an episode of MTV’s ‘True Life’ reality show, where he revealed that he was only pretending to be female. The episode in question was called ‘I’m Passing as Someone I’m Not’….

“The lawsuit hinges on a California state law barring discrimination based on ‘gender identity.’ The law as written does not apply to private religious schools, but the lawsuit argues that because Cal Baptist is open to people outside the Baptist faith and offers degrees in non-theological fields, it should have to follow the same laws as secular public schools.”

There you go folks: example #42,596 of how special rights for homosexuals changes everything, and Christians especially are being targeted every day by these militants. It is a war on marriage, family, faith and morality. And with the use of the heavy hand of the law, the activists are winning.

Finally, consider this madness in Sydney. A school there has been subjected to one massive pro-homosexual propaganda campaign. Taxpayers and concerned parents should be aware of how this indoctrination is taking place, in the guise of “anti-bullying” programs. Here is how one homosexual activist writes up this story:

“Burwood Girls High School was a riot of colour on February 26 as the school hosted a day of celebration as part of the Proud Schools project. The school is one of 12 schools participating in the Department of Education and Communities’ Proud Schools pilot which aims to develop a whole school approach to address homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism, and to provide a safe and supportive environment for same sex attracted and gender diverse students. Staff and students were encouraged to wear colours of the rainbow, reflecting the colours of the gay and lesbian pride, or rainbow, flag.”

That in itself should send alarm bells ringing everywhere. The social engineers have declared war on “heterosexism”. So what is that? The belief that there are two different genders, and men and women are in fact different. This is evil, politically incorrect thought, in the eyes of the militants, and must be stamped out at all costs.

So they have declared war on biology, and the school system is happy to run with this insanity. And taxpayers foot the bill for it all. Talk about a perfect moral storm: vices have become virtues and virtues, vices. The authors of 1984 and Brave New World would be shaking their heads in disbelief at this.

This school even brought in a drag queen to do his/her thing while the hapless students sat through it all. There was also a homosexual pride rainbow flag raising ceremony. And the pro-abortion mob Family Planning NSW was also on hand to push their pro-death and sexually amoral propaganda.

And we wonder why our kids are going down the tubes at such an alarming rate. Our educational and political elites have leapt into bed with the homosexual militants and the social engineering activists, and are doing a great job of ripping up morality, family, sense and sexuality.

Don’t worry Kim Jong-un, your nukes are not necessary. The West is doing a terrific job of blowing itself up.


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  1. Peter, I think people get offended that conservatives are still allowed to speak. I’m certain that in partnership with Labor, that problem will be fixed soon.
    Simon Fox

  2. If one wanted to destroy a nation without firing a bullet or dropping a bomb, the easiest way would be to corrupt it from within: to destroy its soul.
    One would slowly infiltrate and push gay activists into government, mass media and cultural institutions to such an extent that the impression was achieved that everyone was gay, or potentially gay; when in fact, according the ONS, the percentage is only about 1%. Over time this propaganda normalises the unnatural. [1,2,]
    One would use homosexuals to create a sterile society, through encouraging abortion, “safe sex” and sexual practices that destroy the chain of future generations. Indeed IVF and embryonic engineering is the doorway to expunging fathers, mothers, husbands and wives, from all written documents, including birth certificates.
    One would encourage sexual practices that lead to an epidemic of sexual diseases.[3,4]
    One would encourage children to become addicted to pornography and a menu of sexual behaviour. [5,6,7,8,9,10,] Young men will be encouraged to engage in sex acts with one another as can be seen on this documentary of Sand Bach Rugby Club, having a night out. [11] This will render the present generation incapable of forming lasting, faithful marriages and stable families.
    One would take control of education and destroy the trust between parent and child. One would get children to reject the values and morality of their parents and train them to inform on their fellow pupils and parents.[12,13,14]
    One would incite hatred against anyone who attempted to criticise sexual behaviour. [15,16,17,18,19]
    One would empower a militant, pro-gay lobby, like Stonewall, the Fawcett Society ( whose chairwoman is the anarchist, Marxist, lesbian Angela Mason) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to paralyse and ultimately control the conscience of society through complicated and unintelligible legislation, where every thought and emotion was monitored, whilst spreading the idea that gays were an oppressed and victimised minority.[20,21,22]
    One would coerce that nation to celebrate and engage in homosexuality through the use of fear, police intimidation, [23, 24, 25, 26] fines, imprisonment and tyranny. Finally one would remove all dissenters from public life and the market place.[27]

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    David Skinner, UK

  3. Damien, notice how lesbians shrug off the fact that children whom they adopt will be bullied by the other kids at school, with the comment, ” Every children gets bullied at some time, whether it’s because they are fat, thin or ginger- haired; its good for them because it is character building.” And yet, when a self-identifed gay child is criticised for his, her or its language or other antisocial behaviour – nothing to do with sexuality – immediately there are cries of homophobia!!

