On the Threat of Islam

OK, so this is my 250th article on Islam, and the threat it poses to us all. Does that make me obsessed, or somewhat off-kilter? I don’t think so. I believe it means that when there is a very real threat to faith, freedom and democracy, to ignore it is the height of lunacy.

When your enemies say they want to kill you, you had better start to believe them, and not keep your head in the sand. When there is a proven track record of continued violence, bloodshed, murder, terror and oppression, then just wishing it all away helps no one. Indeed, it makes things worse.

As I have written so often before, Islam is really a political ideology which is seeking global hegemony. It wants everyone to submit to Allah and sharia law. It is an expansionist, evangelistic ideology which states quite clearly that there can be no peace until the entire world is in submission to a global caliphate.

It is directly opposed to freedom, democracy, pluralism, freedom of conscience, and religious liberty. It cannot peacefully coexist with the West, but instead sees it as an implacable foe. As such, Geert Wilders was exactly correct when he said this in an October 2010 speech in Berlin:

“Islam is the Communism of today. But, because of our failure to come clean with Communism, we are unable to deal with it, trapped as we are in the old Communist habit of deceit and double-speak that used to haunt the countries in the East and that now haunts all of us. Because of this failure, the same leftist people who turned a blind eye to Communism then, turn a blind eye to Islam today. They are using exactly the same arguments in favor of détente, improved relations, and appeasement as before. They argue that our enemy is as peace-loving as we are, that if we meet him half-way he will do the same, that he only asks respect and that if we respect him he will respect us. We even hear a repetition of the old moral equivalence mantra. They used to say that Western ‘imperialism’ was as bad as Soviet imperialism; they are now saying that Western ‘imperialism’ is as bad as Islamic terrorism.”

This faulty moral equivalence is everywhere to be found in the West. Just last night on ABC’s Q&A I heard a confused journalist say that while Islam oppresses women, things are not much better here in the West. Yes she actually said that. She ought to go live in Iran for a few years, and then try to tell us that things are basically the same.

Indeed, on the same show was a woman originally from Saudi Arabia who has since made a film about women in Islam. Of course she is now living in Australia. She simply could not have made and promoted such a film if she were still living there.

Western ignorance and apathy about Islam is leading to one thing: the end of the West. Every day we find new examples of what Islam is really like. Here I simply want to briefly mention a number of new examples of this. With so many to choose from, only a headline or a bit more can be offered, with little or no commentary.

Here is the first: “Taliban behead boy aged 10 over ‘spying’: Two children killed after taking food from police”. The article begins: “A boy of ten and another aged 16 have been beheaded by the Taliban for ‘spying’. The pair were seized while scavenging among rubbish bins near the police headquarters in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second city and a key base for Western forces. They were accused of accepting food from the police in exchange for information, provincial government officials said last night. Their heads were cut off following interrogation, it is claimed. Their bodies were recovered in Kandahar’s Zhari district.”

Or consider this recent report out of Jordon: “The Christian residents were offered four choices:
1. renounce the ‘idolatry’ of Christianity and convert to Islam;
2. pay a heavy tribute to the Muslims for the privilege of keeping their heads and their Christian faith (this tribute is known as jizya);
3. be killed;
4. flee for their lives, leaving all their belongings behind.
Some Christians were killed, some fled, some tried to pay the jizya and found it too heavy a burden to bear after the rebels kept increasing the amount they had to pay, and some were unable to flee or pay, so they converted to Islam to save themselves.”

And here’s another: “Syrian Rebels Massacre Christian Village”. Obama of course is backing the rebels, and they are enjoying all the support as they target Christians: “The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children.”

Also from Syria, check out this episode: “Teenager, 15, Executed By Islamist Rebels in Syria”. “A teenager selling coffee in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo was arrested by Islamist rebel fighters for insulting the Prophet Mohammed, beaten and then executed in front of his family, a watchdog group claims.”

And dhimmitude in the West continues apace. For example, the US Department of Justice seems to now regard criticism of Islam as a criminal action. Last week a U.S. attorney warned that “inflammatory speech” against Islam could violate civil-rights laws.

