Tasmania, Abortion, and Big Brother

Although abortion has been effectively open slather in Australia for decades now, some states are still moving to give it even greater protected status, and in fact make things much harder on those who would seek to prevent the slaughter of the innocents.

That was certainly the case with the reprehensible abortion bill passed in Victoria in 2008. One amendment after another was voted down, thus making it one of the most hardcore pro-abortion bills anywhere in the world. But it seems the state of Tasmania is trying to take this even further.

On Friday a private members bill was introduced which would make baby killing so much easier in the Apple Isle. Here is how one news item covers the story: “Tasmania’s Health Minister has announced details of a private members bill which will allow women easier access to abortions up to 24 weeks.

“Michelle O’Byrne says the plan will give women greater access to terminations and will provide legal certainty. Currently an exemption under the Criminal Code means women can undergo a termination only after the approval of two doctors and counselling. The change will mean women no longer face the threat of criminal charges. Tasmania’s laws were based on British laws from the 1800s.”

It continues, “The Opposition has described a plan to increase women’s access to abortion as an attempted distraction from the State Government’s problems. Liberal MP Jeremy Rockliff has says the Government is trying to divert attention from Tasmania’s economic problems.

“‘The distraction of even the abortion legislation today, of course we’ll make a contribution to that and a very considered one, and passionate debates of all sides when it comes to these matter of conscience vote,’ he said. ‘But really the government needs to wake up.’ Public consultation on the bill closes on March 22.”

This article, from the ABC, in typical fashion, presents a sugar-coated version of events. The bill is much worse than is let on here. To get the real story on what is happening we need to go elsewhere. Fortunately we have that with an excellent new article from Tasmanian writer Mishka Gora.

She deftly exposes the real agenda here, and shows us what a pro-death and anti-freedom party Labor really is. She writes, “Tasmanians learned on Friday, International Women’s Day, that abortion is to be decriminalized. This left many confused. Some took it to mean that abortion is currently illegal; others wondered if the State Government had somehow ‘lost’ the amendments to the criminal code that legalized abortion, at any stage of gestation, in 2001.

“Abortion has effectively been legal in Australian states for more than 40 years, although it has remained in the criminal code. The number of prosecutions in all that time can be counted on one hand. So why the sudden enthusiasm for decriminalization?

“Because the real aim of the Labor-Green coalition which is running Tasmania is to criminalize abortion dissent. With only two weeks for the public to respond, the Health Minister, Michelle O’Byrne, has drafted what may be most draconian abortion law anywhere.

“The neighbouring state of Victoria decriminalized abortion in 2008. Ms O’Byrne says that this is the model for her bill. But the Victorian bill contains no penalties for conscientious objectors; the Tasmanian bill does. The Victorian bill doesn’t mention counsellors; the Tasmanian bill threatens counsellors with jail. The Victorian bill doesn’t mention protests; the Tasmanian bill threatens protesters with jail.”

Whenever you have a “public inquiry” in which ordinary citizens are given next to no time to prepare and enter a submission, then you know the government is trying to pull a fast one. They don’t really want public input – their mind is already made up. So that ridiculous deadline (March 22) certainly gives the game away.

And consider just what a Big Brother bill this really is: “If this bill passes, a part-time volunteer counsellor for an organization supporting pregnant women could be jailed for a year and fined up to A$65,000 if she refuses to refer a woman to a place where she can get an abortion. The bill’s definition of a counsellor includes anyone who gives ‘advice or information relating to pregnancy options’ and ‘whether or not for fee or reward’. Overnight, all agencies which disagree with abortion will be forced to shut down.

“Medical practitioners will be obliged under threat of a $65,000 fine to make referrals if they have a conscientious objection. To anyone who believes that an unborn child has a right to life making a referral means cooperating with evil. The proposed laws are coercing participation in the overall process of abortion procurement.

“Nurses who refuse to participate in abortions could be fined $65,000. The right to peaceful protest will also be shut down. The bill imposes a 300-metre-wide exclusion zone around abortion clinics. The maximum penalty is 12 months in jail and a $65,000 fine…

“To make matters worse, the prohibited activity includes intimidating, protesting or photographing, and ‘any other prescribed [sic] behaviour’. The sloppy wording, in combination with an open-ended section on regulations, could be used to punish innocent activity.

