On the Situation in Egypt

Most people in the West have no idea what is really happening in Egypt right now, because the mainstream media is not doing its job properly. It is derelict in its duties, and most of what you hear about the situation there happens to be incorrect.

The facts on the current situation in Egypt are these:

–The US has long supported democracy and freedom at home and abroad, but sadly this is rapidly changing under President Obama. He has actively been supporting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, while most Egyptians are resisting them. This goes along with Obama’s anti-Christian and pro-Islamic policies and actions.

The current wave of violence, terror and bloodshed aimed at the Christians in Egypt is of course coming at the hands of the MB and Morsi supporters. Yet Obama continues to side against ordinary Egyptians and the oppressed Christians in this conflict.

As Matthew Vadum comments, “President Obama continues to offer his blessings to the theocratic totalitarians of the Muslim Brotherhood as they spill blood on Egyptian streets in an effort to restore Mohamed Morsi to power. Our terrorist-supporting president has the gall to scold the military, the most stable, trusted institution in Egypt, while his Islamofascist allies burn scores of Coptic churches in the region where Christianity began more than six centuries before the birth of Mohammed. The military has been struggling mightily to shut down Morsi supporters’ camps that Islamists use to launch attacks.”

–The popular uprisings of a month or two ago were just that: a people power revolution, where upwards of 30 million Egyptians at a time marched against the corruption and oppression of the Morsi/MB government. The military helped in that uprising, and contrary to the Western press, the military there is the most stable element in the nation.

Many of the military leaders have no time for the Islamist agenda of the MB and Morsi, and want to see the country freed of these militants. They have even been supporting the beleaguered Copts, and have gone so far as to offer help in rebuilding their destroyed properties.

–The violence of the past few days – and weeks – has come directly from the MB and Morsi supporters. As one Christian organisation involved in the Middle East states, “In the past 6 weeks the Muslim Brotherhood has occupied a number of public spaces, to demonstrate for the reinstatement of the former President (currently being held by the army and facing charges related to abuse of power, including substantial material and intelligence support to Hamas).

“Unlike the peaceful occupation of Tahrir Square by demonstrators in January 2011, and again at the end of June 2013, these Muslim Brotherhood occupations were dominated by calls for violence against the army, the police, the liberals and, specifically, the Coptic Christians in Egypt – all resulting in the violence witnessed on August 14th, when police stations, hospitals, private and public property were destroyed.

“Many Christian churches (at least 40 so far), homes and businesses were also attacked, as well as a monastery, three religious societies, three key bookshops belonging to the Bible Society in Egypt, three Christian schools and an orphanage.”

Details are troubling. As John Rossomando reports, a 10-year-old Coptic Christian girl was shot dead by Islamic militants while heading home after Bible school. “Muslim extremists tossed firebombs through the windows of four Christian homes and a local church last Sunday to stop a Christian neighbor from building a speed bump in front of her home,” said Rossomando. “The clash left 15 people wounded.”

The count keeps rising, but at least some 60 churches and Christian institutions have been torched recently by Morsi supporters and the MB. The West and the Western press have largely turned a blind eye to all this, and are making the military out to be the bad guys here. But they are the good guys, protecting ordinary Egyptians and the beleaguered Copts, and seeking to stop the MB violence.

–The current government is a far cry from the Morsi government. It even includes women and Christians. As one report notes, “The new government is led by Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, said to be an economist, and women have been appointed to three ministries, including the Information and Health ministries—the most women to be appointed into top level government positions in recent Egyptian history. Three Christians are also said to be in the new government, with one of them also being a woman—Environment Minister Laila Rashed Iskander.”

As the Christian group cited above informs us, “It is also important and encouraging to note that some Muslims went to protect churches and that, in return, many Christians then sent messages to their fellow Muslim citizens saying, ‘buildings can be rebuilt again, but you are priceless, so stay safe, and don’t worry about the churches’. And the Egyptian government also announced today that the State would take the financial responsibility for the rebuilding of damaged churches.”

And it is already taking sensible steps to stop the militants in their tracks. As one recent news report says, “Egyptian authorities are considering disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood group, a government spokesman said Saturday, once again outlawing a group that held the pinnacle of government power just more than a month earlier.”