Chicago is doing just as bad: “Religious Tolerance in Chicago: Remove Pews from Chapel to make room for Muslims to pray”. The story begins, “While Saudi Arabia has forbidden the existence of Christian churches on its land, the Bond Chapel, located at the University of Chicago, is going to extraordinary lengths to make less room for Christians and more room for Muslims… by removing pews.”

Also, consider the segment on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes. Sydney Muslims said “Islam comes first,” and Australia comes third or fourth at best. They also proudly said decapitated soldier Lee Rigby deserved his cruel murder in London, and that he was “a dog”. (See the video clip I link to below.)

As I have discussed elsewhere, for Islam it is all about the numbers. The more Muslims in a Western nation, the more they push for sharia and submission. They need not even be in a majority to make good on their demands. As Raymond Ibrahim writes:

“But the greater lesson of the London beheading concerns its audacity—done in broad daylight with the attackers boasting in front of cameras, as often happens in the Islamic world. It reflects what I call ‘Islam’s Rule of Numbers,’ a rule that expresses itself with remarkable consistency:  The more Muslims grow in numbers, the more Islamic phenomena intrinsic to the Muslim world—in this case, brazen violence against ‘infidels’—appear…. As Muslim populations continue growing in Western nations, count on growing, and brazen, numbers of attacks on infidels—beheadings and such.”

For example: “Grievances disappear when Muslims become at least 35-40% of a nation and feel capable of waging an all-out jihad, as in Nigeria, where the Muslim-majority north has been terrorizing Christians—bombing hundreds of churches and beheading hundreds of infidels.

“Sudan was an earlier paradigm, when the Khartoum government slaughtered millions to cleanse Sudan of Christians and polytheists. Historically Christian-majority Lebanon plunged into a deadly civil war as the Muslim population grew restive. Once extremists become the majority, the violence ironically wanes, but that’s because there are fewer infidels to persecute. And what infidels remain lead paranoid, low-key existences—as dhimmis—always careful to ‘know their place’.”

There is only one thing more troubling than the threat of encroaching Islam. That is the utter ignorance and apathy of most people in the West. It is that latter problem which will as much account for any possible defeat of the West as the former. And when that happens, Islam will come in and happily collect the spoils.


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  1. I sincerely worry about the future of our people that will still remain. If this keeps up, then in several years there will be real tribulation as described in the Bible.

    Erik Ahlblad

  2. Britain’s “conservative” prime minister, David Cameron, is a typical Western leader who willfully ignores the fanatical and murderous goals of the “rebels” in Syria.

    “When I see the official Syrian opposition, I see a group of people who have declared that they are in favour of democracy, human rights and a future for minorities, including Christians, in Syria,” he told the House of Commons on June 3.

    To which Scottish commentator Gerald Warner commented recently: “So, it looks as if the post-Assad Syrian government will be a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Greens, with a strong focus on equality, women’s rights and fast-tracking same-sex marriage.

    “That is what Dave sees. Evidently he does not see a child being employed by those same rebels to cut off a Syrian soldier’s head, or Abu Sakkar, commander of the Independent Omar al-Farouq Brigade, cutting out a soldier’s heart and liver and putting the heart into his mouth with the exultant cry: “Oh, my heroes of Baba Amr, you slaughter the Alawites and take their hearts out to eat them!” (Scotland on Sunday, June 9, 2013).

    How can we educate our political class to acknowledge what’s really going on in the world?

    John Ballantyne, Melbourne.

  3. In the program called Sunday Night on 7 last Sunday 6.30pm there was a report called Violence on the Streets. It was about sharia law coming to Australia and how the Flag of Islam will be flown over Parliament House Canberra in 20 years time!! I can watch the other reports in the program but the Islam one has been removed. I wonder why?
    I just can’t understand why the Australian government and Opposition and the media don’t seem to think it’s going to happen here!

    Harvey Bishop

  4. Bill, this may be your 250th post on Islam, but in my view there can never be enough to expose the truth about Islam. I am very, very concerned about the ignorance and apathy shown by the general public, and I’m totally confounded by the attitude of the politicians (generally) in ignoring the threat we face.
    When I talk to people about things such as halal certification of foodstuffs funding the establishment of Islamic culture (through schools and mosques) and sharia law, I am usually met with an incredulous look and a hasty change of subject, or total apathy.
    I believe our society has been dumbed down to the extent that people would rather play games on their computers, than to do a little reading (eg of your posts) and follow it up with some research of their own, and start thinking about what our future is going to be like if they don’t get their heads out of the sand.

