Three Stories About Life

With 45-50 million unborn babies killed every year around the world, there is plenty of bad news out there. Every baby killed is a tale of horror and woe. But there are also some good news stories here, and we need to highlight those from time to time as well.

So here I offer three recent stories – not about death, but about life. They all involve parents who loved and kept their children, instead of disposing of them so readily and cavalierly. They offer encouragement in a hostile, pro-death culture.

The first story comes from the UK. It involves a disabled baby which was chosen for life – because of a 3D scan showing the baby’s smile. A news report begins this way: “A mother was unable to abort her severely disabled son despite doctors’ warnings after seeing her baby’s smile in a 3D scan picture.

“Katyia Rowe was told her baby’s brain had not formed properly and that he would never walk or talk and would need 24-hour care. But after seeing real-time moving scans of him smiling, blowing bubbles, kicking and waving his arms she made the heartbreaking decision to go through with the birth. Tragically Lucian, as she named him, died nine hours after he was born. Despite the ordeal, Ms Rowe said she had no regrets going through with the birth as she was able to cuddle her baby son.

“Katyia, 26, a training administrator, said: ‘We were devastated to be told our son’s brain abnormalities were so severe they were life limiting we should consider a termination. Further scans were arranged to assess the extent of his disabilities but when I saw him smiling and playing inside me I knew I couldn’t end his life.

“‘If he could smile and play and feel then despite his disabilities he deserved to enjoy whatever life he had left, no matter how short. Just because his life would be shorter or different, didn’t mean he didn’t deserve to experience it. As long as he was pain free I vowed to let him enjoy his life both while inside me and outside, no matter how long that be’.”

A less threatening condition – but one which is also used quite often to justify abortion – shows that loving parents and determined children can thrive if given a chance. The story is this: “My son was born with a cleft lip and palate. Matthew, who is 14 now, is very successful as a public speaker, a dog handler, and active in 4-H. He has won several championships with his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Saffron, at local fairs in summer.

“He was also in one of the top positions for judging in our district and was able to go to a Provincial Judging Event earlier this month. All of this comes only his first year as a senior member, which means he beat many older members. Matthew is a totally normal boy, just like anyone else. Babies born with this condition are mentally normal. It has nothing to do with mental development.

“Our son is very smart and articulate. He has a barely detectable scar, which just looks like he hurt himself in the playground. That’s what other kids think – that is, the ones who even notice. When we heard that many babies with this condition are being aborted, we were horrified. We felt that we had to share Matthew’s story to try and help save these poor babies.”

And finally we have this story of a couple who had a premature baby born – at the same age in which they are so often being killed: “It was a quiet Sunday evening and my husband and I were winding down for the night to go to bed. We had contemplated going out to see a movie at the theater but decided against it. In hindsight, I am relieved we made that decision. That’s because my water broke that night.

“It was March 17th, the day after my birthday. I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first child, who wasn’t due until tax day. I had left work that Friday ready to celebrate my birthday at home and enjoy the time that I had left with just my husband and me. Instead, I got a birthday surprise- my beautiful son was born. That was the best gift I could have received.

“What breaks my heart is that to many people, my son could have been aborted because he wasn’t considered fully human yet. Even though he was born a month early, he was completely healthy. He had two hands, two feet, a beating heart and everything else that a healthy human has. The thing is, he had all of those things long before 36 weeks, which was evident when viewing the ultrasounds during my pregnancy. We were able to capture some amazing photos and videos of my son in utero. My favorite is the video of when we caught him yawning.”

The story concludes, “Abortion stops a beating heart. You may have heard this before. That’s because it’s true. By the time a woman finds out she is pregnant, her child already has a beating heart. And developing organs like the spinal cord, liver and lungs. How we can justify the destruction of the child in the womb is unfathomable.

“It’s been four months since my son was born, and he’s as healthy and precious as ever. He smiles all the time, he has started vocalizing and just days ago, he rolled over all by himself for the first time. Looking into his big blue eyes reminds me of when I saw those eyes on the ultrasound screen. I didn’t know at the time who that little person was inside of me, but now that I know, I can say with certainty that he is just as human now as he was then.”

Three stories of life. In the face of so much death, it is encouraging to find such stories. And there would be many more like them. They seldom make it into the mainstream media however, so I am happy to keep sharing them here. May they warm your hearts and encourage you to continue standing up for life.

As has been said elsewhere, this is what being prolife means: The radical thought that when a human female is pregnant, she is pregnant with another human. Let us stand up for our fellow humans. After all, someone did this for us at one time.

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5 Replies to “Three Stories About Life”

  1. Bill,

    The story of Lucian and his mother, Katyia reminds me of these words from Song of Solomon 8:7b

    “If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love,
    It would be utterly scorned.”

    John Wigg

  2. Who do these promoters of abortion think they are, or who do they think we are? Doctors advising abortion when there is any abnormality, even before asking the parents what they believe or want, do these doctors think we shouldn`t have to deal with anything less than what they consider perfect? I thought they made an oath to protect and prolong life, an oath to do all they could that would save lives. We will all be answerable when we die, I pity those who gave opportunity and sometimes encouragement to kill.
    Johannes Archer

  3. I met a woman two weeks ago at our pregnancy support centre who came in for some information on home births. She shared with us that she had two other children, including one little boy who was conceived in rape. Try telling her that he should have been aborted…such incredible courage to go against the tide. God bless her.

    Anna von Marburg

  4. Every single human life is so eternally valuable. So glad to see mothers who get this. That first time you hear baby’s heartbeat is just so amazing. I can totally relate to the woman who saw her baby smiling and moving around on the ultrasound and felt the profound wonder of life and was unable to go through with the murder.

    Dee Graf

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