Mothers Trained To Kill

Imagine a society which actually insists on tutoring women in the fine arts of killing. And no, I am not referring to recruiting women into the military and training them how to become cold-blooded killing machines. What I am referring to is actually far worse.

I refer of course to the mega-lie which millions of women have bought in to during the past decades: the lie that they can become experts at killing their own babies. They have been deceived into thinking that the very life growing inside of them is nothing more than medical waste and can be disposed of accordingly.

This is surely the sign of a culture which has lost its way, and is on its last legs. The idea that what is supposed to be the safest place on earth has turned into a killing field is quite mind-boggling. How could we have gotten to such a place? How can our hearts be so hard, our minds so dull, and our consciences so seared over?

I have been musing on this of late, especially because of my daily walks. You see, when I walk the dog each day I have noticed over the past few weeks an interesting thing. A number of birds on a number of trees keep swooping down over us, getting quite close.

They seem intent on showing aggression to us. All was explained to me by my zoo-keeper wife. It is breeding season, and all over the place mother birds are protecting their nests, and their un-hatched or newly-hatched babies. They of course have an instinctive desire and duty of care to protect their young.

Nature has built into them the very strong sense to do anything to protect and shelter their offspring. That means they will even bravely swoop down on bigger dogs or even much bigger humans, in the attempt to ward them away from their beloved nestlings.

They will do anything, in other words, to look after their own, and they become fearless in the defence of their babies in the nest. As I have been observing – and experiencing first hand – this behaviour of late, it of course struck me quite powerfully how these birds are doing the very opposite of what so many human beings are doing.

Tragically millions of mothers are denying their mothering and nurturing instincts, and are actually allowing their consciences to be hardened as they kill their own offspring. Imagine how twisted and perverted a culture has become when this happens with impunity and on a mass scale.

To deny your deepest and most sacred instincts to defend your own children shows just how hardened the human heart can become, and how morally bottomed-out society can sink to. Today we celebrate the right to kill our own children, and we demand it as a right.

Even the birds in the trees would never sink to such depths. And equally shocking is the fact that so many people are actually willing to work in this gruesome trade. How many people in fact make a living out of slaughtering babies? Entire money-making industries exist for the sole purpose of killing babies.

One pro-life attorney in the US, Kristi Burton Brown, has written “An open letter to abortion clinic workers”. Parts of it are well worth sharing here. She begins as follows:

“You may be a nurse or a doctor. Maybe you’re a receptionist or a janitor. I don’t know exactly what your work in the abortion clinic is or what kind of service you provide to others who work in the clinic. I don’t know what you see or do every day. I don’t know what you dream about at night.

“But I do know one thing – something you’ve no doubt heard before. Babies are being killed at your clinic. Helpless, innocent babies who have no say in their own deaths. Babies who have no way to help themselves. Babies who have done nothing wrong, nothing deserving of death.

“And, little by little, your own soul is no doubt dying, too. Your spirit is being crushed. Your work is a heavy weight. It can’t be easy to be around so much death and blood, so many crying women and torn-apart babies. You see pain at your job every day, and I’m sorry. I doubt this is what you imagined yourself doing when you grew up.”

She continues, “Surely, you saw, with horror and sadness, the stories of the abortion clinic in Philadelphia that was run by Kermit Gosnell. Many wondered how something so grotesque could be happening in America. But the abortion clinic in Philadelphia is not the only place where vulnerable, precious lives are being exterminated. These kinds of horrors are happening across our nation – even if some of them are happening in more sanitary conditions. The same lives are still being lost.

“I encourage you, and plead with you, if you have seen such horrors – please report it to the newspapers and the police right now before more lives are lost. For the sake of these vulnerable, precious lives, please don’t wait any longer.

“These babies – and women – need you to stand up for them, they need you to bring to light the horrors you have seen so that innocent children and the women you want to help will never have to face such horrors again. You are in the perfect position to speak up for these children and women. I hope you will take this opportunity to do that.

“Finally, what I want to use my last bit of space to do is to tell you that there is always hope and a way out. There are people who are already here to help you break free. And Then There Were None is an organization made just for you. It’s an organization started by a former abortion clinic manager who saw how abortion harmed women and killed innocent children. She witnessed an ultrasound of a baby during an abortion and was never the same again. She chose hope, life, and freedom. And she wants to help you do the same.”

The link to that site can be found below. We need many more like them. We need many more people warning of this culture of death. And we need many more men and women who will treat their own offspring the same way any bird in a tree will treat its offspring.

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8 Replies to “Mothers Trained To Kill”

  1. I’m told the good news is that about 40 abortion clinics have been closed down in the US in recent times.
    Is this true?

    Dunstan Hartley

  2. Exactly right, lives MUST be saved. Life begins at conception. Children, adults must be educated to the value of a life pre birth.
    Save families, save lives.
    Judith Bond

  3. Good on her! I am reminded of the quote from the movie “October Baby” when the nurse says. “If you are told something often enough, you believe it.” We certainly do need more people like Kristi to tell people the truth.

    Alison Stanley

  4. Yes, it is wonderful to hear of people actually making a stand for the defenseless and for truth.
    Bill isn’t it tragically ironic that our supposedly civilized race is more barbaric than the animal kingdom in the sense that we willingly kill our children through abortion rather than defending them, as we see animals defend their young as you have observed.

    Fred Merlo

  5. We need to pray that God will raise up pro-life politicians here in Australia so that we can start to get the message out to stop it from being swept under the rug like it is now. It needs to start from the bottom up.

    Ian Nairn

  6. I know how protective animals mothers are of their young, even a chicken will risk death in a fire while shielding and protecting her chicks under her wings.

    The lies around abortion are dreadful.

    Jo Deller

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