“The Health Minister has been quite disingenuous about the scope and purpose of her bill in her statements to the media. She has mentioned none of these tyrannical measures and has given the public a mere two weeks to respond to one of the most far-reaching pieces of abortion legislation ever proposed anywhere.”

Gora concludes, “Tasmanian legislators are being offered a choice between abortion at any stage and abortion at any stage plus criminalizing dissent. The minister wants to make abortion a health matter, not a criminal matter. But she wants to achieve this at the expense of freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and common sense. After all, if it is a crime to perform an abortion without medical qualifications or a woman’s consent, shouldn’t it be in the criminal code? The law as it stands is quite sufficient, and to alter it is nothing less than tyrannical.”

Please put in even a brief submission, standing against this draconian bill. See the government site here for all the necessary details: http://www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/pophealth/womens_health


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32 Replies to “Tasmania, Abortion, and Big Brother”

  1. One small amendment needed to this excellent notice, Bill. In Tasmania we refer, as you do, to the Labor-Green government, but everyone passes over the real ‘party’ behind both. The unmentioned, flying-below-the-radar FEMINISTS who dominate both Labor and Green politics here.

    Chris Langan-Fox

  2. To say that the provisions of this Bill shock me, is a gross understatement. I am totally outraged at the audacity of anyone (particularly, presumably the whole of the Labor and Greens Parties) who can remove the right to peaceful protest, or the ability to have an objection to the killing of another person. When I consider how low western society has become, I become utterly despondent – fortunately, I know that my God is alive, and will, in His time take care of all these wrongs.
    Joan Davidson

  3. I shall make a submission and promote this news to my friends.
    David Roberts

  4. I was aghast to see last Sunday’s Herald Sun casually advocating abortion as if it were a minor procedure. No mention of post-abortion syndrome, the massively increased risk of depression and breast cancer. No mention of perhaps telling the father, grandparents, aunts and uncles of the child. Whoever wrote that article should read literature on the subject – such as Anne Lastman’s ‘Redeeming Grief.’ And you need not think your abortion is secret- it will be noted on your medical records for ever after. I will not be buying the Herald Sun again.

    Nina Blondel

  5. Thank you for this article Bill.

    I really appreciate you keeping us informed.

    I am horrified at this bill, and have just written a sumbission in regards to it.
    I do pray it is rejected!

    Jeremy Hopwood

  6. But there will also be those third parties who are in positions of authority, like an employer, religious leader, head teacher or parent who witness someone for whom they are responsible, speaking dissent, and yet who do not report it, who will also be liable for prosecution. N’est pas?

    David Skinner, UK

  7. Thanks Bill! You are a legend for keeping these issues front and center for all of us to take action on. I have just put in a submission from NZ.
    The term “Abortion” is society’s nice way of talking about “murder”!

    Barb Hoc

  8. Abortion is Murder plain and simple. It is not self defence either. Pregnancy is not a death sentence and only about 4 to five months of it are confining. Adoptees are waiting for the chance to love a child. Women for choice is a misnomer. First we deny women who can’t have children a chance of adopting and loving a child and secondly we deny the female child the chance to become a woman of substance. The attitude of those that think it is their right to murder the unborn sickens me beyond any other thought. Having seen premature babies having their lives brought to fruition by the attentive care of nursing staff I fail to see how killing such an obvious human being can be made lawfully or ethically legal in any other case other than if there is a distinct threat to the life of the mother. Seriously I want to close my eyes and ears to the ridiculous claims that it is a woman’s right to murder her child. But I can’t.
    Dennis Newland

  9. David S, you are correct.

    The bill’s definition of a counsellor includes anyone who gives ‘advice or information relating to pregnancy options’ and ‘whether or not for fee or reward’.

    So a bit of voluntary advice about options to ‘keep the baby’ given by a friend or relative could also be caught. AND it sounds as if anyone who dares to pass comment could be caught in this broad definition.

    That’s getting close to a denial of free speech (although that’s the broader definition of free speech under attack, not the more precise ‘free political speech’ of yesteryear).

    Now as it is worded, I wonder (in my artless Christian way) whether someone who gives advice about getting an abortion would also be within the definition, and therefore also subject to prosecution and a fine??