    Jan Greig

  5. The biblical phrase ‘strong delusions’ seems the only appropriate one in the situation of the west and how it largely views Islam.

    I wonder if people considered more often that every empire I history has fallen, many to a violent end except of course the ones currently waiting to fall, it might provoke them to consider who is about to fall next and whether whoever is in line to rule will be more or less brutal than the previous power?

    Might give some perspective.

    Or not.

    Simon Fox

  6. Howling in the wilderness. Distant voices too weak to hear.
    Lack of courage, mortgages, school fees. Paralysed by fear.
    Heads are rolling, bombs exploding, rape is culture.
    Let’s sit quietly wait for voucher
    Speak profoundly, wisely and don’t commit
    And you know you can retreat
    Half your soul just in case
    Then you’ll always find your place.

    Alex Sagin

  7. Harvey, I watched that show of Sunday Night and was going to recommend it. The imam they interviewed was so blatant in what he was saying. He even said, ‘Yes, sharia law will be in Australia. You may not like it, but it will happen.’ He was also asked if he believed that Lee Rigby should have been killed. He dodged a bit but ended up saying that as Lee was a soldier he was working for the government and so was an active opponent of Islam. How awful that you can’t watch it any more. I was so pleased that they had the courage to show such truth.

    Meredith Gemeren

  8. Mr Chamberlain, in 1938, returned from Munich claiming he brought with him “peace for our time”. Pacification as a tactic in international diplomacy is often little more than wishful thinking on the part of its proponents.

    The other signatory to the Munich Agreement is credited with admitting certain Middle Eastern nationalists to the ranks of honorary Aryans…

    “Salaam” means “peace”. “Islam,” however, means “submission” – not some libertarian dogma of individual autonomy, self-realisation, or of self-authentication.

    John Wigg

  9. Bill,
    The only answer I can come up with concerning the nexus between the Left and Islam, the refusal to “see” the reality of what attacks us, and what appears to be the desire and practice of Government and MSM to actively shut down dissent in the West, is that at the core of all these things is their fundamental spiritual unity.
    Even if the Left and Islam are ideologically opposed, as they are both without Christ as Christ defines Himself, then they are both on the same side, in the same spiritual camp, against the Father and the Son. (1 John 2:22, 23) (Rom. 8:5-8)
    That members of both camps don’t recognise this is irrelevant. They, and others without Christ as Saviour and Lord, will be but pawns in the satanic rebellion, to be used strategically as the devil sees fit.
    “Why can’t the Government see” is a complaint I hear far too often. The answer is believe, as above. Simon Fox’s and Jan Grieg’s comments, “strong delusion” and “dumbing down” respectively, are on the money. My own thoughts were focused around the spiritual blindness and subsequent intellectual fragmentation that arises out of the rebellion against God as pictured in Romans 1.
    Both the Romans and Thessalonians passages portray a similar response to defying or dispensing with God; a substitution and practice of anything else to fill the consequent worship and the need for a life commitment vacuum.
    Even if people “wake up” (become aware of the threat we face), it won’t do any good really, if we don’t have a Godly love for that which is right in God’s eyes. Waking up, or knowing the truth about an issue, doesn’t necessarily mean defensive action, unless there is that level of appreciation and concern. What I’m trying to say is that knowledge must interact with morality before action eventuates, and continues. If I’m wrong here, somebody please provide the correct concept.
    Another thought is that people will evade facing the truth about these concerns, because being confronted with the truth of the matter means choosing and acting. That choosing and acting will mean the curtailment or end of current preoccupations or escape routes from reality.
    Television and visual media have turned us into spectators, not actors. There are other factors at work, but this is not supposed to be a thesis. But thanks to you and your correspondents for providing truth, insight, food for thought and the encouragement to persevere.
    Robert Greggery.