While it is not perfect, in this Middle Eastern cauldron, it is seeking to again become a beacon of moderation and sanity, unlike so many surrounding Muslim nations. By siding with the people, and even Christians, against the Islamists and the fanatical MB, it is light years ahead of most other nations in the region.

And it is to be supported and helped, not condemned and worked against, as Obama keeps on doing. So bad is Obama performing here, as Mark Steyn says, that as a result, “the factions in Egypt are united only in their contempt for Washington. Obama is despised by Sisi and the generals for being fundamentally unserious; by the Brotherhood for stringing along with the coup; by the Copts for standing by as the Brothers take it out on them; and by the small number of genuine democrats in Egypt for his witless promotion of Morsi’s thugs as the dawning of democracy.

“Any ‘national-unity government’ of the kind the usual deluded twits are urging on Egypt would be united only in its unanimous loathing of Obama, his secretaries of state, and his inept ambassador. Meanwhile, out on the streets, Washington is reviled both for standing by Mubarak too long and for pushing him out too soon (eighty per cent of Egyptians say things are worse than under the old man).”

So don’t believe everything you hear about Egypt on the MSM. Most of it is wrong, or way out of line with reality.


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17 Replies to “On the Situation in Egypt”

  1. Thanks Bill. It is good to have a clearer perspective on what is going on in Egypt. Keep up the good work.

    Alison Stanley

  2. Thanks for the article Bill. Insightful as always
    The Australiian covers this issue quite well, (it covers most things quite well I think) and their editorial today highlighted the plight of the Copts.
    And, if I’m not, mistaken Obama has a number of advisers who, allegedly, have Muslim Brotherhood sympathies
    God bless you in all you do and thankyou again
    Dave Billingham

  3. It is good to hear you speak up on this.
    Unfortunately Republicans Senators McCain and Graham appear to also to be pushing Obama to act against the military.

    Greg Cadman

  4. In recent days there was TV news footage of demonstrations in Australia in support of the ousted Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood regime: One of the protesters made it plain that he supported an Islamic state over any secular or democratic form of government – whether in Egypt or in Australia!

    John Wigg

  5. And sadly, true to PC form, the ABC reported concern for the children among the MB demonstrators, which in itself is a good thing, only every other group would have been rebuked for exposing their children to such dangerous conditions.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  6. Thanks Bill for your information.

    I already had doubts on what the mainstream media and our government were saying about the issue, as the political leader of Egypt spoke out against the western media’s misrepresentation of the facts.

    Our deceitful mainstream media and political leaders have cried “wolf” so often that many like myself don’t believe them any more.

    Harold van de Wiel

  7. It is truly wonderful to hear of good people standing up to do something about opposing evil. This is all that Egypt requires. Let love prevail and drive out all the darkness that through election fraud gave Morsi leadership despite having fewer votes.

  8. Yes, thankyou Bill. Increasingly it seems that the only way to find out about what is happening to Christians around the world (or to get a Christian perspective on issues, locally or abroad) is via websites like your own. Also, I receive regular emails from Australian Prayer Network and Barnabas Fund, which help keep me informed.
    A sad fact is that most Christians rely entirely on the mainstream media for news and views and are blissfully unaware of the sidelining and persecution of believers in many places, including the West.

    Brian Pratt

  9. Thanks Bill.

    I have found the news reports here to be very confusing. This clarifies it a lot and confirms my suspicions of what was really happening.

    Shirley Brownhill

  10. Bill,

    I’m glad that you’re helping to raise public awareness about this urgent issue. After reading Raymond Ibrahim’s deeply disturbing book about the genocide against Christians (“Crucified Again”), I just published this article (which was largely a review of his book): http://www.humanevents.com/2013/08/21/christians-on-the-front-lines-of-muslim-violence/

    I was curious to see the reviews his book has received on Amazon, and was particularly impressed with the one you had posted (and your review then brought me here).

    In any case, keep up your great work in spreading the word about the plight of persecuted Christians!


    Noah Beck

  11. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for your article. It is good to get a Christian perspective on Egypt and other places because there is little hope of getting that from the MSM. I think their negligence is deliberate. A not so covert way [to informed Christians] of exacerbating the secularisation of Australians. I notice that they aren’t saying anything about the persecuted Christians in northern Nigeria either.

    Patricia Halligan

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