    John Angelico

  10. Thanks Bill,

    It seems so, and the state Victoria I can’t believe has a very liberal abortion law, because back In my home country Canada, we virtually have no law against abortion and it such a shame. I pray that Tasmania will not fall into the death pit.

    Scott Miller

  11. This proposed Bill which is so focused on denying women with unwanted pregnancies any other options than abortion is absolutely tyrannical indeed! How can we counteract the power and influence of EMILY’S List might be the question?

    Paula Pike

  12. Thanks Paula

    For starters, we can put in submissions to this inquiry, and pray a whole lot. Plenty more that can be done as well.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. Here’s my draft email:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to ask you to reject the proposed changes to the abortion laws in Tasmania in their entirety as this bill contains penalties for conscientious objectors to abortions and threatens counsellors and protesters with jail.

    Under this bill a part-time volunteer counsellor for an organization supporting pregnant women could be jailed for a year and fined up to $65,000 if he or she refuses to refer a woman to a place where she can get an abortion. The bill’s definition of a counsellor includes anyone who gives ‘advice or information relating to pregnancy options’ and ‘whether or not for fee or reward’. This bill would mean all agencies which disagree with abortion will be forced to shut down.

    Under this bill medical practitioners will be obliged under threat of a $65,000 fine to make referrals even if they have a conscientious objection. This bill would coerce participation in the overall process of abortion, even against some people’s conscious.

    Under this bill nurses who refuse to participate in abortions because of their conscience could be fined $65,000. The right to peaceful protest will also be shut down under this bill.

    I ask you to reject this bill in its entirety as it destroys freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. I look forward to your response.

    David Roberts

  14. I am so disgusted with any form of abortion. Abortion has nothing to do whatsoever with Health. It is just a cleverly disguised form of Infantcide or pre-meditated murder of those without the ability to protect themselves.

    It is Pox on Goverments and those who support such sinful processes. Whatever happened to every one’s God given right to life? Who is man that they can over rule God and his purpose for men?

    Apparently there is a few of our fellowmen who think God and his moral Laws are irrelevent. and they are more informed and more wise than even an all knowing, all wise, all loving, all compasionite, all powerful and all charitible and omnipotent God.

    It will take more than our submissions to change this cast in iron Bill. What it requires is for all decent loving men and women to rise up in united opposition to such legislation.

    I will be doing my bit and my utmost to oppose such sinfulness but I am sore afraid there will not be enough of us prepared to do the same and those who do will be like the lone voice in the Wilderness because we as a Society have been so desensitized that most will say “oh well what can I do about it, I am just one person, and one person is not going to make a difference, so what the heck”

    This is typical of the attitude of this generation, and we can see it being played out all over the World as all Nations sink deeper into the muck and mire of immorality. In the end it will be left up to the Lord to sort out this mess of immorality, in the World with his return to claim his Kingdom. We can only help our own cause and standing before God by our persistent opposition to such immoral causes.

    We without a doubt are a morally sick Society!

    Leigh Stebbins

  15. Thanks for the alert Bill; I’ve just made my submission too.

    In my submission I posted a link to the “180” movie.

    Tom Hockley

  16. No wonder why Tasmania needs our money. They are so bent on destroying themselves. It is frustrating to see my State, Western Australia, basically bailout Tasmania due their incompetence.
    Ian Nairn

  17. As a Tasmanian, thanks Bill, again for a heads-up on the latest outrage perpetrated by those who believe themselves to be champions of freedom for all Tasmanians. It seems the orange-bellied parrot will now be joined by the unborn Tasmanian baby on Tasmania’s list of endangered species.
    John Wigg

  18. In thirty years will the premier need to say sorry to those who did not realize what effect an abortion would have on their lives. I keep hearing about people advised to have an abortion who gave birth to a healthy baby with minimal or no problems. Imagine their grief if they had had an abortion and found out their babe was normal or had conjoined toes.
    Moira Kelly’s children seem to thrive and enjoy fame. But they would be unlikely to have a chance at life if they had been conceived in Victoria
    Katherine Fishley

  19. Hi Bill,
    below is my submission to those who would punish the ‘unbelievers’ in Tassy:
    Dear all,
    what I find most disturbing about the proposed abortion bill in Tasmania is it’s absolute hatred and despicable attitude towards people who actually do have a conscience and give value to protect those, who are most defenceless in our society – the unborn.