  10. Once again Bill, your article ‘hits the nail on the head”. The pity of it is that so many in the church are as ignorant, apathetic or afraid to take a stand even as they see the creeping spectre of this “political system dressed in religious robes”. Thank you for your consistent warnings and irrefutable examples of the truth about Islam. Let us hope that we wake up in this country before it is too late.

    Don Gall

  11. Hi Bill and others,

    I’ve just emailed the below to the federal leaders of all the major parties, plus the CDP, Family First and Senator John Madigan:

    Dear _____,

    In light of the threat of Islam to our nation, I believe that a moratorium on Muslim immigration should be enacted ASAP. I am interested in a detailed strategy from your party on how to deal with the threat of Islam to Aust. Has your party looked at what has been done in other countries such as Holland and Japan to see what we can learn from them?

    I would like to make some more suggestions on how to deal with the threat of Islam in Aust. My suggestions include:

    1. Many Muslims feel angry about the activity of armed forces in Muslim countries. It should be explained that these forces are there to fight against terrorism. It should be explained to all Australians that there are some Muslims who support terrorism, violence and wish to overthrow our democratic authorities and freedoms. In light of this the following things will be enforced (on top of a moratorium of Muslim immigration)

    2. Laws should be made (if necessary) and enforced that would severely punish “support” (in any sense of this word) terrorism and those who promote violence or threats of violence against others, or who wish to overthrow Aust’s democracy and authorities. Promoting a physical Jihad, showing support for terrorist, financing terrorists, promoting Sharia law etc would all be illegal under these laws. Those who break these laws would be deported if possible. If they can’t be deported, then they would be severely punished and loose all govt benefits for life including financial, the ability to travel overseas, have family reunions from relatives overseas etc. Those who have supported these lawbreakers by not handing them over to authorities should also be charged with aiding terrorism.

    3. Existing mosques and Islamic schools and other Islamic organisations should be checked for any previous or current support of terrorists and shut down if necessary. They should be monitored regularly to ensure that they are not supporting terrorism, violence, sharia law etc.

    4. Banning the wearing of the Burqa and Hijab in public areas should also be enforced on the grounds of security and giving respect to judges and society in general.

    5. Men of any religion should be banned from having more than one wife so they can’t claim govt benefits for more than one wife.

    I think that approaching the problem of Islam from the angle of stopping terrorism, violence and the overthrow of democratic freedoms is the best approach, but I’m interested in your thoughts on this very important matter.

    David Roberts

  12. Hi Bill,
    I really isn’t rocket science for all to work it out. All you need to do, is speak to just about every person living in Australia, including 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations, of Armenian, Greek, or Assyrian Christian ancestry to truly find out what living under Islam is like. May I say, that it would be almost impossible to find any one of these people, who haven’t had at least one relative slaughtered under the hands of Islam. I can vouch for this myself, 2 x uncles and 1 x aunty who had their throats cut. Multiculturalism is a useless policy to pursue with those who do not share a societies basic core ideological principals. Wake up and smell the coffee……..

    Bill Kay

  13. Hi Bill
    Christians globally need a united front in order to face the evils of Islam. I was once a committed Muslim so I know the mindset of an average Muslim. As long as Christians seem to be divided with no single voice how can we face the enemy? What I foresee in the distant future is that some Christians would either take arms and fight when attacked or surrender to the enemy. Since most won’t think of taking arms, there is no way we can defeat the enemy. The big Western nations have let Christians down and even destroying it as you have said countless times. Can we depend only on fasting and prayers to defeat the enemy? The enemy knows that no matter what they do to us we will not retaliate. I think this must give Christians something to think about. We need to have a strategy to confront the enemy. With no single voice how can we do that?
    Kwasi Boateng

  14. Quite right Kwasi. The first step is for Christians to awaken from their slumber, and become aware of the very real threat that we face.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. Hi Bill (and fellow readers).

    I can’t recall the exact quote but when referring to (Prime Minister Neville) Chamberlain’s continual appeasement of Hitler Winston Churchill once said something along the lines of, “Appeasement is like feeding yourself into the mouth of a crocodile whilst asking him to eat you slowly”.

    The West seems to be doing the same with Islam.

    Mick Koster.

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