    No doubt this parcel of beastliness wouldn’t mind if her adopted children were bullied into engaging homosexual and lesbian behaviour. All bullying is good if leads to the great good: homosexuality and lesbianism.

    Can one imagine for one moment any child brought up by two, three, four or more militant lesbian “mothers” would be given the freedom to say that they think that lesbianism is an abomination and a sin against God? I believe that this is why such children are quiet, submissive and washed out emotionally.


    David Skinner, UK

  4. Here’s a little thought the content of which is absolutely true.
    My first job was with the General Post Office in the UK this nationalised institution also covered all forms of communications in the telephone industry. After three years I passed the first stage of qualification as a Technician. Because of my high grade I was allowed into all sorts of places excluded to others. MY primary place of work was Whitehall telephone exchange; additionally I was often called to the Houses of Parliament for what was then switchboard maintenance or unusual anomalies in the system. I also had an office near the top roof access area above St Stevens’s entrance. One day whilst taking a shorter route inside the roof space to the switchboard room located beneath the central tower area where the operators worked, I saw five men dressed in dirty white Bib & Brace overalls walk up towards my walk-way from one of the smaller towers surrounding the centre one. I walked faster to meet them thinking they were someone from my work. As I approached them near the top of the inner ceiling they faded from view. The area was dark but there was more than sufficient light from the roofing and small walkway lighting to easily distinguish the figures. I spent a long time searching the areas but could find no trace. Nor even a walkway where they had climbed the curved ceiling. Later whilst talking to one of the Beefeaters which ceremoniously guard the parliament buildings I asked him if there were any ghosts associated with what is a very old building. His reply was that apparently during the war the building was bombed and to maintain the Londoners spirits the damage was fixed as quickly as possible. However during this time five bricklayers fell to their deaths from what I was informed was timber scaffolding. I further asked when and at what time they have been seen and without any information from me whatsoever he matched my own time of 2:15pm.
    Similarly whilst working in the merchant Navy whilst on a ship anchored in the passing lakes of the Suez Canal and whilst alone and filling in the Log in the engine room I was physically grabbed by the shoulder and turned around yet there was no one there. To add some idea of perspective the Engine in this ship were nearly 10 metres high. On its outside it had four explosion doors that you could remove and walk into to check inside the crank case for lubrication and critical measurements when stopped. These were bolted shut externally for obvious reasons.
    At that moment I was so convicted of a presence that I quickly left the engine room and sat at the top of the stairs where I could watch the lower areas. Querying this event with other longer term engineers, I was then reminded of the ambulance that left as I boarded for the voyage.
    It had been called to take away the fourth engineer who less than two hours earlier had died from a boiler explosion when the ignition door blasted into his chest.
    On another occasion I was informed by several more senior staff that another engineer had gone a bit crazy ( whilst on a convoy during the latter part of WW11) unbolted the crankcase doors and jumped in whilst the engine was running at full speed.
    Entering that engine room on my own always gave me grave feelings of a presence. Yet for the next five years in many dark places on other ships I never felt anything the same.
    Why am I telling you this on Bills page you ask? Because simply put I now know that there are things beyond our human existence that many of the spiritless beings of today will never understand or be receptive to. My point is that if we catch a glimpse of what is beyond our dimensionally restricted view point, whether it be good or evil. We can throw evolution in Darwin’s theory right out of the window. We can also know factually that there is some form of life beyond the grave.
    Consequentially by our own faith in Jesus, his resurrection and his teachings we must continue to strive to be better people if we are to enter his kingdom and not perpetual damnation.
    Dennis Newland

  5. I was just reading some excepts from Dr John MacArthur’s excellent message on homosexuality and the downward sequence of nations when God abandons them from Romans 1 in contrast to the new focus by Focus on the Family where the leader is now literally seen hugging a leader from planned parenthood. MacAurthur gives a great explanation of what constitutes real hate speech. It is found at http://www.psychoheresy-aware.org/fam-focus_sham_2.html

    Rob Withall

  6. David Skinner, I am interested in this comment you made: “…according the ONS, the percentage is only about 1%.” What does “ONS” stand for?

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