    Such a proposal to persecute the righteous is beyond shameful; it is pure evil.

    Peter Magee (RN)

  20. I pray Tasmania does not go down this path, because it does not understand the dire consequences it will have for this nation and Tasmania. God will bring us to account. I pray for the doctors and nurses that God will prevent their being punished financially and physically for their opposition to this bill re abortion.
    May God have mercy on Australia.
    Marilyn Potter

  21. Here is part of the Submission I have sent to all MPs in Tasmania.
    I wish to register my strong objections to this dreadful Bill that is to be introduced by the Tasmanian Health Minister, Michelle O’Byrne. I do so on three main grounds: Life itself; the mental, physical and emotional health of women; and Freedom of Speech. I will take each in turn.
    1. Life.
    Human existence contains only two defining instants, which are conception and death. And this is not a matter of “religion” but of biology. All other milestones, no matter how dramatically recognized in society, amount to transitional phases in the human life cycle. So despite all of the grandiose but empty oratory, any individual who does not advocate the defence of all innocent human life between those two landmarks is an individual who holds no regard for the sanctity of human life on the whole. Australia aborts 80,000 immanent Australian children every year. This is a horror. It is uncivilised, cruel, self defeating as a Nation.
    2. The mental, physical and emotional health of women.
    I was a psychologist for 25 years. Every year I could count upon dealing with at least five female patients who were suffering from mental, physical or emotional distress due to a previous abortion. In some cases I dealt with their husbands too who shared the distress. Some had willingly sought abortion. Some had been persuaded. Some had been bullied into an abortion by female peers, parents of both sexes, Doctors, Counsellors, the continual agitprop of the media, especially Feminist and Medical media personalities, and in a very few instances, their spouses/’partners’. ALL suffered guilt and shame, remorse and pain, more often than not quite a few years afterwards. Their own denial was clear to them as a ‘front’ designed to placate others. They were usually well aware that they had killed a baby and they were internally devastated. Despite the popular agitprop of “Women’s Rights’, every single patient of this sort that I dealt with felt cheated and abused by the ideology that promotes abortion.
    3. Freedom of Speech.
    There are provisions in this Bill that go directly against the Human Rights and Civil Rights of all Australians. Horrendous fines and jail sentences are proposed for simply giving one’s opinion or going about one’s lawful occasions in the public place. Almost anyone can be considered to be ‘giving counsel’, and fined/jailed if they do not promote abortion. The Bill specifically indicates that no qualification is needed by the ‘counsellor’. A husband who encourages his pregnant wife that they can afford a baby and can raise it well, can be jailed /fined for not also proposing an abortion. This is ludicrous. It completely disregards, even punishes Fathers. Professional, qualified people (Doctors, Nurses) can be fined/jailed for following their better Conscience. Even a plumber can turn a job down or a builder refuse to tender for a house with no penalty or liability of a jail sentence. But a Nurse will lose a year’s pay and a Doctor a substantial part of hers/his. Both might even be jailed. A great way to ruin our hospitals. The jail sentence recommended is greater than for actual manslaughter in some cases. This is ludicrous.

    Please take and act on this submission.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Chris Langan-Fox

  22. The fact that the labor/green/ (feminist) Tasmanian government are trying to amend the abortion law which will force normal people who disagree with the proposed changes to pay a fine $65000 and 12 months jail is no surprise to me as they (Tasmanian government) think the murder of babies is normal.
    May God have mercy on their soul.
    John Raymond Brame

  23. I would like to record my support for “bill”s comments on the Tasmanian government proposed changes to the state abortion act. I only hope the people of Tasmania can change the government at the next election. May God forgive the labor/green government if the changes are voted in.
    John Raymond Brame

  24. Thanks Bill, so glad i saw this article in time!
    And thanks to a lot of the people that wrote comments here, i used some of them in my email!

    Elisha Mckenzie

  25. Update: submissions on the draft bill close at 5.00 pm, April 13.

    Remember that during abortion, the doctor ‘terminates pregnancy’ by ripping the baby’s arms and legs off while it is still alive. The doctor is usually a woman in Tasmania.

    Police abuse of pro-life activists is coming to Tasmania.

    Michael Watts

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